Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

MAC Nail Trend F/W 09 — Jin Soon Choi for MAC

U.S. Launch Date: August 27th, 2009
International Launch Date: September 2009

Backstage and front row, nail trend has arrived! More than a colour statement, an of-the-moment approach that dazzles with innovation and style. How to do it? Enter Jin Soon, much-sought-after nail guru, who has worked the shows and with the best celebs, collaborating with us to create six nail colours exclusively for MAC.

“There are thousands of sheer and natural colors. It’s time tob e surprising, revolutionary, edgy. Inspired by architecture, these are colors you’ll now dare to wear.” — Jin Soon

Nail Lacquers ($12.00)

  • Cool Reserve Mid-tone grey lavender
  • For Fun Rich purple
  • Dance All Night Brick red
  • Rich Dark Delicious Rich blackened brown
  • Dry Martini Khaki olive green
  • Beyond Jealous Blackened blue green

Edited: Now with images!

Rich, Dark, Delicious; For Fun; Dry Martini

Beyond Jealous, Cool Reserve, Dance All Night


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66 thoughts on “MAC Nail Trend F/W 09 — Jin Soon Choi for MAC for Fall 2009

  1. Dry Martini and Beyond Jealous sound interesting… I love odd green polishes!

  2. Mary

    There should have been more of them, really!

  3. binnie

    Cool Reserve which is Mid-tone grey lavender &Dry Martini which is Khaki olive green sound interesting looking forward to the pics :)

  4. Torrie


  5. margot

    Beyond Jealous is the only one that makes me curious :p and I love blue greens

  6. I love MAC but their polish isn’t that great. Well I have a few that are but most are dissapointing. Cool Reserve sounds really nice, def will check that out 😉

  7. Can’t wait to see the color swatches but thinking I might get “Cool Reserve”, “For Fun” and maybe “Beyond Jealous”.

  8. Annie

    Cool reserve & Dance all night sound amazing!!

  9. Celeste

    khaki and rich dark delicious are going to be breath taking =)

  10. I’m really happy about having an all nail lacquers LE collection at MAC. I found a promo-pic for this collection somewhere on another site and I’m all over Cool Reserve – For Fun – Dry Martini – Beyond Jealous, those looked gorgeous and indeed quite unique.

  11. juls

    I love the colors but the MAC nail polish formula suck big time.. sorry MAC the polishes and Mascara I just cant get down with

  12. Beyond Jealous Blackened blue green : will this be like deep blue green pigment? if so I think I NEED it

  13. Nicole

    oh wow (:
    new nail laquers; Beyond Jealous, For Fun & Rich Dark Delicious for me please :)

    cant wait for promo pictures 😀

  14. They are all on my list except Dance All Night

  15. LoveCelebGossip

    OH BOY! I’m loving those colors! I’m going to be in soooo much trouble with all the polish and makeup I want to buy! I can never go through it all myself.

    Thanks for posting!

  16. at first i wasn’t too excited for these, but the colors are growing on me! i can’t wait for swatches!

  17. Whatstyleistonickel

    So they arent matte then ?

  18. Christina

    Dear MAC,
    I hate your regular nail lacquer formula so please fix it for this collection because I want it.

  19. annie

    oh my gosh i’m in love with beyond jealous, rich, dark, delicious and dance all night. cool reserve and dry martini are super cute as well…
    not liking for fun though

  20. Oooh…hello, Dry Martini. 😀

  21. The nail polishes look gorgeous but I’m going to skip this one.

  22. Celeste

    OMG CHRISTINE! MAC is bringing back (no pun intended) volcanic ash exfoliator! please do a post on this to let other readers know! im so freaking excited!

  23. Johannah

    I love grey polishes, I missed out on the HK one. I may have to get Cool Reserve because it’s close enough to the nice dove grey I’ve been looking for.

  24. Dry Martini…Beyond jealous = LOVE!!

  25. BINNIE

    is the grey nail lacquer the same colour as the hello kitty one??

