Friday, March 6th, 2009

Style Warrior, Liberated, Gold Rebel, Fierce & Fabulous

A little patience, and here are most of the product photos for Style Warrior :)

Brave New Bronze, Purple Rite, Sunsation, Tribalist

Vibrant Grape, Bright Future

Night Maneuvers, Soft Force

Golden Bronze, Tempting

Solar Riche, Refined Golden

Refined Golden, On A Mission

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102 thoughts on “MAC Style Warrior Product Photos

  1. Renee

    i cant wait until this comes out and you write a review about it
    mmmm, soo excited

  2. Whitney

    Hate the packaging,love the colors.

  3. kae

    i cant wait for this collection. umm i thought it was eversun bpb?

  4. I hate it all, score one for my wallet! Sugar Sweet and Rose Romance for me pleaseee :)

    • Colie

      I agree completely. Yay finally a collection I can totally skip!

      • Lety

        Yeah the packaging is totally tacky. To me it looks cheap. I have been thinking about the themes Mac have had for the past 2 years… Very good themes with very bad design taste! Come on, it’s Mac! They can do better than this. I think the one of the best packing was the Fafi collection and the upcoming Rose Romance (blushes). Recently I have been feeling that Mac is approaching to the ghetto side, I dont know why. Yeah I am sooo mean. Oh well. Don’t get me wrong, I love love Mac always and forever!
        Ps: I just like to see good quality to look with good quality!!

  5. Michelle

    i actually like it…. i’d prefer the packaging be black but this is ok…. i thought it was EVERSUN BPB? :( I was so excited for that

  6. Rita

    As much as I love the pinks, this collection actually seems more versatile and wearable since it’s not so cool (and I’m wearing Tempting right now). The packaging is not super cute, but I wouldn’t depot them though. Thanks so much for these, Christine!

  7. Omg omg omg I have not been this excited about a MAC collection for a long time!! I love basically ALL the shades from what you’ve shown and the packaging is so lovely!

  8. Arika BH

    I am going to get everything, I cant wait! Summer collections are my favorite from MAC. These colors are so versatile. You can wear these colors all year round with more seasonal colors. I am drooling after all of these.

  9. So beautiful colors, really!

  10. Mikki

    I think I’m the only one who drools over the packaging.

    • Kylee

      I like the packaging! And all the colours look fierce !

      • Liz

        I second that! Animal print and MAC? Holy hotness!!

        • Macaddict

          Me too!!! Love the animal prints! It makes for a fierce kitty! I am not so much into the golds, bronze, brown colors but, there are enough of the cooler ones to make me happy. I am def interested in: 3 of the l/g (not the brown one). Wow yellow and orange are fun colors for l/g! Also, maybe the 2 purple l/s, and maybe Sunsation l/s. Vibrant Grape e/s looks AWESOME!!! Also like both blushes.

        • Esmei

          i totally agree with you!!

          • Leah

            Finally! A collection I’m actually stoked on. Love the packaging, color theme. Didn’t I see gold and silver on the eyes for the promo though?

            I’m not seeing any silver eyeshadow….

    • kat

      I like it too!

  11. on3cut3cupcak3

    i LOVE this collection, I am SO hauling atleast half. well, depends on how i like the rest when swatched!

  12. pia

    Aghhh…I wish I waited and grabbed Enough Said in this grrrreat packaging. I’m getting tempting and refined golden and one lipgloss and a lipstick. That’s it!

  13. Ooh, wow. I’m torn here! If I get anything from this, I’d get it for the actual product colors. I usually hate animal print. I find it tacky. (Don’t hate me y’all!!)

    But who can pass on Vibrant Grape??? Toughy!

  14. charlieee

    I wonder how different Night Manuevers and Soft Force are to Magnetic Fields and Femme Fi. Anyway thanks for the pictures, Christine! :))

    • Jenny

      I was thinking the exact same thing about Night Maneuvers and Magnetic Fields. I have Magnetic Fields and adore it, though. So if it’s close I might get it to have a dupe.

