Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection for Summer 2011

U.S. Launch Date: July 7th, 2011
International Launch Date: July 2011

We can all admire a girl with a 30-carat diamond. But the new dazzle is Semi-Precious. Gems that are rare in spirit, rich in substance and worn fluidly, on the skin. In MAC Semi-Precious, four finely milled gems – bronzite, black tourmaline, gold pyriate, and lilac lepidolite – bring their own earthy an spiritual affluence to three key elements of the mineralize collection: eyeshadows, skinfinish, and blush. Setting them off: a collection of colour, two mineralize skincare formulas, and four new limited-life split fibre brushes. Like everything this precious, these elements start off rare, and tend to get rarer… get rich while you can!

Check out collection details!

Lipstick ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • Gem of Roses Mid-tone strawberry pink (Lustre) (Limited Edition)
  • Lush Amber Light nude beige (Lustre) (Limited Edition)
  • Musky Amethyst Deep plum (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • One of a Kind Mid-tone rosy neutral (Lustre) (Limited Edition)

Cremesheen Glass ($18.50 U.S. / $22.00 CDN)

  • Geo Pink Strawberry pink (Limited Edition)
  • Looks Like Sin Mid-tone reddish plum (Limited Edition)
  • Natural Flare Light caramel nude (Limited Edition)
  • Pure Magnificence Light grey pink (Limited Edition)
  • Richly Revered Deep brown plum (Limited Edition)

Mineralize Blush ($23.00 U.S. / $27.50 CDN)

  • Feeling Flush Melange of pink, deep blue, pink, soft brown (Limited Edition)
  • Pressed Amber Melange of nude, beige, brown (Limited Edition)
  • Warmth of Coral Melange of coral, peach (Limited Edition)

Mineralize Skinfinish ($28.00 U.S. / $33.50 CDN)

  • Semi-Precious Crystal Pink Pink champagne base with inner circle of pink, mid-tone green, bronze (Limited Edition)
  • Semi-Precious Goldstone Brown base with inner circle of rosy pink, white, gold (Limited Edition)
  • Semi-Precious Pearl Beige champagne base with inner circle of white, plum, bronze (Limited Edition)
  • Semi-Precious Rose Quartz Rosy pink base with inner circleof silver, lime, white-pink copper (Limited Edition)

Mineralize Eyeshadow ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)

  • Blue Sheen Melange of navy, black, peach (Limited Edition)
  • Clarity Melange of light pink, off white green, gold, and black (Limited Edition)
  • Dark Indulgence Melange of forest green and black (Limited Edition)
  • Faux Gold Melange of coral, gold, lime, bronze (Limited Edition)
  • Golden Glaze Melange of gold and black (Limited Edition)
  • Hint of Sapphire Melange of pink, violet, teal, copper, blue (Limited Edition)
  • Jade’s Fortune Melange of bright yellow, blue, lime, black (Limited Edition)
  • Mineral Mode Melange of white base with copper and gray (Limited Edition)
  • Quartz Fusion Melange of soft pink, silver, deep pink (Limited Edition)
  • Rare Find Melange of violet, brown, gold (Limited Edition)
  • Smoked Ruby Melange of burgundy and black (Limited Edition)
  • Unsurpassable Melange of green, teal, purple, copper (Limited Edition)

Zoom Fast Black Lash ($14.00 U.S. / $17.00 CDN)

  • Deepest Black Deepest black (Permanent)

Brushes (Limited Edition)

  • 234 Split Fibre Eye Blending Brush ($22.50 U.S. / $27.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)
  • 235 Split Fibre All Over Eye Brush ($30.00 U.S. / $36.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)
  • 128 Split Fibre Cheek Brush ($32.00 U.S. / $38.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)
  • 179 Angled Split Fibre Buffer Brush ($47.00 U.S. / $56.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

Mineralize Charged Water ($22.00 U.S. / $27.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

Revitalizing energy – this refreshing hydrating mist rebalances the complexion and instantly replenishes the skin. infused with minerals that are essential in helping skin stay healthy and young looking.

