Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Eyeshadows: Creme de Miel, Pollinator, Buckwheat

MAC Naked Honey Collection Swatches

Here are swatches from the latest launch from MAC!  See a few more…

Lipglasses: She’s A Star, Queen Bee, Buzz

Honey Light (Overspray, No Overspray); Golden Nectar (Overspray, No Overspray)

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68 thoughts on “MAC Naked Honey Collection – Swatches

  1. Rani

    Just wondering if the eye shadows are similar to anything in the perm line.or are they something you think are worth buying…before I rush off and make my credit card cry at Mac..Thanks!!!

  2. cloudburst

    Everything is so pretty!

  3. Tanya

    yes yes yes my obsessive hitting of “refresh” every 30 seconds for the last few hours finally pays off :) heheheheeh

    Now I need the reviews of the perfumes and other products. Hopefully I can take some time to get down to the MAC store later today, I have 70$ left on my Mothers Day gift card to spend! yippeee

  4. Rebecca

    Which would look better on my nw25 skin – golden nectar or honey light. Thanks.

  5. Mhhhh Creme de Miel & Buckwheat are gonna move in with me….hopefully my grandpa the apiator will buy them for me! 😀

  6. Katherine

    Would Golden Nectar work well as a bronzer for lighter skin tones? I am NW15, and I am wondering whether I should get this or Refined Golden.
    Thanks for the swatches! :)

    • Taia

      I would get golden nectar! It is so smooth, almost creamy and has a bautiful sheen when worn on the skin. I find refined golden too orange and glittery for my liking.

    • Penny

      I swatched golden nectar on my skin today hoping to use it as a bronzer(I don’t use mac foundation, but I have porcelain skin with no undertones) and it looked way too orange on me to look natural as a bronzer.

    • It might, but I think it might run a bit orange. It also has shimmer in it, so I’m not sure if you are looking for something more matte!

  7. Gabsta

    I would love to see the Buzz liglass on. That colour looks gorgeous swatched, wonder if its so good to wear

  8. Tammy

    Which would look better on filipina NC40 skin?homey light or golden necear? Thanks =)

  9. Katherine

    Thanks Taia! I think I will go with Golden Nectar — the honeycomb pattern is definitely a plus, too!

  10. jenny

    pollinator looks quite pretty

  11. Mikki

    Creme de Miel e/s and Buckwheat e/s <333333

  12. Brenda

    I’m wondering how similar Queen Bee would be to HK Nice to be Nice?

    • Tami

      Hi Brenda,

      IMO Nice to Be Nice is more orange and transparent while Queen Bee is a little bit more on the pinkish side.

      Hope this helps you:-)

    • Totally different! Nice To Be Nice has a lot more shimmer/glitter, and it is sooo sheer in comparison to Queen Bee.

  13. Cathy


    I am stumped on what hightlight powder to get out of the 2…both are gorgeous….I am a C3….so pretty pale…lol

  14. Yaya

    I’m possibly might be grabbing Buckwheat (but I think I might get the solar bits from SW instead) and definitely at least trying Buzz l/g

  15. Cathy


    Which highlighting powder would you recommend for me? I am a C3 in the foundation shades with dark brown hair. Im pretty fair skinned.

  16. Kharina

    Lipgloss swatches seem nice thanks. Would it be possible to see them on your actual lips? For some reason, when I see lip products on your actual lips…it’s more…what’s the word….coveting??

  17. margot

    Queen Bee looks really orangey, I didn’t expect that at all. Actually, I was so impatient for this collection but now … I just don’t know. Nothing looks as good anymore. Well, I still have a month to decide if I want it or not LOL sometimes it’s good that we have to wait an extra month for the collections.

  18. Jaime

    Would the Golden Nectar Hi-light powder make a good sheer bronzer for a cool-toned girl? I’m fair/med. skin toned, and have med.brown hair. Thanks! :)

  19. BINNIE

    hi there how does creme royal (vp) colour 4m the hello kitty quad compare to the Creme de Miel ??x

  20. MC

    Does MAC have any permanent line lip glosses (of any variety) comparable to “She’s a Star”?


  21. Allie

    Ooh Pollinator is so pretty. I love them all actually <3

    • What will you be getting, Allie?

      • Allie

        I’m thinking all three eyeshadows and one of the highlight powders. Have to wait until it hits the UK though. =)

        • It’ll be in the UK soon enough!

          • BINNIE

            hiya the MAC website will launch the stuff a day b4 by 1pm so hopefully u can see the stuff online so excited 2 check out the perfume n salve golly the uk is so behind LOL im already makin my list 4 the fall collections LOL ps do u know if mac will bring the MAC skinfinish n shimmer powders back?? n can u tell me which one is good I wear medium plus thanks 4 the information as always christine, xx

  22. Goldie

    These swatches look absolutely gorgeous esp. for olive/warm toned girls!!

  23. gina

    How does Buckwheat compare to Tempting? Is there anywhere I can see comparison swatches? I don’t know which I should get with my f&f purchase

  24. Ioanna

    HI everyone!

    do u think that nice buzz (plushglass) is identical to she’s a star??