Friday, February 27th, 2009

MAC Cosmetics | Style Warriors

Launch Date: May 28th, 2009 (North America), June 2009 (International).

Emerging from every corner of the glamorous globe, a new Style Warrior. Made to celebrate the cross-cultural sophistication of the modern Amazon Princess, African Queen, Crouching Tigress… Never before have we seen the “Wild Things” of the world come together in quite so many bold new combinations. Introducing a dramatically different and deliberately diverse colour story, an eclectic and expressive way to exalt and admire the strength and solidarity of beauty with no barriers. A selection of all-over summer bronzing shades for Lips, Cheeks, Eyes, Nails, featuring the innovation of Impassioned, Bronzescape and Scatterrays Solar Bits – sunbursts to unleash the animal in every woman. All exotically packaged in stylized zebra and leopard prints to keep it wild and free – the way it always ought to be.

Lipstick ($14.00)

  • Sunsational Sheer frosted beige gold
  • Brave New Bronze Creamy mid-tone pink nude
  • Purple Rite Mid-tone frosty orchid
  • Tribalist Creamy blackened berry

Lipglass ($14.00)

  • Liberated Sheer yellow gold with pearl
  • Gold Rebel Sheer copper bronze with pearl
  • Fierce & Fabulous Bright magenta purple with pearl
  • Style Warrior Blackened bronze brown with pearl

Eyeshadow ($14.50)

  • Soft Force Frosty pale white gold
  • Bright Future Frosty bright yellow gold
  • Tempting Sinfully rich coco
  • Vibrant Grape Bright magenta purple
  • Night Maneuvers Deep charcoal brown with pearl

Eye Kohl ($14.50)

  • Smolder Intense black

Pro Lash Mascara ($12.00)

  • Coal Black Honest-to-goodness black

Beauty Powder Blush ($18.00)

  • Eversun Neutral peach bronze with gold pearl
  • On A Mission Pearly mid-tone plum

Solar Bits ($19.50)

  • Scatterrays Soft metallic peach with gold pearl
  • Bronzescape Clean yellow brown with gold pearl
  • Impassioned Frosty cool taupe

Nail Lacquer ($11.00)

  • Peaceable Pearly pale golden beige
  • Violet Fire Bright creamy magenta purple
  • Mercenary Frosted blackened bronze

Brush ($23.00)

  • 242 Firm fibre Brush with rounded edge for smooth, even application of powder, emollient and concealer products

Available: May 28th, 2009 (North America), June 2009 (International).

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131 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Style Warriors Collection Information & Photos

  1. honeybrown1976

    Okay, so we’re “Wild Things” now, MAC? lol

    • slick

      HA! My thoughts exactly! Amazon Princess? African Queen? So MAC is celebrating ‘modern’ non-whiteness with animal print and primitive symbols!? *EYE ROLL* I can’t decide if I’m offended or not, lol! (I’m a Crouching Tigress, by the way, lol.)

      • honeybrown1976

        Haha, hi Crouching Tigress,

        I agree wholeheartedly! Seriously, in 2009?


        African Queen of a lighter persuasion

        • Tierra

          lol wow where was this collection in the 1990’s huh? Naiomi Campbell would’ve rocked this but hey its all good

          signed Amazon Goddess with Asian Bangs

  2. Wow, the packaging is amazing. I love animal prints.

  3. This collection is going to be BEAUTIFUL

  4. piggles

    Frankly, I find the packaging kind of gaudy. Some Celtic symbols on black would have been a lot classier. But gold and animal print, together?

    I might skip because of it.

    • honeybrown1976

      The gold and animal print actually works. I don’t see where Celtic symbols would’ve fit in this collection as it appears to celebrate women of color and the vibe they bring.

  5. smugbear

    i like the packaging, but it probly means no pro discount:(

  6. Haley

    OMG everything about this collection is gorgeous! The packaging is awesome- definitely up my alley! haha.

  7. vicki

    Oh (expletive)! I am going to jump all over this bandwagon! Solar Bits too! Christine do you not have a heart?! My checking account begs of you to stop posting such things lol. I really love animal print. I also missed out on Eversun when the BPB first came out.

  8. Mmmm can’t wait to get my grubby hands on those polishes, especially the purple!

  9. rodlynd

    Excited for this :))) I love animal prints, holy crap I want like everything

  10. DevilishDoll

    I want
    Purple Rite Lipstick
    Liberated Lipglass
    Fierce & Fabulous Lipglass
    Bright Future Eyeshadow

    I don’t like the packaging much. The zebra print part is cool, but the rest is ew.

