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MAC Marine Life Dupes

MAC Marine Life Dupes — Sorry, Keep Looking

When I think of dupes, I think of something that is pretty close to it — I’m talking 90% or closer — not just similar. There are plenty of similar shades to Marine Life; after all, it’s really just a vibrant coral-red with minimal shimmer in it. NARS Deep Throat and MAC Foolish Me come the closest, though the texture of Deep Throat is obviously different and Foolish Me is a little more orange. It’s not quite as red/orange and intense as Marine Life, but it’s the closest I found of the many shades I do own that were in the running.

  • MAC Ripe Peach (Limited Edition) is lighter, more peach-coral than vibrant red-based coral. Verdict: not really a dupe, maybe a cousin.
  • Benefit CORALista is a pinker, less distinctly coral version with a significant amount of shimmer in comparison. Verdict: not a dupe, but a good friend.
  • MAC Instant Chic (Limited Edition) is much softer pink-coral with a bit of peachiness to it. It has a more powdery look and feel, but it’s so, so subtle. Marine Life is like Instant Chic if it took steroids for a year. Verdict: similar color but so, so much lighter–like a fruit picked too early.
  • MAC Hipness is much pinker in comparison to Marine Life. It’s not quite as intense, and it doesn’t have the strength of the redness that Marine Life as. Hipness is a less shimmery, pinker version of CORALista, though. Verdict: not a dupe, too pink.
  • Illamasqua Hussy is similar in its intensity, but it’s definitely pinker. It’s a more pigmented, matte version of Hipness/CORALista. Verdict: not a dupe, too pink.
  • NARS Super Orgasm is a peachy-pink concoction that pulls a noticeable gold sheen. It has a lot more shimmer (and even Orgasm, which I don’t own, would still be pretty shimmery in comparison). Verdict: not a dupe, too peach, not pink/red enough.
  • MAC Springsheen is very similar to Super Orgasm–it’s that same mix of peach and pink with a gold shimmer-sheen. Verdict: not a dupe, too peach and shimmery.
  • NARS Deep Throat is a pinker version of Super Orgasm/Orgasm, and it’s probably the closest to Marine Life, but it’s still not quite as red or as intense–plus it has the sheen/shimmer that Marine Life definitely doesn’t have. Verdict: almost a dupe, like sisters.
  • MAC Dainty is a sheer peach-coral with a smidgen of pink in it. It’s way too sheer and light to be a great dupe for Marine Life. Verdict: not a dupe, too light and peach.
  • MAC Foolish Me is everything that Marine Life is, except a little more orange.  The two are very similar, both in finish and color, but Foolish Me does run a little on the orange side.  Plus, it’s discontinued, so that sucks. (I thought about this one originally, but it looks so orange in the pan… just swatched it at the last second, and yep, they are indeed surprisingly close.)  Verdict:  similar, like fraternal twins.

I don’t own Fleur Power or Style, but I did swatches here last year, and by referencing those, I can tell you Style is most definitely not a dupe — too orange/peach. Fleur Power comes a little closer, but it seems a bit pinker in comparison to Marine Life.

See swatches…

MAC Marine Life Dupes

MAC Marine Life Dupes

MAC Marine Life Dupes

MAC Marine Life Dupes
Ripe Peach | Marine Life | CORALista (Benefit) | Instant Chic

MAC Marine Life Dupes
Marine Life | CORALista (Benefit) | Instant Chic | Hipness | Marine Life

MAC Marine Life Dupes
Instant Chic | Hipness | Marine Life | Hussy (Illamasqua)

MAC Marine Life Dupes
Marine Life | Hussy (Illamasqua) | Super Orgasm (NARS) | Marine Life | Springsheen

MAC Marine Life Dupes
Marine Life | Springsheen | Deep Throat (NARS) | Dainty

MAC Marine Life Dupes
Foolish Me | Marine Life

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108 thoughts on “MAC Marine Life Dupes — Sorry, Keep Looking

  1. Jill

    So I guess it would be a good idea to go ahead and pick up Marine Life ASAP.

