Friday, February 5th, 2010

MAC Riveting Collection

MAC Riveting Collection

U.S. Launch Date: February 18th, 2010

International Launch Date: March 2010

Glossy images of leggy, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall -of-Fame uber-models are as riveting, ravishing – and relevant – as ever. Hot shots of super-babes and rock chicks, edgy but never grungy, the lion’s mane of hair, the spectacular cheek bones, the luscious lashes, and a certain fearlessness when it comes to conquering with colour – Riveting is a rock-steady metal collection that pays homage to the Jerry Halls and Pat Clevelands of the world, their strength and their power! Part of a sexy ’80s fashion moment, these girls are modern versions of the real thing: Rock Goddesses never afraid to strut their stuff and step up to the spotlight. A fashion trend, true, but oh-so-much more is what makes these girls Riveting.

Lipstick ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Bubbles Sheer pale white pink ice (Glaze) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Metal Maven Pale frosted silver (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Riveting Mid-tone dirty mauve taupe (Glaze) (Limited Edition)
  • Show Orchid Vivid hot pink (Amplified) (PRO)

Lipglass ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Rock Out Light icy silver with pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • True Babe Creamy mid-tone bright blue pink (Cream) (Limited Edition)

Penultimate Eyeliner ($16.50 U.S. / $20.00 CDN)

  • Rapidblack True black (Repromote)

Blush ($18.50 U.S. / $22.00 CDN)

  • Dirty Plum Deep Plum (PRO)
  • Full Fuchsia Very bright iridescent fuchsia (PRO)

Nail Lacquer ($12.00 U.S. / $14.50 CDN)

  • Black Enough? Matte black (Matte) (Limited Edition)
  • Studded Matte true silver with pearl (Matte) (Limited Edition)
  • Wham, Bam, Glam Matte cool dark taupe (Matte) (Limited Edition)

Brush ($34.00 U.S. / $41.00 CDN)

  • 188 Small duo fibre face (Permanent)

Lashes ($13.00 U.S. / $15.50 CDN)

  • #48 Lashes (Permanent at Freestanding)

See more photos!

MAC Riveting Collection

MAC Riveting Collection

MAC Riveting Collection

MAC Riveting Collection

MAC Riveting Collection

MAC Riveting Collection

MAC Riveting Collection

MAC Riveting Collection

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141 thoughts on “MAC Riveting Collection + Added Photos!

  1. Erin

    I may try True Babe l/g, but otherwise this entire collection get’s a “meh” and a pass from me.

  2. K

    Ah, the matte nail lacquers continue to penetrate the market!

  3. Annie

    Bubbles is getting repromoted, yay! I wanted to try it from the sugarsweet collection, and whichever other one it was in , but I kept missing it!

    • Bridget

      Ooooh you should get it! I don’t use it a whole lot, but its such a different color its worth having.

      • Bonita

        wait – bubbles isn’t part of the permanent line anymore?? i’m definietly missing something…..thanks guys for the heads up. time to stock up!!

  4. Violet

    Wow, finally a collection I’m excited about! I scooped up Bubbles as soon as it was released from Sugarsweet but I really want Metal Maven and I missed out on Show Orchid earlier on.

  5. This collection sounds like a lot of fun!

  6. AAAAHHH! I am dying to get my hands on Show Orchid and both of the blushes… all very bright I know but they look like so much fun.

    • Show Orchid ROCKS! I LOVE it! It’s like ultra hot pink sugar coated candy! Full Fuchsia is a beautiful blush but if you ever have the chance – I’d recommend Azalea (Pro) – It’s hilariously bright and SO SO SO pretty!

  7. Autumn

    wow, so many collections! I wish they would have brought back lollipop loving with bubbles :(

  8. amy

    I cant wait to see the matte nailpolishes!

  9. Sounds like a fun collection. Im so glad that MAC is coming out with matte n/p.

  10. Jasmine

    Wow I’m finally excited about an upcoming collection again! Looking forward to Dirty Plum blush and Show Orchid lipstick. Any word on if this will have special/pretty packaging? Thanks for the inside scoop! :)

  11. Helena

    AHHH! MAC matte nails! My heart dies.

  12. Lorna

    True babe and Show Orchid are definite maybes. I can’t believe I missed out of show orchid earlier this year. I must have been sleeping when it was released.

  13. nicole

    omg bubbles lipstick aah =]

  14. Ashley

    the names sound cool, but other than that…it’ll be a pass.

  15. Camryn

    Guess I’m one of the only ones looking forward to Metal Maven.

