Monday, March 22nd, 2010

MAC Opulash Mascara

MAC Opulash Mascara for Summer 2010

U.S. Launch Date: May 27, 2010
International Launch Date: June 2010

THE BIGGEST, BADDEST, BOUFFANT LASHES EVER ARE MAKING NOISE WITH THEIR SEXY SWEEP… the most extremevolumization ever seen! Just like going to your hairdresser for the boldest Barbarella blowout you’d ever dare to wear, Opulash creates aesthetic extremes when it gets going, for a dramatic end look. It’s all in the brush: enlarged and engineered to grab roots, lift, hold, replicate, exaggerate, and build-out like an architect intent on astounding with structural sleight-of-hand. Pick up the brush – see it volumize and curl – and you’ll know the difference. Large diameter backs you up, tapered front tip makes inner corners sleeker to reach. Needless to say, no clumping or Spider-Woman Syndrome. Superlative separation, sublime innovation: Everything a M•A•C Artist lives for!

Opulash ($13.00 U.S. / $15.50 CDN)

  • Bad, Bad Black Black

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MAC Opulash Mascara

MAC Opulash Mascara

Thanks to Debbie for the info!

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74 thoughts on “MAC Opulash Mascara for Summer 2010

  1. Liz

    Ooooh, it claims to curl! I might have to try my very first mac mascara.

  2. Mia

    this seems very interesting to me. once im done with my plushlash i have a feeling ill try this one :)

  3. iris

    I can’t wait to try it!

  4. emillll

    i bet it will be horrible like the others

  5. Sounds promising, but we shall see…MAC isn’t known for their mascaras.

    It’d be great be if it lived up to its expectations!

  6. Ashley

    Seriously, that description is awesome. It makes me want to buy it! I hope it lives up to par, I’ll have to wait for the reviews :)

  7. Ellie

    I love the name “Bad, Bad Black” but after I run out of my Lash Blast (say that 3 times fast), aaand my back up of Lash Blast, I’m gonna check out MUFE’s Smokey Lash.

    • Bella

      Do it! Smoky Lash is awesome! I got it a few weeks ago and it’s super! Blackest black, light curl and crazy drama, PERFECT for going out!

  8. Hmm not sure if I’m gonna run out and buy it ..

  9. Haley

    i might actually try this one!

  10. Diana

    I hope this one actually does what it says. I have NEVER been a fan of MAC mascara. None of them seem to deliver what they say. They just aren’t good quality. I have used drugstore mascara better than MAC. Ex: Plushlash (have to reapply to get good application and it flakes like crazy) vs. Maybelline Waterproof Colossal Lash (goes on in one coat and doesn’ t come off until I take it off).

  11. Tatyana

    So far, I have not been happy with any Mac’s mascaras, but one-Plush lash. I have tried all of them, and Mac does not have good brushes in their mascaras. I am curious to see if this is any different. My most favorite mascara of all times is Sugar’s Double Wink, but it has been discontinued recently. Double Wink has 2 brushes – one for volume and one for lenght, and it does an amazing job on your lashes.

  12. I hope it’s good! I’ll probably try it out, right now I use plushlash & I like it!

  13. Plushlash mascara is the only mascara that has done wonders to my lashes! I’m hoping that the Opulash is promising and I think I’ve heard that it’s going to be part of the permanent line.

  14. LNU

    I might give this a try…I’ve been using Mascara X/Plushlash for 3 years so I need a change! LOL.

  15. Melissa (divinem)

    They all promise that. I’ve yet to see one deliver. If it doesn’t have waterproof properties (I’m allergic to WP mascara), I may give it a whirl. I would love to be dazzled by a HG mascara.

  16. margot

    I’ll need to check it out ! Although, to be honest, apart from Plush Lash, I HATE (with a passion) most MAC mascaras ! I haven’t checked out every one of them, but … I have tried four and it was a disaster every time ! Oh wait, I like MAC X too, but only the brown one, very natural.
    Hopefully it’ll be a good one, a keeper :)

  17. Katharine

    A lot of people have mentioned they don’t like MAC Mascaras! What are you using?