  26. what gorgeous/perfect Fall colors!

  27. Julia

    I don’t know, every nail brand right now is doing “surprising, revolutionary, edgy” colors for the fall… and those brands (OPI, Zoya, etc.) specialize in nail color, so their formula isn’t as crappy as MAC’s.

  28. Catherine

    I wish another brand was doing this collection instead of MAC…

  29. Catmeow

    “Inspired by architecture”

    No kidding. Looks like house paints.

    But i want them all anyway, hahaha ^_^

  30. Although I do adore polishes. I won’t be holding my breath for these. But let it be Essie, I’ll be first in line… :-)

  31. Up To Date

    MAC has actually bought the rights to the OPI formula so MAC nail polish formula will no longer suck.. =0)

  32. Amber

    Even though Dry Martini looks a little gross colorwise, I REALLY want it! There aren’t any polishes out there that are like that.

  33. Tori

    Cool reserve and beyond jealous sound really interesting i have a feeling those 2 will sell out fast!

  34. Lauren

    I really like Cool Reserve!! The picture makes it look so cute. I’ll definitely check it out.

    On a 100% random note (WAYYYY off topic) does anyone have a recommendation for a natural looking bronzer for a light skin tone? I’m struggling with bronzers this summer. They all look like dirt on my face…

  35. Eeeek! Beyond Jealous was made for me 😀

  36. Chiara

    Dance all night looks so chique and vampy!

  37. Mary

    For Fun, Dry Martini and Beyond Jealous for me :)

  38. Vness_12

    I love all those colors!

  39. hi

    Pretty! i want everything except Rich Dark Delicious (i love deep browns on my eyes, but why go brown on the nails when you can go orange or fuschia?) and I’ll have to see the nail swatch of Dry Martini. Either it’s going to be an opaque, rich gorgeous olive green or a nasty blackened grey-green.

  40. JO

    May get 1 or 2 of these…Curious about Mac Nail varnishes.

  41. smut

    dry martini and beyond jealous will be mine!

  42. Heather

    COOL RESERVE! Such a pretty color

  43. jasmine

    I want them all!

  44. Torrie

    beyond jealous and cool reserve!

  45. Heyo, I’ve checked, and the prices on these will actually be $12 USD/$14 CAD. 😉

  46. YaYa

    I’m interested in Rich, Dark, Delicious and Beyond Jealous, but of course, I’d have to see swatches.

  47. Rachel

    I really want to try beyond jealous and dry martini!!!

  48. Em

    Although I think I will pass on the collection Dance All Night (AMAZING!) and Rich, Dark, Delicious ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool reserve is also very pretty!

  49. Tattoo Girl

    Cool Reserve looks like Love & Friendship from A Rose Romance to me. Anyone else think that?

  50. Cool reserve and rich look beautiful, dunno if they’re $12 beautiful though. Lol.

  51. nadine90212

    I love mac – but sadly i have to say that i think that there nail polishes arn’t good

  52. Lauren

    This is one of the collections I’m the most excited about for the fall!

  53. PrincessJodie

    i adore mac but im not impressed with their nailpolishes so im gonna pass on this

  54. Meghann

    I want them all. I’ve been satisfied with MAC’s polishes. When used, it last all week w/o chipping. The lady a MAC said the polishes will be out on the Aug 20th. I think MAC has been bumping up the date because the love that look collection came out sooner than expected. She also mention that Feline was coming back, not sure what collection tho.

  55. Kristine

    Mac lacquers do tend to chip but they last so much longer if you use them with an OPI topcoat.

    That’s what I do atleast :]

  56. purity

    i love mac

  57. purity


  58. Tori

    Beyond Jealous and Cool Reserve = BEAUTIFULLL
    can’t wait to see them in person!

  59. rory

    I’m definitely getting ‘For Fun’…!! It looks amazing…!!

  60. Kristine

    I love the colors…but I won’t buy them if they still have the same formulation as the other MAC nail lacquers that came out before…I’m not really a big fan of their streaky!