Mineralize Face & Body Lotion ($29.50 U.S. / $38.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

This gentle non-sensitive rich moisturizing lotion can be used on the face and body and is free of fragrance and color.

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

MAC Semi-Precious Collection
MAC Semi-Precious Collection

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375 thoughts on “MAC Semi-Precious Collection for Summer 2011 (Official)

  1. Nav -

    Ooh! I wonder what the new brushes will be like :) seems like an interesting collection overall!

    • Ani_BEE

      You can see some of them on who got product samples. ^_^

      I think this will be my favorite collection from MAC this year.

      • Moni

        Oohh, thos MSFs look rather interesting!
        thanks for the link!

      • Sweet baby Jesus! Lord have mercy and find me a source of income!

      • TLC

        AHHHH! Those look AMAZING!! I can’t wait for the launch!!

      • VJNS

        wow, the blogger really is territorial. Thank goodness that Christine doesn’t ruin the images by pasting her name all on there.. I mean seriously “steal”? sheesh!!

        • Angela

          Wow,it’s all so beautiful I can definitely see myself going broke! I agree about the images being ruined by the other blogger,it makes me not even want to look at those pictures. Christine’s pictures on the other hand are lovely!

        • Lilac

          Happens all the time with photos, that they are taken by other blogs and even there is added a new watermark to someone else’s (!) photos. It happens also with texts and other creations. Btw, Temptalia’s photos (I don’t mean the press photos but now her own ones, from the reviews) are as well often used elsewhere without permission or even credit :( Nothing “sheesh” about trying to protect one’s own material.

          • candy

            i agree that it’s sad that photos are stolen without being credited, especially as Jilliterate says how simple it is. On the other hand, when I look at the photos on specktra i have to laugh that she is worried about those being stolen. taken on your floor/carpet with bad lighting? it’s not like she spent hours setting up a pro photo shoot. those are horrible, who would steal those anyway. i know, bitchy, but come on. you can find way better photos of the collection from MAC online anyway.

        • Jilliterate

          I dabble in photography, and in an age where stealing a photographer’s intellectual property is as simple as RIGHT CLICK>”SAVE AS”, the lack of respect for other people’s work can be galling. I’ve had Facebook friends take my photos without asking and posting them in their albums. I’m willing to bet the photographer is well-justified in trying to protect his/her work, even if the methods are obnoxious. Whatever works, particularly since websites like LUUUX practically encourage their users to steal other people’s photos.

          • Maureen

            I look at those photos and think, “Who the f doesn’t know how to watermark the text?”

          • Mbel

            Just to give you a heads up, if you post your photos on facebook, facebook will then own those photos and all of the rights.

      • Paige

        I found a few swatches for the mineralize eyeshadows (in shades Quartz Fusion, Golden Gaze, and Hint of Sapphire) here:

        I’ve never tried this kind of eyeshadow before. However, I will definitely get the lustre lipsticks and cremesheen glasses.

    • suze

      I Christine… just found these pics of what are supposed to be two of the new Brushes from this collection. They look kinda off to me… Do you know if these really are them?

      [link removed, site unsafe]

    • Caitlyn winx artistry

      The brushes are double sided. one side sable hair and the other synthetic fibres. Great for minralize ehaddows and pigments.
      Expecially if you use a wet brush (fix +) then u use the one side to apply and the other side to blend. Great for a more intense colour pay off

      xXx have fun ,

  2. Katrice

    Wow! This sounds like the MAC collection people have been waiting for. What a surprise. I can’t wait!

  3. 234 Brush Split fiber blending brush ($22.50 U.S. / $27.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

    sound interesting.
    do you have pictures?

    • They look like a mix of synthetic and natural hair but I’m baffled on why/how this id beneficial?!?

      My favorite ones are the 4 tone Mineralize Eyeshadow blends but I’m also concerned on what colour you get out of them.

      Clarity Melange of light pink, off white green, gold, and black (I see blue as well)
      • Light pink and off white green as well as the Gold and Blue would canceal each other out so what you get is a grey cool tone and black mix.

