Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Our friend Kat from got an exclusive peek at some of the upcoming spring/summer looks from MAC! Here are a few images she took that show off some of the new products we’ll be seeing in the next few months. Those glosses above are, in fact, from the Sugarsweet Collection, as confirmed by a MA friend of mine. Apparently, the colors do not mix because of different densities (?)! Several shadesticks, two mineralize skinfinishes (which look really different from previous launches), some shadows, and even the blush duos from Grand Duos!

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114 thoughts on “MAC Spring 2009 Sugarsweet Collection, Grand Duos Sneak Peek

  1. WOW those MSF’s look soooooo beautiful!!! And I love mineralized blushes too. This looks to be a promising collection!

  2. thedollyrot


  3. haydee

    Damn MAC Damn them to HELL, I say lol Eye Candy!

  4. bink

    just died…*again*

  5. Shefali

    Wow…the glosses are gimmicky…me likey.

  6. Valerie

    WOW! hopefully I have a job when this comes out! I want it all!

  7. Portia

    Shadesticks? I thought they’d left us for good already! So glad they’re revived… any details on their colors?

  8. WOW!! Everything looks really good!

  9. Sara

    that top msf looks GORGEOUS!!! i desperately want to know what its called!

  10. AHHHHHHH best thing I’ve seen since Heatherette! Thank you Christine Im so pumped!

  11. Miss QQ

    Wow! Drools! They are so bright and colourful. I love them.

  12. vicki

    SMH will I ever be able to save my dollars?!

  13. Michelle

    Oh that looks like a great collection~ Hello Kitty might be pretty minimal for us because of this collection!

  14. Rebecca

    The Shadestick packaging is pretty (instead of the classic black). Also the lipsticks look amazing! I am praying that the light color on the very right is ‘Bubbles’ (old disc. shade). …Wish they would come out with some more ‘normal’ shades of MSF like quite a few collections back when they actually resembled blush and bronzer. Does anyone else feel a lot of the new ones are very orange-bronze?

    I have to say a few other brands of Spring 2009 already stole my heart though. Seems like MAC is one of the last to do a Spring look. LOL, or are they just starting to release ‘Spring’ looks in Winter now?

  15. Shayla

    I really don’t know what to say to that, lol. Just in awe!

  16. nikki

    omg, i’m going to be so broke this year!

  17. DevilishDoll

    I’m interested in 1 lipstick, 1 or 2 lipglasses, 1 shadestick and maybe 1 blush. Hopefully there isn’t going to be much I want this year, I’d like to be able to get some old LE items off of Ebay snd some perm items too.

  18. nikki

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh, those glosses are stunning!!!!!

  19. Shyan

    ZOMFG! Im getting almost everything! SO EXCITED For this collection. Hopefully some quads and piggies will come out too?

  20. CeeCee

    Oh man this is going to be an expensive few months! :) I am the biggest lover of all thing mineralized!

  21. danielle

    when are these coming out?

  22. Those glosses look pretty exciting – I’d definitely pick up one or two simply for the novelty factor.

  23. chuarmk

    WOW… I think this is the most pretty collection from MAC so far. I want everything!!!

  24. soo much better than hello kitty, this is what hello kitty should have been!!

    i love all of this, the msf, the duo’s and that pale pink lipgloss and those shadesticks!!

    Such such a great collection!

  25. sreyne

    I agree l am liking this a hell of a lot more than HK. The shadesticks and glosses look amazing. Wondering if there is more to this collection…crosses fingers for shadows and paintpots.

  26. kat

    I really love the overall colours of this! Actually it sort of is making me sad that while I LOVE the HK packaging, the colours are too bright and not for me… while these are! I’m in LOVE with my mineral blush so I’ll have to check out the duos! Plus those eyeshadow look super cute so far! The lipgloss looks weird to me! But not in a bad way! Sort of like.. the product is old and separated like nailpolish or something, you know? I think I’ll have to see them in person 😀

  27. Blushes and shadesticks are FAB!
    Poor me. Just thought I may pass chill and dame edna and save some money…

  28. Hmm.. I don’t feel so keen on the blushes after seeing this photo but the MSFs look lovely!

  29. emma

    ooooooh! im sooo excited for this, the msfs look amazing and so do the cool shadesticks YAY! :)

  30. Ashley

    OMG! I think I am going to order every single thing in this collection, except for the pearl/white lipstick!
    I am dying to see swatches.

  31. Chica

    Oooooooh, this is gorgeous! Can’t wait, definitely skipping HK now I’ve seen this :o)

  32. I don’t like the square shaped lipgloss packaging :(

  33. i’m looking forward. waw nice 😀

  34. Nicole

    Hm, this is going to be a “cheap” collection. Not a single products catches my attention, and i skin gets in trouble, when I use mineral products.

