Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

MAC Middle Eastern Lipsticks – Shade Extensions

MAC Middle Eastern Lipsticks – Shade Extensions

Lipsticks go lush in full-bodied shades inspired by the sultry tones of the Middle East. Be marvelous in Mehr’s rosy mauve, or for a more dramatic look, try Tabla for a rich chocolate brown. Yash is luxurious and chic in a soft sandy neutral and Double Shot promises to keep you savvy in chestnut.

Lipstick ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN) (Permanent)

  • Yash Deep neutral (Matte) (Repromote)
  • Mehr Dirty blue pink (Matte) (Repromote)
  • Double Shot Full bodied mocha cream (Amplified)
  • Tabla Chocolate brown (Amplified)

Availability: Online at maccosmetics.com September 6th, in-stores September 13th (North America), September 2012 (International)

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50 thoughts on “MAC Middle Eastern Lipsticks – Shade Extensions

  1. are these going to be permanent now?

  2. Mehr looks pretty, I’m excited to see swatches.

  3. Kafka

    Matte *AND* permanent??!!?!?! Mehr caught my eye immediately, especially as I’ve been looking for a dusty rose nude lipstick and almost bought some from Bobbi Brown today. Plus, Mehr is Persian! All sorts of associations but, in the modern language, it means friendship or affection. That pretty much settles it. Someone is using something Persian in a positive way for once and symbolizing affectionate friendship no less? I HAVE to get it, usual issues with MAC notwithstanding!

    Now I just have to pray that you find it super drying because all my favorite lipsticks from MAC are drying on your lips. Please, please don’t find it to be “creamy,” I beg of you. *wink*

    • xamyx

      I’m actually more excited by these than the NARS/Warhol fiasco, LOL. I actually love all four. I was seriously contemplating an extended “No Buy”, but then I see *these*, and they’re MAC…

      • Both Yash + Mehr I’ve reviewed previously, since they came out with MAC x Mickey Contractor.

        • Jasmine

          I wanted both but went to MAC too late! I’m so excited for these new permanent additions! Now, if only MAC would re-promote the blushes from the Mickey Contractor collection, I can start loving them again…

        • Kafka

          Oh!! You were trying to ease me into it and give me time to cushion the fall, weren’t you, Christine? You’re a kind person. *sigh*

          Mehr: “incredibly creamy” & ” feels much more like a satin or amplified finish, actually.” So not just “creamy” but “*incredibly* creamy” no less!!! *shudder* Words guaranteed to strike terror into my heart. Goodbye, gorgeous colour, we’re not destined to be. I cannot feel any mehr for you.

      • Kafka

        Amy, I think you should go for it. You don’t have my textural/feel issues with lipsticks that Christine finds to be “creamy,” you love to wear creamy lip balm, and you love neutrals, so these should be right up your alley. I think Mehr would look really gorgeous on you. Do you like the dark brown of Tabla as well? I hope you get them. You need something to comfort yourself after the Warhol travesty. I know you even had a whole drawer emptied and set aside for it! Me? I think I may nurse my wounds with a Roberto Cavalli perfume instead. Well, at least until Oct. 1st when those NARS nail varnishes hit the stores. :)

        • xamyx

          As much as I love neutrals *and* darker shades, I absolutely adore a deep neutral, and honestly, I do love the look of all four.

          I indulged this weekend in 3 NARS duos, LOL. I picked up Vent Glacé, Kilimanjaro, and *finally* Portobello. I swatched Galapagos, as well, and I *think* I had it mixed up in my mind with Fez, but I actually really like Galapagos.

          • Kafka

            Heh! I won’t say “I told you so” about Galapagos. 😉 (I agree with you about Fez though. It’s not for me either with my skin tone.) But all in all, nice haul, Amy!! I know you’ve had your eye on Portobello for a while now. I’m particularly happy you got Kilimanjaro which is a great highlighter. Does that duo’s second colour include Himalayas, because I use that one almost daily. Seriously. It’s like my version of Christine’s Burberry Trench.

            Staying on topic, it’s fantastic that MAC is making so many colours permanent with the collections posted today. It will give you time to pick things up. I’m genuinely happy for everyone, esp. those who always wanted Mehr. I’m really sad though that the texture/feel is not for me. I guess I better try Bobbi Brown.

            • xamyx

              I think Mehr may be a wee bit too pink for me, based on Christine’s swatches, but it doesn’t look so off that I won’t swatch it. Yash is calling me, though, as well as Tabla.