  11. Another Solarbits sounds very interesting.

  12. erica

    I’ve been stalking this on Specktra, but as always you come thru Christine! Thanks!

  13. Tami

    I am going to be all over this collection *drooling*

  14. RubySlips

    Ooo I love the packaging. Very funky and distinctive. Gonna lurve this collection methinks. Some lush eyeshadow shades there. Can’t wait!

  15. Shanel

    okay, i love this! I think Ima pass sugarsweet for this :)

  16. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay solar bits!!!! i think im the only one who thinks that, but for me, this is the best what mac has ever brought out! yaaaay! =D

  17. Elisa

    omg this is ridiculousssssssssss mac why are doing this to meeeeee :(
    im not really into animal prints but the colors me like hahaha

  18. OMG… all the gold and bronze things… OMG. I will totally be checking out Sunsational, Brave New Bronze, all the eyeshadows and solar bits, and Eversun… And the bronzing powders from the other post. Urgh, this will kill me.

  19. Rachael

    This collection is really enticing to me! I am most excited for this one and get my paws on most of these!

  20. KaylaK

    Here’s my list: everything! lol

  21. Adriana

    Awesome collection!!! Can someone explain what are solar bits?

  22. elle

    This collection looks great! I’m loving the packaging. Finally a collection where theres something I already have!! I love the solar bits but I only need the new one. I’m really liking the look of that purple nail polish

  23. kae

    i cant figure out whats in the compact w/ the zebra print in the thrird to last picture. or is it the blush compact but the tree branches are just reflected off of the top to make it look like zebra print?

  24. Jessica

    I love this! But, what are solar bits? lol.

  25. I am so extremely excited for this! Thanks for the super early info Christine, I need to start saving from now!

  26. Ashley

    Bleh, Solar Bits = epic fail. Packing is not really appealing to me, too much going on with the gold, animal print and Celtic signs. One would have been enough. Might pick up Eversun, but none of my purchases from this collection will be based on packaging!

  27. Arika BH

    I want everything! I love the packaging and colors. I love the earthy colors with pops of purple, plum, and yellow. I cant wait for this!

  28. victoria

    somehow the packaging reminds me of the rachel welch collection.

  29. Gemma

    OMG! Cheetah print?!?! IT HAS TO BE MINE!

  30. Dominique

    I think the packing is kida weird…But I love Violet Fire nail laquer!

  31. carriespooner

    I don’t think the special packaging makes a dif on the pro discount.
    Neo Sci fi was on pro. I think it has to do with the Licensing .. like HK or Edna.

    Raquel had animal print lids and it was on pro. Just a though.

    Now. I WANT ALL THIS. I adore it. I’m so over the pinks!!

  32. Holy crap. That’s the only valid reaction I can get from this collection. It’s just not fair I can’t afford this stuff.

  33. lala

    This girl is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! <333 thanks again xtine!! <33

    • Katie

      I am 99.9% sure that Eugenia Mandzhieva is the model, which makes me (a huge fan of hers) very happy.

      I am definitely wanting all the lipglasses except Style Warrior, plus Bright Future and Eversun. I may have to get multiples of Bright Future as my Bright Sunshine is really taking a beating-it’s my most used shadow, aside from Crystal Avalanche.

  34. Kristin

    OMG! Visual overload!

    *I think I just died*

  35. Christy

    The colors look really wearable, but I think I have a lot of eyeshadows that are similar, so I may just get Eversun blush because its amazing. I’ll probably get one or two of the lipsticks and a few lipglasses too, along with a Solar Bits.

  36. IvyTrini

    I want this entire collection!!!!!!!!
    OMG! I am loving the bright yellow shadow!!!!!
    I actually like the packaging very summer!!!!!

    – signed African Queen!

  37. Rennah

    Blech, I hate animal prints!

    The colors, however, look gorgeous.

  38. This collection is going to be amazing! I adore the animal prints on them! The packaging is so hard to resist!!

  39. Naomi


  40. Andrea

    I looove the packaging! I’m def. gonna have to check out Bright Future! I can’t wait for this collection!

  41. Bona

    omg! i love it!!!!

  42. Kayc

    Shoot. Another collection. Now I sure hope the dazzleglasses are perm. If they are then I can buy them at another time.. which gives me more budget for this collection! lol

  43. Siobahn

    Love it! I will be skipping Sugarsweet and A Rose Romance Collection for this

  44. pquanda

    I am on this like Octomom was on IVF!!!