    • Kate

      I was thinking the Illamasqua blush in lover or the balm hot mama blush…would give a similar effect to marine life maybe?

      What do you think Christine?

      I am hoping Mac will release something or better yet the same in the spring or summer

      • No, I don’t think either would. Hot Mama is similar to Orgasm, which is not really similar to Marine Life :) Lover is too peachy – not really like this either, plus it has a matte finish!

  2. It’s stronger than any coral… I liked!!!

  3. Val

    Thanks for doing this, Christine! It was very helpful!

  4. Roxanne

    Orgasm would totally be the “friend with benefits”. Foolish Me is surprisingly similar.

  5. oOo Springsheen looks purdy 😀

  6. Janet

    Wow, what an exhaustive comparison! I’m always impressed by how thorough your reviews are!

    Now I’m absolutely positive that I’ll be crushed if I don’t get my hands on Marine Life :)

  7. Sexy Sadie

    Make Up Stoe has a pinkcoral blush too, but I have forgot its name.

  8. Nars Deep Throat looks very similar…i have it n I think they’re close enough. I have very fair skin nc15-20 and from the swatches Marine Life seems to be very pigmented n very red. Not sure it would look good on me…not tempted to buy it bc of the metallic overspray n how gorg it looks. I might take a look into Hipness instead. Thanks.

  9. Lilac

    thanks a lot for this work! Now I actually think that I should finally buy Coralista, which has been on my wishlist forever 😉

    • SB_sweetie

      Lilac- Coralista is sooo wonderful. The shimmer is so perfect. Shimmery, not glittery. Go for it!!

  10. Laura

    Lord, now I want Hipness, marine life and Illam. Hussy. =D Thanks for these pics, GREAT job!

    • natalie_sod

      hahaha. yeah me too. after the swatches i was thinking OOOH I WANT MARINE LIFE AND ALL ITS FRIENDS, RELATIVES AND NEIGHBORS. hahaha!

  11. Amy

    now, after i see the pictures, they all look different! Except for the last swatch maybe… thanks for doing this!

  12. Wow thanks for doing this..I really like Marine life..will definitely buy it.

  13. Patty

    Have you tried Torrid from Nars Christine?

  14. SK

    Im quite suprised you compared marine life to deepthroat as the latter is quite cool toned and its more pink than coral. i have ML and its a neutral-warm coral.

    • I had many readers ask me to – which is where these comparisons came from :) Although, Deep Throat really isn’t cool toned on me… slightly, maybe, but not by much!

      • Sonia Kalsi

        I think your undertones are pinkier than mine, even though were both NC 30’s im more yellow based, so even the slightest degree of coolness in a blush is emphasised on my skin :(
        but nevertheless very helpful comparisons, thanks so much :)

  15. HC

    LOL I love this post! How awesome. Too bad I’m still picking this up on 5/18 and not using it. I’m just going to admire it for its beauty, LOL

  16. Marissa B

    Marine life is gorgeous!

  17. Kesha

    How come no one ever mentions MAC’s Goddess blush when comparing Coral’s? Is it LE? I always considered it to be “super duper” Coral, not to mention gorgeous. I don’t even remember buying it but since I missed out on Ripe Peach, I’m using this as a surrogate for my Coral fix. Actually now that I look at the compact, it’s shinier than the usual blush casings.

    Now that I’ve read this, I think I might try my hand in getting Marine Life, but only because it’s going to be highly coveted.

    I hate being influenced by hype :(

  18. shontay

    I really hope I can get my hands on Marine Life before it sells out. I really don’t like carrying this anxiety with me! Make up should be fun and this is not fun!

    Christine, I wonder how Marine Life compared to Excite blush by Illamasqua. I know that’s a very vibrant shade. I don’t own it, I’ve seen pics on makeupalley. Also, do you have Nars Taj Mahal to compare it to, just for kicks?

  19. Carrie

    Thanks for the comparisons. I love Springsheen. It’s one of my favorites. I have so many of those coral blushes, but I still want Marine Life and Hipness. I’d barely touch Marine Life because I love that gorgeous seahorse. :)

  20. mango

    great post!!!!! this is very helpful. i preordered marine life today – but i’m not sure if i should cancel it – it does feel pretty close to orgasm to me….crap i can’t decide if i should get marine life or not – especially since it’s so expensive ($28 something including tax!) ak!

