Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Still a month and a half away, MAC’s Style Black Collection continues to create buzz. Slated for September 24th, the collection features a mixture of black shades as well as black-inspired shades (e.g. the mineralize eyeshadows). Are you excited for this upcoming launch? I know I can’t wait for the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator to be re-released myself.


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111 thoughts on “MAC Style Black Collection – Sneak Peek Promo

  1. I can’t say I’m interested in all that black, but will check out the mineralize shadows to see how wearable they are. What does the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator do that’s so great by the way?

  2. You know.. I never thought I would like black makeup lol But I fell in love with black after Black Tied and Cloudburst.

    I want the mineralized shadows and the greasestick…For sure..MUST HAVE!

    I dont do the black lips. But I will do dark, black smokey eyes!

    I cannot waaaittt!!!!

    • Oh. And I want the VAE!

      So happy they brought this stuff back.

      The MES’s should look cool with the bright Technakohls from this next collection coming out lol

    • Girl with Dragon Tattoo

      one of the big things with the black lipsticks is not necessarily wear the black lip, but to mix it with other lipsticks to get your tones and shades from lipsticks.

  3. the day school starts!
    hm, still working on my black makeup applying skills lol. but this collection is interesting

  4. Trix

    I can’t wait! Interested to see what black lipstick looks over a red or purple liner!

  5. I’ve been patiently waiting for this. Even though I don’t see a lot of these items as daily use, I think they’ll definitely be useful to have.

    I’m so excited!

  6. Hinahon

    I can’t wait !!!
    Being kinda goth I love black and Mac + black should be awesome ! I need to save up 😀

  7. ashley

    i really can’t wait to try out the grease paint stick, the black lipstick (i’ll use it underneath other colours to create more depth probably!), and the one nail polish that they described as having pink glitter (i think!)

    anyway i’m super excited!

  8. Helene

    I can’t wait for it! It’s about time that MAC did a collection with a black gloss or lipstick! Every other high-end makeup collection done it except for MAC. I’m glad they’re jumping in the bandwagon!

  9. Brandi

    What is this exfoliator that everyone wants?

  10. What is the volcanic ash exfoliator like?

    I mean… I’ve used biore’s warming exfoliator and st. ives gentle apricot exfoliator – is it anything like these? harsher, more gentle?

  11. Fairy

    Woohooo!! I love black!

  12. wow. i mean i love black, but…wow.
    the promo pic made me want them all! lol even though it is only one ‘colour’ XD

  13. lexisf09

    the 35yr old/working mom is a little afraid – however my inner 15yr old goth girl is secretly excited by this!

    • Trix

      I am a 35 year old mom too. And really looking forward to this! Excited by it all especially eager try the lipsticks over red/pink and purple lip pencils.

  14. Emma

    Honestly, I’m not interested in this one at all…my wallet will be glad!

  15. Sass

    Loving what I’m seeing! Totally sexy! This collection doesn’t have to worn outdoors. 😉

  16. Kristin

    Yikes!! I won’t be trying much of this make-up.

  17. MichelleB

    I guess this line is definately not targeted to my demographic lol. I mean, I’m sure it looks cool on the models, but as a 36 year old mom, this is not my scene . . . I want to be a “hot mom”, but this isn’t doing it for me at all.

    • victoria

      i second that. i thought i could at least work with the e/s if it had some special shimmers but knowing mineral e/s, it might have those fall out issues.

  18. Mica

    OMG! I haven’t even converted to MAC (yet! – I’m afraid I will get pulled in too deep!) and I am definitely not goth, but something about this collection speaks to me! Yes, I work at a conservative job and most of my free time is taken up by yardwork, but I am *sure* I can find a use for some of these items!

  19. AYHM

    Love black….can’t wait for this!

  20. Trisha Mae

    This is gonna be an interesting collection! However, I’m SO sick of seeing mineralized anything in so many collections this year. ]: It’s like gahd, gimme something else! I at least wish they didn’t have mineralized things for the Holiday collection. =\

    • Kristen

      I agree. I am not a big fan of mineralized things, they always are too glittery or have a lot of fall out. I really wish these were just normal pressed eyeshadows rather than mineralized. Idk, I guess I’ll just have to see them in person. I am really excited about this collection anyway. I’ve skipped almost every other collection this summer, so I am saving up!