  35. Taj

    so glad shadesticks will be out again <3

  36. AshBash

    looks like i will be grabbing the shadesticks!

  37. gracee

    omg love this. so far i see 3 of the duos i love and both msfs and shadesticks and light pink lipstick yayayay

  38. *grabs MSF’s and runs away*

  39. pia

    OMY! What are those colorful pen(cil)s?

  40. Manda

    I was hoping for some cute packaging like cupcakes or cakes or sprinkles haha but I love the colors involved the collection! The shadestick in RED VELVET looks gorgeous..I saw a swatch of it a couple of weeks ago..def gonna try that one. And the third lipglass looks really pretty too. Excited about this one :)

  41. Anitacska

    I LOVE the MSFs especially the top one!!! 😮 Also the blushes are sooo pretty, I will probably want to get at least 3 of them. :)

  42. Crystal

    Holy Crap, this just made my day!!! I’m beyond excited… like more excited than Hello Kitty and thats WOW!

  43. Bea

    WOW!!! I MUST BE STRONG!!! This is so hot! Wahhooo! Thanks for posting!!

  44. You know, it’s like, not fair that they keep on coming out with new amazing lines considering I spend every ounce of money right down to the last penny on MAC. This looks really good, definantly a nice post-Hello Kitty line.

  45. The Mighty J

    Damn you MAC – I wouldn’t have any money left for retirement at this rate!

  46. WOW!!!….go slow MAC!!! recession has hit us…don’t play wth our poor emotions….lol!!!

  47. Faye

    Thanks Chrisine – again! =) Do you know if this Sugarsweet collection has only 2 eye shadows shown above? Thanks again!! :)

  48. TobyTrisexual

    that top msf looks a lot like lightscapade from a couple years ago…….. i REALLY hope it is!!!! =]

  49. carriespooner

    So pretty. I love the springy colors!!

    the lipglosses look like that jello that separates into layers.

    It’s kind of yummy.

  50. addicted_2color

    FINALLY! After a year of color stories passing by that haven’t gotten me excited…this one is doing it for me!

  51. Rachel

    OMG that new MSF looks similar to Lightscapade.. I hope it really is similar AHH

  52. Rebecca

    I can totally see where they were going with the HK line, but they would have been more successful had they done pretty Springy pastels like this collection! HK should have been this, not the sexy/vampy darker HK that they are trying to push.

    • Christina

      Hi Rebecca I agree with you yes they should have springy pastels I do like the looks of it anyway as soon as it becomes out Im going to give it a try & see how looks

  53. [email protected]

    SHADESTICKS!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Brooke

    oh crap lol I can’t afford thisssss lol

  55. IvyTrini

    Of course everything here looks veeeeery interesting!! More money for me to spend!! Can’t wait for the new shadesticks, MES and Min Blushes!

  56. KaylaK

    Thanks for the info! I might have to see the lipglosses before I decide. They look really pretty in the tube but I don’t know yet. I might buy a shadestick or 2 and try them out, I never had them before. The MSF’s I think I can skip on since I have 3 now and I wanna try and use things up. Ohhh and that pink lipstick looks pretty appealing! This kind of brings sigh of relief to my wallet lol.

  57. Sandy

    wow, I love the look of those MSF and the duo blushed. Not sure about the lipgloss with the funny density! I have never used shadesticks before, How do they compare with other bases (paints, paintpots)?

    Thanks for the sneak peek Christine :)

  58. Jan

    Oh no…why MAC, WHY! I’m gonna be so broke and will need to get another set of drawers to store all my cosmetics. Me likey many many items from this collection!

  59. Ashlee

    I should start saving!! This and HK excited me. This might be a bigger want list then HK. MSF make me weak lol. I only have 2.

  60. sej

    The glosses look yummy!!! I’ve never used shadesticks but these look nice. I would love if someone would share why they like them and how best to use them (base, eyeshadow, etc.) Thanks!

  61. Dawn

    Oohhh, very exciting!! I can’t wait to see more of the glosses and the shadesticks!
    Thanks! keep em comin :)

  62. Stephanie

    The MSF’s are beautiful! I want to try some of those shadesticks! When does this come out?

  63. Susy

    OMG!!!! I’ll be broke!!!!!! LOVE IT :)

  64. Beverly Vinson

    Just an FYI – M.A.C’s website just got a revamp! It looks cool and much more up-to-date!!!!

  65. Oooh interested in the hotpink shadestick and the brown lipgloss.. Love it!
    Thanks =] x

  66. The lipstick’s and MSF’s I like, but the Lipglosses look so cheap and, sorry to say, but a bit ‘drugstore brand’. Im not a fan of the new shadstick packaging either, its just not MAC.