    I like the brush on this mascara – similar to MAC’s Mascara X (which is what I use, and I love it).

  18. Audrey

    Aaaaaahhhh! The brush really throws me! Maybe I will have to part with my Lancome Definicils! Christine, Do you know if Mac will make this in different colours? I am having to wait until june! I just relocated to London and everything is so late on the other side of the pond!

  19. lauraaaaaaaa

    why does mac insist on making mascaras

  20. Melia

    I usually like MAC mascaras, but never felt them become HG for me. I bought Studio Fix Lash for fun, I love the brush but the formula doesn’t wow me. I’ve tried ZoomLash and PlushLash, they didn’t really do anything extraordinary for me either. Still, I will try this when it launches, I love trying new mascara.

  21. selena

    anything to make money….once you use one..(LOREAL VOLU.MASCARA) kind…..they all do the same thing….they really dont look that much different on….as most men say, ” NO ONE IS REALLY LOOKING AT YOUR LASHES THAT CLOSE TO SEE A DIFFERENCE…WHO CARES??

    • Michelle

      Seriously? Lashes make a huge difference. And men are usually drawn to eyes. Even if someone isn’t specifically checking out your lashes — overall, it makes a big difference. I definitely don’t think all mascaras are the same — some are horrible and some are great.

      • Katharine

        I agree. And not all mascaras do the same thing. Some have formulas that curl the lashes, others are composed so that they stay on for longer, or make the lashes appear fuller or longer. Brushes make a huge impact too – their design controls how much product is deposited on the lash, and how the lash is combed and shaped (separation to make lashes look fluffy, or maybe a little clumping to make lashes look fuller).
        I personally have not been able to get a cheap mascara to work for me (when I say cheap, I mean ‘drug store’ mascaras, as you say in America). All of the ones I have tried are either too thick and goopey, they make my lashes look spidery, or they are clumpy and lumpy.
        A cheap mascara in Australia is around $18-22+ anyway, so I might as well buy Mac – it’s only a few dollars more. Lancom and Chanel mascaras retail around $40+ here. Personally I don’t see the sense in spending that much on something I will have to replace in a few months time.

        • Yay I totally agree! Drugstore products are totally overpriced in New Zealand just like in Australia and it sucks, especially if you buy a drugstore lipstick or mascara and it’s crap. Not like in the States where drugstore products are often only a few dollars.

    • Charlotte

      Sorry to disagree but, even if people don’t examine your lashes through a microscope any clumps/gaps/ones that are way longer than the rest throw the symmetry of your face off and are unpleasant to look at. As Michelle said people do normally look at your eyes and eyelashes can make a big impact on what they look like.

  22. Leenie

    Have you seen the new lip & eye palettes mac put out on the mac web site ?

  23. Denise

    I haven’t been a big fan of MAC mascara so far but I’m hoping I will like this one. I’m constantly on the search for the perfect mascara.

  24. Brenda

    hmmm..I’d like to check it out, but this will definitely depend on the brush. I tried my first MAC mascara last month and hate it. I got Zoomlash hoping it would grab all of my lashes and separate them – it’s very runny and globs easily. Won’t be buying again.

  25. Ashley B.

    AHHH This sounds so exciting! I hope it doesn’t let me down like the rest of their mascaras have!

  26. Leenie

    Thanks for the info. on those palettes. I never tried any of mac mascara I might try this one.

  27. Hi! I agree with Katharine. I also use Mascara X, Zoom lash and Loud Lash, like it and I find this brush very similar with the one from mascara x. I can’t wait to try Opulash!

  28. Petra

    Sounds great, but… way to many promises, considering MAC’s usual mascaras.
    I may give it a try if people will have good results. :)

  29. BrownBrickhouse

    I hope it is like Loreal Le Grande Curl. I have not found a mascara like that since it was discontinued. I will try it also.

  30. Elle

    I wish MAC would come out with a tubing mascara. I’m so stuck on those lately that I can’t be bothered with anything that’s “normal”.

