Monday, July 18th, 2011

MAC Seasonally Supreme Collection for Fall 2011

Launch Date: August 11th, 2011 (North America), August 2011 (Asia), October 2011 (International, except Asia), MAC freestanding/PRO stores only

Tokyo scenesters, Seoul trendies, Shanghai’s brand-conscious sophisto-chicks, all are contributing to make Asia a haute-pot that stylishly sizzles. To add to the frenzy: M·A·C’s new collection Sheen Supreme, a sweet and spicy palette of twelve cream-or-frost-finished shades that speaks to the region’s colour preferences in the fusion of Lipglass’ high-shine finish with the saturated colour of a Lipstick. Colour-customized, culturally tuned.

Sheen Supreme Lipstick ($14.50 U.S. / $17.00 CDN) (Permanent)

  • Tea Ceremony Neutral pink beige (Cream)
  • Sheer mandarin Mid-tone yellow orange (Cream)
  • Blossom Culture Soft pink with pearlized pigments (Frost)
  • Korean Candy Bright orange-red (Cream)
  • Supreme Style Light coral pink with pearlized pigments (Frost)
  • Fashion City Neutral coral pink (Cream)
  • Happy Hibiscus Creamy white pink (Cream)
  • Royal Azalea Bright mid-tone pink (Cream)
  • Asian Flower Creamy lavender (Cream)
  • Insanely It Watermelon pink (Cream) (Repromote)
  • Bare Again Pinky neutral beige (Cream) (Repromote)
  • Supremely Confident Pale nude (Cream) (Repromote)

See photos! 

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73 thoughts on “MAC Seasonally Supreme Collection for Fall 2011 (Official)

  1. Some of these look promising! Thank you for the pictures!

  2. Blossom Culture,Happy Hibiscus and Royal Azalea :) All such pretty pinks! There all so nice, but I’m a sucker for pinks! Viva Glam Gaga, Saint Germain, Snob, Chatterbox, Please me and more, you name it I got them all :)

  3. Sarah

    All of them is permanent.. thats cool !!

  4. Ester

    Tea Ceremony and Bare Again, please!

  5. Stephanie

    No! I was doing so well on my no-buy. How can I pass up limited edition Sheen Supremes??

  6. I love all nudes in this collection..

  7. t_zwiggy

    Some really nice pinks there! 😀

  8. Brie

    Oh my goodness…Just what I’ve been wishing for! I’ve fallen in love with the Sheen Supremes and am dying for more colors. Perfect! Plus…I’m half Korean–Korean Candy is mine, half for the name and half for the shade! 😛

  9. Alyson

    Creamy lavender….mmmm!

  10. Sophia

    Wait, does this mean that they’re discontinuing the sheen supreme shades that are permanent?

    • Brie

      That’s what I was wondering…That’d be bizarre though, because those last 3 shades marked as “repromotes” are still on sale now! So would they discontinue them only to repromote them less than 6 months afterward? Or does this particular repromote mean they’ll just be pushed out to the forefront in the display with the LE shades to garner more attention than they perhaps have received so far?

      • Angel

        None of these are LE though. Those 3 shades are simply being brought out with a new collection. The word “repromote” shouldn’t have been used.

  11. Ah, no “interesting” shades, it looks like. I’ll wait.

  12. Chelsea

    I agree with Jessi! These DO look promising. I’m excited! Thanks for sharing Christine!

  13. anna

    Just by the color description I’m loving 6 of the colors. Ouch my wallet.

  14. ginny

    Glad to see these are permanent that way I don’t have to buy them on impulse =)

  15. Cherokee

    Maybe Asian Flower but other than that, no thank you.

  16. Haha —

    Another half-Korean here going for the Korean Candy out of loyalty! lol

  17. Jasmin

    Coral! Coral! I can’t resist Sheer mandarin, Supreme Style and Fashion City :) I’m looking forward for swatches, love it

  18. Amy

    This is all so overwhelming. It’s all nice in theory, but it’ll be an interesting trial to see if MAC is putting quantity before quality these days. It doesn’t matter how many collections you put out if people start realizing they’re mediocre. Here’s hoping these are good products. :)

  19. Luna

    Finally a collection of lipsticks for the Asian community! I loveee Mac lipsticks, but the colors just appear wrong on Asians sometimes. Whereas korean and japan brands make the perfect colors, mac lipsticks are the types that scream I-want-to-love-this-lipstick-but-I-just-can’t! That Korean candy color is a spot-on Korean color!

  20. ercxx

    just FYI, Happy Hibiscus is also cream, not frost 😉

    • ercxx

      nvm I guess it is frost although it’s completely different from MAC’s usual frost lipsticks!

  21. It’s official im gonna be broke after all thesr new beautiful collections ;p I want most of these lipsticks but am loving the sound of insanely it fashion city, royal azealia & asian flower. Love these lippies can you say AMAZING!!

  22. shuz4ever

    whoa MAC needs to slow it down – i’m getting dizzy just reading about the fall line-up!!!