      Faux Gold Melange of coral, gold, lime, bronze (Limited Edition)
      • The lime wou canceal out the red found in the coral. Making a more gold orange shade.

      Hint of Sapphire Melange of pink, violet, teal, copper, blue
      • The Copper would cancel some of the blue but this is going to be a very blue tone shadow

      Rare Find Melange of violet, brown, gold
      • This screams taupe to me ^_^

      Unsurpassable Melange of green, teal, purple, copper
      • I can see this becoming a pale green to me.

      Over all this is not something you want to but without swatches!!
      Altough pretty there is more value in segmented MES that are pressed with the colours slip up.

  4. amy

    Oh my gawwwd, need a picture asap!

  5. Jazz

    Clarity and Mineral Mode have the same description.

  6. Omg..i want warmth of coral just from te sounds of it !!!
    The MSF’s sound nice tooo!!

    Also, very excited about no permanent products or repromotes in this collection. This is a brand new stash!! Yay

  7. Rengin

    I’m so excited for this collection! Cremesheen glasses are my favorite!
    I’m also curious about MSFs and brushes.

  8. Edelmc

    I think this will be my biggest haul of the year! Luckily for my wallet I am not planning on getting much on the other limited edition collections due out in the next couple of months. I am really curious to see the brushes

  9. Mariella

    I’m really interested in seeing one of the blushes (the pink based one), 2 of the MSFs and about 5 of the eye shadows!!!! Grinding my teeth over the fact that, again, the CDN price is totally NOT JUSTIFIED!!!

    • Brenda

      Agreed!!! More often than not, that price difference stops me from purchasing the larger ticket items. With the dollar exchange the way it is now and fact that MAC is a TORONTO based company, I’m peeved. Likely won’t buy much, if anything from this one either.

      • Elise

        I have to agree with you on this. MAC seems to forget it’s a Canadian born company, yet they keep shitting on us with the prices. I’m living in the US right now, my husband is in the USMC, so lucky for me I suppose this collection will be a bit more affordable for me.

        • Nicole

          Agreed! The Canadian prices are outrageous. Its unfortunate, because the collections sounds like its going to be gorgeous!

          • emily

            you guys complain about the cdn price… come to australia lipstiks are $36 each, e/s are $33 each……. you are lucky trust me!

            • Harleigh

              Thats permanent online inventory. If its limited edition they’ll drive up the price by $15.

            • Noga

              And you should see the pricing world wide, it’s insane. I sometimes buy stuff on ebay at 150% the US price + shipping, and it’s still cheaper!

            • Ankatrinka

              in europe it´s not better. it´s so expensive in comparisson to the USA. they just change the $ to € 1:1 or make it even more expensive…
              and soometimes in the states you have exclusive collections that we are not able to get, because the american website don´t ship to europe and they don´t release it here. (sorry for my english :o) )

        • Becca

          while that is horrible, it’s not the point. The fact that (at least now) the Canadian dollar is actually STRONGER than the American dollar and we STILL pay much more is what really bothers me. And it’s like, don’t give me any crap about international cost MAC, because we’re on the SAME FREAKING CONTINENT!!!!
          Sorry, that just REALLY bothers me!!!

          • Mel

            I totally agree with you!!

          • Kath

            Not only that, but half the stuff is made in Canada!!!! Always pisses me off.

          • Vannie

            Actually, the American Dollar is stronger than the Canadian dollar. For 100 USD, it’s 95.175 CAD

            • kate

              the Exchange rate changes daily , and 5 cents is not enough of a difference to justify the much larger difference in prices. And, as of today, it takes 94 cents Canadian to purchase 1 US dollar. It’s all besides the point anyways.

          • cait

            I think they should lower the prices here too not only because the dollar is stronger, but it is made here and was originally a CANADIAN company. I am always considering just going over the border to by MAC stuff, but then I remember about gas :/
            Canada can never have the upper-hand in anything, we are always shafted.

            • Carrie

              It’s not about exchange rate, it’s about volume sold.

