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What is MAC PRO?

MAC PRO is a separate range of colors and products designed with the professional makeup artist in mind. MAC describes the products as “more pigmented and [with] more versatility in their use.” Additionally, “PRO products are perfect for everything from body art to beauty shots, to work in film, television, fashion or theatre – M·A·C PRO is the industry professional’s makeup of choice.” There are PRO products, which are product types not available at regular MAC stores or counters, but there are also PRO colors, which are shades of existing product lines (like lipsticks) that you will only find at PRO stores.

PRO Only Product Lines: Airbrushing, Chromacake, Chromagraphic Pencil, Chromaline, Creme Liner, Gloss, Lipmix, Lip Erase, Mixing Medium, Paint Stick

You don’t have to be a makeup artist, and you don’t need to have a PRO card to buy MAC PRO products. It’s better to think of the two as separate — the PRO card allows industry professionals to get a discount on the products they would use in their line of work. You can read more about the requirements here. Similarly, you can always peruse the PRO website–you won’t be able to see prices, but you can see the product range.

How can I buy PRO products?

Unfortunately, only PRO members can order online, but anyone can order by calling the PRO phone number, visiting their nearest PRO store, or calling their nearest PRO store and doing a phone order.

To order by phone…

U.S.: 1-800-387-6707
Canada: 1-800-387-6707 ext 8555

My Must-Have PRO Products

  • Eyeshadows: Bio-Green, Blue Calm, Bottle Green, Bright Sunshine, Indian Ink, Kelly, Naval, Sky Blue, Sour Lemon, Vellum
  • Lipsticks: Show Orchid, Violetta
  • Mixing Medium (Water Base)
  • Pigments: Blonde’s Gold, Chartreuse, Emerald Green, Pink Pearl, True Chartreuse

List of MAC PRO Locations…

List of MAC PRO stores in the U.S.

  • 1833 Union Street, San Francisco, CA — 415-771-6113
  • 133 North Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA — 310-271-9137
  • South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA — 714-751-2142
  • Forum Shops, Las Vegas, NV — 702-369-8770
  • North Park Mall, Dallas, TX — 214-360-0990
  • Mall at Green Hills, Nashville, TN — 615-297-0668
  • Mall at Millenia, Orlando, FL — 407-363-5124
  • Armitage, Chicago, IL — 773-327-4902
  • South Beach, Miami Beach, FL — 305-604-9040
  • 7 West 22nd Street, New York, NY — 212-229-4830


  • 908 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC — 604-682-6588
  • 4157 Rue St. Denis, Montreal, QC — 514-844-1757
  • 363 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON — 416-979-2171


  • Australia @ 539 Chapel Street, South Yarra +61 3 9825 0100
  • Australia @ 276 Oxford Street, Sydney +61 2 9360 8581
  • France @ 89, rue du President E. Herriot, Lyon +33 4 72 41 71 56
  • France @ 76 bis, rue des Saints-Peres, Paris +33 1 45 48 60 24
  • Germany @ Rosenthalerstrasse 36, Berlin +49 30 24 04 87 30
  • Germany @ Ehrenstrasse 44, Cologne +49 221 258 57 24
  • Greece @ 44 Ermou & Evangelistrias Street, Athens +30 210 3258260
  • Italy @ Via Fiori Chiari, 12, Milan +39 028 699 5506
  • Italy @ Via del Babuino, 124, Rome +39 066 792 165
  • Japan @ Omtesando Hills West Wing 1st Fl. 4-12-10 Jingumae, Tokyo +81 3 5410 1122
  • Mexico @ Rafael Sanzio 108-204 Col Vallarta Tamichines, Guadalajara +52 33 36 73 17 13
  • Mexico @ Periferico Sur 4690, Col. Jardines Del Pedregal, Local #361, Mexico City +52 55 53 35 38 75
  • New Zealand @ 12 Courthouse Lane, Auckland +64 9 358 4200
  • Spain @ C/ Fuencarral, 18, Madrid +34 915 237 385
  • UK @ 28 Fouberts Place, London +44 20 7534 9222

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50 thoughts on “MAC PRO: What is it? How to order?

  1. Marjan

    I think there’s also a PRO store in Antwerp (Belgium).

  2. baby in a corner

    i’ll have to visit one of the pro stores in europe cause there are none in Ireland!

  3. DevilishDoll

    Someday when I get some extra money (not spending it all on limited edition MAC) I’m going to call and order Violetta Lipstick, Pink Pearl Pigment, Silver Fog Pigment, Reflects Turquatic Glitter, Reflects Purple Duo Glitter, Pure White Chromaline and Blue Lipmix.

  4. happybadfish

    I’m surprised by how few Pro stores there are. I have one here in Toronto, thankfully!

  5. THANK YOU!!!
    this was helpful///

  6. Meghann

    I’ll be going to Chicago and San Francisco this summer. I’ll have more time in Chicago so I will definitely check out the pro shop there. The mixing medium is definitely on my list along with bottled green. =) Can’t wait to go!

    • Kacie

      the pro store in San Francisco is one of the BEST stores I’ve ever been to, if you get the chance check it out, hug up on Andrew and tell him Kacie says hi!

