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MAC Peacocky Collection

MAC Peacocky Collection for Spring 2011

U.S. Launch Date: January 6th, 2011

Arrogance or elegance? The showy display, the undeniably sexual spectacle, the iridescent irreverence…it’s awe-inspiring. We fetishize the exotic peacock as a symbol of extreme beauty, an act of elaborate nature, raging against everything simplistic. Peacocky fans out in a foray of intense colour for Lips and Eyes, exotic and sophisticated with a touch of ’30s F. Scott Fitzgerald glamour and mesmerizing metallic sheen. New Kissable Lipcolour combines full flash with creamy comfort. It’s molten, with elastomer technology that imparts a velvety, aerated feel without sacrificing shine. Light as a feather. Mega Metal Shadow gleams like chrome, with light-reflecting properties – yet creamy, crease-resistant, vitamin-fortified flexibility. Dramatic doesn’t even begin to describe the girl who knows she’s Peacocky.

Kissable Lipcolour ($18.00 U.S. / $21.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

Kissable Lipcolour provides medium coverage with the creamy comfort of a lipstick and a shiny finish of a lipgloss. The lightweight, comfortable formula is loaded with super emollient ingredients that provide a cushiony feel on the lips. The colour flows like silk, encasing the lips in creamy, luscious colour. Like a molten lipstick, the product melts onto thel ips and feels light and airy. It provides medium coverage with a luminous, smooth finish. It’s feather-resistant and wears for hours.

  • Enchantée Light blue pink
  • Exxxhibitionist Red-toned coral
  • Flaunting It Grey mauve
  • Love Peck Blackened blood red
  • Peacocky Sky blue with red pearl
  • Scandelicious Blue fuchsia
  • So Vain Muted dirty coral
  • Strut Your Stuff Bright true red
  • Super Muted neutral brown
  • Temper Tantra Mid-tone reddish brown
  • Vanity Fair Mid-tone blue pink
  • Woo Me Light pinky nude

Mega Metal Shadow ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

Mega Metal Shadow long-wearing and consists of metallic powders that provide a light-reflection, intense metallic finish that looks brilliant on the skin. It delivers medium-buildable coverage that won’t fade or crease. The formula contains vitamins a & e, antioxidants that help condition the delicate eye area. The creamy powder ensures an even, smooth application that lasts all day and easily blends with little fall-out.

  • Centre Stage Frosted chocolate brown
  • Dalliance Light champagne
  • Dandizette Navy with silver pearl
  • Ego Forest green
  • Mating Call Dirty frosted violet
  • Noir Plum True purple with silver pearl
  • Odalisque Deep teal
  • Paparazz-she Deep copper bronze
  • Peek-at-You Frosted yellow white
  • Prance Frosted mauve pearl
  • Sexpectations Metallic burgundy
  • Spectacle of Yourself Deep bronze
  • Top of the Posh Frosted white pink
  • Tweet Me Gold bronze
  • Unflappable Frosted black with purple pearl

Availability: January 6, 2011 at all MAC locations, 1.800.588.0070 and www.maccosmetics.com. International February 2011 at all MAC locations.

See more photos!

MAC Peacocky Collection

MAC Peacocky Collection
Enchantee, Exxxhibitionist, Flaunting It, Love Peck, Peacocky, Scandelicious

MAC Peacocky Collection
So Vain, Strut Your Stuff, Super, Temper Tantra, Vanity Fair, Woo Me

MAC Peacocky Collection
MAC Centre Stage Mega Metal Eyeshadow

MAC Peacocky Collection
MAC Dalliance Mega Metal Eyeshadow

MAC Peacocky Collection
MAC Dandizette Mega Metal Eyeshadow

MAC Peacocky Collection
MAC Ego Mega Metal Eyeshadow

MAC Peacocky Collection
MAC Mating Call Mega Metal Eyeshadow

MAC Peacocky Collection
MAC Noir Plum Mega Metal Eyeshadow

MAC Peacocky Collection
MAC Paparazz-she Mega Metal Eyeshadow

MAC Peacocky Collection
MAC Peek-at-You Mega Metal Eyeshadow

MAC Peacocky Collection
MAC Prance Mega Metal Eyeshadow

MAC Peacocky Collection
MAC Sexpectations Mega Metal Eyeshadow

MAC Peacocky Collection
MAC Odalisque Mega Metal Eyeshadow

MAC Peacocky Collection
MAC Spectacle of Yourself Mega Metal Eyeshadow

MAC Peacocky Collection
MAC Top of the Posh Mega Metal Eyeshadow

MAC Peacocky Collection
MAC Tweet Me Mega Metal Eyeshadow

MAC Peacocky Collection
MAC Unflappable Mega Metal Eyeshadow

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209 thoughts on “MAC Peacocky Collection for Holiday 2010/Winter 2011

  1. Eileen

    oooh …. I already luv them sight unseen!