  21. Amber

    I think this is a pass for me. I’m not really into the black lip thing……..I hope black lipstick doesn’t come into style because I’d look horrible!!!

  22. Adam

    im so excited for this collection. especially for the glimmerglasses! im gonna get all three

  23. freewing

    i think i will pass this one as well…black is not my color…

  24. Reese

    Being a huge fan of black, I’m really excited about this collection! Plus the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator is amazing. I’m definitely stocking up this time around.

  25. Miri

    Yes, I am very excited! I still have the black-purple lipglass Tux de Lux from a previous collection. I can’t wait!

  26. Charisse

    Wow! Interesting, I wonder though on how to pull off a look using this collection.

  27. Christy

    I want all of it! So yes, am very excited.

  28. Angela

    I’m excited about this collection. I want the nail polishes, the volcanic ash exfoliator, and the vocanic ash thermal mask.

  29. Sarah

    This makes the little goth girl inside of me squee with delight. I will be putting money aside for the black lipsticks for sure. I’m waiting impatiently for the website offerings since there is no MAC near me.

  30. I need that black lipstick for Halloween.

  31. Karla

    I haven’t spent any money on MAC since like hello kitty. I’m hopefully getting a little of everything. I’m so excited for this… I’m very into fall colors. I think this collection would be awesome with golds and silvers! This collection deserves a happy dance. *happy dance* :)

  32. Bianca

    ahhhh this is one of those collections where you KNOW you will never be able to wear ths stuff out & it will probably be a waste of money but your gonna buy a thing or two anyways! haha

    i just want the dazzleglass and the greasestick thing!
    we’ll see though! haha

  33. Caroline


  34. cloudburst

    I’ll be buying most of this collection…very excited!

  35. Tori

    Black makeup?? Eh.. No thanks.. I’ll for sure check out the volcanic ash stuff though!

  36. Jessica Autumn

    I just want the Volcanic Ash exfoliator- I haven’t tried it but just might get 2 in case it ends up being a good product :) I’ll be ordering right when this collection comes out so I can snag it before its sold out- As for the black lipsticks/gloss I don’t think I’ll be getting any of those =D

  37. Stacey

    I think this is my most anticipated collection… I plan on getting 2-3 MES, greasepaint stick, black cremesheen and mattene and at least 3 of each VA product… after playing with the products I’m pretty sold on them 😀

  38. Not very excited of this collection.
    I only like black to the eyes, no black lips, no black nails, … :S

    I have black eyshadows, so i probably don’t buy anything of this MAC collection. I’m earning money! :)

  39. Saira

    These are some promo images: and a look at the actual products and counter promo photo(makeup artist collection is on the right and style black on the left):

    • Kim

      yesss! Thanks so much for the real life pic! Now I am more excited than ever to get my hands on this collection!

    • Macaddict

      WOW!!! Thx sooo much for all these pics! It sure quenches my curiosity about the products. However, I can’t help but notice that a lot of “black” is actually purple!!! I love purple (it’s my fave color) but it’s somewhat a bit misleading in my opinion…
      Nevertheless, all the products look gorgeous! 😛

  40. Playet

    I have to say this is the only Mac collection yet to have me Mad at having to wait for it..I probably wont get anything from this.. maybe the black shadow but thats it and easily replacable if I miss it..

  41. I am very excited about this collection. I am going to stock up on the V.A.E, I will most definitely skip the polish and liner tho -_- haha!

  42. Part of me is really excited to see something so different and more edgy from MAC. But I’m also worried most of the products will look terrible on my pale skin. the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator and Mask are must-haves, and the nail polishes sound cool. The rest I’ll have to sample first before making up my mind.

  43. MERY

    thats amizing very sexy very diffrent love it

  44. Deirdre

    I love M.A.C, but this collection should have been out last season. Black lips and the whole black make-up thing was done last fall and winter. M.A.C is late with this look.

    • jess

      totally agree! but they’re MAC and can rock this look again this year and still be fresh! Its still stylish!

