Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

With its one-of-a-kind Retro Matte texture, Ruby Woo Lipstick has become a smash hit both on and off the runway. Inspired by its stunning popularity, M•A•C has revamped this lipstick legend with invigorating, bold shades in its Retro Matte finish. Eye-catching new colours like Dangerous and All Fired Up create a look that’s feminine yet fierce. M•A•C also introduces its Pro Longwear Lip Pencils in a vibrant, NEW colour palette, giving this long-lasting and transfer-proof lip pencil an exhilarating makeover.

Lipstick ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • Steady Going Light pink matte
  • Runway Hit Light nude matte
  • Dangerous Orangey red matte (New, Permanent)
  • Relentlessly Red Bright pinkish coral matte (New, Permanent)
  • All Fired Up Bright fuchsia matte (New, Permanent)
  • Flat Out Fabulous Bright plum matte (New, Permanent)
  • Ruby Woo Very matte vivid blue red (Repromote, Permanent)
  • Fixed on Drama Rich wine matte

Pro Longwear Lip Pencil ($19.50 U.S. / $23.00 CDN)

  • In Anticipation Soft yellow pink (Repromote)
  • Staunchly Stylish Pink beige (Repromote)
  • Shock Value Bright pink cream (New, Permanent)
  • Dynamo Bright peony (New, Permanent)
  • High Energy Bright orange red cream (New, Permanent)
  • Trust in Red Bright cool red cream (New, Permanent)
  • More to Love Intense bluish pink (Repromote)
  • Fashion Boost Bright purple cream

Availability: September 12, 2013 in-stores, online the week of September 3rd, 2013 (North America), September 2013 (International)

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88 thoughts on “MAC Retro Matte Collection for Fall 2013

  1. Will have to have at least one of these. I love my Heaux retro matte a lot and it needs some friends.

  2. Lydia

    Do we know what the (original) colors of these retro matte shades are?

  3. I hope the formula of Ruby Woo now matches that of Riri Woo! I’m excited!

  4. Roxana

    Pretty excited for Dangerous, Flat Out Fabulous, and Fixed on Drama! Ooh, and Fashion Boost.

  5. Meiya

    I love all of those

  6. liz

    I’m so excited to be alive!

  7. Excellent color choices! I can’t wait to see them… and buy one or two

  8. Ivana

    Relentlessly Red and Fixed on Drama sound promising

  9. kf

    Yeeeeeeeeeeesss! Retro mattes are my absolute favorite!

  10. maria

    AHHHH! I need all of these! I love the retro matte finish that MAC has, and I’ve always noticed a slightly different to them probably because of the formula. I know they’re going to sell out quick, so my best bet is to rush to the store on the release date, even though I know they’re permanent.

  11. Courtney K

    Now that is a collection I get behind! It’s been a while since I’ve been excited for a MAC collection (but I don’t do spring/summer anyway). I’ve been looking for a deep berry for fall, but nothing works yet. Matte might be just what I need.

  12. I’m happy to see these become apart of the permanent collection!

  13. Sounds great!!! Already have Ruby Woo so I will get All Fired Up and Steady Going. What do you recommend, Christine?

  14. zg

    Time to go back to beauty shopping.. I am digging the lipsticks.

  15. Verlene

    All the shades are pretty; thanks for sharing.

  16. OMG! Totally in love with this!! Yay!

  17. I’m very excited for this collection! Some of these shades look great.

  18. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I love the retro matte finish

  19. Catherine

    Ones I like:
    Runway Hit – Hopefully a matte nude that suits my skintone.
    Dangerous – Hopefully more red and less orange than Lady Danger.
    Relentlessly Red – I’ve been needing a matte coral! :)

  20. pari

    Are all.colours limited?

    • Per MAC:

      Lipsticks –
      Relentlessly Red
      All Fired Up
      Flat Out Fabulous

      Lip Pencils –
      High Energy
      Trust In Red
      Shock Value

      • Aico

        I thought all the lipsticks were permanent! No?

        • Hi Aico,

          I asked MAC for the list of what was permanent, and those are the ones they told me were permanent.

          • Ruca

            Hi Christina! I just called MAC Stoneridge yesterday. and asked about these mysterious “LE” colors specifically. I was told all 7 of the new colors are expected to be back in the store in the next few weeks, and are listed on their inventory as “perm.” He even suggested that *maybe* they’re just LE online, as he was rather certain that they are not LE in the actual brick and morter shops. I hope this is true, because it’s the 2 palest shades I’m after. The MAC Rep I spoke with told me he expected them back in the store within the next 2 weeks. We’ll see. 😉

      • abigailod

        Same here, I thought Everything in this collection was going permanent. .. oh well…

        Also just to share: I asked if this and the Mineralize lipsticks can be the free lipstick for the Back to MAC, and Yes they are!

  21. VickyM

    Now this is a Mac collection I´m interested in, the fuchsia retro matte could be potentially my next Mac purchase, I really wait for swatches of that color, maybe even also of the plum one :) .

  22. breyerchic04

    Do you think the model is wearing Flat Out or All Fired Up? Pretty sure I’m getting one of those, not sure which yet.

    • I’m quite sure it’s Flat Out Fabulous (assuming the next photo–the one of the lipstick–is the one she’s wearing)..! :)

  23. Ms

    They should release more stuff in amplified or satin finish too. Mattes require too much prep.

    • Ruca

      I must confess… I despise Amplified finish MAC lipsticks. I have a cleft in my bottom lip, and the product shifts around so much that it bunches up in that cleft within 60 seconds of application, unless I use a decent primer (which can be more drying then any matte). Satin finish MACs sometimes develop an odd Play-Doh odor to them, which I also dislike. I have never had the trademark vanilla scent alter on any other MAC lipstick in all the years I have collected them. Odd! And gross. My poor Viva Glam Nicki just stinks. :(

  24. Schara

    There goes the neighbourhood!