  2. Stephanie

    O_O I’m really really excited for this collection.

  3. Cant wait to see pictures and swatches!

  4. Samantha Rojo

    Sweet theres gonna be a collection on my birthday! :) Do people get any deals or anything like that if they buy something on their birthday?

  5. Nazih

    Oooh sounds so intriguing.

  6. Are these going to be like the Slimshines? Same concept?

  7. Heather

    ooooo, sounds super! can’t wait

  8. Dawn

    Looking forward to seeing the eyeshadows. My daughter loves that Peek At You is yellow, like Pikachu

  9. Victoria

    Ooooh, peacock blue/teal is a color that makes me swoon! Looking forward to swatches and reviews when they become available.

    Christine, love your site and appreciate the immense amount of work you put into it. Been a long time reader, but haven’t thanked you yet… mea culpa!

  10. Trish

    Can’t wait to see pics of the Mega Metal shadow. I know where my Christmas money is going. 😉

  11. Laura

    Well damn, I thought the only things I needed to save for were venemous villians and tartan tale, my budget just got blown out of the water! I can’t wait to see photos of the metal shadows, they sound too good to be true

  12. Heather

    The collection name alone has me drooling!!

  13. Bree

    Hmmm..sounds interesting….will wait for swatches & pics.

  14. Emma

    This is definitely the one I’m most looking forward to at the moment!!

  15. Hmm, I wonder if the Kissable Lip Colour will be like ye olde slimshines.

  16. Krys

    $19.50 why cant they be $14.50? :(

    • El

      It’s bigger than the regular lipglasses.

    • Kendall

      I don’t know for sure, but I feel like these will be bigger eyeshadows – the Tartan Tale eyeshadows cost more too, but are actually cheaper per oz because they contain about double the product. It’s really lame though if you don’t tend to go through eyeshadows so you don’t need the extra.

  17. is the price increase only for this collection or general price hike?

  18. This made me go listen to Katy Perry’s song “Peacock,” AND this collection sounds amazing!! I can’t wait to see pictures.

  19. leesie

    The shadows sound gorgeous! Can’t wait to see.

  20. rose

    ahhh there goes everything in my wallet! i gotta start saving now, for this collection and the other 2 that come out in december!

  21. stephanie

    Love the new mega metals colors, but not liking the price. It’s going to be a challenge for me to pick which one I want. I may skip over holiday and spurge on these. You know.

  22. Hah, just the name of the collection got me, I love peacocks! Can’t wait to see what the products look like. :) xx

  23. Drownrats

    Peacocky and Love Peck.

  24. Angel

    Ooooooh i can’t wait 😀

  25. Ji

    I’m interested to see what peacocky looks like.

    love peck sounds like it’s going to look HOT on me.

  26. Jami

    Aaahhhh. I have no idea I need these things until I know they exist. Then I feel like I have to have them!!!!!! The eyeshadows sound amazing!!!!

  27. JayJay

    MAC: You’re killing me!!! $23.50 for a shadow (CAD), it had better be something special! The scary thing, the descriptions make them sound amazing. I love some metals! If they turn out to be cream or something, I will pass.

    The lipcolour sounds nice, but sounds sort of like the texture of a slimshine to me..

    • JayJay

      Wait a second.. I just re-read it. The actual shades of the lipcolours sound incredible! Love Peck and Peacocky: They will be mine!

      The shadows, I’m gonna have to visit in person. The whole creamy idea doesn’t always work for me.

      • yasmine

        They’re actually like powder shadows but the finish is extremely metallic that they kind of look like they’re creamy…if that makes any sense lol I absolutely love them I’m buying all of them. The shadows are same size as Tartan tale. The lippies I liked too I think they are supposed to be similar to what I hear liptars. Like a cross between lipstick and gloss.

  28. Dani

    As soon as I read the name alone I knew I would be spending a lot on this. Those Mega Metal Shadows are going to kill my wallet!