              As for Kilimanjaro, I think the second shade may be quite similar to Himalayas, but the texture doesn’t seem as dry, and it seems a bit more vibrant. The differences, though, could be based on the Tester of Himalayas I swatched the other day. I’ve read they are nearly dupes, though.

    • Mehr looks gorgeous and I just looked at Christine’s review of the original release. I’m grabbing this one.

  4. Soooo excited!! I’ve wanted Mehr for a whole now!!

    The description is the same as Pink Plaid though… haha xx

  5. Honeybumblebee

    Beautiful can’t wait to see your thoughts!

  6. Tessa

    Looking at your previous swatches, Mehr looks like Bling from NYX.
    Very flattering color!

  7. cosmeticqueen

    Yes!! I might have to get all of them!!

  8. GRW

    Wow! Now that’s what I’m talking about! Love these colored girl friendly shades!

  9. suzq

    My heart almost skipped a beat when I saw Mehr. I’ve been trying to get my hands on that lipstick for so long. AWESOME that its going to be permanent!

  10. Shayna

    Finally something interesting from MAC. I love their mattes and these colors look cool, even though they’re not shades I would usually favor.

  11. Although I’m very pale, I loved Yash and Mehr the first time around. I’m excited for these!

  12. Carrie Ann

    Mehr will finally be mine. It’s the only limited edition MAC item I’ve wanted badly that I couldn’t get my hands on.

  13. shwetaa

    Yash and mehr for sure;))))

  14. Sumer

    Yay .. I’m so happy .. I think these shades will suite me since I’m Arabic ,, for sure I want Mehr

  15. Zulaikha

    hmmm they look nice, you should do a review.

  16. Dominique

    I’ll skip, it’s a bit ” déja vu ” I think.

  17. All are too brown for me, so this is a no for me. I don’t find brownish lip stick colors like these appealing, but that’s probably because I know they won’t look good on me anyway. It just doesn’t work.

  18. Alexandra

    I got double shot the other day part of my back to mac!!!

    • me too, it is a beautiful colour, on my lips its a very good alternative to a nude lipstick. Tabla isn’t really dramatic but is beautiful because it’s the colour of chocolate I love it!

  19. Kathleen

    I have my eye on Mehr and Tabla. Was thinking about Yash, but how do you think it compares to the Delectable Mattene?

  20. Nina

    I lucked out and got Mehr with the Mickey Contractor collection and absolutely love it. I am a medium skinned East-Indian so I think it is very flattering on my skin tone, I did stop using it as much because I didn’t want to run out, but here’s my chance!!

  21. Nice

    Finally, something for women of color Mac!!!

  22. AmyD

    the mickey contractor collection was what got me interested in makeup…and temptalia.com :) i never picked up yash or mehr – i’m excited to check them out in person!

  23. cyndi

    the names are indian, tabla lol! and yash and mehr…all hindi names not arabic. it wouldve been nice if mac named the collection indian and middle eastern.

    • Jasmine

      Mehr is actually an Islamic term and I believe it also means something in Persian. Tabla also has its roots in Middle Eastern culture. Middle Eastern and South Asian cultures have a lot of overlap, even with terms used so try to calm down. :)

  24. Ellen

    I am a fair skinned redhead who looks best in brownish neutrals. These colors have been very hard to find lately, with the bright color craze. Many of my old favorites have been discontinued, I’m very excited to try these!! Its 2 AM on 9/6 and they are not on the website yet!! How do you think these compare to Bobbie Brown’s new shades of rich lipstick? It looks like her fall line has brought back some brownsih neutrals as well. I haven’t gotten to a store yet to try them, but I did see them on her website. Wish me luck. The last lipstick I bought was Smashbox’s new legendary line in Chai (almost perfect shade for my hair) and Honey (slightly lighter and pinker nude than Chai). I hope to have some more options this fall.

  25. VJNS

    Great shades! I want them. Perhaps they should have named them “colors from the cradle of civilazation” instead. Nah..too much lol

  26. fatima

    Where can I get these in the UK? Can’t seem to find them on the website!

    I especially want Mehr :)

  27. Brittany

    I went on the Maccosmetics website and into the store and the middle eastern collection was unavailable… Why is that ?

  28. angel

    all i want to know is when can I buy them

  29. Mayra

    Hey Christine how r u ? Quick question I have my eye on yash and honeylove witch one do u think is a better nude for a c40 skintone gal like me 

  30. kathi

    Mehr and double shot look rich and really great on my lips