  31. kfm

    Like many people who’ve already commented, I’m leery of MAC mascaras. I have very long, light eyelashes that are reasonably thick, so I look for something that adds volume and that actually coats the lash from base to tip without ending up smudged on my eyelid. Most MAC mascaras do neither. Plushlash helps with the volume and I’ve been reasonably happy with Dazzlelash (although it can get clumpy and seems to dry out faster than most mascaras). I may try this one, just because I’m always a sucker for a new toy.

    And although most men may not notice eyelashes, I have to say, when I find something that works, I do tend to get compliments on them… So some guys appreciate it…

  32. Mirna

    I love the promo pic for this! It reminds me of that Nintendo mushroom that was in Super Mario Brothers! lol
    Besides that, I am looking forward to your review Christine, then I will decide to try it or not. It is hard for me to stray from my beloved Givenchy Phenomen’ Eyes.

  33. Arielle

    I have a very love/hate relationship with MAC mascara’s, I really hope this doesn’t disappoint…

  34. Heather

    This sounds like something they promoted last year. Not a big fan of the mascara mac has. Have had good luck with Clinique actually

  35. This looks interesting. I actually like the one MAC mascara I’ve tried- the zoom lash. If you wiggle the wand back and forth while you apply, it goes on quite nicely. I curl my lashes first, then apply the mascara. I’m going to try Plush lash this week, a couple of my friends really like it too, and I like the look of the wand.

    My all time favorite mascaras, for reference: Diorshow, Bare Minerals Buxom & BM Flawless Definition.

    Also, I hated CG lash blast- although it’s been a while since I tried it (it was back when it first came out). To me it was extremely overrated, and I wasn’t a fan of the wand.

    My 2 cents!

  36. I hope this mascara works like they claim it does!

  37. Madi

    I might just have to check this out when i go for the to the beach collection!
    Christine, you wouldn’t happen to know if this mascara is water proof?

  38. I want to wait and see some reviews on this cause I am a skeptic when it comes to MAC mascaras.

  39. MissTiss

    I’m excited about this. I really like Plushlash and the new(ish) StudioFix Lash is the BOMB! I threw some SFL on one day and left the house in sunnies. Later when I finally got a good look at my eyes in natural light, I said “wow”. Out.Loud. My lashes looked amazing.

    Can’t wait until this comes out.

  40. ocelot1

    im hoping this is similar to WP…so far only a WP mascara is able to hold my manufactured curl on my stubborn stick straight lashes…i was hoping for MAC’s most recent mascara to be WP since i LOVE that brush (it is so much better than its d/s plastic bristle counterparts) but nay…:(

  41. emily

    If they’re making this perm I may have to get one at some point.

  42. Helena

    LOL, Spider-Woman Syndrome.
    Oh, I do wish mascara models wouldn’t wear falsies. @.@

  43. Az

    I hope I’ll love it, and if I do, it’ll be perm. Nothing sucks more than a LE HG mascara.

  44. Jodie

    I have always been a little dubious about mac mascaras – I want to like them but every one I have tried so far hasn’t done my lashes any justice. Hopefully this one will be better as I am currently using mascara x and I hate it!

  45. Ashley

    I really don’t like MAC mascaras, I might try this one though, I just hope it’s waterproof.

  46. Michelle

    crazy excited for this!!! i am a huge fan of zoomlash, i don’t know why people don’t like it honestly!! so i’m totally up for this new mascara, WAHOO!! i love a good lash, and trying to find the best mascara is fun!!

  47. Reana

    wait I’m so confused…is this mascara a Nordstrom-only release? or did Nodrstrom just get it first, before the other stores/counters/freestanding stores???

  48. Amanda

    I went to nordstrom today and I tried it out and loved it! So I got it and I compared it to the studio fix lash and I def. like the opulash better. It really gives my lashes look more dramatic look!

  49. Laura

    Heard a rumor that it’s available now at Nordstroms. Have you heard the same?

  50. Nina

    I’ve tried it! Just bought it today. I was pleasently surprised at how good it was. It’s like the diorshow but almost half the price. It curls your lashes so well. I didn’t even have to use my lash curler. Lots of volume, no clumps and great length. Just keep layering and your lashes look amazing! I would definately reccomend it!