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MAC Style Warriors Exclusive Temptalia Sneak Peek Part 2

Last month, we gave you a sneak peek of Style Warrior by MAC. Now, we’re giving you another sneak peek–yes, really! The collection officially debuts May 21st, according to my local MAC store (I asked just yesterday), but some stores are having unveiling parties May 12th (Tuesday), too. I’ll be heading to one such party myself on the 12th, so you can expect to see swatches, photos, and a review shortly thereafter. (It starts at 7PM, so you can start looking for posts after 8PM. I mean business when I go–I don’t linger, LOL!)

Not sure what Style Warriors is?

One thing I do want to mention is that these are products in final packaging, unlike some of the products last time, which were in sample packaging. I’d also like to note that the Purple Rite lipstick in the first sneak peek is notably different from the Purple Rite actually going to be released. It’s a brighter, more opaque pink with purple tones, with a frostier finish. (That is the nature of working names/samples, they are just that — a work in progress; sometimes they’re similar, sometimes they’re the same, and sometimes they end up different!)

EVERYONE must RUN to get Brave New Bronze lipstick. First, the name is kind of misleading — it is not really “bronze” to me. It’s this beautiful shade of fleshy-peachy nude without really being nude. It’s opaque, creamy, and has a subtle glossy sheen. It’s not an “exciting” shade, but it is really wearable. I, at least, implore you to give it a swatch when you see it and not just pass it up!

Vibrant Grape eyeshadow is permanent as part of the PRO product line-up, but for most of us, PRO access is limited to zilch, so it’s not a bad shade to pick up. It’s a pretty pinky-purple, fairly bright, and just lovely. I’m surprised that I didn’t have it already, so thankfully I have it now! Style Warrior lipglass is a pretty opaque, warm chocolaty brown with micro red and gold shimmer. Kind of hard for me to wear alone — definitely would need to overlay it on top of a lipstick to find a way to make it look good on me.

Pink Rebel Lustre Drops is a sheer, pearly soft pink. It’s more of a warmed up pink with maybe just a touch of peachiness/gold shimmer in it. I can’t say I’m really won over by the lustre drops, because the tube is so small and the price seems hefty ($18.50), though for sure a little goes a very long way. I’m just not sure if I’d actually use them on the regular. Both lustre drops I’ve played with are gorgeous, though.

See swatches, product photos, and lip swatches

Pink Rebel Lustre Drops, Lipsticks x2, Style Warrior Lipglass, Vibrant Grape Eyeshadow

Vibrant Grape Eyeshadow

Vibrant Grape Eyeshadow

Purple Rite Lipstick, Brave New Bronze Lipstick

Pink Rebel Lustre Drops, Style Warrior Lipglass, Brave New Bronze Lipstick, Purple Rite Lipstick, Vibrant Grape Eyeshadow (bottom right)

Pink Rebel Lustre Drops, Style Warrior Lipglass, Brave New Bronze Lipstick, Purple Rite Lipstick, Vibrant Grape Eyeshadow (bottom right)

Style Warrior Lipglass

Purple Rite Lipstick

Brave New Bronze Lipstick

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170 thoughts on “MAC Style Warriors Exclusive Temptalia Sneak Peek Part 2

  1. Franki

    Really love those lipsticks, not so sure about that lipglass colour though :/.

    What are the lustre drops for? Just for added shimmer?

    • apfelwinter

      “What are the lustre drops for? Just for added shimmer?”

      The official description says, “new Lustre Drops for instant glow”, so I guess they’re for something like you wrote. But Christine may help us with more information.

    • For your moisturizer/foundation, actually!

  2. Virginia

    The lipglass looks incredible in the tube…but I have absolutely no idea how I could make a dark brown lipgloss work for me (NC15)

  3. How would you say the Brave New Bronze lipstick compared to other MAC nudes? Does it look similar to Blankety for any chance?

  4. Everything looks really warm; not sure how that’d work with my ridiculously pale (NW15) skin. I guess I’ll find out on Tuesday.

  5. wow!! I’m all over “brave new bronze”!! Thanks Xtine <33

  6. lesleyKat

    what is the intended use for Lustre drops?

  7. Isabel

    omg, brave new bronze is gorgeous!

  8. Christina C

    The brave new bronze lipstick appeals to me. Thanks!

  9. emm, wow. is brave new bronze a pink nude color?

  10. Gina

    Ohhh I need braze new bronze!

  11. I really like Pink Rebel Lustre Drops, but where and how would you use it?

  12. Catherine

    Wow. I’m going to get this stuff purely for the packaging!

  13. Michelle G

    Wow i really love brave new bronze. i got invited to the unveiling on Tuesday but idk if I’m gonna be able to make it :(

  14. Anitacska

    Wow, fantastic packaging! :) I don’t think I’ll get anything though, but the purple lipstick and the eyeshadow look pretty.