  15. The packaging looks fierce!

  16. I like the packaging, it’s like want to show women’s strenght but in the same time, sexy 😛

  17. Emma

    i really like the packaging, the liberal lip glass (if that is the yellow gold one) looks really cool. the eyeshadows like nice, and soo do the lipsticks..kk well everything looks nice :)

  18. Maria

    I’m actually unusually tempted by this collection. Love the concept, love the colors.

  19. PAOLA

    doesn’t soft force look like flip…just a little more gold lol…i really want vibrant grape e/s and sunsation l/s…this collection looks awesome!

  20. I adore the packaging, but those colors are not right for me. I am beyond excited for Sugar Sweet and the upcoming Rose collection.

  21. Christine B

    The packaging on these is so hot!

  22. Nicole

    Seriously, I have been disappointed about every collection since Neo Sci-Fi. I am so excited about this one.

    I want everything. Must save up.

  23. IZzySA

    lots of repromotes.. grrr. I already have Enough Said, vibrant grape and eversun — altho I don’t even see it here.

  24. carriespooner

    so pretty. thank you christine!

  25. vbie3714

    I would love to see a swatch/comparisons of Night Maneuvers!

  26. Sandra

    is it supposed to be Enough Said or Eversun bpb?

  27. ewww @ the lipglassess… Oooooo @ the shadows….especially the neutrals!

  28. sprut

    I hope you do swatches…I’m especially curious how the liberated and bright future turn out.

  29. Faiza

    Oooh, now if only i had money to actually BUY things. lol.

  30. Angie

    I’m loving this collection

  31. Jannete

    Isnt it temption a permanent color?

  32. Jannete

    Isnt it Temtpting eyeshadow a permanent color?

  33. Saira

    Ooooh, these are cute! I love the packaging! I really like the look of vibrant grape and Bright Future eyeshadows – can’t wait to check them out!

  34. lexi

    when will we know which finishes the E/s are? i’m hoping Night Manuevers and Soft Force are VPs!

  35. reesa

    i’m all over this one. i love the summer collections/colors.

  36. Ariana

    I haven’t really liked any of the recent lines… but THIS looks like something I’ll have to get my hands on! Bronzers look awesome, and the shadows are cute!

  37. Deja

    Love, love, love the packaging and the colors look like they were made for me. I guess you can never really tell about packing though until you actually hold it. I thought the Hello Kitty packaging was a bit naff but liked it in person.

  38. MissTiss

    I like the packaging. Not because I like animal print necessarily, but I just like special packaging. *shrug* It looks fun.

    That said, my favorite collection ever is Neo Sci-Fi – Can’t wait to see how this compares. I can’t wait to see the bags!! I’m getting one in each size. I think they look fun.

  39. Elisa

    im kinda in between about the packaging but love the colors so this is another oops for my pocket!!

  40. MACmademoiselle

    Uh oh… I love (almost) everything! I want:
    *Style Warrior (Brown gloss = yum)
    *All the non-colored shadows and Vibrant Grape
    *Both BPB
    *Both Bronzers
    Okay, that’s not so bad… I <3 the packaging.

  41. Sara

    I love the way the lipglasses look, can’t wait :)


  42. Traci

    FUN! FUN! FUN!

  43. Rachael

    Oohhh I want all the eyeshadows except Vibrant Grape. Gold Rebel lipglass is def calling my name! And Sunsation lipstick def looks promising too!

  44. JillyB

    Very bizarre packaging. Have to have it!

  45. evangelia

    I NEED Liberated, looks exactly like a Clinique gloss from long ago that I adored. And I’m sure I’ll run out of my Tempting by the time this comes out. so Tempting in the cool packaging too. And maybe Soft Force.

  46. This is the one I’m probably most excited about. You always have the great MAC scoop!

  47. The pics are making me more excited!!!! I’m loving the pics of this collection!

  48. Sarah

    honestly, crossing my heart, speaking – THIS is the sexiest collection by MAC so far, imho.
    I can’t wait!!