  16. ak

    The Riveting lipstick sounds interesting though. I like that during the coming spring that MAC is thinking of making the lighter, brighter, and mnore unusual/unnatural looking colored lipsticks as Glazes, because if a Glaze lipstick is more sheer in the payoff without being too shiny, then that makes the weirder colors more wearable for everybody instead of wearable for just a few people, and I like that.

    And at least with a Glaze lipstick you can always build up the color to as much as you want steadily so it’s not too strong.

  17. Dena

    when will we have swatches to see all the pretty colors?

  18. alyssa

    I would probably lean towards bubbles l/s, true babe l/g,and the black enough? n/l

  19. Maddie

    so excited for bubbles and metal maven lipstick!
    and i missed the penultimate liner so ill be getting that one also :)

  20. Judy

    Okay. I need to also see the swatches for this collection and soon. Any idea when they will be available??

  21. liz

    sounds like my type of collection – i love rock and roll, studs, leather, etc, but the colors of the collection sound too cool for me. pass.

  22. kpenn09

    Show Orchid and True Babe are really the only two things that sound interesting. Thank goodness; I’ll still be recovering from Spring Colour Forecast, I’m sure!

    And seriously, matte nailpolishes in mid-February? Way to totally miss the bandwagon, MAC! That trend ran its course months ago.

  23. candycane3387

    Even though it says pro beside it will I be able to get it at a regular store/counter when it comes out ?

  24. Jill

    If it says PRO, can it still be purchased at the regular stores with the rest of the launch?

  25. Jill

    lol..nevermind I should have just read the other comments first 😛 Thanks!

  26. Kim

    I want to see pictures of this stuff and soon. Not sure if bubbles will suit my fair skin but it does sound interesting. Interested in metal maven, riveting lippies, rockout and pro plum blush.

  27. Maddie

    When do you think you will have product photo’s?

  28. JEN

    hmmm the matte nail polishes sound nice.

  29. marlene


  30. ak

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. Where are the pictures? LOL LOL

  31. Lola

    Where are the pictures??? It seems weird that we have the Spring Colour FOrcast collection photos up for a long time, but nothing for the next collection RIveting and I still want to see the Blooming lovely lipstick from the other collection.

  32. i want to see photos of this SOOOOO bad! (seriously, i’m doing the peepee dance trying to hold back the excitement!) maybe i will go to mac tomorrow and see if one of the girls will show me their fancy notebook with some swatches and photos in it. i can’t wait!!! argh!

    all i want to see is metal maven. i want to know if it’s a true silver or just another blah color with frost in it that they describe as something really cool… when it isn’t. grrr!

  33. Courtenay

    Here are some swatches of the Riveting Collection. Thanks you Specktar online. I think the Metal Maven lipstick and Bubbles look similar. I was going to get both, but now not sure which one. Let me know what you ladies think.

    • Wow thanks for posting that! I’m still excited to see Metal Maven – I wish there was a way that MAC could do metallic lipsticks and make them more opaque. I guess I’d probably just end up using Platinum pigment for true silver lips though.

      • Sebastien

        Metal Maven is actually pretty pigmented. It goes on the lips as a true light silver. It’s very strange and odd, but cool.

  34. Judy

    Thanks for posting Courtenay. I also agree with Dusty. I wish the metallic lipsticks had a little more coverage. I really want metal maven, but I thought it would have more coverage. Not sure now. Knowing me, I’ll still buy it though. Has anyone tried bubbles before? Is it worth buying? Thanks.

  35. Tiffany

    Getting… Bubbles, Metal Maven, Show Orchid, Rock Out and True Babe. I’m excited to wear Show Orchid + True Babe together!

  36. catie

    I don’t understand why MAC is taking so long with posting pictures of this collection. It’s coming out like next week? We’ve had the spring color forecast for a long time now. I also am dying to see more pictures of the Give Me Liberty Collection stuff. Any ideas about the upcoming summer collections or is it waaay too early for that?

  37. Anitacska

    Strange mix of colours. I might check out True Babe and already have Show Orchid, otherwise not interested.

  38. Finally a collection I can pass on, LOL!!!

  39. )Megan

    I’m not looking forward to this collection.
    I don’t think matte nail polishes are anything special, if you paint
    your nails with acrylic paint you get the same effect (I know, I tried in high school :p )

  40. Melissa

    I like hot pink blush! probably going to get since I don’t have a pro store near me.

  41. Show Orchid! wants. I didn’t get to get it last year.

  42. Maisie

    I’m going to get Rock Out and Bubbles, but this collection is kind of a disappointment. At least I will be able to save up more money for the next collection!

