Thursday, September 17th, 2009

MAC Style Black Video

Are you ready for Style Black? I know some of you have been saving away for months to indulge in some Style Black, but others are steadfastly avoiding the collection. What’s on your list?

P.S. – Some of you are finding the video is marked “private,” you may want to try the direct link:ย

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51 thoughts on “MAC Style Black Video

  1. lesleykat

    i’m getting all the lipsticks and probably all the glimmerglasses. i’ll have to test out the mineralized shadows before i buy because i’m not confident in their payoff and i obvs don’t want to waste my money. i’m so IN on the greasestick.

    i already have the penultimate and bat black CCB. i have yet to really use the CCB so, we’ll see how that one goes.

    i’m probably skipping the nail polish. i already have about 10+ varieties of dark/black polishes.

    i’ll be at macPRO waiting for the doors to open!

  2. Ive been waiting for that collection FOR MONTHS! I cannot wait. Although I wont be getting the eyeshadows Im super excited about the lipsticks, lipglasses etc.

    You can be SURE Ill get my hands on the Volcanic Ash exfoliators… in DOUBLE!

  3. Maquela

    im def gettin the blackfire glimmerglass and one of the skincare products! and I want the blue and pink shadows! This is the first time I get to get a collection when it comes out I am soo excited!

  4. Alexis

    I put my preorder in last weekend – pretty excited to receive my loot. I got the greasestick, cream base, the blue shadow and the exfoilator. I am kinda rethinking about the shadow and maybe getting the pink instead. Luckily I was able to try these products out – the shadow is great because it has a black base and the glitter in it is super fine but once you pack it on to the base or grease stick it really pops! It is a great night time look – it was a bit intense for the office. I bet if I layer it on top of a primer alone it would be a nice subtle effect.

    I cannot wait to play with this collection – haven’t been super excited over a collection since last fall’s Cult of Cherry!

  5. Erica

    Only interested in the volcanic ash exfoliator…x2 !

  6. mela

    i cannot wait! i already have my wishlist and my money set aside but i’m sure i’m going to get carried away!

    cinderfella, young punk and gilt by association shadows are must haves as are seriously hip and baby goth girl nail polishes. i’m seriously considering the feline liner kohl and i know i want a creme black lipstick, so i need to wait and see them!

    i am so excited about this! its what my inner emo kid has been desperately desiring

  7. scarlettholly

    I have the greasepaint stick and gilt by association and the thermal mask from last week. I’m going to get the exfoliatoer, a glimmerglass or lipstick, the blue adn pink shadows, and maybe the cream base… eeek!

  8. Katie W

    Im going to TRY to only get the VAE, Gilt by Association, Young Punk… but I might end up getting one or two lip products as well… Im certainly going to be broke after this. :)

  9. jolenz

    Just preordered the exfoliator and mask…Cant wait to try!

  10. i dont understand what people do with black lipstick in real life, only to wear it to Halloween

  11. DevilishDoll

    I’m getting Young Punk and Blue Flame Mineralized Eyeshadows, the Black Greasepaint Stick, Blackfire Glimmerglass, and I’m gonna make a homemade version of Baby Goth Girl Nail Polish. Wish I could spend more on this collection but there are so many other things I want from other collections.

  12. Christy

    I’m getting so much. As soon as its online, I’m ordering it all and getting it sent express (don’t want to risk sell outs!). VAE, VATM, all 4 MES, black CCB, Seriously Hip NP, Baby Goth Girl NP, Black Night lipstick, all 3 Glimmerglasses, and at least 2 greasepaint sticks. I’ll probably go to my local store and do some swatches & get backups on release day too.

  13. amy

    the volcanic maske and exfoliator, the black grease paint stick, one mineralize eyes shadow and maybe the lipstick or one glimmer gloss.

  14. Tina

    just Blackware and VAE

  15. On my way to Nordies now to grab my stuff early! :) VAE x3, Thermal Mask x2, I’ll Back 2 MAC two e/s next week, the purple Mattene, a glimmergloss, and I HOPE that’s it!

  16. Anitacska

    I need to check out the eyeshadows and lipglasses before I decide, pretty sure I won’t get anything else, maybe the exfoliator if it’s THAT good.

  17. rowan

    i’m not looking forward to it because i already have black makeup, haha.

  18. Teresa

    The video won’t play and says it’s marked private :( I should have played it right away :'(

  19. Shelby

    so i guess everyone (and their mamas) is going for the VAE,
    i wasnt originally interested myself but now i def. want it!!!!
    is it just me that thinks the random guy at the end of the vid is weird???? they just popped him in strange… but my list is def. $100+ for this collection LOVE U MAC…..

  20. Macaddict

    Been waiting for months 4 this collection!!!
    Want EVERYTHIN (that I don’t already have… P)
    I placed a layaway order 3 weeks ago!
    The thing is they are releasing basically 3 collections all at same time: Black Style, plus all the new Creamglasses, plus the new very black mascara (I know a mascara is not a collection perse but still, it’s more $$$ out of my pocket)so I’m gonna be totally broke cuz I want them all!!
    My wallet is crying helplessly right now

  21. Adam

    i definatley want the 2 black lipsticks, blackware and bling black glimmerglasses. and im going to wait till i see it in person to get blackfire glimmerglass, grease paintstick, maybe black CCB and ill think about the MES… most likely bluefire and young punk.

  22. Luda

    I saw the collection yesterday – it came out early at my Nordstromโ€™s. I ended up only getting the ash exfoliator. The e/s were too glittery and not the color payoff i expected. The lip products were too dark for me. It was a bit of a disappointment – i was really looking forward to the e/s.