Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

MAC Cosmetics Overrich (August 21st, 2008)

(This image is not the promotional image for the launch.)

Fall for luscious. The Cult of Cherry inspires Overrich, eight pigments that keep you de-lovely and delicious as ever. Oxidized, rich-metal hues are a cakewalk to apply, for eyes, face, all the sweet spots. In Copperbeam, Blonde’s Gold, Museum Bronze and more, the Overrich pigmets satisfy an appetite for glamor.


  • Mauvement Cool taupe with gold pearlized pigments (Frost) (Reintroduction, LE)
  • Mega-rich Frosty burnt orange with gold pearlized pigments (Frost) (LE)
  • Museum Bronze Rich taupe with gold pearlized pigments (Frost) (Permanent at PRO)
  • Antique Green Turquoise green with green pearlized pigments (Frost) (Permanent at PRO)
  • Vintage Gold Tarnished green with gold pearlized pigments (Frost) (Permanent at PRO)
  • Copperbeam Rusted brown with red pearlized pigments (Frost) (Permanent at PRO)
  • Heritage Rouge Deep burgundy with red and brown pearlized pigments (Frost) (Permanent at PRO)
  • Blonde’s Gold Light tan with gold and white pearlized pigments (Frost) (Permanent at PRO)

Source: Temptalia.com (Internal)

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18 thoughts on “MAC Overrich Color Story Information

  1. Zsofi

    i want Your opinion Christine :-))
    i already have Teal and Golden Olive Pigments,i think they are
    kind of close in color to Antique Green and Vintage Gold.
    i think this looking at the swatches.
    What You think?
    are they close in color in real life?
    if not,then i will get them :-)
    looking at the swatches i think Heritage Rouge is the most unique,never seen before color.
    i always wanted some reddish-burgundy pigment…
    or am i wrong,and is there something close to Heritage Rouge from the past???

    • Hi Zsofi,

      If you mix Teal and Golden Olive, you will get close to Antique Green – but not Vintage Gold. Vintage Gold is more like Gold (Metal) Pigment, if anything.

      Heritage Rouge is fairly unique – maybe like Maroon (which is discontinued)!

  2. Zsofi

    Maroon was apigment also?
    I have one more question :-)
    can You tell me whats the difference between Black Black Pigment from the PRO line and Dark Soul?
    i want Your opinion on this,what You think?

    • Hi Zsofi,

      Yep! It was a very long time ago.

      Black Black is matte, Dark Soul is a silvery-black and very shimmery/frosty. I prefer Dark Soul, because I’m not a fan of most of the matte pigments (they don’t go on as well as other textures), but it’s not nearly that black. I prefer Blacktrack fluidline for a black base.

      • Zsofi

        thank You very much for making this clear for me :-)
        plus You gave a very good idea of mixing pigments,this way i can get new colors :-)
        if You have some good suggestions on what to mix with what,pls tell me :-)
        have You mixed some ,too?

        • Hi Zsofi,

          I’ll definitely let you know if I think of other good dupes. I don’t usually mix pigments, because I end up buying the ones I like, LOL. Pigments are my vice!

  3. von

    i need to try some pigments and paint pots…i’ve been meaning to do that

  4. Sandy

    I ran out of my Mauvement sample so I’ll pick that one up. I’m also interested in Heritage Rouge and Vintage Gold if it’s not like Old Gold.

  5. Ariele

    Ohhh SWEET! I didn’t know some (most) of these were going to be permanent PRO items! That’s awesome… there are so many good things coming out at the same time (i.e. Cult of Cherry), maybe I can save a couple of these for picking up later. I’m very interested in Antique Green, Heritage Rouge, Vintage Gold, Museum Bronze and Blonde’s Gold.

  6. Zsofi

    Hi Christine,hi Ladies!!!
    i want to share my MAC experience.
    this happened today,i went to a MAC store and there was a super friendly guy who helped me.
    only thing that was funny,is that when i told him i adore pigments he immediately tried to sell me the new Electroflash mineral shadows,telling me they are like pigments…
    then he tried to sell me the solar bits,telling me they are the same as pigments :-)
    then i told him i wait for the Overrich collection :-DDDD
    thanks for Temtalia for keeping me informed :-)
    now i think i will buy at least 5 of those babies :-)
    one question:why does MAC make so many white-ish pigments?
    i have Vanilla,so i skip Lark About,Quick Frost,Frozen White, Frost and Pink Opal.
    but if these would be all a bit different i would get them…
    so pls pls pls MAC,more vibrant colors,like in PRO :-DDD

    • Hi Zsofi,

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Zsofi!! I’m glad you were able to hold off for some pigmetns! I find some of the whites differ – like Pink Opal is lovely, has a great duochrome, but I don’t have most of the others.