  45. alana

    mineral eyeshadows will be miiiinnneee, maybe a grease paint stick too, to stick them to, and maybe the cream colour base… or maybe.. ALL OF IT! lol

  46. Lisa

    Wow, just checked out some of the promo pictures — not impressed. I know some of the looks are very 80’s inspired — but I was hoping for some type of “twist” on the 80’s thing — just doesn’t seem all that original and fresh. The whole black lipstick, nails, etc was in style when I was in high school — and has come and gone since. Not really an original concept for me.

  47. Honey

    This is a strange collection, im tan so dont know how this color would work for me, but i will buy the collection, it seems like “one of a kind”

  48. Brandy

    Man I can’t wait for the volcanic ash exfoliator I love exfoliating products..I love black so I think Im goign to pass on the lipstick, but everything else I can’t wait

  49. Bananarchy

    Man this is gonna be sick. I cannot wait!!!

  50. jess

    I am excited for this! I want the lipstick, the pink glitter black nail polish and the exfoliator and mask.

    It should be interesting how well this collection sells.

    Lots of hype on the web but real girls might not be as excited as us die hard makeup addicts! We will see…

  51. Jessica

    wow all black ! i love black idc for the lip products but nails, liner and eyeshadows .. im all for it.

  52. Macaddict

    I’m gonna buy EVERYTHING (that I don’t have yet in this collection)!!!
    For me, it’s the most exciting MAC collection in a long while! I love the concept/idea and, although it’s long overdue'; I say better late than never!

  53. Nafeesa

    i am waiting for the eyeshadow.. hmm lets see what they are bringing…

  54. Brandi

    this isnt a to die for collection the greasestick looks interesting maybe the cream colour base and the mineralized eyeshadows ill have to see but i might pass on this collection all together.

  55. Lindsey

    definitely interested in this. im wanting the volcanic ash exfoliator, maybe the lipstick if i can find a way to make it work, and the blue flame mineralized eyeshadow, everything else i will have to see.

  56. Ali

    I can’t wait for this collection to come out!! Ever since I’ve heard about the concept, I’ve been salivating over this collection. I know my wallet is going to cry but I don’t care! I can’t wait to see the glimmerglasses and mineralize eye shadows!

  57. cmferrets

    im only excited about the MES and the nailpolishes. i think it will be very interesting when this collection launches and to see how many people are going to wear the black lipstick stuff. then u will know if people are going to be wearing it out.

  58. dawn

    I am pretty excited about this. I’ve always loved black lipstick and there are no good black lipsticks anywhere. Volcanic Ash is exciting.

  59. LOL…sorry guys, but what exactly is the Volcanic as exfoliator?

  60. Jessica

    If I get anything from this collection it will be Baby Goth Girl. I haven’t been too impressed with the swatches of the shadows.

  61. mary

    i want it all!

  62. I’m excited about VAE being released again and I will definately try it since it will be my first time trying it as well as the Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask.

  63. Bettina

    Coolnees but I don’t see myself wearing black lipstick unless it would be for a costume purpose.

  64. Mae

    I am looking to pair this with a combination of blacks and pastels (love the babygoth nail polish)
    But the Volcanic Ash Products are some thing I will pass by. Every time I used it people wanted to
    know if I took up smoking and it was difficult to rinse off.

  65. Taj

    I can’t wait for this whole collection!~ :)

  66. Zoe

    I think that the eyeshadows will be worth a look and MAYBE baby goth nailpolish. hmmm

  67. Saira

    A Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask Review:

    I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited 4 this!!!!!

  68. Saira

    The new Volcanic Ash Exfoliator is going to be in a tube also and have less product, from 4.5oz in the old tub form to a 3.4oz tube.

    This sux! it should be new packaging same amount of product.

  69. VJNS

    Hey I’m over 50 and can still rock the black look. It’s not so hard if you use it smartly. I love to pair black with soft pale shades or electric hues. It’s so versitile. The exfolitor isn’t the only thing volcanic..the lipsticks are hot hot hot!

  70. amanda

    I’ve been curious..Can Collection items only be bought at a M.A.C Pro store? Or can I buy the Style Black Collection at a store that SELLS M.A.C products..Say, Dillard’s?

    Mostly because I’m going to buy 6 jars of the Volcanic Ash Exfoliating stuff :3 And maybe 2 of the Lip Refinishers.

    Which brings about another question; are the Lip Refinishers in this Collection as well as the VAE?