  29. hanna

    Christine, do you think i should save my money for the tartan tale collection, or the holiday collections coming out the days after christmas?
    Thanks for the update<3

  30. L1onQueen

    I want ALL of these Eyeshadows!

  31. Wilcoa

    These are exciting! Really am hoping I get some MAC gift cards for xmas now 😛

  32. Thanks for the scoop! Hmm…I wonder just how metallic the Metals will be. Like Urban Decay-style? Metallic tends to read uber-frosty…

  33. Jackie

    I can’t wait to see this collection!

  34. Jennifer

    omg can’t wait!

  35. 53

    hmmm the eyeshadows are not cream right? so they’re the usual eyeshadows with a new finish collection just like the Starflash collection in 2008 right.
    coz i really hoped that the tartan tale eyeshadows with plaid pattern are cream eyeshadows!

  36. Sarah

    Oh my gushness! Can’t wait for swatches and general product info (size, packaging, etc). MAC’s murdering my wallet, but it feels sooooo good. :)

  37. Regina

    So, is MAC increasing their prices?

  38. *neena*

    Looking forward to this collections. The kissable lip color sounds like it could be a good replacement for slimshines.

  39. I’m most interested in this collection

  40. Olivia

    The price increase is due to the Kissable lip colours are the same packaging NOT FORMULA as the Dare to Ware lipglosses and the Mega Metals are the same size as the MES.

  41. Vale

    Mega-metal-shadow? I don’t even know what they are, but just from the name, I know I will love them! ^^

  42. Cindy

    This will be soooooo bad for my finances… I wan’t almost all the metal eyeshadows :-)

  43. So far sounds interesting. I can’t wait to see pictures :)

  44. Yay!! The Mega Metal shadows! I have read somewhere that these have superb finish, even better Starflash. Definitely looking forward to them.

    I am trying to imagine the shades based on the description and it got me so excited!

  45. Thanks so much for posting, I had to share on my blog too :) I can not wait for this to come out the lip color really pulls me in. I just hope the packaging isnt bad.

  46. Judy

    Really MAC??? Really??? I am loving all your new collections. I just wish my money could keep up with you. Augh!

  47. Courtney

    The lippies sound fantastic, but the eyeshadows sound dull.

  48. Carolina

    Ohh! Looking forward to this collection!

  49. Uh Oh…I’m getting nervous that I am already lusting after way too much! Thank you for all the breaking info. I appreciate your blog a whole lot!

  50. Christina

    Kissable lip colors sound fantastic and the color selection is nice. Can’t wait to see swatches and go play with those.

  51. Carolynn

    AH i wish this would come up before the 31st, im being a peacock, black dress with peacock feathers i sew to it then crazy feather make up and and up do with feathers spread out like the tail… its dope, just wishin for that mac

  52. Sara

    oh no this is amazing!
    my wallet is hurting already =(

  53. MakeupFiend

    All the colors sound lovely in this collectio! So many wants, so little money…

  54. VJNS

    Ego?? Wasn’t that a Starflash shadow?

  55. Daphne

    This sounds amaaazing, I hope the products live up to these descriptions! Is it bad to say that this collection has given me a bit of extra motivation to job-hunt!?

    I discovered your site and am awed at the amount of work you put into it. Thank you so much!

  56. MoNyCKa

    I’m loving the eyeshadows and the colors seem like they will be very nice :)

  57. jennylevi

    When are the promo pictures going to be uploaded so far its sounds really awesome and mysterious at the same time. I hope that these shadows are good to blend and no fall out.

  58. Lisa

    Collections like these are the reason i ask for gift certificates… The day after Christmas and i have a feeling i’m going to go broke getting them… LOVE the names and colors… i would be happier with pictures…

  59. Becca

    AHHH!!!! I’m so excited for this! And I thought that after Tartan Tale I wouldn’t be spending any more money on LE!! >:( Oh well, gorgeous colours (oh so they sound) can’t wait to see them. My wishlist:
    Peacocky, Mating Call, Sexpectations, Dandizette, Odalisque, Noir Plum and Prance.
    There goes my soon-to-be New Year’s Resolution, sigh…

  60. ANETTE

    Will it launch in Europe as well? Am dying to see and get the mega metals!!!

  61. Catherine

    These shadows look amazing, although maybe a little powdery. The lipgloss looks like the perfect liquid lipstick. I can’t wait!

  62. Kim-Mary

    Any idea when we will start seeing some pictures of the items? Same with Stylishly yours, Cham-Pale and the other Winter collections?