              Their two single largest markets are in the US – Los Angeles and New York. I’m certain that in terms of volume sold, US is the largest market by country.

              Higher volume = lower prices.

            • Liz

              Also, businesses get taxed harder in Canada, so that probably has something to do with it too.

      • Jenna

        I agree! This is absolutely ridiculous, It just baffles me, why would a Canadian-Originated company charge more.. In Canada! It makes absolutely no sense, but I am quite interested in the collection, thank goodness it’s in July, and I have tons of saving left to do! :p

        • clarice

          Because it’s actually based out of New York not Canada, along with all the other Estee Lauder companies so it costs them more to keep most of the production out of Canada.

          • Denise

            Actually, MAC’s American headquarters are in New York. MAC’s Canadian headquarters are located in Toronto, and the distribution centre is in Markham, Ontario. And a lot of the production for MAC’s products come out of Canada. MAC is a Canadian brand under an American umbrella.

          • Cakegirl

            a few days ago I was reading something recent from MAC and the products are mostly manufactured in Toronto, even though it is under Estee Lauder. As one viewer noted, the idea of it having to do with volume sold does make more sense, rather than it being a Canadian company.

      • Sophie

        ugh, its much worse in our australian prices, believe me especially when our dollar is worth more than the US – though, unfortunately for my wallet, this doesnt often stop me…

  10. tasleema

    Any pictures of the promos chreistin? No ‘Christine(‘ I’m not drunk I’m typing while at gym

  11. molly

    im excited .. :)

  12. can’t wait for all these new collections!!!

  13. Vvn

    This is huge!! The brushes!!! Oh no!! Supposed to be saving up!! Can’t wait to see promo pics!! x

  14. Ana G.

    I can’t wait to see more of this collection!!I’m actually really excited!!

  15. Taylor

    Oh, wow! This looks right up my ally! :)

  16. Jenny

    Wow! I can’t wait for the pix!

  17. Marieke

    All those with ‘melange’ sound amazing!!

  18. I can’t wait tot see the photos of the MSFs and Mineralize eyeshadows! OMG! The quantity of new Mineralize eyeshadows are amazing, and my pocket would be crying! I notice that almost all the products are new and not re-promotes?

  19. Teiva

    Nice! I am excited about the MSF’s and the blushes and shadows! I am a fan of the mineralize stuff.

  20. rachel

    wow i need to see the picture before i have heart attack lol well atleast ill have time too save my money lol !!!!

  21. snm

    after surf baby here comes this one,I have to remove many items from my list:)seems like this collection will be a crazy chase like VV.there are so many precious LE items!

  22. Jamie

    This sounds absolutely amazing, the collection from mac i’ve been waiting for, probably my biggest haul from mac yet :)

  23. Carrie

    I am cautiously optimistic for this collection right now. Hopefully pictures will support it and the product justify it!

  24. Andrea

    Sounds like a great collection but too badd im going to be on vacation.:(

  25. Christine

    you are KILLLING ME MAC lol….ugh….collection overkill

  26. melissa k

    oh dear lord this sounds amazing

  27. CAT

    When will come up the pictures ? :-)

  28. Riana

    Okay so wait…there will be 3 more collections before summer is even over…and they’ve done how many already?

    Sheesh, I know people said MAC came out with too many collections but I never really noticed till I started paying attention.

    Quality over quantity MAC, its a good business ethic to have.

  29. Ana

    Wow this sounds really good can’t wait to see pictures 😡 <3

  30. I’m kind of excited for the limited edition brushes!

  31. Julia

    Oooh! I can’t wait to see what the warmth of coral blush and the two eye brushes look like! And the cremesheen glasses!

  32. thea

    and MAC is back in the game…
    in all honesty i think their collections have been kinda off lately, but this sounds like a really.good.collection…
    my wallet is already hurting:)

  33. Judy

    This is the collection I’m holding out for. I am skipping Fashion Flower, Flighty & Surf Baby to save money for a bunch of things from Semi Precious. All the lipsticks are going to be mine!!! Maybe an eyeshadow or two and a blush or two.
    Thanks for the information Christine!