  21. LiLi

    Damn. I was so ready to pass this up!!

    Thanks for the lovely side-by-sides. <3

  22. Maybe try NARS torrid?

  23. I will stick to my Hipness, Deep throat, Coralista, Hussy…lol!!
    Thanks for this…:)

  24. AnGeLwInGz

    Thanks so much for the swatches! I’ve been really interested in coral blushes lately. I’d like to see a swatch of Marine Life on the face though. I HOPE nobody puts on their blush as heavy as the arm swatches! Just curious to see exactly how red it is.

  25. lauraaaaaaaa

    you. are. amazing. <3

  26. Thanks for this… I only have the ones that are not that similar so I will be getting this the second it his the internet

  27. SB_sweetie

    This is simply amazing! Thank you! I own a few of these you’ve swatched here…plus Fleur Power (which is super-pigmented)…so I don’t think I need the Marine Life, despite how cute it is! One question I still have…after the overspray is removed, is there still shimmer/glitter in Marine Life? BTW, I LOVe your comment that Marine Life is like Instant Chic on steroids, that is sooo true!

  28. Rawrzellers

    Showing me Ripe Peach is like jabbing me in the throat with a knife… I still regret not showing up sooner to swipe one of those.

  29. michelle

    okay if you get your hands on it, try body shop blush trio in warm sunset.

    it looks fairly similar swatched

  30. Emily

    I can’t believe you don’t have Orgasm!

  31. Thanks for the pics! Makes me want to get Marine Life for sure!

  32. SiaM

    Thanks!!!! CONFIRMED MUST BUY !!!!!

  33. SiaM

    BTW… Super awesome review…One of your great comparison posts, I love it, so organized and gets to the point =)

  34. Jane

    Hi Christine,

    Marine Life looks suspiciously like Wet N Wild’s Silk Finish Blush Naive, have you ever come across that? It’s the only Wet n Wild blush I have and I’m thinking eureka! Could that humble blush be the elusive dupe to Marine Life? :)

  35. Melanie T

    Oh WOW Christine! You just opened new *blushes* doors for me to enter! LOL! May I ask if you own MAC’s Stereo Rose MSF~? Perhaps you can compare it to Marine life as well~? Thanks!

  36. Thanks for the swatches Christine! I really want this.. but I don’t see myself really needing this… Thanks though! =)

  37. alex

    I think I prefer HIPNESS out of all those, for my neutral-cool light skin.
    Thanks for the swatches :)

  38. alex

    Are coralista and hipness really very alike? I’ve got this imression from the swatches.

    Thanks :)

  39. Kate M.

    All this makes me want Marine Life!!  But I can’t bear to destroy the beautiful design…

    Thanks for doing this Christine!

  40. marina

    question: i have allready peachykeen,springsheen,style and really debating between instant chic and hipness…can you please help me to choose? i would def get marine life besides it!

    • Hipness – Instant Chic is pretty subtle. I don’t mind a subtle blush, but I don’t want to have to work hard just to get it there.

  41. Veedebee

    Grrrr, it doesn’t swatch anywhere near what I thought it would and I passed it up ordering online :-( I much prefer when you get collections first so I can make a better informed choice – how is it a highlight?

  42. Ioanna

    I think you should check ”Exotic blush” from Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess 2010 collection, it must be very near to Marine Life… xxx

  43. rukia

    That’s a very nice color. Love the swatches, hooray to corals! Good thing Deep throat is close to it, might skip this unless it will be prettier actually tried ^_^

  44. Christa

    So Christine, since Instant Chic and Marine life are so similar in colour since I own Instant Chic already and I’m very fair (NW10) am I best sticking just with Instant Chic since I don’t need the intensity of Marine Life. I do love pimented blushes and I love the colour of Instant Chic but that would be overkill having both right………..?????????