    • Saira

      The collection will be at ALL mac counters (incl dept. store mac counters)but items marked as Pro will be permanent in the MACpro stores and only available there after the collection’s run is over.
      The Volcanic Ash scrub will have new packaging and is no longer in a 4.5oz jar but 3.4 oz. tube so there will be less product than in the last launch so adjust accordingly.
      with the lip refinisher I think u are thinking about the Future Earth collection last summer where it and the VAE were 1st introduced this is a different collection and the lip refinisher is no longer available and will not be in this collection.

      • amanda

        Regardless of the lesser amount of product, I still plan on stocking up. The stuff is amazing.

        And now I’m sad, no more Lip Refinisher..

    • You will be able to purchase it at your Dillards :)

  71. I hope this stuff will be pigmented…

  72. Saira

    Will the Bat Black CCB only be sold at MAC Pro stores or is it available at ALL counters with the collection when it launches and then after becomes permanent to the Pro stores only?

    Also, the Grease Paintstick in Intense Black is not really black but a dark purpley black mild glittery sheen type color,it has a black base with purple shimmer. They are water-/smudge-resistant.

  73. I haven’t been this excited for a maleup line ever!!!! I’m gonna die when it comes out!!! Don’t over-exaggerate, you know black lipstick will never be a soccer mom in a minivan staple, but it’s all about having fun, playing with something new and interesting!!!! I wanted black lipgloss from YSL but it sold out really fast:/ Yeah ladies, open your minds a bit!!! MAC is forcing you to be creative and daring, deepen your scarlett lipcolor with a touch of creamy black to add depth, dimension, and a little mystery… We’ve all been too happy with taupes and beiges and delicate rose petal pinks… Have fun!!! Don’t worry about what everyone will think, and of course you will know when enough is enough… Rember, variety is the spice of life!!! Lol I feel like we need to appreciate and embrace the more avante garde/artistic side of MAC… Lol when it comes to black lips, I like to envision runway models rather than tacky 8th grade goth girls in fishnet tops and torn jeans hahahaha… Omgggg September 24thhh seems so far away… PS Halloween makeup!!!

  74. glitterprincess

    im sad that the volcanic exfoliator is not in the glass jar but a tube and your getting less product and probably be charged more since the prices in the UK have went up boo MAC boo!

  75. Macaddict

    As for the VAE, I actually prefer the tube to the plastic tub because I think it’ll be more usage friendly. When scooping the exfoliator in the tub, no matter how careful I was, there was always water left in the tub (I used it in the shower). WIth the tube, I can just squeeze out a small amount without tainting the product. I am glad that this time around the mask will be available but sad that the lip product will not.

    • Saira

      I like the tube too…and agree it will be easier to use and control amt of prod w/o waste but it should be in the tube package with the the SAME amount of product that they used to fill the jar. Actually they could afford to make more deluxe or bigger sizes w/ the tubes. If u are paying the same price that u paid 4 the 4.5 oz but getting only 3.4 oz it IS a bit of a rip off b/c it will finish faster and since it’s LE u have to wait like a year or more 4 them to reintroduce it. If I bought 6- 3.4 oz tubes it’s still less product than 6- 4.5 oz jars. Also, with jars u can tell if they are filled all the way but the tubes are opaque black and u can’t tell if they are completely filled unless u cut it open 2 see. They can get away w/ putting less product in those, so they may say 3.4 oz and actually have less in there.

  76. this one is amazing, because i can use this to darker other products !

  77. Chase

    Everyone else wants to mix it with other colours(which I do too), but I actually want pitch-black glossy lips. haha.

    • Chase

      Actually, what I’m really interested in is seeing what ways to wear eyeshadow and blush with black lips. I’m thinking it would look best with lightly contoured cheeks and eyes, black liner on the upper lashline and some false lashes.

  78. gingergirl

    I hear the packaging of the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator will be a smaller 3.4 oz tube instead of the 4.5oz tub. Has anyone else heard this and know if it’s true? Yay on the tube but boo on less for the same price Mac.

    • Saira

      It’s true, saw the pictures. You’re paying 50 cents more than what it cost originally when it 1st came out last summer for 1.1 oz less of product but what can u do?

  79. I might just have to get the black lipstick just so I can own one haha.