  34. Mariella

    Slip of the tongue describing the brushes as “limited life”? I’m sure they mean “limited edition/limited availability” but describing them as “limited life” makes them sound like they start to “self-destruct” after a certain number of uses!

    • El

      They actually do use that term “limited life” I never thought of it the way you did though, :)

      • Catherine

        Limited edition means that after it sells out, it won’t be back. Limited life means that it will be available for about a year, like the Viva Glam Gaga and Cyndi.

  35. i can’t wait to see the MSFs!

  36. Katie

    Yes!!!!! So excited about the MSF’s and charged water! My favorite products.

  37. Emily

    This is the most exciting collection please be an a+++ Mac!!! Spektra and all glam has pikz

  38. Cara

    Christine, I’m SOO thrilled, but at the same time VERY bummed because mineralized eye shadows (all mineral makeup really) does a real number on my skin. Lots of itching, tingling, etc. Is that normal? I thought mineral makeup was meant to be gentle!? I’m a freak :(

    • You’re probably allergic to one of the ingredients – everybody has different sensitivities :)

    • Nina

      i can use MSFs and mineralized blushes but not mineralized eyeshadows – my eyes water and turn red when i do. its an allergy thing!

      • Angela

        Oh no that means I’m likely to have the same reaction because I have sensitive peepers. I wish I had a Mac store nearby where I could try the products out before blowing a bunch of money!

    • Ana

      There is a component in mineral makeup called bismute oxychloride that is known to produce certain allergic reactions in some people, mostly people with sensitive skin. Perhaps you should try out some mineral makeup without this ingredient, if you don’t present any signs of allergy then you will know for sure it was that :)

  39. Sarah M

    I think I’m most excited about the brushes. I really hope they meet my expectations. I “googled” for pictures of the collection and from what I’ve seen, the eye shadows look amazing. Not sure how I feel about the mineralize skinfinishes though.

  40. Amanda Dubs

    this sounds kind of amazing. I want an MSF, a brush and some mineralize shadows

  41. Chloe

    Mac you hit the nail on the head ! the saving starts – NOW

  42. Yazmin

    I defo want the MSFS and maybe a few mineralise eyeshadows.
    I just wish Mac wouldnt release soo many collections. It would give me a chance to save up money :(

  43. Caroline

    Ok, I was grumbling under my breath, “another launch? How many so far this year?” BUT…this one definitely has peaked my interest. I can’t wait to see the brushes, blushes, MSF and eye shadows. Christine, I look forward to your insight and review on this collection.

  44. Elise

    I have to say…I am SO excited for this collection. I honestly have not been excited for a collection since Cult of Cherry, and SINCE Cult of Cherry I haven’t even purchased an item from a collection. Most of the colour descriptions sound beautiful and very unique…and I’m just hoping the quality is as good as it sounds.

  45. Hopefully this set won’t be over glitterified or washed out. MAC seems to have been hit or miss of late with their collections. I’m still very upset about WW. :(

  46. Holly

    WOW. I better start saving now because that list looks AMAZING. I love love love the mineralize shadows that are a melange of colour. Whenever I wear the one I have people always ask what I’m wearing.
    New brushes and MSF as well? My wallet is in TROUBLE!

  47. Ericka

    I am excited about the brushes. I wonder if MAC is running out of numbers to use. The 179 was a white hair oval body buffer brush at one time. I hope that the new 179 is similar to the 180 brush. I wish that this collection could have included more of the charged water spray like Youth Aura charged water and Renewal Defense charge water.

  48. Kim-Mary

    Hold on a second MAC! Dayum. Just when I was going to buy everything from the other summer collections you pull this suprise out on us??!!! So evil. So naughty. So unfair. So AMAZING!!!! The brushes have peeked my interest as does everything else. I am going to have to really limit my purchases on the other collections and hold off for this one. I just hope with all my excitement and the hype this won’t be a let down.

  49. Ms K

    I am soo interested in the lipsticks, brushes and mineralized skinfinishes!!