    • LOL, I don’t know if it’s overkill, you know? If you love pigmented blushes, Instant Chic is pretty subtle when I swatched it – so if you don’t find it very pigmented… then you may love Marine Life.

  45. Meri

    I have Hussy, Coralista, Instant Chic, Dainty and Springsheen. But I still want to get Hipness and Marine Life, just for collection though :p
    Lucky me, because in my country we still can get Foolish Me. Once, I did a swatch when I went to MAC and it’s pretty, my hubby agree with me when I asked his opinion 😛
    Talking about NARS, I don’t like it, I had 11 pcs then I decided to sell them all !

  46. That’s so funny, I discovered Foolish Me looked a lot similar to ML, I was quite impressed with myself – but trust you to have found that out too haha! I love Foolish Me but must say ML is bit prettier, just a touch more pinky peach. I skipped Hipness in the end as it didn’t seem as unique as I expected(got a backup of ML instead!) Would you agree Hipnees has exact dupes or do you tink it’s also undupeable? x

    • Yep, I’d totally agree with ya Gail — Marine Life is pinker!

      Hipness is nice if you don’t like a lot of shimmer! CORALista is super close, but it has a ton more shimmer, you know?

      • I hated Coralista, the heavy scent was TOO much! Plus it was more shimmery than I like. But I have a fe EL blushers, inc their recent Bronze Goddess one, which seems similar? (what do you think?) Thanks!

  47. Bea

    How do you think this would compare to ”Joyous” Beauty Powder blush?

  48. kcrystal

    would you say that spaced out blush is a lighter version of marine life?

  49. Nikki

    Marine Life looks gorgeous, but does anyone know if it causes breakouts??

  50. Amy

    I wonder about Salsa Rose (Pro), but it’s probably more pink?

  51. Chi

    You are soo harworking, u take all our thoughts and turn it to pictures…good job!

  52. Kara

    Girl, you are the bomb. I totally LOVE it when you compare and do a breakdown like this. THANKS!

  53. Mary

    Is Marine Life similar to Fun and Games from the Hello Kitty collection

  54. stephanie

    What do you think about MUFE HD blush #8, PDA being a dupe for Marine Life. I am going to swatch it tomorrow for myself. In online photos its looks pretty close.

  55. cindy

    Great swatch posting thanks!!

  56. Tish

    Marine Life is amazing I am NC45 and it is the best Coral Blush I own and I own a lot!! It’s so unique and beautiful

  57. jayne

    I picked up Marine Life and while I do like it, I find it is EXACTLY the same in color to my MAC cream colour base in Virgin Isle!!! I know Virgin Isle is a cream product, so many people may still prefer the powder form of Marine Life, but Virgin Isle is actually about $10 cheaper and has been rereleased on MAC’s regular website and is available now (I believe this is usually a PRO item, but it’s temporarily back on the regular site so if you want it, now’s the best time!!). I purchased it a couple months ago because I remembered reading all the amazing reviews on about it and they were right. To be honest, I actually like the finish of Virgin Isle better. On my combination/oily skin, it just seems to blend better and look more flawless. I’ve been using the 131 duo-fibre brush which I find is AMAZING for cream blush products. There is no light shimmer in Virgin Isle, but I always use an MSF anyway so that’s not a big deal. For the record, I didn’t just do a hand swatch, I actually put one of each on each cheek and could not tell a difference.

  58. Fresh

    think someone already said this – but the best dupe for Marine Hi-Life is Bobbi Brown’s Blush in Coral #3. Brilliant.

  59. stacy

    i found a dupe yesterday , i’m so happy ! it’s bobbi brown in coral #3 , and it’s been confirmed by a fellow Temptalia reader in another post , the hunt is over

  60. Megan

    Deep Throat looks pretty similar from what I can tell. I have the Hipness blush from the To The Beach collection but I didn’t get the Marine Life. They are kind of in the same family and I like Hipness a lot better.

  61. Ashleigh

    do you think bella bamba is at all similar, i really wanted to get marine life, but it sold out :(

  62. Yianna

    mmm it looks like marine life stands out.. if I only knew erlier :p