  49. Michelle

    Christine the pic here of Ever Sun has slightly different packaging than the photo of it u posted in “MAC Cosmetics Style Warriors Collection Information & Photos”… Im anal n pay attention to the smallest details. It looks here like its the the same packaging as the Bronzing Powders which are slightly larger then the packaging of MAC blushes…. I’m a little confused

  50. Oh my gosh! I simply can’t wait for this collection. I’m tons more hyped up about this then Hello Kitty. I might just get everything in here. haha.

  51. Leah

    Has MAC ever put pro colors in a collection before? I can’t believe they put Vibrant Grape in this one– that’s the main pro item that I’ve really been wanting.

    • Yep! They often put PRO pigments/glitters in collections. I’m not sure about eyeshadow-wise, but it’s definitely something they do (just in terms of PRO vs. consumer).

  52. momo

    I looooooooooooove this collection! It’s so WOC friendly, and the pakaging! *dies* So Awesome!! Sugar Sweet and Rose Romance are so boring looking, and the colors are so-so.

  53. Marie

    I actually really like he packaging. Summer 09!

  54. Marie

    I actually really like the packaging. Summer 09!

  55. OMG! I’m getting more excited every time I look at the pictures! This collection look like it’s PERFECT for dark skin girls…looks like I’m getting everything from this collection! Time to save up! Luckily for me I’m skipping Sugarsweet and Rose Romance (ok I lied..I’m getting a lipstick from both ahahhahaa)

  56. I hate the packaging, animal prints are kind of tacky IMO, but it’s still nice to see darker BP’s and colors in general for women of color after the Chill Collection, Dame Edna and Hello Kitty.

  57. i LOVE this packaging!! i might just get a bunch of it just for that!!

  58. lexi

    do we know which finish Night Manuevers and Soft Force are? c’mon VP!

  59. Naomi

    I just want the zebra print packaging…

  60. Flora

    LOVE the packaging and the colors – I can see getting everything except, maybe, the Sunsation lipstick but you never know! For the very first time I love the beauty powders (if that’s what they are above what looks like blush. Sugarsweet will me a mild to hold me over for this one.

    Are the top containers lip gloss or nail polish? I ask because of the yellow one.

    What month of the summer is it out (sorry if I missed it and am the only one who doesn’t know!).

  61. Lizzclare

    not for me this one – tacky packaging, dull colors, will splurge on eve more dazzleglases instead

  62. Gwynedd

    LOVE that design–my kind of thing.

  63. Tanya

    I wish the packaging was different, thankfully I’m gonna pass on this collection

  64. Stefani

    The packaging is just hott!!

  65. Donna

    The packaging looks really cool. Not sure if I’ll buy anything yet.

  66. Stefani

    this collection is sexy

  67. Mikki

    This collection is LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

  68. I really want the Liberated lipglass! I just have a thing for weird coloured lipglasses lol!

  69. Emm

    Vibrant grape reminds me of Creme de Violet from the Rose Romance collection… I wonder.

  70. i am so exited to get this collection
    can’t wait till you give a revieuw on this!


    i <3 the packaging

  71. is tempting
    the same tempting
    from the cult of cherry collection
    it shure does really look the same

  72. I am excited about this one more than some of the others that have been out recently, because I find the packaging design interesting. Night maneuvers reminds me of Magnetic Fields from Neo Sci-Fi just from the picture. I look forward to the release.

  73. Ellise

    I can’t wait for the lipstick and blush! When is it coming out?

  74. Ann

    I can’t wait for this collection. I am loving all of those e/s. I already have v.grape so I’ll skip that one.

  75. Rae

    i cant wait for this

  76. Boonchom

    Will just get all 3 nail polishes and the eyeshadows, depotting and back2mac them. not very fond with this collection packaging design. Just want the colors. Usually i love juxtaposition in designs but i really don’t feel this one.

  77. Laura

    Can’t wait for this collection, I was not impressed with rose romance collection (I only got mutiny pigment). This collection seems very summery (golden bronze) and i like the packaging. I think that every collection should have special packaging…

  78. Myna

    What can I say about this collection…..WOW

    I need to save now so as to buy at least half of it

  79. Nicole

    I totally agree!
    I think the packaging is ugly and i dont want to buy anything because of that!
    But i LOVE the colours!
    its such a shame! :(