Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Lipsticks: Brave New Bronze, Purple Rite, Sunsational, Tribalist

MAC Style Warrior Swatches! :)

Enjoy! Review, swatches, and lip swatches to follow.

Lipsticks: Brave New Bronze, Purple Rite, Sunsational, Tribalist

Lipglasses: Liberated, Fierce & Fabulous, Gold Rebel, Style Warrior

Lipglasses: Liberated, Fierce & Fabulous, Gold Rebel, Style Warrior

Eyeshadows: Soft Force, Bright Future, Tempting, Night Maneuvers, Vibrant Grape

Eyeshadows: Soft Force, Bright Future, Tempting, Night Maneuvers, Vibrant Grape

On A Mission, Eversun Beauty Powder Blushes; Solar Riche, Refined Bronzing Powders

Solar Bits: Bronzescape, Impassioned, Scatterrays

Lustre Drops: Bronze Hero, Pink Rebel, Sun Rush

Lustre Drops: Bronze Hero, Pink Rebel, Sun Rush

Violet Fire



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97 thoughts on “MAC Style Warrior Swatches

  1. Andrea

    thanks! I really don’t need another bronzer, but I might have to get solar riche since I don’t have it yet! LOL! Also, how does Bright Future compare to Going Bananas?

  2. Jaime

    Hmm, I guess it’s good that the only things I want are things that I already have from different collections.

    Great swatches though! Thanks! :)

  3. Tiffany

    OMG!!! I like them more than I thought I was going to..Thanks so much for posting this..

  4. Todd

    Lustre Drops are prettier than I expected! Looks like I have some obvious purchases to make…

  5. Erika

    Wow…that was PRETTY!! Thanks for posting :)

  6. lizzii

    ::wets pants a little:: i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed everything. I will not skip out on the solar bits this time around..and that nail lacquer…and the lipglasses…and lipsticks…and shadows. 😀 oooo thank god i got GREAT hours at work these past two weeks. XD

  7. Wilcoa

    Wow so many lemmings and just in time since I finished up my bronzer and am getting a new train case tomorrow 😀 Time to stock up!

  8. Heather

    ooh Brave New Bronze looks a bit like Honeylove

  9. I hate to say it, but I am soooo excited for this collection!

  10. jolener

    i just went to the event today and i bought less than i expected, it was kinda disappointing, but i picked up brave new bronze and gold rebel,

    and they screwed up my order and they gave me an empty blush palette instead of an eyeshadow one, and i live on the other side of the city, suckss

    • jeye

      They messed up my order too! I think I was most excited for the nail polishes and they completely missed the order for all three colors. I was soo devastated when I got home and found out I had NONE of the nail polishes at all in my bag. Now I gotta wait two more weeks? SUX!

      on the bright side, the drinks were pretty good and I got all my other goodies..

      • Boo for messed up orders!

        I had to check mine, too. They gave me all 3 lustre drops, but no nail polishes :/ I’ve learned to check before I leave, LOL.

        But you should be able to call them up and say they messed up. Usually they’ll let you get them that night or the next day.

    • Aww, that is too bad! Do you like Brave New Bronze?

  11. angela

    i can’t wait for this collection to come out!!! i love it

  12. Natalie

    Thank you, your swatches are the best!!! The nail polishes look amazing

  13. YES YES YES YES YES! I’ve been hitting f5 on your homepage for hours now! Lol. I’m pathetic. ;__;

  14. Trix

    Just got back from my local MAC store which had an early launch with a bag full of goodies from this collection! Very excited! Promised Nordies I would get stuff from them as well, so polish and duplicate solar bits etc. will come from them.

    Picked up all 4 new shadows (already have tempting), 2 solar bits: bronze and scatterays, Style Warrior gloss and tribalist lipstick.

  15. amy

    WOW those bronzer bits are the most shimmery substance I’ve ever seen. Are they REAL? Just, wow. I’m so tempted but I’m wondering if those are wearable. Are they over the top?

    • LOL! They are very shimmering, and they are pretty. They just aren’t super easy to use, but if you can make ’em work, they’re stunning.

  16. Ally

    Thanks for the swatches now I must decide what I want :)

  17. BEAUTIFUL!!! I think I have to bug the bf to get me that lipstick brave new bronze~!!!! >_<

  18. Michelle G

    Just got back from the MAC event here in NYC…. ended picking up Eversun, Brave New Bronze and Violet Fire…

  19. HijabiApprentic

    Swoon. Faint. Thud.