  23. I wasn’t even able to purchase the previous Sheen Supremes yet! Now, I really like:
    Bare Again, Supremely Confident, Tea Ceremony, Blossom Culture, Fashion City, Happy Hibiscus, Royal Azalea, and Asian Flower. Soft pinks are my favorite.

  24. Traci

    I so want to try the Sheen Supreme lipsticks! I’ve been drooling over them since they came out, I’m hoping to find a beautiful everyday color. So happy they’re permanent so I can wait for swatches to come out

  25. Samarpita

    Ahhhh I wish they wouldn’t use such fancy lighting in their photos of the models so that the colours would be seen more accurately!

  26. Wendy

    I want Tea Ceramony! Is this limited edition or not? I’m on a project pan :(

  27. annabelle

    how nice. i better get korean candy and a few others haha

  28. NessaMBaby

    Are they permanent? Xoxo

  29. lalice

    This collection has already been released in asian countries and there are swatches all over the web! I wonder if MAC will be releasing this to US.

  30. Nicki

    I’m wondering what the difference is gonna be between Tea Ceremony and Bare Again because they’re described as the same thing but different order of wording? The color on Bare Again is beautiful nonetheless 😀

  31. Judy

    Asian Flower is so mine!!!!!

  32. Stefani

    um has anyone noticed that the bottom 2 pictures are messed up? The way that they are sitting it would imply that the tube is slightly angled (which its not). Obviously MAC needs a new graphic designer who understands depth better.

  33. Laura

    OMG I love the sheen supreme lipsticks I want them all. Thank God they are permanent!! Whoohoo! Can’t wait!

  34. Brie

    Is it sad that I put this release date into my Blackberry calendar along with an alarm timed for right when I get off work that day so I can swing by MAC to check these babies? 😛

  35. lalice

    It actually already has been released in Asia.. in July..

  36. Danni

    Am I the only one who remembers these being released in the States already? I have Bare Again in my makeup bag now. Maybe I’m mistaken…

    • Yes, MAC released this formula earlier, which is why a few shades are listed as a repromote (see the post above), but the majority are new shades.

  37. Hey there Christine, I had an off topic question ( I could have hunted down your blogging post but I’m lazy :P). How do you find out product information and media photos of upcoming collections (MAC and otherwise)? I write a blog and am always feeling like I’m stealing info from other bloggers because I didn’t get it from “the source”. Problem is I don’t know who “the source” is. I have a feeling that if I try and write any companies asking for info I’ll get the brush-off (whats another beauty blogger right?). If you can help thanks! I know your busy haha

  38. Krista

    I love these! Can’t wait for the swatches.

  39. Debi

    I am so excited! I love these! And they will all be permanent? I have most of the ones from the first batch a few months ago. Will the rest be permanent too? ♥

  40. Love all the M.A.C lipstick colours … :)

  41. Hen

    Korean candy looks delish! What a beauty just like the country.

  42. Im guessing the shade in the promo is Blossom Culture! Although i’ve banned myself from buying lip products, ill have to pick some of these up! :)

  43. Jessica

    Interested in Korean candy!

  44. Kathy

    Yay! This probably will be my most expecting collection this years. I love these sheen supreme lipsticks.

  45. too many to choose from, will probably go for the nude as usual.x

  46. strawberry

    first time in a long time i’m really excited about this collection~

  47. Ana G.

    Humm, Fashion City will be my pick. These look lovely. I love Sheen Supreme texture, they are so comfortable and buildable.

  48. Amira

    So these are going to be permanent as well as the already existing sheen supremes?

  49. cait

    Thank God these are permanent – with all the collections this fall my wallet is gonna hate me!

  50. I love that purple shade!

  51. Lola

    Christine, does Supremely Confident (or any of these)looks similar to Till Tomorrow Pro Longwear?

  52. Jolee

    I wonder if Fashion City will be a close dupe for Ever Hip?

  53. Marina

    Bare Again will finally be mine!!! Muahahahaha! That was weird.
    I have a question about Bare Again vs. Tea Ceremony the description is basically the same thing…they all have the words pink, neutral and beige. It’d be kind of odd if they were dupes for each other!
    But of the new (I almost wrote LE…so happy they’re not!) shades, I’d love Fashion City and Blossom Culture!

  54. Chandra

    I don’t know the lipstick on the model looks really bad to me. It looks like it emphasized every line she has in her lips.

  55. Kate

    Ooh definitely getting Asian Flower and Royal Azalea. Korean Candy sounds awesome (because I’m a total Koreaboo lol) but the orange-reds don’t do well with my uber pale skin. :(

  56. Marley

    Cant wait for swatches!!!!

  57. Kayla

    Korean Candy is sooooo Fabulous!!! it makes ms like a runway model! It’s really sweet color!

  58. Jane

    … And yet they still use a Caucasian model.

  59. Laura

    are these permanent?? YAAAYYYY!