        • I love MAC PRO in SF too. It’s the best MAC store/counter I’ve ever been too. LOL check Yelp -they have great ratings! Only downside is they always seem to be out of stuff *Ahem have been waiting for eyeliner mixing medium for SIX months now.. (last time I called was a few weeks ago.)

          If anyone goes to a MAC Pro, make sure you check out the lipmixes. They’re AMAZING.

  7. chibu74

    omg Christine, I can’t tell you how much temptalia is growing on me (in a good way) and i’m so happy i found your website, it is so informative and helpful…thanks for listing MAC PRO info, thats really handy, I’m printing it out for my reference. Thanks again, you are doing a great job!! love ur blog

  8. Dunno if this interests anyone, but there’s a PRO store in Belgium too, MAC Schrijnwerkersstraat, 21-23 in 2000 Antwerp :) Just for those Belgian beautylovers who didn’t know this yet :)

  9. lauraaaaa

    great post :)

  10. LH

    This is good to know thank you for the information. Have you ever ordered on the phone and how was your experience or are you lucky enough to have a Pro store near you? :)

    • I usually call SF or LA PRO. Sometimes Las Vegas. I’ve ordered via the phone, since it’s faster to ship from the PRO store :)

      • How much is shipping? Or should I order more than $60 for free shipping? How does that work?

        • I believe shipping is $7. I don’t think phone orders qualify for free shipping.

          • jayne

            Yes I believe shipping is $7. I placed a phone order last year and the woman on the phone said it was $7 for 1 to ten items and $8 for 11 to 20 or something like that. So if you’re going to place an order, to cut back on the shipping costs, it makes sense to order as many items as you can. Or pool your order with a friend’s order. Also, there was a 30 or 60 day return policy. I was concerned because some of the items I had never even seen pictures of and let’s face it they’re pretty pricey. I ended up returning a couple things from my big order by shipping them back and paying the few bucks for postage.

            Also, when I called, it seemed A LOT of stuff on my wishlist was out of stock, so you may have better luck calling an individual PRO store and having them ship the items to you instead. Maybe call one that has less traffic (not SF or NYC, but Orlando or Dallas). They’ll probably also have more time to talk with you and answer color choice/makeup usage questions if they’re not one of the high traffic stores too. This is how I’m going to go about it next time I order!!

            Sorry for the long post! Just wanted to give my experience!

  11. DJ

    I hate that there’s no Pro store in the ATL.

  12. Carolyn

    Thanks Christine! This is very helpful. I also didn’t know that the SF location is the only one in the Bay Area!

    • Yep, just one around here! I hate going, since parking is such a pain and I always get lost in SF, LOL. I suppose it is marginally better at Union *Street* than Union *Square*.

  13. Jumper

    What is the cost of shipping if I make a phone order (Canada)?
    Also, is the cost of shipping different if I call my nearest Pro store and make a phone order to them?

  14. Erin

    Thanks so much for listing all the PRO stores! I don’t live within 7 hours of any PRO store, apparently, hah! If there was any way you could do the same for freestanding stores, I’d be so thankful!

  15. Good post! San Francisco is the store I call ALL THE TIME! LA and NY are always busy so I feel rushed there. And the store in Texas has some of THE SWEETEST PEOPLE on the PLANET working there! (It’s that southern thing… Lots of “hun” and “darlin'” LOL!)

    If you aren’t a pro member you cannot order from the 6464 number though… If you call, they will direct you to the 6707 number (x8555 is also option 6).

  16. Joanna

    Thanks for the excellent overview, Christine!

  17. Ashley

    Wow thank you so much Christine! This was REALLY helpful! :)

  18. evangelia

    oooh there is one in south coast plaza? not that i’m surprised, but i’ve never seen it.

    • It used to be a regular freestanding store, but it was coverted to a PRO location a couple of years ago. I remember, because it was the store I went to for years, and just when I moved away, it turned PRO, LOL. I was mad!

  19. Ani_BEE

    I make it a policy to hit up the Toronto PRO store when I visit for shopping. :3

  20. Wilcoa

    Thanks so much for this Christine! I’ve been wondering how to order from PRO for a while now, so I can finally get an order in there :)

  21. What if there’s no store located in your country? Can it ship internationally?

    • I don’t know – you’d have to check with the nearest store to find out. You could also try emailing MAC PRO customer service.

  22. Kendra

    Thanks for info! Very helpful!

  23. Ericka

    Are there any other pro items that you would suggest getting? Have you tried the lipmix or other mixing mediums?

  24. Kim

    Hi, I was wondering can you order mac pro items on maccosmetics.com because i went to the site and some of the mac pro items are listed there.

  25. Miko

    Can someone tell me where on the MAC Pro website I need to go to see all of the PRO products that are available? When I click on the Products link, it takes me to the regular http://www.maccosmetics.com site. I am not a PRO member so I will need to order via phone. Thanks.

  26. Jumper

    If we know the products we want to order, can we still order via phone if we’re not PRO members?

  27. Claudia

    Ahh so disappointed. Just left the MAC pro store and I got home only to find I had half a lipstick in the tube! :( So disappointing.

  28. Val

    if only there was a pro store in HK..