  20. VanessaMarie

    Great swatches! Thank you for posting!!

  21. KaylaK

    Wow so gorgeous!!!MAC def ate my wallet

  22. kat

    Surprisingly, I don’t want anything from this collection! Rephrase: I am out of money and can actually restrain because there’s nothing I’m dying for 😀

  23. niknik

    I want Brave New Bronze, Gold Rebel, and Mercenary! That’s it, thankfully. I just love the packaging so much… I might end up getting more than stated above…

  24. OMG those look awesome!!

    For all those who missed out: Mercenary looks a lot like my Dior Gold Nugget nail polish! Violet Fire looks like the purple polish I’ve been looking for so long!!

    Thanks for all the gloriousness that are your swatches, girl! :)

  25. Mikki

    THANKS SO MUCH for the swatches! I got up early (I live in the Netherlands) JUST BECAUSE I wanted to see your swatches! (because I knew they were coming haha)

    My wishlist:
    – Purple Rite, Sunsational l/s
    – Bright Future, Tempting, Night Maneuvers, Vibrant Grape e/s
    – On A Mission and Eversun b/p/b

    But I don’t have a MAC store/counter nearby and I don’t have money. BOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • Aww!! I am so flattered, Mikki :)

      Well, you do have a little bit of time to wait, right? It’ll be out a lil’ later in the Netherlands, I think!

  26. Mara

    I must have Bright Future!!!!

  27. chuarmk

    My wishlist:all the nail lacquers and the yellow e/s

  28. nico

    This collection is amazing. I’ll be broke. Even the nail lacquers are gorgeous . By the way is Purple Rite similar to Up The Amp?

  29. nunu

    Everything looks so gorgeous!! This collection is going to burn a huge whole in my wallet.

  30. Jenn

    I love all the nail lacqquers!!! I think I may have to get some pigments and sunsational l/s too :)

  31. Evelyn

    they look…

  32. Nicole15

    love love love soft force, bright future & vibrant grape.

  33. Miss_M

    Thanks for the swatches !! :)

    Nothing really appeals to me from this collection to be honest, so I’m saving up the cash for Colour Craft.

  34. hi

    Mercenary is a pretty color, but I can’t see me wearing it on my nails. That shade and finish in eyeshadow form would be GORGEOUS, though!

  35. OMG violet fire and mercenary!

  36. ms.mad

    does anyone know the finishes on the lipsticks? plus they look like dupes of original colors, any ideas on dupes for lipsticks, and lipglasses. i have over 50 lipsticks, 40 lipslasses, all dazzleglasses &back ups. just hate to by another if not needed. thanks

  37. nancybridget

    I’m really excited to play with this collection!

  38. diana

    tempting eyeshadow reminds me of smog from urban decay

  39. Liz V.

    I love this collection but have to hold back a little. I always come to check for your swatches, Christine. You do the best swatches of all time. Do you think if you own scene, night maneuvers can be skipped? Thanks :)

  40. Maliya

    YAY! Cannot wait! I am getting the Brave new Bronze lipstick and maybe gold rebel lipgloss!


  41. annp

    I’m kind of put off by the packaging, to be honest. Christine, how would you say Eversun compares to Fun and Games from Hello Kitty? Is it at all close? I’m looking for something similar for when this runs out! Thanks!

  42. kiki

    ouuhhh. LUSTRE DROPS :)

    the pink one will be really nice on top of pink swoon blush.. or well dressed.

  43. Rose

    i love the mercenary nail polish. it looks really pretty!

  44. Charlotte

    hey christine!
    love your swatches. =))
    btw, which BPB(on a mission/eversun) would look better on an NC15 and <20 age?

  45. Chloe

    Thank you for posting such amazing quality swatches!
    By the way, is Purple Rite more of a pink or a purple? And will it make your teeth look yellower?
    Thank you!

  46. Emma

    I’m so sorry I’m late for this reaction but I live in Europe so the collection has only just arrived and I have a question: how similar is Soft Force to Sugarshot from the Sugarsweet collection? If you have Sugarshot, please let me know!
    Thanks in advance

    Thank you so much for posting this!