Monday, December 21st, 2009

MAC Spring 2010 Collections

As always, MAC has a whole slew of collections collections up their sleeves this spring season, and here’s a round-up of everything from now until April (just FYI, spring is considered February through April!). I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as I have photos available!

What collections are going to make you go broke?  Which ones will you have to see in person first?

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47 thoughts on “MAC Spring 2010 Collections Round-up

  1. Connie

    Wow! I’m excited for these collections!

  2. Lulee

    JEEZ, talk about overwhelming. Hahah looking forward to all that swatching, christine?

  3. Tamika "Karma"

    I am going to go broke period this spring!!! I have already started saving my pennies and spare change in a jar and I will be buying gift cards and saving them!!!

  4. Court

    MAC I am mad at you! I want so much but can’t afford to buy everything! Grrr!

    sarcasm, naturally. :)

  5. KC

    Spring Colour Forecast Collection is going to send me to the bankers.

  6. lovepotion18

    I’m going to have to see all the collections in person to see which items I really want. All the descriptions sound great, but not sure if I need 5 eyeshadows in slightly different variations of blue, pink etc. I have some permanent MAC eyeshadows that I haven’t even made dents in yet. Trying to be financially smart about my beauty related purchases for 2010.

  7. So many collections! Glad there’s time between now and then to save up :) So far Warm & Cozy, All Ages, etc, Art Supplies, Too Fabulous and Riveting (sounds like really hot stuff). Spring color is going to swallow up my wallet.

  8. Tori

    Hmm not so excited this year.. Maybe i’ll change my mind when they actually come out and i can see swatches

    • cmferrets

      hmmm me too! not too excited. MAC needs to find some more fun and interesting names! it seems like they are either repromoting alot of stuff , or putting it in the collection as permanent. which i think is a big NO NO. i think collections should be new stuff NOT permanent. and i also wish that mac spaced their collectins out more so we have time to save up, so everything wont be sold out .
      i am looking forward to warm &cozy , mac in lily land, the cream blushes and the collection that has white LE packaging! i think all of macs collections should have colored packaging! … dont u all? then it makes all of them special in their own way!

  9. amy

    My favourite so far is the Art Supplies collection.

  10. alice

    Riveting, Too Fabulous, and All Ages, Sexes, Races are my favorite. I like MAC for lip products mostly, I’m seeing a lot of nice looking neutrals, browns, taupes– colors that are not pales or reds. Finally colors I really love.

  11. Spring Colour Forecast will be the collection that will make me broke! I would love to see all of the collections in person!!

  12. aksaiyo

    I want universal mix from all races, everything from art supplies, and I want some corals, but I’ll have to see which collection has the best ones first 😀
    corals are really in next year, aren’t they?

  13. Simply Simply S

    talk bout MAC overload… Thnx for putting em together ! I think im excited bout the Spring Colour Forecast collection. Wut bout u Christine?

  14. Rita

    Oh, this spring is going to be so hard. I’m going to hit my purse bottom already with Spring Colour Forecast Collection! I want all the corals, and lavenders. I’m also looking forward to Warm & Cosy, but I’m not so sure about All Ages etc., because it has 3 matte e/s and very muted colours. And I hope the London Collection won’t be too cool either.

  15. For Spring? It’s going to be hard not to snatch up the whole Too Fabulous collection.

  16. Did you see the quantity of pearlglides and greasepaint sticks from the Art Supplies collection?????!!! Wahou! This is the collection that I am waiting for!

  17. Judy

    O.M.G. I want everything from every collection coming out!! I need to save. I wish MAC would give us some discounts. Like buy one get one. Or at least lower their prices due to the economy. I LOVE them, but it’s quite expensive. I buy about four times a year.

  18. Ember

    Spring Colour Forecast is going to be the one to break the budget, and I’m looking forward to the Viva Glam lustre lipsticks. I wish MAC would slow down with the new collections though. Up to 3 collections per month is pushing it, and my local counter barely has room for it all.

  19. MAC Collections are a love and hate relationship. I love them cause of all the new colors, I hate them cause they make me go broke!

  20. LIZ

    all of them i am a mac fanatic i buy from every collection

  21. Mars

    I’ve already started my MAC saving plan by asking for and getting MAC gift cards for xmas. One I’m going to use up & then load with an extra $500 from my tax return to get me through the spring color launches. The other I’ll return to my wonderful man after I spend it so he can reload it and give it back to me for my birthday, mother’s day, anniversary, & next xmas. I’m an admitted addict & working with it every day just makes it worse

  22. Aimee

    oh dear. i’m actually scared by the sheer volume of the spring colour forecast collection! not even sure how much i want from it, there’s that much to look through! pretty excited for jan & feb though.. just hope i manage to catch them before they sell out – they always do in my area!

