Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

MAC Overrich Swatches

I recently purchased samples of the seven new pigments from MAC Overrich, and they finally arrived today! (Quite literally, five minutes or so!) You know I had to give you guys swatches right away! πŸ˜‰

So here are my quick thoughts on the seven colors:

  • Blonde’s Gold is nice neutral-white kind of color with a touch of warmth in the form of bronzy-gold; it makes a great neutral base.
  • Museum Bronze is a deep, metallic bronzy-gold color. I know in the swatch photo it looks rather bronzy, but I swear it seems more like an antique gold shade when I stare at on my hand (then again, the light by my desk isn’t the *best*). Anyway, gorgeous bronze color. It’s probably not a “must have” for everyone, but it is for me.
  • Mega-Rich is a subdued coppery orange color. It’s not really like Coppersparkle, just because it has a subtle sheen, no over-the-top frosty shimmer/sparkle. I think it’s a bit more orange, too.
  • Copperbeam is a rich copper-burgundy color; I see definite tones of earthy red mixed in. This is actually somewhat similar to Heritage Rouge — it’s distinctly different in a sense, but the two are close. This one has more red-brown to it; it reminds me of Antiqued eyeshadow, actually.
  • Vintage Gold is a more antique version of Golden Olive (and less frost in its finish, more subtle sheen). Kind of like a dirty green with lots of gold pearl.
  • Antique Green kind of reminds me of Deep Blue Green with more teal and gold in it (I am not saying it is a dupe for this color!!). Maybe a lighter version? The color is very much like a dirty green-teal color. It will be interesting to use this in a look.
  • Heritage Rouge is a reddish purple–kind of like Cranberry eyeshadow. Like the others, this has a metallic sheen, but it isn’t too much, unlike some of the existing frost pigments. I think the texture and finish of these alone makes them worth checking out, even if you might have a possible dupe.

Check out swatches!

MAC Overrich Pigment Swatches

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89 thoughts on “MAC Overrich Pigment Swatches and Photos

  1. I will own every single one of these. They are gorgeous.

  2. Vivien

    Copper Beam, Antique Green and Blonde’s Gold look beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sandy

    Thanks Christine for these, they all look so beautiful! I think I’ll get Heritage Rouge and Musuem Bronze

  4. karen

    big thanks! Christine, they are beautiful! I cant wait to try them.

  5. HeavenLeiBlu

    Oy, I want some samples too! I guess I’ll hafta wait. the girls at my freestanding are pretty generous :-) I gotta get Vintage Gold, Antique Green an Shimmering Rouge. I’d love to utilize the latter in the pink challenge. But alas, I must wait! =P

  6. HeavenLeiBlu

    I meant heritage rouge, LOL

  7. Skyler

    OMG, Blonde’s Gold! OMG, Museum Brown! OMG, Antique Green! These are all stunning, actually. Even Heritage Rouge… not usually my colour choice/family, but it’s beautiful. I cannot WAIT for this collection to come out, even if it’ll leave me penniless.

  8. By far the collection I am most excited for. Thank you for these, Christine!

  9. Lil

    How in the world did you buy samples? You must have some sort of thing going with employees of MAC or something. Anyways, you have to do a look ASAP! Strangely, these colors remind me of last years summer eye shadows. Isn’t that funny? I’m shocked, because there has to be more colors than this!

    • Zsofi

      i have the same question: How could You get samples???
      if only i could get some samples of some pigments in the future :-)
      did You pay for them,or were they free???
      by the way thx very much for the nice swatches,i really enjoyed watching them,as well as reading the descriptions :-)
      they all look gorgeous,my fave is Heritage Rouge :-))))

    • No, not at all. A reader/forum member was selling some, actually!

  10. Kristen Elisabeth

    I really only like Blonde’s Gold and Museum Bronze. Thank goodness!

  11. Lexi

    I don’t usually buy pigments, but I might have to make an exception for Antiqued Green…

  12. kobri

    Anyone hear that thunk? I think my wallet just passed out!

  13. Hello! Where did you get your samples?

  14. viv

    oh my! they look absolutely gorgeous πŸ˜€

  15. Jennifer

    I’m not a massive fan of pigments on the whole, but I think I may just have been seduced by Vintage Gold and Museum Bronze…

  16. claudine

    i will get blondes gold and antique green for sure
    the others i would have to swatch myself

  17. MΓ‘rcia

    They’re gorgeous! *faints*

  18. Wow… they all look so pretty~!! My wallet’s crying.. AAHHHHH!!!!!

  19. Sexy Sadie

    I loved them all.

