Saturday, April 11th, 2009

MAC Cosmetics | A Rose Romance

Launch Date: April 23rd, 2009 (North America), May 2009 (International).

Suggesting sonnets celebrated for centuries: Come into my garden, I would like my roses to see you!” poet Sir Richard Brinsley Sheridan once said, and what lady could resist such flattery? A tradition in haute-couture, an enduring Icon of Love and certainly the only flower acceptable to throw on stage at the Met or clench between teeth in a Buenos Aires tango salon, the rose remains beyond reproach. MAC creates a very modern Rose Romance, our lovely new colour collection for the summer season. Spring buds blush in fragrant new hues when Just A Pinch Gel Blush debuts; Fix + Rose refreshes; and our bring-back favourite fragrance, Creations Hue: Dejarose, whispers anew… But with great beauty there is always pass ion and peril… mind the thorns

Lipstick ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Way To Love Creamy light yellow pink
  • A Rose Romance Mid-tone pink with gold pearl
  • Odyssey Spiked-up plum (Permanent)

Lipglass ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Virgin Kiss Sheer pale pink with multi-dimensional pearl
  • Magnetique Frosted violet fuchsia (Repromote)
  • Steal My Heart Sheer bright pink with multi-dimensional pearl

See Thru Lip Colour ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Loving Touch Sheer pearly light pink
  • Tender Tryst Sheer pearly plum
  • Secret Crush Sheer red berry

Pigment ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)

  • Mutiny Clean sky blue with gold pearl (Repromote)
  • Circa Plum Frosty dirty mid-tone laevnder (Repromote)

Eyeshadow ($14.50 U.S. / $17.00 CDN)

  • Of Summer Frosted light dirty mauve
  • Et Tu, Bouquet? Frosted pale pink gold
  • Creme de Violet Vivid pinkish-violet flecked with gold shimmer (Permanent)
  • Silverthorn Mid-tone gray with silver pearl
  • Shadowy Lady Darkly veiled plum (Permanent)

Nordstrom Exclusive Quad (approx. $38.00 U.S.)

  • Solar White Golden white (Frost) (Repromote)
  • Contrast Dark purple/blue (Velvet) (Permanent)
  • Seeds of Love frosted peach (Frost)
  • Petal Worship Light, blue-based pink (Frost)

Just A Pinch Gel Blush ($18.50 U.S. / $22.50 CDN)
Sheer gel cheek blush in a pot delivers a rosy glow of coverage for a healthy complexion. Dewy texture blends into a thin film on skin, giving low to medium transparent coverage.

  • Just A Pinch Sheer red pink tint

Beauty Powder ($22.00 U.S. / $27.50 CDN)

  • Blush of Youth Clean pink with gold pearl
  • Summer Rose Soft violet pink with pearl

Nail Lacquer ($11.oo U.S. / $13.00 CDN)

  • Love & Friendship Creamy dirty mid-tone lavender

Creations Hue: Dejarose ($22.50 U.S. / $27.50 CDN)
A striking bouquet of lush Bulgarian, Turkish, and Tea Red Roses is ruffled with dewy watery and luminous green nuances. Velvety petals of exotic orchid, lily, jasmine and peony are teased with a hint of crimson red raspberry and the gentle texture of pink pepper. The interplay of light and dark woods, weathered teak contrasting with patchouli, adds to the intensity, while hypnotic incense vapours and amber crystals lend a sense of intrigue and allure to this sensuous creation.

Fix+ Rose ($17.00 U.S. / $20.00 CDN)
An aqua-spritz of vitamins and minerals, infused with a Calm-the-Skin blend of green tea, Chamomile, Cucumber, topped off with the scent of 100% natural rose water. Adds radiance, finishes makeup.

Available: April 23rd, 2009 (North America), May 2009 (International).

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Way to Love, A Rose Romance, Odyssey

Loving Touch, Tender Tryst, Secret Crush

Virgin Kiss, Steal My Heart, Magnetique

Summer Rose

Blush of Youth

Of Summer

Et Tu, Bouquet?


Creme de Violet

Shadowy Lady

Just a Pinch


Circa Plum

Love & Friendship, Blacksplash

Fix+ Rose

Creations Hue: Dejarose

Nordstrom Exclusive Quad

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73 thoughts on “MAC Rose Romance Collection Official Information & Photos

  1. Michelle

    Nothing from this collection grabs me except for the quad.

  2. Paulien

    I love everything from this collection!

  3. I want Summer Rose and Of Summer. Maybe Odyssey, Mutiny, and Circa Plum.

    ;___; AS IF, I’m not broke enough.

  4. Geezy

    The lipsticks look pretty I might give in and get them and the fix +rose

  5. Heidi Pena

    Might buy my first quad. This one looks really pretty.

  6. Tania

    Both of those beauty powder blushes and the gel blush will be mine! I have to see how the lipcolors look on me so that’s pending. I would buy the shadows but they kinda remind me of my Cool Palette I bought during X-mas. I already own shadowy lady and I love it! Who knows what I will end up buying!!

