Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Purple Rite Lipstick

MAC Style Warrior Lip Swatches! :)

Here’s a little run down about how they apply/opacity on the shades first…

  • Purple Rite is semi-sheer, provides decent color to lips. Frosty finish.
  • Sunsational is a sheer, shimmery peachy-gold. It’s not designed to give you a lot of color.
  • Tribalist is a creamy, opaque color. Very deep and better to apply via a lip brush (I did not, as I do these as fast as humanly possible).
  • Brave New Bronze is a creamy, opaque color. Will probably lean peach or pink, depending on your skin tones, but it is more peach than pink.
  • Liberated is sheer, gold shimmer.
  • Fierce & Fabulous is semi-sheer, providing lips with noticeable color.
  • Gold Rebel is sheer, peachy-gold shimmer. Like Liberated, but more peach/orange.
  • Style Warrior is a semi-sheer, providing lips with noticeable color/darkening. Try it over Tribalist or any red lipstick to see a cool effect. Really — it’s more wearable than you think.

Now, onto the lip swatches!

Sunsational Lipstick

Tribalist Lipstick

Brave New Bronze Lipstick

Liberated Lipglass

Fierce & Fabulous Lipglass

Gold Rebel Lipglass

Style Warrior Lipglass

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127 thoughts on “MAC Style Warrior Lip Swatches

  1. mememe

    im loving brave new bronze!its such a pretty colour!u make it luk soooo nyc!YAY!cant wait for this collection to come out now!(im in UK so i still gotta wait, arrrrrrrrrrrgh!!) xXx

  2. Natalie

    Thanks Christine! Is Sunsational Frost finish as well? I think it might look fab with Brave New Bronze :)

  3. [email protected]

    Tribalist is hawt on you!

  4. Sara

    Very, very pretty! I can’t wait to get my hands on these!:)

  5. Roslyn

    These are beautiful. Could we possibly see swatches with lipstick/lipglass combos?

  6. reesa

    oh, i love these. i can’t wait to try these out. A very nice collection, imo. thanks so much christine!

  7. I am loving Sunsational. Gorgeous color!

  8. tatiana

    Christine is the coolest! You think Fanfare could be a dupe for Brave New Bronze?

  9. Nicole15

    after these swatches, i still feel like brave new bronze & purple rite are going to be the lippies i want the most. hopefully i’m just as impressed when i see them in person. thanks so much christine!!!

  10. Anitacska

    I’ll definitely get Purple Rite and Gold rebel, and possibly Sunsational and Fierce & fabulous too. The others are a either too dark or too blah. Thanks for the swatches.

  11. sprut

    I kind of want liberated but I think I’ll probably end up passing on everything in this collection.

  12. Ooooh Tribalist!

    Sunsational is pretty too!

  13. brenda

    i love Sunsational Lipstick
    Liberated Lipglass
    Fierce & Fabulous Lipglass
    gold rebel lipglass

  14. missalissa

    I am loving the Purple Rite but purple scares me…..It is really purple in real life?? I normaly wear Creme Cup, Syrup, Fabby….I am nw20/25 would it be flattering on me?

  15. love

    So pretty!

  16. you are teasing me with that brave new bronze lipstick!!!!!!!!

  17. Hm, Brave New Bronze just doesn’t say anything to me… =/ Sunsational looks gorgeous though. I think I’m just gonna have to go in and swatch everything.

  18. MarΓ­a

    I LOVE the tribalist lipstick. I am SO gonna buy it

  19. Ann

    Sunsational is going to look gorgeousssss!!

  20. aradhana

    thanks for posting these christine!

    i’m looking forward to seeing them in the uk…

    do you have any faves so far? purple rite looks really good on you! (though so do pretty much all the colours…lol! guess i’m partial to purple…)

    • My pleasure, Aradhana :)

      I love Brave New Bronze! That’s my favorite. I also like Sunsational and Purple Rite. The lipglassees are pretty, but nothing super super amazing. Perhaps Liberated, but I love me some gold.

  21. JillyB

    I was passing through my Nordie’s today when I saw the displays for Style Warrior already out. I stopped by and the MA talked to me about all of the products and told me that they are taking pre-orders now and it will be launched next Wednesday, the 20th. The early launch had something to do with a sale at the store. Anyway, I tried on and preordered Purple Rite l/s, Fierce & Fabulous l/g, On a Mission blush and Pink Rebel Lustre Drops. I saw some other things I liked too and may pick up when I get the rest next Wed., like the Solar Riche bronzer and at least one e/s. The packaging is great!

  22. cloudburst

    Even though I liked the sample Purple Rite better, I’m gonna pick it up. I like them all, great lippies!

  23. Natasha

    I’m gonna go broke when these come out! They all look so beautiful!

  24. Mikki

    Thanks so much for the swatches Christine! It’s very helpful.

    Still want Sunsational & Purple Rite l/s. But I’m passing on the Gold Rebel l/g

  25. Nathalie

    Beside Style Warrior, those lipglasses are so sheer. Eww…

  26. cloudburst

    Christine, is Liberated or Gold Rebel a dupe for She Gold?

  27. Stephanie

    did we ever find out what the models were wearing?

  28. Trish

    Hi everyone! Can someone PLEASE tell me the finish to Purple Rite & even the rest of the lipsticks? (Lustre, Amp Creme etc…) But I’m dying to know Purple Rite’s. I’ve been wanting to venture into a purple lip!