  15. I love the lipsticks!!! I cannot wait for this to come out!!!!

  16. Glosslizard

    Wow, both the lipsticks look very pretty and a lot more wearable than I expected!

  17. Sanita

    ugh, the previous version of Purple Rite was so much better! I will not be getting the final version.

  18. sej

    Do you know if we can use the pro discount on this collection?

  19. DevilishDoll

    Loving Purple Rite, Vibrant Grape and Pink Rebel.

  20. Yaya

    Wow! I love the lipsticks too! Brave New Bronze is gorgeous.

  21. Brooke

    omgomgomg omg thank you! brave new bronze is HG for sure!!! wow!

  22. brave new bronze looks like A GORGEOUS NUDEEE!
    me wantsss! xD

  23. Oh man i’m happy this collection releases while my boyfriend is away, because i’m not holding back on the buying. I love the new purple rite and I totally will look into brave new bronze, I kinda shrugged it off at first but the swatch has made me interested again. I’m excited to try those Lustre drops to see how glowy then can make me. Can’t wait for this collection, and your swatches on the 12th. Plus the pakaging is way cute.

  24. Shefali

    I can’t wait for this collection!!!! I love MAC’s summer collections more than any other collection they release every year. It’s always so vibrant and warm. Thanks for the news and swatches Christine!!

    Lustre Drops remind me of Benefit’s High Beam.

    • Yayyy! You have to tell me what you get, Shefali :)

      And yes, I’d say Lustre Drops are similar to High Beam (at least in purpose!).

  25. Natalie

    Eeeck! I am amazed how ‘peachy’ Brave New Bronze is. Okay, I didn’t expect that. I expected Bronze! LOL.. I love it though

  26. hi

    No offense, but Style Warrior looks awful on you! I do’t think it will be much of a fave in this collection for anybody, though…

  27. :] ! I can’t wait!!

  28. I am so disappointed in Brave New Bronze though. less thing I want.

  29. Mikki

    THANKS for this Christine! I love Purple Rite lipstick on you… I don’t know how to feel about nude lips. It looks kinda dead to me. (That’s just my personal opinion)

  30. Mikki

    By the way that lipglass, EEWWWW!! It looks gross, sorry

  31. Amy

    Brave new bronze looks like Pleasureseeker to me?

  32. Luv J

    I love the Brave New Bronze.. any similarities to Creme D’ Nude?

  33. Evelyn

    oh crap i really like this collection.

  34. Evelyn

    the previous version of purple rite looked so much better though..

  35. Lucy

    loving that brave new bronze lipstick and the luster drops :)

  36. Lucy

    I mean lustre drops

  37. Rachel

    Oh oh… I want Vibrant Grape and Brave New Bronze!

    Thanks for swatches =)

  38. baybee

    OMG Brave New Bronze Lipstick is really pretty on U!!

  39. WOW! I can’t wait for this collection to come out! I’m super excited! For those who were asking about how to use the Lustre Drops, you can mix it with your foundation for a all over glow, you can also mix it with your moisturizer or you can use it as a highlight.

  40. jamie

    the grape eyeshadow looks good, does it look like any other mac purples?

    other then that i dont see anything i really want. i love the cute packaging tho!

  41. wow i can not wait to go get its all so amazing lovin n love the packeging

  42. OMG!! This post just got me so excited for the collection again. Thank you so much Christine!!

  43. Febrina

    Hi Christine… Thanks so much for posting this. I can’t wait to read your reviews after the unveiling party on the 12th. I like it when you wrote you meant business and didn’t linger hahaha… I want Brave New Bronze sooo bad… Love the packaging for this collection. But I know I need to save up for the upcoming “Color Craft” collection.

  44. I don’t think Style Warrior looks bad on you Christine, it’s just an ugly color. It looks like A1 Steak sauce, I’m loving brave new bronze though and I love the cheetah/gold packaging.

  45. that brave new bronze is so pretty sigh I’m not allowed to spend money though…depressing!

  46. Lipstickrules

    Christine – I was trying so hard to not get caught up for this release — but you’ve enabled me to RUN and get Brave New Bronze. Your site is amazing.

  47. Becca

    I’m so excited for this collection…my bank account will be very sad.

  48. Irene

    i’m definitely getting brave new bronze and checking out purple rite. what’s you think about the yellow e/s Christine? it looks so fun! Thanks for the sneak peek!! : )

  49. Oh goodness… Purple Rite looks amazing and Brave New Bronze is pretty, too! Ahhhh… and I wasn’t even planning on getting a lot from this collection.

  50. Lana

    Thank you for the swatches! I am curious, what are the finishes on the Purple Rite Lipstick, and Brave New Bronze Lipstick? Thank you. :)

  51. Tina

    brave new bronze looks AMAZING! i was expecting like a bronze-y copper color maybe, but it looks like perfect pink nude! and the lustre drops look kinda interesting too.