  25. pockykami

    I’m really loving this collection. It’s on trend, but I think also has wide appeal because of the color selection. I’m looking forward to swatches!

  26. I’m missing where it says LE or Permanent. Thanks, Christine! :)

    • Per MAC:PERMANENT:Lipsticks –Relentlessly Red
      All Fired Up
      Flat Out Fabulous
      Lip Pencils –High Energy
      Trust In Red
      Shock Value

  27. Gao

    I LOVE the one she’s wearing. MUST GET THAT!

  28. Sarah

    I love all of them!!! This is not good…

  29. nat


    • Hmm, maybe you aren’t using a lip primer or a lip balm prior to putting on the lipstick..? :) I’ve always loved matte lipsticks (especially MAC’s and NARS’), but I have never fallen in love with them as much as I did when I started using MAC Prep + Prime Lip before applying lip color (I used to just put on lip balm before the lipstick)!

  30. Veronica

    I love matte shades, but I don’t have the best track record with MAC’s lipstick formula. Here’s to hoping they’re less drying than the original. :)

  31. Jennifer m

    Hmm I wanted a Mac order for my bday and I think I want that plum!

  32. Colleen

    What color is being shown on the model? It is stunning!

  33. Mel

    Can’t wait for your wonderful swatches!!!

  34. Sherry

    Which color is on the model in the promo shot?

  35. Oh. My. Goodness. THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL! I must have them all (especially since I absolutely love fall colors and matte finish). Can’t wait til they’re released here in MNL! <3

  36. Cayla29s

    Ooohhh! Dangerous is so my color..

  37. Ms. Mad

    Does anyone have idea what lipstick and liner are in the second promp pic. The one with the liner and lipstick together. I really like them. Think I need to purchase them. Any ideas. Thanks

    • I believe the lipstick is Flat Out Fabulous. The lip liner.. I’m not so sure if it’s Dynamo, More To Love, or Fashion Boost. Pretty confusing lol.

  38. Emme

    SUPER excited about Dangerous and All Fired Up!

  39. Relentlessly Red looks gorgeous! Definitely going to look into a few of these.

  40. YASMIN

    AMAZING!!! So excited

  41. Angel

    Some places are reporting that these will be available at *all* MAC locations on September 12. Does that mean places like Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc. won’t get it until the 12th?

  42. heidi

    omg i love the colors! i have to decide now on which ones i want to buy!!

  43. Jai

    Do you know when it’ll be released in asian countries?!

  44. Heidi

    Which color s the model wearing??.

  45. faerieevenstar

    Looking forward to the swatches and reviews of these. They are gorgeous in the promo pics, but we all know that doesn’t mean they’ll work well! (I really have no faith in MAC any more…) Even the repromotes get formulas messed with and colours changing so I’ll wait with baited breath!

  46. Amber

    OMG I MUST have the color on the model! I hoep these aren’t drying.

    • Luvnhk

      I know I can’t wait I want the same one on model also which Mac told me model is wearing flat out fabulous

  47. Sam

    I am so excited for this collection! I really love Steady Going, Flat out Fabulous, and Fashion Boost lip pencil! Will you be posting swatches soon? I normally check here before I make a purchase… :)

  48. K

    Made the choice week ago that I wouldn’t feel content without all. So all it has to be. Including a new tube of rubywoo, classic!! :)

  49. Kimmie

    I cant wait! Love love love these colors!

  50. Thank Goodness Relentlessly Red and Flat Out Fabulous will be permanent! I will just wait for the demand of hoarders to pass! Haha!

  51. The lipsticks all look great!

  52. Those pictures (as well as the products) are beautiful beyond words! I love MAC a lot.

  53. tania

    hey can anyone please tell what color is the model wearing?please tell me cz i can’t figure it out :(
    that’s sooooo awesome

  54. Emi

    These look great – and I’m happy to see several will be permanent. I hate the MAC rush-to-get-LE thing!

  55. Lola chiriguaya

    What color isthe model wearing???!!!

  56. nere zavala

    When are they comming to the stores

  57. Niki

    MAC is saying that Fixed On Drama is permanent. Is this true? Would you be able to tell me when it’s coming back?

    • Hey Niki,

      According to the press release, it isn’t permanent!

      • I actually talked to a Supervisor at MAC Pro Online about the 3 that were LE and we were all told they’d be perm (Fixed on Drama being one) and she told me they’ve had a lot of quality control issues with some of the Retro Matte shades, which is why they decided last-minute to make 3 of these colors LE instead of perm. It was depressing! I was able to get Steady Going, but Fixed on Drama and Runaway Hit were already long gone when I had her do a warehouse check back in early November. I did snag Fashion Boost in a random restock, and it’s still available actually… but all 3 of the LE retros have been yanked off the site permanently, so no more restocks, I’m afraid. :(

        • Thanks for the info, Ruca! :) Maybe they will bring them back someday!

          • You’re welcome! I really hope they do, because I LOVE Steady Going, and I was rather sad to miss out on Runaway Hit. I had put it off because every MAC rep had said “the site is wrong! They’re all perm.” LOL oops. That supervisor told me no one saw this coming, and they really thought they would be perm. I told her I had received about 4 Retros with a sugary goo leaking all over the product, and she told me that was the problem they were having, and the reason they yanked those 3 colors. My RiRi Boy and one RiRi Woo all came that way.

            I’m glad the info went to some use, because I don’t get stuck in 2 hour convos with MAC supervisors every day, so at least that 2 hours of my life was not a total waste of time HAHAHA! 😀 xox