  7. cloudburst

    I would love to get the quad to get a Solar White back up but can’t buy it in Canada :(.

  8. Anitacska

    Those rose sculpted powders are so pretty. And the lipglasses. And the lipsticks. And the eyeshadows… ;p

  9. Melissa

    Just going to get the fix+… but the mutiny pigment so does not go with this collection it looks so out of place… je je

  10. Eva

    I love the eyeshadows and the quad..I missed out on Solar White last year.
    The beauty powder blushes look so great, but I can

  11. Evelyn

    omggg the beauty powders look amazing
    really want to try that fix + rose too
    i wish the quad wasnt nordstrom exclusive, i cant get it in canada!

    have to get shadowy lady, i missed out on that collection when the quads came out
    really wish i got spiced chocolate

    • hey, sometimes the bay carries the nordstrom exclusives =)

    • Lizzy

      Just pull up and order it online. I can’t beleive Visa won’t suddenly refuse to make an international transactional just because it’s Canada.

      We don’t have a Nordie’s for 800 miles but I buy the exclusives there all the time. And they often come out early for preorder- I had half of HK in the bag a week early, they wouldn’t ship until the Opening Day but that’s fine. I got everything I wanted.

    • Naz

      omg I know .. I wish I was into mac back the . The quads from the cult of cherry were amazing..!! I want this quad too but dunno if the bay will sell it… Ugh these nordstrom exclusives aren’t fun =(

  12. diana

    that quad is mine!!!!!! lol and maybe a blush

  13. evangelia

    i want…magnetique, steal my heart, a rose romance, and all of the see thru lip colors. and summer rose. and maybe dejarose. so yeah…nothing much lolz.

  14. Anne

    I must be in the minority, this collection does not interest me at all.

  15. Violet

    The only thing I’d probably get from this collection is Mutiny. Nothing else really catches my eyes.

  16. sprut

    I thought I was going to get a bunch from this collection but instead I think I’ll just get A rose romance lipstick, virgin kiss gloss, et tu bouquet shadow and the nail polish. I still like all of it but those are the only ones that I really want. I’m eyeing one of the blushes but I just have so much blush and blush takes me ages to go through. So we’ll see.

  17. Brie

    I suppose it was only a matter of time before a MAC collection came along and killed my wallet *sigh* It’s been so long since I needed more than one or two items from a collection, I was just getting used to that hah!

  18. Monica

    only thing i want is the fix+. ive been holding out on the regular one (ive never owned one) for a while, and when i heard one was coming out in this collection i decided to wait and get this one.

    besides that, im good.

  19. Summer

    Have to get Summer Rose and Of Summer. :) I’ll have to wait to see more swatches to make up my mind about the others.

  20. BaDKiTTy

    I really want Blush of Youth! Its so pretty!

  21. Nunu

    Virgin Kiss (depending on how sheer it is), Magnetique and Blush of Youth.
    The lipsticks are pretty too….

  22. Wilcoa

    Definitely a few things I like, but I’m wavering on the Fix+. I’ve never used it before so am not entirely sure about how well it works. Is it good for keeping the skin hydrated? What’s it’s best use?

    • LauraBread

      I use MAC studio stick foundation and spray half-arm length away of the fix+. I do about 3 spritzes. It helps makeup spread easily and adhere to skin by using my 109 brush. Some spray it after putting on their liquid foundation. It’s also great for a quick pick-me-up whenever your face feels icky throughout the day. Refreshed!

  23. Turkidhdelight573

    hmmm im not really into this
    maybe the quad will grab me but thats it

  24. Ruth

    Me me me me me, mine mine mine mine mine mine !!!!!!!!

  25. Ruth

    Me me me me me, mine mine mine mine mine mine !!!!!!!!

  26. I will get the see thru lip color, in secret crush!!!!

  27. Nic15

    not sure on the eyeshadows til i see them & can swatch them up close. the quad is tempting just for solar white. like the lipsticks so those may be a puchase & the Fix +. can’t decide yet on the pigments. yay or nay?!?

  28. Shyradynne

    hmmm…i think i just want the gel blush

  29. Emm

    I love the blush’s and lipglasses!

  30. Angie

    I was really excited about this collection at first…now I think I only want 2-3 items.

  31. April

    I like the pink see thru lipcolor, and also the of summer e/s looks nice…will have to see it all in person though. mac doesnt grab me anymore like they used to :(

  32. Anna

    I really cant decide if I like the quad, I kind of like the singles better

  33. Lara

    i have a question….the pictures above show “of summer’ e/s as the frosted pink w/gold reflects but in the description it says..

    Of Summer Frosted light dirty mauve
    Et Tu, Bouquet? Frosted pale pink gold

    what do you think is correct the picture or the description?