  52. Sheila

    ooh. Purple Rite is soo pretty. I want to add it to my list but I’m not a big lipstick wearer.

  53. Aww, Brave New Bronze is kind of disappointing… I was hoping for a really bronze color…

  54. Thank you soo much for these swatches…i m worried, now the thngs will sell out fast before i reach stores….

  55. niknik

    Brave New Bronze is gorgeous!
    Oh my, the packaging looks sooooo tempting. I must get something from this collection.. animal print is my fav.

  56. cloudburst

    Since collecting nude lipsticks is an obsession I will defintely be picking up Brave New Bronze.

  57. Simply

    Wow Brave New Bronze looks so great on your lips! I will definitely check it out..thanks a alot!

  58. KaylaK

    Thanks for the swatches! Yeah my wallet just flew out the

  59. Boonchom

    So much of purple / violet / lavender / mauve colors this summer.

  60. nico

    I’m surprised that the lustre drop is as small as a lipstick

    • Yeah, they’re tiny. Very pricey, but a little goes a long way. Glimmershimmers, IIRC, weren’t very large, and they were similar to these.

  61. Vero

    Hi Christine!
    I was wondering why Vibrant grape doesn’t appear to be matte in these pictures. It is strange, isn’t it?


  62. Erica

    Vibrant Grape looks so gorgeous…I wonder how this compares to Violet pigment?? I’ve been looking for a pan version of Violet pigment, maybe I’ll have to pick this one up :-)

  63. HoneyBrown1976

    I like the Style Warrior lip glass. I’d rock it for sure. I think it’s intended as many of the shades for warmer complexions, though.

  64. carriespooner

    I’m sooo excited for this collection. Thanks so much!

  65. Carrie

    I’m so excited for this! Thanks for the swatches!

  66. Sally

    Hi Christine! I don’t know if you answered this yet but what kind of finish is Brave New World? Hopefully, not a lustre. TIA

  67. Nic15

    I kinda of like the Purple Rite lipstick. Will have to swatch it for sure to see how it would fair on me. Will prob get the Vibrant Grape e/s but still wanting to know more about the vibrant yellow e/s. I think it was called Bright Future. Is it like Chrome Yellow or different? Hmmm….

  68. Rachael

    Brave New Bronze Brave New Bronze! LOL

  69. Tamara

    Loving the lustre drops, I plan on getting all 3 of them and the 2 blushes. I’m still undecided on the eyeshadows, though you are making me want to pick up Vibrant Grape e/s!! I wasn’t planning on getting any lippies, but Purple Rite is growing on me as well!! Thanks for the great swatches!! Can’t wait to see your review on the unveiling party!

  70. sugarcrumb

    Hi Christine,
    Maybe i missed reading it but what is the finish of the Vibrant Grape e/s pls? thanks

  71. Some of the comments are kind of offensive. No one with a dark skin tone ever says ewww, how would anyone wear Blankety or Myth or High Tea. We know it’s for you lighter skin girls. I’m an NW45 and I’m Style Warrior would make a beautiful nude/flesh colored gloss on me…of course I hate the Lip Glass texture in general.

    It’s just so unfortunate, that even in a collection inspired by and aimed at women of color, you can’t even open your mind to “guess” who might pull it off and wear it nicely.

    • sugarcrumb

      I agree with Jessie – if you don’t like it, you don’t like it; some things work for some people and some things don’t. But people with manners and culture would not react like ‘Ewww, that’s gross'; there’s no beauty in attitudes like that. One more thing, for all those people who commented that the lippies/lipglass looks bad on Christine, pls get it into your heads that she is showing you how it looks like when applied, more so than asking for your opinions on how it looks like on her.
      If you have nothing nice to say; don’t say anything at all.

  72. Anyways thank you Christine for swatching the Lip Glass, even though it in not a color intended for you.

  73. Kaylabella

    Oh my, I am officially even more excited for this collection to come out now! The lipsticks are gorgeous and I am loving vibrant grape! The release date needs to come sooner!

  74. Sarah

    i am SO unhealthily enamored by this collection, i can’t wait for both bronzers.
    although i just splurged big time in paris on summer makeup collections – buying guerlain, ysl, chanel, dior, nars and mac’s a rose romance beauty powders and 5 dazzleglasses. plus paris is devastatingly more expensive than england prices. yup! i can be stupid for the sake of souvenir purchases! and now my stupidity translates to a big credit card bill. BUT i’m sure that won’t stop me from buying both bronzers, one of the lustredrops and brave new bronze lipstick.

  75. breezy

    hey christine just wanted to let you know that the vibrant grape from this collection is not the same as the pro color because the finishes are different. super excited for it anyways though!