  67. Sarah

    OMG, the msfs! whoot whoot!!! Lovin’ the look of those lipglosses too.

  68. Nuji

    Oh great. GREAT. I hate myself for looking because I am going to be so broke.

    I want the MSFs and blushes.

    I am so owned by MAC

  69. reesa

    eeek! why won’t mac stay out of my purse! daggone it! LOL!

  70. Stephanie

    i’m really excited about this collection. i can’t wait for these to come out! the colors are awesome. the MSF are pretty and so different. i like the purple lipstick!

  71. Brianne

    Layered lip glosses? Isn’t that reserved for the stuff they sell young girls at drug stores? I don’t care for that idea at all.

    However… the shadesticks look great – love the slick new tubes for them, and I’m eager to see the actual colors swatched for those!

  72. victoria

    i am glad i passed on a lot of collections. i just got one or two items that really caught my eye and i plan to get 2 items from hk as well because there’s just so many collections. i don’t really love msf but this one is really so pretty and it does look like lightscapade.i’ll probably get that and if the shadesticks aren’t too dry, i’ll get that too. thanks christine for this.

  73. Bananarchy

    This is indeed what HK should have been. I’m stoked about this one.

  74. chaka khan

    aye guey!

  75. Fairy

    MAC is the devil! Everything looks so colorful and nice. I love the MSF’s! Damn it!! LOL

  76. dedralovesmac & macloves1

    those lippies look great i missed the cuture line that had some that looked like those so im getting al of them and all the shade sticks lol hello kitty now this :) its great that i found mac when i did i love mac.

  77. dedralovesmac & macloves1

    Layered lip glosses? Isn

  78. Liz

    I wonder how much those glosses cost…

  79. cloudburst

    I hope that one MSF is Lightscapade, I’d like to add that to my collection. And I am attracted to the one gloss the looks blue on the bottom & I love the mineralize blushes!

  80. Nadia

    If they are new shadesticks please let there be MANGOMIX!!

  81. domi

    what are the things between the eye shadows and the mineralize powders???

  82. Perfect Topping MSF (the one with the purple) IS GOING TO BE MINE. Oh my god, it looks amazing.

  83. nicoish

    I’m all over those msf!

  84. LOVE THEM! can’t wait until them come out!!!! I will be getting the whole set :)

  85. jenny

    is the second lipstick in the photo (the peachy pink one) lollipop loving?

    • DevilishDoll

      The products are (in order)
      Saint Germain
      Lollipop Loving
      Sweet Thing

      Triple Yum
      Just Dessert
      Simply Delicious

      Lemon Chiffon
      Red Velvet

      Dear Cupcake

      Perfect Topping

      There will also be
      Stars and Rockets


      Consume Me

      • Rebecca

        Yay! It is ‘Bubbles’! I feel so old-school for knowing this discontinued color. LOL

        Actually this collection is growing on me. I may have to pick up the second lipstick and some other stuff. I am a sucker for the names tooand candy pastel colors.

  86. the two msfs looks lovely. any idea which collection?

  87. Korean Doll

    W0W! This is very Stylish and Cute but i think I’ll Pass on everything execpt the Lipglasses.!

  88. Emma

    OMG THEY R REPROMOTIN LOLLIPOP LOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sry i missed out on it, im gonna buy like 5

  89. CedriCeCCentriC

    I’m really excited about this collection. Much more than any collection since the start of 2009.
    I actually find it much more Japanese and kawa

  90. eidactica

    This collection is lovely! So truly pretty. This is the make up I want to wear; I don’t have to die with the biggest traincase but I really need a few just right pretty lipsticks and 2 of these look like it.
    And those lip glasses! Gimme gimmick!!! I just hope, not minty?

  91. Deidra

    Those glosses look interesting! Looking forward to swatching those shadesticks! Why am I so late on this?

  92. nancy

    Love the skinfinishes those will be gone so quick lol

  93. Ashley

    I’m so excited for this to come out! I really want Saint Germain and Bubbles (the two lipsticks) one of the lipglasses ( can’t decide!) and definitely some shadesticks!

  94. Rebecca


    Do you know the release date of the Sugar Sweet collection? Thanks!


  95. mytwocents

    I need those blushes!

  96. Erin

    i’m not interested in the glosses,
    but im SUPER excited for lolipop loving, the top MSF, BOTH the eyeshadows, and ALL the shadesticks!! im so excited!

  97. sharon

    omg mac is robbing me with all the mineralize skinfinish releases

  98. Sueann

    The entire collection looks great! Oh so getting most of it!!! :)