  50. Emily

    A new nude lipstick, creamsheen glasses, mineralzed blushes, and msfs… CANNOT WAIT! :)

  51. wow Semi-Precious Crystal Pink & Warmth of Coral, YES PLEASE! So much LE, I can’t wait to try! I also can’t wait to see your review of the brushes as I consider my MAC brush guru :)

  52. alicia

    this is the only collection i’ve been excited about so far this year.

  53. Jillian

    OOOH, I bet the mineralize skinfinishes will sell out like cuhhhrazy! I’m excited about this one!

  54. Phoebe

    You are the best Christine! I can’t wait to see the Mineralized Blush and brushes.

  55. Amanda

    This launches on my birthday!!! It’s probably a sign that I should buy some of this stuff. 😉

  56. FINALLY A MAC COLLECTION I AM DYING TO HAVE. I have been waiting since Venomous Villain’s for this. Made my wishlist of 2 blushes, 1 lipstick, 1 cremesheen glass, and 3 eye shadows. BROKE but happy (: Thank you so much !

  57. I cannot wait for swatches and pics!!!
    The quite cute collection was disappointing, I only picked up one thing so I am excited for this!

  58. Gretchen

    This collection is going to make me go bankrupt, I swear…

  59. gabby

    omg this souds awesome i rlly want some of this lipstick the lustre preferably at least one of then in gem of roses or luch amber sounds good i love lustre i also want on of the mineralize skinfinishes but most likely will get 2 i like semi precious pearl or crystal pink these will be my first msf’s the warmth coral mineralize blush sounds nice btu i rlly dont need another coral bluch when i have 1 faux gold mineralize shadow and golden glaze and rare find sound nice too

  60. April

    Now this just sounds perfect for me! I LOVE MSF’s!!!

  61. Angelcat47

    s\Some of the shadows sound interesting.

  62. Jasmine:D

    Uh oh new MSF’s and brushes gotta start saving I see alot I want from this collection

  63. Catherine

    hyperventilating. pictures. asap. o_o

  64. Mina

    Seriously! Again Mac, really? I have been waiting the whole year to see what they will bring for MSF’s and I don’t see any ‘coral’ or ‘sunkissed orange’ or something for the women of color. I was dying to see some new MSF’s for us darker girls! Every collection so far had words like ‘beige’ or ‘champagne’ or ‘nude’ (which basically means beige) I am so peeved right now and disappointed in MAC

    • CM

      You guys will love it when you see it in person. Nothing like MAC has ever done before, and actually…the MSF aren’t all that light….

    • Jazz

      RIght! Can a girl get a MSF or beauty powder thats not gonna show up ashy on my skin?

  65. Carrie Ann

    Oh, no. Not another MAC collection. I’m obsessed with their Mineralize products and Cremesheens, so I’m really going to have to restrain myself. I know I’m going to want an MSF and Geo Pink sounds pretty. I’ll probably want an eye shadow, too. Oh, man.

  66. Lacey J.

    I’m not a big fan of mineralize stuff… but that might just be me. I think I will be only picking up warmth of coral from this collection.

  67. Jennifer

    This is the first MAC collection in ages where I want everything!! So exciting!!!

  68. Francine

    Ooooooh I am squealing with excitement right now! Based on description alone I worked out my spending to $300CA before taxes – I sure hope the swatches will rule out some MES and bring my cost down! Looks like this collection will be worth making a trip down to the US to save some cash!

  69. Lils


  70. Cmferrets

    Oh my gosh I think I just peed my pants ! I ma so excited about this collection I literally want everything even the le brushes bout time they come out w new brushes

  71. Erin

    I’m drooling over the msf and brushes, so excited! I’m new to MAC and didn’t purchase anything during last summers collections so i’m going to go crazy for this one!

  72. Kat

    I want like half of this! My poor wallet haha.

  73. Megan

    I hope the MSFs aren’t tooo shimmery! I like a hint of sheen but I don’t like looking like a disco ball! Can’t wait for this!