  45. JillyB

    I love the packaging. I’m not sure how the colors will work for me but I’m sure I’ll be buying something.

  46. animal prints<333 oh my MAC is killing me!

  47. Ruth

    The packaging is so gorgeous and I want all 4 lipglasses.

  48. finally something different from those pinks n kiddy collections…

  49. Emma

    oooh! im likin wut i see lol, do u think this one will be like manish arora and sell out in a day? (im not saying this cuz the products are really good, its just that the packaging reminds me of manish arora.

  50. Cody

    I was really excited for this collection, especially the packaging… but I don’t think they executed the animal theme very well. Disappointing.

  51. Eek! Love the packaging 😀 Please oh please let Night Maneuvers not be a lustre *crosses fingers*

  52. lisa


  53. olaronke

    Gosh i really am in love with this collection … gonna start saving!

  54. Tierra

    ….Remember how i said oh pretty i want this i want that, and why? WELL FORGOT ALL OF THOSE I WANT SOME OF THESE AND I’LL BE DARNED IF THEY’RE NOT IN MY MAKESHIT MAKEUP CASE! I’ll just call these my Mother’s Day Wedding Anniversary gifts ^_^

  55. pia

    I was planning to skip this collection until I saw the packaging…drool worthy!

  56. Gabi

    That bright yellow eyeshadow – must have

    Siberian Wolf

  57. CedriCeCCentriC

    I loved the packaging for Lure, Moonbathe and Neo Sci-Fi; but this time there is a bit too much going on IMHO. I guess I will have to see it for real.
    Colorwhise I think it’s again a great summer collection. Of all the limited edition releases, I tend to make the most use out of the summer collections: warm colors really do work best for my TV work. In that regard I’m sure that the Naked Honey collection will also be great.

  58. good god not more solar bits :(( most pointless product ever imo :( i’m still giving mine the cold shoulder, after they creased after like 30 seconds :(

  59. Ada

    I’m glad I didn’t go crazy on Hello Kitty. I like this packaging AND the colours.

  60. Lucy

    loving this collection another must have 😀

  61. margot

    mmmh those nail lacquers … especially the purple one !!! This is maybe the only things, with the e/s I’m going to get !!! And surely one l/g LOL

    MAC stop making these gorgeous limited edition collections !! I have more of the LE stuff than the perm XD

    thanks Christine for all the info ^^

  62. Lucy

    What are the Solar Bits? How would it be used?

  63. Erin

    I LOVE animal prints…. when I first heard about this collection, I didn’t think it would be a big deal, but now that I see these pics….
    I am in trouble.
    Clear the credit card!

  64. Haley

    OMG!!! *dies* I must have EVERYTHING from this collection!!

  65. I can do without the packaging, but I love Vibrant Grape, Tempting, and whatever lippies the model is wearing. Love the earrings too and If I’m a good girl, maybe the beau will get them for me since I’m in saving mode.

  66. This is the collection for me!!!

  67. Dawn

    Hmm, the lipsticks and glosses sound interesting. Can’t wait to see them.I love browns!
    The shadows don’t sound too exciting(why do they really need to re-promote certain colors, that are also permanent, so often?-Tempting) However I am really excited about the solar bits. I missed out on Scatterrays and Bronzescape last time. YAY!

  68. My-Linh

    Ew, so not a fan of animal prints and whatnot. However I do have my eye on Eversun. I’ve always been a lip person but now I’m getting into blushes!

  69. cloudburst

    This collections is right up my alley – metallic & neutral. Yeah!

  70. Liana

    So what are those solar bits about ?

  71. Morna


    Gooooorgeous. I might opt for a purple rite, and fierce & fabulous. Both loth amazing

  72. Teyris

    What are solar bits?

  73. Sarah

    OMG OMG OMG… forget dazzleglasses, just look at those lipsticks and COMPACTS! F-K YEAH!!!

  74. Sarah

    No.. i take that back, i’ll die without dazzleglasses too.. i’ll just take them all and everything in this collection and then marry someone filthy rich to manage my future debts.

  75. Kat

    Hmm, I don’t think this one’s really for me. I like the packaging on the BPBs but I’m not a big animal print kind of person. Really though, I’m glad. My checking account is dying from all my MAC spending…

  76. lizzii

    i want….those shadows. that yellow is my must-have.