  63. Kim-Mary

    Mega Metal Shadows??!!! Awesome!!!! New lipsticks?! Great. When can we expect to see pictures? I have to get the peacocky lipstick just for the name. It’s too cute something my little sister would say instead of peacock. :)

  64. DonnaN

    from my understanding, the shadows are more the size of the blushs……depoting to a 6 pan blush palette will be the six shadows of my choice for a metal shadow palette!!

  65. Elizabeth

    Excited for the lipstick “Woo Me” it just sounds pretty :)

  66. Krissa

    Looking forward to these new lipsticks & metalic eyeshadows. When will we finally see some promo pictures? I’m so excited for this collection.

  67. Marcela

    Love Peck lipstick sounds awesome… “blackened blood red”… vampy!

  68. tehteh

    any realease dates for Europe yet? I really want one of those Kissable Lip Colors XD

  69. Vijaya

    The idea of a peacock type of collection is pretty exciting, especially since Champale has me underwhelmed. Let’s hope this is awesome. <3

  70. Salvinia

    I am so freaking excited for those eyeshadows it’s ridiculous!

  71. Rae


    The promo for this is lovely — I can’t wait for the collection!

  72. Jennifer

    I want it all!!!!!

  73. ChristineD

    mmmmmm my wallet is moaning already omg

  74. Amanda Dubs

    These look soooo weird to me. I love the colors of the eyeshadows but they look like pigments. Maybe my eyes just can’t comprehend lol.

  75. Sarah

    Yay!! The only problem with posting promo pics is that now I can’t wait for swatches! :)

  76. Tiffany S.

    I want everything!

  77. I just love it! I want all the eyeshadows, hope they have just the amazing color pay off as I expect them to have!

  78. Ani_BEE

    Kissable Lipcolour look like Lip Tars to me. ^_^

    Mega Metal Shadow should be interesting to see in swatches.

  79. Alannah

    These are beautiful colours, but so not my thing. Glad I can pass up yet another collection!

  80. Leenie

    Sexpectations eye shadow looks like a winner

  81. judy

    Oh man! I was hoping for lipsticks not what looks like lipglosses. Shucks! That is not to say I will not be buying any of them. I just prefer lipsticks. Now, I need to see the swatches. Woo Hoo.

    • Emily

      I completely agree! To me lipstick comes in a stick, not a liquid, no matter the name. Even applying lipgloss annoys me to no end, totally without glamour IMHO

  82. Dini

    Love love loooooove this. I am totally down with rich, bold colors. This collection may run be broke. Time for a second job!

  83. Soo

    I love peacock colors. can’t wait to see reviews and swatches pop up when the line gets released

  84. Kat

    Can’t wait to see swatches of the eyeshadows. They look stunning. I want…

  85. ll

    i was just about to post this on my beauty blog :)

  86. Rita

    Finally! I hope these won’t be too OTT. In Europe, these will be out in February only, I think. It’s a long wait.

  87. I don’t know why but I just haven’t been into MAC collections lately (I guess that’s a good thing!) But I do think the photos are amazing -I can’t wait for your swatches! That always determines whether I buy/check out a product or not. =)

  88. Sass

    Peacocky looks interesting…I hope it sheers out a bit. I think I’m really interested in Love Peck which I hope resembles blood red. A metallic brown, I’m thinking, would look hot. I need swatches and maybe then I’ll get excited about this collection. Can’t wait to see them!

  89. Jenn

    Okay, I so can’t wait for the Kissable Lip colors. So excited!! :DD

  90. Jazz

    I guess Ill be breaking my no buy about a month early

  91. Mires

    The colors for this collection seem very nice and the shadows are beautiful but for $19.50 ea.. I am not too sure..

  92. Dawn

    Stunning colours! I’m looking forward to seeing swatches because at the moment I want all the eyeshadows, and I need to narrow it down as I can’t afford it all.

  93. Shontay

    I am dying for this collection! I may end up with everything. I’ve never owned a megametal shadow. I am most excited for the lip products though. That blue lippie is so mine.

  94. Lisa

    I love this collection!!! This is going to be my birthday present…. Thanks for ALWAYS keeping us updated and for letting us know what all collections look like before we buy them.

  95. Must…buy…


  96. Sharonr

    Odalisque O.O !!! Prettyyyyyyyy

  97. Naz

    This totally made my day.

  98. Elysia

    the blue lipgloss looks cool. Nothing really excites me yet..i can’t wait to see the swatches and decide.