  23. Rosa

    Now that we have the fabulous Spring 2010 collections online to view & drool over. When can we expect to see the Summer 2010 collections?

  24. JEN

    I will definitely go broke with the Art Supplies collection and all those greasepaint sticks and maybe some of the lip pens. Those look intriguing. I will have to check out the give me liberty of london collection but that creamy coral eyeshadow is really calling to me! So are the makeupbags!

  25. Leigh

    Haha! There is a new collection coming out basically every Thursday! I would really prefer having one AMAZING collection each month.

  26. Jordan

    Spring Colour Forecast will break my bank…Liberty of London second. I’ll need to see Too Fabulous and Our Lips in person. LOVE these new collections!!! <3

  27. I think I will be breaking the bank for spring colour forecast !!!

  28. K

    MAC Spring Colour Forecast Collection (February 11th) so much selection, it’s overwhelming!
    MAC Give Me Liberty of London Collection (March 11th) as I’m a sucker for LE packaging

    I am really excited for those 2 collections in particular!

    You know what though? I think if I stay away from the counters and stay away from reading your collection reviews (as much as I love Temptalia!) I will be able to refrain from buying anything. I have WAY too much makeup, most of which I don’t even use. So tempting, but I have to grow up and stop buying whatever I want just because…

  29. Art Supplies! Without a doubt..I want everything in this collection! I particularly loved the Greasepaints sticks when they came out for Style Back…so to see more colours coming soon makes me a very happy girl!

  30. Judy

    Darn you MAC. Check out their website everyone. They have another collection called “Have a love affair”, it has some pro stuff like Violetta lipstick which I absolutely love. I am holding out for the Spring Colour Forecast which I thought was this current collection. Sneaky, sneaky MAC.

    • I took a look at that – It looks like the only thing on there that might be “hard to get” for some people is Violetta (although they keep offering it on the website).

      The rest of the stuff is all stuff in their perminant range (except for the Dazzleglass cremes which are just a few from the Dazzleglass creme launch awhile back). Looks like their just trying to throw out a quick, “Holy crap, we forgot about Valentine’s day” collction. LOL.

      Really it’s just a focus on some of their regular products. Personally I would like to see a few “Collection Looks” with these products – Give people some desire to purchase… But I would have also picked some different colors – In the midst of all these muted browns and/or springy colors I would have focused on some deeper, sexier reds (there are more than a couple in their Pro range) and less pink. Regardless of what season they are pushing in the fashion world, Valentine’s day is STILL in the Winter.

      But then again, I’m a Veronica… Not a Betty 😉

  31. Ellie

    I think I’m going to skip everything up till Too Fabulous to get some blush duos, then get a Viva Glam Gaga, and a couple of the pearl glides from Art Supplies. I am hoping to save some money by skipping Spring Color so that I have enough money to get LOTS of the beachy summer collection!!!

  32. Judy

    OMG! What the heck is MAC trying to do to me? Bankrupt me or put me in dept? I just saw a few pictures of their Summer 2010 collection. I want whatever it is with the cute seahorse!! It looks like it could be a blusher. Me wanty now! Christine, let us know when you get those Summer 2010 collections up on this site. Darn you MAC!!

  33. Judy

    Whoops, forgot to give you the website to view. Thanks to Chic Profile.
    I just wish we could see the lipsticks as well. I WANT the seahorse!!!

  34. Kathie

    All of them are going to make me broke as hell! I have a list of things that I want already from each one.

  35. Judy

    I just purchased some stuff from the Give Me Liberty of London collection online. I am super psyched about it. I purchased the bough grey & birds & berries eyeshadows, dirty plum blush, petals & peacocks & blooming lovely lipsticks. Can’t wait to receive them!!!!

    Now onto another question for you Christine. Not sure if you would know this as of yet. Is it true that MAC is planning on a “Cats” collection for later this year? I am hearing the buzz about a new lipstick called “Kittenish” and me wants now!

    Thank you!

    • Hi Judy,

      Yes, there is some sort of feline-themed collection ahead. You can consider it confirmed, as MAC used about 5-10 products with feline-ish names during FW and said they were due out Fall 2010.

      • Judy

        Yippeee!!!! Yahoooo!!! Thank you Christine!!! I’m a big time kittycat lover. I have four of my own and feed a few strays around my neighborhood. I am looking forward to the F/W cat collection from MAC. :)

  36. sf

    Hi I just have an off topic question, do you happen to know what happened to the Icon collections? Did mac discontinue these???It looks like there hasn’t been one since ’07