    Animal Prints are so pretty!
    the packaging is sensational
    im sooo happy.
    (: Gotta save

  78. WOW! I NEEED that yellow shadow–maybe night maneurvresgeiutgrdsfjg (can’t spell that for my life!!) The special packaging is just a bonus…

  79. Kay~d

    ohhhhh….i like…i like alot!!! marking this one on the calander!! a few Must haves… I the only one going broke from mac with in the last say Month Or so???…lol

  80. zoe7777

    yawn x a million. the only thing i am mildly interested in is the purple nail polish, but seriously, i saw the same exact thing in cvs the other day. boring!

  81. lucyzombiex

    lol. obviously mac didn’t listen when everyone moaned about the solar bits.
    i’m lookin forward to the two nude lipsticks and the yellow and purple eyeshadow most. sadly those blushes look a little bit dark for me.

    not sure how i stand on the packaging? it kind of lookslike they couldn’t decide between 3 different prints so they just flung them all together

  82. yarid

    Wow I love this!!!!!!!!! Im not going to buy anymore makeup from today until this comes out……just so I can save for this!!!!!!

  83. Sarah

    i’m drooling over these again…
    i’m into rich, earthy shades, hello kitty does absolutely nothing for me, THIS is my scene! can’t wait to get ahold of both bronzer compacts and those eyeshadows, all of them are looking yum!
    i absolutely love the look on the model too, that eye look. her’s is obviously over-dramatic for the marketing but i really wanna try that in the summer when i’m nicely bronzed up (hopefully), that yellow on the lid and lots of black eyeliner on lower lashline! can’t wait!!!
    i got the ysl afrique palette last summer, the colours (bright orange, yellow, a gorgeous mahogany brown and beige) and the pigmentation is stunning – the yellow in that is almost as pigmented as the one the model’s wearing but i’m dying to get this one too! it’s gotta be done!

  84. gingin501

    I’m getting…..

    Lip Glasses
    -Liberated Sheer yellow gold with pearl
    -Gold Rebel Sheer copper bronze with pearl
    -Fierce & Fabulous Bright magenta purple with pearl
    -Style Warrior Blackened bronze brown with pearl

    -Bright Future

    for sure!

    Great collection…can’t wait til’it drops!

  85. BabyDollB

    I have never considered a yellow eye shadow before- but I think – from looking at this collection, I may be converting :)

  86. BabyDollB

    Any body know that the deal is with ‘solar bits’?

  87. Jessica

    Yep Neo-Scifi was my first thought too exactly

  88. Stephanie

    wait i saw the zebra on ebay did they already come out with something that had a zebra i would of bought it but i was like when did that come out.. him… i like the print :)

  89. Ummm does anyone remember Mac for Dress Camp. Totally bringing back that collection. I hate the packaging. Its ugly. Yuck! Somethings that I am going to buy but definatly going to be depoting.

  90. What lipstick is the model wearing? I’m have a complexion similar to hers..I hope it looks as good on me as it does on her!

  91. PK

    Oooh, I believe Vibrant Grape is a PRO color… :)

  92. Summer

    OMG!!! MAC is killing me i just spent a $155.00 on the the rose romance collection! I hate the packaging in this collection but i love some of the colors but not all of them i dont like the eyeshadows!

  93. Heather

    Are the solar bits pigments? I notice they’re the same price as pigments. I was just wondering if they were pigments or like pigments?

  94. Ally

    Is there anywhere to see the pictures of the bags that are going to be released shortly after the collection launches?

  95. Lyndzi.

    The offical MAC early release party is this tuesday (12th). Its only for the stores and invitation only. The Solar-Riche bronzing powder ia also from the Neo Solar (something like that) collection from a couple months agoo

  96. Well, i think that this collection is so damn cute. I really want vibrant grape, cause its a pro color, right? And i wanted a good brozer. I love animal print tooo(:

  97. frankie

    just previewed this collection today in hong kong! i LOOOOVE the BRAVE NEW BRONZE lipstick, it’s a smidge darker than cherish, but as much pigment and perfectly covers my lips with nude pink! NIGHT MANEUVERS is an almost matte cool toned brown with no shimmer, just slight pearl. I’m also getting one of the bronzers, the orangey-toned one with no gold flecks (forgot the name), it can be a great blush alternative! reserved and picking up these items this friday when it launches in HK !

  98. Rose

    i need to know if any of these products are permanent or not