  20. Woww, I never expected loose pigments to looks sooo.. solid? How many applications did it take for it to look that way?

  21. Kristy

    I want Blondes gold, Museum brown and Vintage gold…MAYBE Antique Green!

  22. gio

    They are all gorgeous!

  23. lala

    b. gold
    m. bronze
    m. rich

    my picks :)
    thanks christine <3333

  24. Zu_

    Haha, I think I know where you bought them Christine ^^ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ !
    Well, they will be out in August in France…I think i wil buy antique green,vintage gold,heritage rouge and maybe copperbeam, and then will try to find a friend who buy the others to share ^^
    Thay look beautiful, but imo,more the time passes,the less mac make innovation… Blonde’s gold, museum bronze & mega rich seem easily dupable..

  25. cloudburst

    So excited! I’ll be getting every one except possibly Mega Rich…I’m not a copper kind of gal.

  26. Fionna

    do you think that Antique Green is close to the pig. teal?

  27. Tanya

    hmmmmm I think the only color that I am really super duper excited about is Blonds Gold :) But I look forward to checking out all of them in person.

  28. Christine, do you know when these come out? GORGEOUS! Thanks so muchh.

  29. Neena

    I’ve gotta have Mega Rich, I can tell that’s gonna make a sexy look and Heritage Rouge is sooooooooo H-O-T!!

  30. Alyssa

    I’m also wondering how you bought the pigment samples? Thanks!

  31. Sounf Of Vision


    I want them allll!!! Such amazing colors!!

  32. Jennifer

    Hey Christine! Thanks for the swatches, these look amazing and i cant wait. Although i can hear my bank account crying already..
    What would you compare Blondes Gold to? Its soo pretty, i might need 2!

  33. Ariele

    So pretty!! I think I will end up with 5 of these :)

  34. Teresa


    Do you think you can do some comparable swatches, I would love to see how they compare to some of the exsisting eyeshadows and pigments. Thanks for getting this to us so early, really helps me prepare my wallet and my husband for the haul!hehe.


  35. I’m just getting the last four ^_^ I need to save some money, lol

  36. DreamerChan

    Lovely swatches, Christine! I want so many of these, but since most of these will be permanent I’m going to take my time on deciding which ones to get. Right now, I might get Mega Rich, but does it look too similar to Off the Radar? I see Off the Radar at CCOs all the time, and I might just get that one instead of Mega Rich


    • Thanks, DreamerChan! Where did you hear these will be permanent? Haven’t heard that!

      Mega Rich and Off the Radar have such different textures/finishes, it’s hard to compare them. Mega Rich is more of a copper, Off the Radar is a dirty orange.

      • DreamerChan

        I was reading it on Specktra that all the pigments except Mauvement and Mega Rich in this collection will be permanent at Pro Stores.

        And thanks for the comparison, I think I’ll just get Mega Rich :)

  37. angela

    does anyone know the Overrich US release date? is there a different date online than in stores?

  38. Oh, drool. I might have to get almost all of these. Time to get a second job.

  39. julie

    I so want to get sample or split piggies with someones cause i dont need a whole jar I want them all but mauvemovement only cause i have that one!!!Now to find either

  40. julie

    So what shall I do find a pigment buddy to half with or buy samples???I want way to many to buy all of them!!! I wouldnt even know where to start.Darn that Mac I like way tooo much lately

  41. C-dub

    :( Dang it!! I wish I hadn’t seen this….I have a feeling I will buy them all!!! I haven’t yet bought ANY pigments…do you think they work better/stay truer longer/than the eyeshadows!? How do you get them to stay on? Thanks!!! πŸ˜‰ LOVE the site BTW Keep up the good work!!

    • Hi C-dub,

      LOL!! I love them as bases. There are so many, and you can get sooo many looks using them under various colors. I use mixing medium :)

  42. Lozz

    They look great! i really want mega -rich,blode’s gold and antique green! they look beautiful!

  43. christine, i want to ask if these pigments are also the same size as the pigments: are they also in 7.5 g container? or in a pot just like solar bits’? thanks

  44. vel

    Your my go to for every Mac doubt thanks!