  43. Aramis


  44. Megen

    Oh man I used to have a silver lipstick like that back in the day. I should get Metal Maven and give it a try again haha!

    Anyway, I have a quick question Christine…you don’t have to answer since it has nothing to do with these products inparticular but it is MAC so I’ll ask anyway ;P You say mineralize eyeshadows are best used wet. Do you mean wet with water or mixing medium? Lol that sounds so dumb now that I read it!

    • Either wet or with mixing medium. I’m not a fan of them, though, and I find mixing medium is better – if only because there’s less fall out and less color fading. If I just use water, it helps with minimizing fall out, but the color fades after it dries.

  45. Eve

    Love the promo pic, love the idea of a rock collection, don’t want any of the products. :/

  46. SiaM

    I really like nail polishes and I CAN’T RESIST THE TEMPTATION!!!!!The spring color collection didn’t have impressive nail lacquers but this ones, sound pretty good!!!
    I will like to get:
    *Wham, Bam, Glam

    Can’t wait to read your complete review and swatches to see if they are really worth it. Thanks for the update =)

  47. babicsek

    I’m curious about the matte nail polishes,can’t wait to see them.

  48. dana

    Wow! This is stunning!

  49. kfm

    i understand why some people are “meh” about this collection, but i actually think i’ll like it. it’s different than the usual. depending how they look in person, i’m thinking of bubbles, riveting and rock out (i’m not interested in silver lipsticks, really, but i think you could really play around with a silver gloss). we’ll see how much i spend on the spring colour forecast.

  50. Alexis

    I like Riveting lippie and that’s it. I don’t know but I consider Jerry Hall and Pat Cleveland more 70’s glam – glossy red lips. These colors invoke more of a Grace Jones feel. Not saying that’s bad at all – kinda ‘meh’ about this collection myself.

  51. Samantha

    I’m not too excited about this collection. A little bland for me!!

  52. Ferarri

    I am a fuchsia addict. Is Full Fuchsia Very bright iridescent fuchsia (PRO) the 1st blusher? I want Show Orchid! If I use both of them together, would it be too bright?

    • Yes that first photo is Full Fuchsia. It’s a fab color – Not as bright as Azalea (my all-time FAVORITE blush by MAC) but it’s going to be the brightest blush from them you’ll see outside of a Pro store.

  53. Lala

    Hey Christine, do you anticipate MAC having a sale anytime soon on their website?

  54. Um… Does she even HAVE ribs?

  55. Melissa (divinem)

    I’ll add another meh. . . [THANK GOD!]

  56. lauraaaaa

    christine, how would someone use a dirty plum blush? now that so many purples blushes are coming out i might as well learn 😛

  57. Meagan

    I like the theme but they could have done so much more with this collection :(

  58. Shannon

    beautiful!!!!! :)

  59. Zinnia

    how does full fuchsia compare to tippy from the hello kitty collection?

  60. Tami

    I want Bubbles, Metal Maven and Rock Out. I may try one of the blushes but did I mention I want Bubbles:D

  61. Jenni

    Looks like it’ll be a pass for me. I’ll still prob look at your swatches and stop by a counter just to see.. but most likely won’t buy. This means I can save up for Too Fabulous and Give Me Liberty of London in March :)

  62. nancy

    This is random, but Mac@ Nordstrom is having a deal tomorrow. Buy two eyeshadows and get one free. =D

  63. Angela

    Full Fuchsia blush is beautiful. I can see me picking that one up, as well as, Riveting ls if it has good color payoff. The silver is nice but I’m unsure if it would work on my pigmented lips.

  64. Helena

    This’ll be fun. 😀 I love the promo image!

  65. dani

    omg i love the nail polishes!

  66. glitter princess

    loving the lip glossses

  67. Liza

    nothing special. So many collections and nothing are available in the stores. f**king russia, they sent us only some products from each collection!

  68. Az

    Not too interested, but dont wanna skip this one completely (metalhead here haha). Guess I’ll grab Metal Maven, Rock Out & Studded.

  69. the silver lipstick look interesting.. i wonder how opaque it is.

  70. Ellie

    Thank goodness I’m not that interested in this collection. The products are all nice but nothing is something I need.

  71. Rita

    So not me. I couldn’t wear any of these. Lucky me, because Spring Colour Forecast is going to cost me bad.

  72. Wow! Nice love that MAC try matte laqure.

  73. Cherie

    I will totally pick up Show Orchid and Rock Out lipglass!

  74. Tattoo Girl

    Metal Maven and Bubbles for me!