    • I’m almost positive that Purple Rite is a frost. And I know for sure that Tribalist is a Amplified Creme. Not too sure about the other two..I would guess that Sunsational is just a frost as well or a glaze. I would guess that Brave New Bronze is a lustre..that’s what it looks like to me.

    • Purple Rite is a frost, Tribalist is an amplified creme, Brave New Bronze is a satin, and Sunsational is a glaze.

  29. Sunsational is SO cute. And I am in love with Purple Rite! I’m not too sure how Brave New Bronze would look on me, and I have a revlon lipstick that looks justttt like Tribalist [THANK GOODNESS FOR MY WALLET!]

  30. I`m thinking Style Warrior would look even cooler if you put Sunsational under it. Could you show us all the lipstick/lipglass combos?

  31. AshleyMelissa

    hi christine,

    im a nc 40 and was wondering if i could pull off brave new bronze.. or would it be too light? If any one else can pls answer this for me ur more then welcome to.. thanks!

  32. Heather

    Ok, so I think I’m gonna get Sensational, brave new bronze, and gold rebel. The others don’t interest me. It kind of looks like liberated and gold rebel are the same though.

  33. Elisa

    i really liked these colours. i like the lipsticks more though. aww cant wait to go broke lol

  34. Rachel

    thanks so much for the swatches!! how does Gold Rebel compare to Nice to be Nice from HK? I really love Nice to be Nice so I hope they’re similar!

    • Different entirely. Gold Rebel has more pigmentation, but it’s a peachy orange, not bright orange like Nice To Be Nice (well, how it looks in the tube).

  35. Carrie

    Oh wow, I actually really like Sunsational.

  36. Jody

    Brave new Bronze reminds me of Hue which I absolutely love, does anyone else see that?? Purple Rite looks great on you Christine, you make me want that one! Wondering if I might like Sunsational also.

  37. Naz

    I must pick up Purple Rite and a Brave New Bronze! Too lovely!

  38. natasha

    christine, do you think that sunsationa l/s is a dupe for gel l/s AND is gold rebel anywhere close to nymphette?

    i’m just trying to justify (to myself) that i need more lip stuff πŸ˜›

  39. Yaya

    Wow… I’m loving all the swatches. I don’t want to spend a lot though :(

  40. Eva

    ahhh thank you so much for these! i’m so excited for this whole collection, especially brave new bronze lipstick. amazing! β™₯

  41. wow the payoff of those lipsticks are nice :)

  42. Teresa

    Beautiful! This is not fair…I want them ALL($)! :( Well, like 99% :)

  43. baybee

    im so excited for brave new bronze!

  44. Jackie

    would you say that Brave new bronze is the same as myth?

    i thought i could skip out on the lip glasses this time ,but know i want all of them!

  45. abby

    Thank you for keeping us updated with swatches, etc. :) the new bronze lipstick looks very pretty. Would you say its kinda in between creme d nude and pink plaid? or not even close? lol

  46. wow.. Tribalist remind me of my fave lipglass, Jampacked from the Cult of Cherry collec. it also looks like Rimmel lasting finish in Bordeaux..

    i still want Brave New Bronze tho..

  47. inuchan

    I love Purple Rite and Sunsational!

  48. i hope brave new bronze is amplified creme!

  49. Isya

    hmmm, i wonder how Brave New Bronze would compare to Creme Cup?

  50. Cat

    I am loving New Brave Bronze and Sunsational even more now.

  51. Turkidhdelight573

    hi christine:)
    do u think brave new bronze is similar or 4N lipstick at all?
    thankyou for the swatches
    ur the best

  52. Nars

    Sunsational definitely calls my name. Brave new bronze looks cute, too, but it might be too matte on my lips, and I personally do not like matte lips at all.. Thanks so much for the swatches, Christine!

  53. Laura

    Christine, how does Purple Rite compared to Pomposity, Kirsch to Tribalist and Style Warrior to Beaux l/g.

    • Tribalist is similar to Kirsch, but Style Warrior is much browner/opaque than Beaux. Pomposity is more fuchsia and has more shimmer/frost.

  54. Satine

    Hello Christine,

    Do you think that Brave New Bronze is similar to Benefit’s Lady’s Choice?

    Thank you!


  55. TheHighPriestes aka Usha

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks for letting us know that we can now order Style Warriors online! I ended up not getting Purple Rite cos it will probably be too sheer for my dark lips. I will be in NYC (from Syd) in a few weeks so if its still there then I can try it on!

    Thanks for your swatches!

  56. I am LOVING Brave New Bronze but I JUST bought Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Volupte in #2 today.

    Can anyone tell me if Brave New Bronze compared to YSL Rouge Volupte #2 is a close match, or a dupe?.

    Just asking because I either need to stop the lemming, or buy. But it’s a complete pet peeve when I buy two lipsticks that are basically the same. πŸ˜‰

  57. Is tribalist a good dupe for night violet (with the matte finish aside)?

  58. sf

    your lipstick and lipgloss swatches always look like you use the product sparingly. Why don’t you apply a little more?

    • I use as much product as necessary — I’m not going to pile it on if it’s not going to make a difference, know what I mean? I layer on until it’s not making a difference to add more — my lips are my lips, so on your lips, it may look more pigmented or opaque. I can’t help how something looks on my lips; can’t really change them, sorry!

      I’m not trying to waste my time deliberately making things seem sheer or poor performing… I’m showing you exactly how it works for me, which is the best I can do.