  74. Becca

    oh DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!! I love verything. I thought I was only gonna be spending moneyu on the surf baby collection!!! well, so much for that idea. but I’m confused, there was supposed to be a big bounce shadow collection, is this it instead?

  75. Joyce

    Interested in the brushes- they sound good.

    I wish MAC could do revival collection, where they bring back some popular products like MSF Warmed. MSF Warmed would have been a great addition this collection

  76. Hannah

    Since low-quality products have been dominating nearly ever MAC collection recently, I’m not getting my hopes up for this one. I expect the Mineralize blushes to be sheer and chalky like the Quite Cute ones. And the Mineralize Skinfinishes to be glitter bombs. I’m interested to see how the eyeshadows swatch with that many colors mixed into each, and the luster lipsticks, but I’m really quite fed up with the quality in limited edition MAC! Even the main-line is barely better than drugstore quality…

  77. Kenneth Alan

    OOOH I might have to buy all the mineralize eyeshadows!

  78. Becca

    omg I make up my mind so quick!! like, even before seeing pictures!!!
    I’m probably going to get:gem of roses lipstick and/or geo pink cremesheen glass
    warmth of coral mineralize blush
    maybe one of the msf’s
    128 or 179 brush
    quartz fusion or clarity mineralize blsuh

    this list will probably get smaller as I see ophotos, but we’ll see :)

  79. angie

    i saw this collection…every product, seriously each one is good. it’s phenomenal. gorgeous neutral but not boring lip colors, the eyeshadows are beautiful, the skinfinishes are smooth and the brushes are really great, especially the blending and the cheek brush. the cheek brush will make an awesome foundation brush…imagine a 109 meets a 190!

  80. Tori

    New brushes??? oh my

  81. Melina


  82. Tara

    I need pics of the product and swatches to see how pigmented they are to get interested in.

  83. Cassandra

    OMG! I’m so excited! I want Semi-Precious Rose Quartz, Warmth of Coral, and maybe one of the lipsticks. I can’t wait for swatches and reviews!

  84. Katie

    Oh. My. Gosh. I am so so so excited for this!!

  85. Perri

    OOOOOH! Finally a collection that seems promising.

  86. Anna

    Noooo I’m on a makeup ban :(

  87. Nunuiviet

    I’m crazy about mineral blushes and MSFs! And I want the limits brushes yeah! So excited, I’ll pass on the surf baby collection for that one! Can’t wait to see more pics and swatches!

  88. 53

    I saw the pictures of the eyeshadows.. Black Ruby is a gem! I don’t know what I’ll use it for tho but I just feel like I must have it!

  89. Cherokee

    The makeup brushes and Warmth of Coral have peaked my interest.

  90. I think I might go broke with this collection LOL

  91. oh my god!!! I am sososo excited!! MSFs, mineralize eyeshadows and blushes, cremesheens, my favorite!!

    now all I have to do is figure out how to get enough money to buy everything i want…haha

  92. wao..can’t wait to see them now

  93. Mary Ann

    Hi! Christine… do you have an idea if the MAC msf blonde and porcelain pink will be repromoted?
    Thank you

  94. Edelmc

    Yeah the euro rate that mac charge is crazy too. For example a lipstick costs 18 euro which is approx 22-23 dollars!

  95. Laura

    It sounds amazing! This is the first collection I’ve been excited about so far this year :)

    • Laura

      Oh – apart from Peacocky :) But I skipped Quite Cute completley, only got a couple of things from Jeanius, and I’m only planning on very tiny hauls from Surf baby and the Flower one (whatever it’s called).

  96. Isobel

    going by the spektra pics this collection looks fantastic! luckily no other collections since peacocky have my mine gone on, so can buy up!

  97. Yumi

    Can’t wait! Especially for the blushes and MSFs…really feeling like a total junkie now x.x

  98. CharmedMuggle

    Hi Christine! After seeing the sneak peek photos at Specktra, I wonder what the Smoky Ruby shadow will look like compared to the Giorgio Army Eyes to Kill Intense Lust Red. I was ready to run out & buy the Lust Red after your review. Hopefully you will post comparison shots this summer!