  75. viva

    um, creepiest model pic ever. where are her internal organs?!

  76. there seems to be a purple blush trend brewing. Mac is obviously one of the big sources with the purple blush in this collection and the two purply shades in the spring colour forecast collection. can’t imagine this will ever turn into a full-blown trend because of how hard it is to wear (and how terrified of color many makeup users can be)

  77. ileana

    Thank you Lord!!!!! I don’t like anything from this collection!!!! =D

  78. mia

    i like the idea of the collection it’s just dat i wouldn’t buy anything from it :/

  79. Ava

    riveting lipstick seems like the perfect neutral lipstick. I like the blushes too.

  80. Audrey

    I think mac is releasing waaaaay too many collections! I mean, the colour forecast’s (4 of them!), mac in lillyland, all ages, all races, all sexes, and the warm and cozy! All in the matter of a month! I personally think it is a marketing ploy!

  81. Sara

    Does anyone no if Full Fuchsia is really close to the color of Tippy blush from the Hello Kitty Collection? I have Tippy already and am not sure if I should buy Full Fuchsia or not. If they are pretty different I’ll want to get Full Fuchsia for sure.

    • Sarah

      Think Tippy on acid and you have Full Fuchsia. Tippy is bright, FF is ultra pigmented and ever brighter, plus I think it’s got a bit more magenta/pink in it. It’s a pro color, so you can always get it another time if you want :)

  82. rowan

    the matt nail polishes look hot, can’t wait to own them!

  83. Vijaya

    I want that darker blush, and maybe a couple of the lipsticks. I dunno. We’ll see.

  84. Karen

    Finally Mac comes out with a collection that I’m not overly excited about!!!!

  85. Luisafer

    interesting colors… as usual, have to go check it by myself 😉

  86. Leenie

    metal maven and riveting lipstick looks interesting I’ll have to see it in person when it comes out

  87. ak

    Although I haven’t been feelin lip glosses for quite a while, I think I want to look at True Babe.

  88. Hannah

    eh, I think I’ll be skipping this collection.

  89. Ashley

    the only thing i’ll be getting from this collection is dirty plum and the 188 brush because i dont already have one…

  90. Saira


    Is the Dirty Plum blush in this collection the same one that is going to be released in the “Give Me Liberty of London” Collection? Are they different colors? because the description here is it’s a deep plum from the PRO-line and the description there is that it’s a sheer dark plum. If their the same I just may wanna wait for the pretty packaging. Do you know? Does anybody know? it would be a big help

    • I’m not sure. The information I have marks Dirty Plum from Riveting as PRO with a limited life at regular stores as part of the launch. For Give me Liberty, my information says that it’s new and limited life (but doesn’t indicate it’s a PRO color).

  91. she

    i’m excited to try out the two l/g’s. was thinking of adding a pink similar to the true babe and wondering what impact rock out will have on my current collection.

  92. beeks

    I am coveting Show Orchid like nothing before! Strangely though, when I asked at my usual go-to mac counter if it was indeed being re-released with an upcoming collection, neither MA on duty (one of whom is the manager) knew anything about it. Is this one of those collections like the Ungaro collection that wasn’t released to counters, only to stores? Or do you think they were just playing coy with me?

    • As far as I know, this is going to all counters/stores, but on the 18th. They might have forgotten!

      • Beeks

        Or maybe they just lost track because of the sheer volume of collections that have been coming out lately, ha ha! Not that I’m complaining, I love the eye candy/inspiration that a new collection provides, even if I don’t actually buy anything from it. Anyway, I think I’ll take a special trip to the counter on the 18th to see if they have it. Exciting!

  93. Lisa

    oohh goshh.. i want riveting and show orchid… but i wonder if that bright color(show orchid) would look good on my NC40 skintone :S

  94. I’m thinking about getting the penultimate eyeliener, Bubbles lipstick and Dirty Plum blush. I may change my mind when I see them in person though.

  95. Beto Kylie

    I’m a NW20-25 (a bit on the whiter extreme) and I just used Dirty Plum to contour my cheeks and Full Fuchsia as blush and I LOVE it!!!! I’m a guy but I couldn’t resist checking out how it would look!!! 😀 …I think I look good anyways…

  96. ak

    Use the Riveting lipstick with Up The Amp lipstick, either slightly or a lot of Up The Amp, and then you will see Signs and Wonders!

  97. Nancy Winter

    Hi, Just looking to order Metal Maven lipstick. Having a hard time finding it. I see it on your site, but no way to order. Can you help?

    Thanks, Nancy Winter