  34. I can’t wait for the Fix + Rose – I ? rose scents

  35. Christy

    This collection looks so wearable. I think I’ll have to get Way To Love, A Rose Romance, Virgin Kiss, Magnetique, Steal My Heart, Of Summer, Blush of Youth, Summer Rose and the Rose Fix+. I’m such a sucker for pinkish gold or raspberry lips!

  36. jodie

    How dya get the quad. At stores? Online? could you get them at counters. (England)

  37. emily

    i want mutiny pigment, i spilled mine from the last collection it came out with!! and im thinking one of the blushes, how can i pass up that cute rose?! and maybe a see through lip color:) they sound interesting:)

  38. Rita

    I’m just wondering about the beauty powders. How are you supposed to use them? As a powder all over the face or as a blush?

  39. Lauren

    I heard that this collection was coming out over the course of two weeks…is that true? And if so, what is coming out Thursday? Thanks!

  40. Caitlin

    OOO super pretty things… I have no money to buy any of it tho its horrible because i want so much! If i spent any more money on makeup I think my parents might kill me :(

  41. Alex

    i NEED that just a pinch pig. ! NOW !!! lol

  42. Alex

    i meant mutiny lol.

  43. jodie

    plz do prices in pounds too !

    • Catherine

      You can check when it comes out in the UK soon! It will be a little more expensive than in the US! Hope this helps!

  44. Summer

    OMJ!! There is so much in this collection that i want but there is only a few things i rele want!! I rele want both of the beauty powders and a rose romance lipstick the nail polish but i will get more cause when i get in the store i will go crazy lol so yeah! =) lol

  45. Bethy

    Passing on this one. Saving up for that Warrior collection.

  46. Catherine

    Must haves = Rose Romance and Way To Love lipsticks, Blush of Youth powder and maybe one or two of those eyeshadows…

  47. Rachael

    I was dissapointed in the beauty powders. They are so shear hardly anything showed up on my NW20 skin! However, the rest of the items are lovely!

    • MsTrendy

      what brush did you use to apply it? i have a beauty powder from a previous collection in a shade called “secret blush” and i love it but because its light but buildable – and i find i get better colour payoff if a use a more dense brush.

  48. Maddie

    My friends and I all adore MAC, and they all have collections that they buy all of because there isn’t a single thing they hate. I’ve never felt that way… until now! I absolutely adore this beyond belief, and I probably will buy all of it!!!

  49. Delia Lupan

    The Rose Romance collection is available on MAC website already!

  50. Ashley

    I love this collection! I just wish I knew what to get and what to skip! Temptalia, we need your review!!! And I could use to be a little less indecisive!

  51. Danielle

    i love this collection. I know I am getting the two beauty powders, and the shadows. maybe a way to love lipstick, gel blush, that is all. I hope that I don’t decide that I need to have the fix+. LOL

  52. is the Nordstrom Exclusive Quad still available?

  53. Kristina

    I am loving this collection. I love all of these colors; they look really wearable and I’ve already planned the majority of what I’ll be getting.

    The only thing is i’m also really excited about the Stlye Warrior Collection coming up…

    To splurge, or not to splurge? That’s the question!

  54. Nicole

    I want way to love lipstick.
    that’s all that looks good to me (:

  55. Lozz

    I’m loving blush of youth, fix + rose and a way to love :)I was just thinking, mabye they should have put the rose pigment instead of mutiny, it seems to fit better with the collection … oh well, great collection anyway 😉

  56. Lauren

    I just got Way to love (it is MLBB) with Virgin Kiss to put over it! Both are beautiful alone, but so much better together! Also got circa plum which I will wear with Fig 1 e/s.

  57. So..i was really excited about this..then i went to MAC today, and I was sort disappointed. Hated the shadows and the see thru lip colours. I only ended up with Summer Rose, Magnetique, and Mutiny.

    Then I bought Bitter from the Colour Ready collection.

  58. Boonchom

    This collection is by far one of my top favorite of all, they are not over the top and i can really use them in everyday life (hope you too). Only products i am not feeling are the perfume and see through lips colors. (do not like the consistency, mind you, it feel like smearing my lips with some iffy cool liquidy liquid. strange? eww :P)

    Fix+rose smells really nice.
    Just a pinch is really fun to play with.
    Love & friendship, i can use this one forever, aka i am getting backups.
    Of Summer is beautiful, wish it was more pigmented.
    Silver Thorn is very pigmented, was hesitated at first but not regret i got it.
    Mutiny and Circa plum are have to have.
    Way to love & A rose romance were on the sheer side,
    Summer Rose is awesome, sheer yes but not that sheer.

    I have no complain of these products being sheer, whatsoever, which is what i WANT and LOVE about summer make up.

  59. binnie

    the gel blush is amazing it looks scarey but if you apply it with a foundation brush it goes a long way! im loving using the ELF foundation brush with it at the moment or the mac one! but the ELF brush is thiner xx