Monday, August 11th, 2008

Apparently, I didn’t get around to posting these yet! Here are product shots of the Starflash shadows I got – six more to see…

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44 thoughts on “MAC Starflash Product Photos

  1. DevilishDoll

    Aww, you didn’t get Sunset B? I love it, it’s the prettiest pink ever. And it goes on so pigmented even by itself. I’ve been using it with Stars and Rockets in the crease. I love Lotusland too, but it needs to be more pigmented. The only one I got that I didn’t like much is Top Hat.

  2. Silk

    I have a few of the colors and I love it!

  3. Fie

    Haha I like looking at the hetchmarks of these shadows. 😀 I bought Smoke & Diamonds, can’t wait to use it! I might go back to get Glamour Check and Mink & Sable.

  4. oOO Talent Pool looks so pretty!

  5. macaddict

    Love Top Hat. In fact it was the only color that I was originally going for. But then, I got tempted to get more…as usual, and I bought Talent Pool and Star by Night. I also had all the kohl liners from a previous collection. So, nothing to exciting for me! However, tomorrow, I am going to a special invite at my MAC store to pre-purchase the Cult Of Cherry collection!!! There will be cocktails and hors-d’oeuvres and I will be among the first ones to set eyes and buy from the collection since the collection does not come out until August 14th I believe. Wow! I can’t wait! I am bringing a friend along since we can bring someone.

    • whitnee

      don’t get your hopes up too much for it. the last time i went to one of those we could not purchase anything, we just had demos of it and they would write down what we wanted to buy so we could stop in and buy it after launch. i hope they do let you buy though! just don’t want you to be disappointed if you can’t. i know i was! and i’m kind of bummed because i got an invitation too, and i have a class tuesday thursday nights so i couldn’t go, but the class ended early! so i could have rsvpd and gone after all, but i’m sure it’s too late and i don’t know where the invite is anyways.

      • Macaddict

        Hi Whitney,
        I just thought that I’d let you know how it went last night at the MAC Cult of Cherry event. It was totally fab! The staff had the Cult of cherry makeup on, they served chocolate martinis with fresh cherries and slice of lime, sumptuous hors-d’oeuvres (such as crostini with chevre, walnuts and chopped bing cherries/ dark semi-sweet chocolate waffers with cherry preserve in the middle/melt-in-your-mouth chocolatee cakes with cherries on top/decadent mini cherry pies!:O)
        It was delicious and fresh! They had a model who looked identical to the one on the poster!!
        Also, they had 5 Cult of Cherry stations and 1 Overrich station and we all had a pre-made “shopping list” of all the newer promos (Starflash/Twinlustre/etc) as well so we could check mark what we wanted to buy…
        I loved it!
        I purchased the 2 blushes, Illegal Purple nail polish, Cherry Blossom and Cult of Cherry lip glasses, Raptuous (I think that’s what it’s called…:O)) mattene lipstick and, from the Overrich collection, I bought ANtique Green and the red one…(I can’t think of the name now for the life of me!!!
        I was glad that we could buy on the premises.

        • whitnee

          Aww thanks for letting me know! i’m glad you were able to purchase. I know I was really disappointed when i couldn’t. (i think it was for smoke signals) the hors d’oeuvres sound very yummy. glad you had fun!

        • So glad to hear you had such a fun time 😀


    • I didn’t get Top Hat. What do you like to wear it with?

  6. Calico

    Looking at these, im quite sorry i missed this collection…
    I thought they wouldnt be as nice since all the finished were frost. Now Im quite sorry.

    What are good dupes for them??

    I have heard mink & Sable is sumptuous olive (which i have, so im so glad about that), but what else can be duped with permanent items?

    Oh well..

    • Dear Calico,
      I believe the collection is still out, so you haven’t really missed it yet! =)

      • Calico

        Unfortunately my counter in my city only got 2 of each color, and they are sold out. And i cant order online.. :/
        I dont know if Cult of cherry will even come to my City. Its a C grade counter. :(

        • oh.. :( sorry bout that.. :( i guess atleast u’ll have money for other things.. =)

        • Fie

          They just launched it here in Malaysia. Would you like to purchase any? :) I’m heading there in a few days and my MA reserves things for me.

          • Pia

            Hi Fie,

            you’re making me jealous! I just got off with MAC MA and she told me they don’t have any new collections scheduled yet! The last one they have is Naughty Nauticals! That collection was from eons ago! Unbelievable! I’m mad mad mad!!

          • Calico

            That is sO kind of you to offer. But i will just try see what the dupes are for now! Thanks fie! :)

    • Mink & Sable is similar to Sumptuous Olive. Talent Pool is kind of like Shimmermoss. Bold & Brazen is similar to Twinks; Go to Tempting.

  7. Jamie

    I wanna get bold and brazen…but I heard its similar to expensive pink. And I don’t know if Amber lights (which I don’t have) is a better choice that bold and brazen. Also I would like to get glamaour check but again i Heard its similar to cranberry (which I do have)… So, yea I don’t know what to do :( and kinda sad because I heard the eyeshadows feel great and they are super soft to blend!!

    • Ashley

      I don’t think Bold and Brazen is THAT similar to Expensive Pink, definitely more on the bronzey brown side. Amber Lights is an awesome colour but the two aren’t really that comparable. I’d say the closest e/s to Glamour Check is Antiqued. I love them both!

    • I don’t think they’re similar – Bold & Brazen doesn’t have the pink tones that Expensive Pink has!

  8. Amanda23

    Did anyone get Talent Pool that also has Steamy? They look similar?

    • I have Steamy – they’re not that similar, IMO! Steamy never showed up that well on me, and it was bluer? Talent Pool reminds me of a bluer Shimmermoss.

  9. Jamie

    Thanks Ashley!! I may just have to buy all 3 of them and glamaour check. I will pass on Go eyeshadow tho because tempting eyeshadow from cult and cherry collection looks VERY similar

  10. Those green/teal hues are stunning. I was just at the MAC store and didn’t even see them!

  11. SmittenKitten

    I am wearing Talent Pool today!
    I adore all the MAC teals!

  12. Natasha

    I got Smoke and Diamonds and I love it!!! I don’t think it’s really similar to any of grey/silver family of e/s’s or is it?? Hmmm

  13. Natasha

    thikn Dreamaker looks like Ricepaper….but it has a lil’ more gold

  14. Natasha

    *i think


  15. I got Smoke&Diamonds, Mink&sable, talent pool and Top Hat! I love them all! I got mystery to, but I really need to buy Feline. haha

  16. Thanks. You can’t blame a girl for buing MAC. 😉