Thursday, November 18th, 2010

MAC Marcel Wanders Lip Gloss
Marcel Wanders Combo: Gesina Lipstick + Mary Lip Gloss

MAC Marcel Wanders: Gesina Lipstick + Mary Lip Gloss

I applied Gesina Lipstick straight from the tube and then patted Mary Lip Gloss on top with a separate lip brush.   I didn’t use any lip liner, but if you find red lipstick is prone to bleeding, you may want to use clear lip liner to prep!

Would you rock this combo?

See full face…

MAC Marcel Wanders Lip Gloss
Marcel Wanders Combo: Gesina Lipstick + Mary Lip Gloss

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85 thoughts on “MAC Marcel Wanders: Gesina Lipstick + Mary Lip Gloss

  1. Leigh

    Ugh, just when I decided I didn’t need any of this. :p

  2. Amanda Dubs

    Wow this looks fantastic on you!

  3. Lauren

    I love this combination! I’m not sure I’d be able to pull it off, considering how pale I am lol but it looks great on you!

  4. Deb

    Very pretty, Christine! I would definitely rock it – I love an electric pink lip!

  5. Michelle

    Wow, that is so beautiful….I may have to pick those two colors up.

  6. Lisa

    That is a very pretty combo…I would wear it.. Hoping to see more combos from this collection. Thanks!

    • Jennifer

      I would also love to see some more combos from this collection because the lipsticks and glosses really seems like they are meant to complement each other. I am really liking the colors in the collection :)

  7. daphne

    Whoa that is GORGEOUS. Outrageously so. Furiously trying to think of whether I can dupe it with my stash…! :)

  8. Vanessa

    OMG that combo is so HAWT!!!!! Im sick for hot pinks lol

  9. Marcela

    oooh gorgeous combo! it looks so “juicy” LOL… but too bad this collection is pricier than the norm.

  10. allison

    OMG…I was not even interested in anything from this collection!!! I would totally rock this! This looks great on you!

  11. Mires

    Oh it looks beautiful! now I want to buy them….haha

  12. kcrystal

    1. Is Mary Lipgloss similiar to Mac’s Goldyrocks dazzleglass?

    2. What are you wearing on your cheeks? So pretty!

    Great color on you! Compliments your skin tone as well as a nice brightening effect!

  13. stacy

    MUST HAVE! How will I wait?

  14. beautiful combination. I would definitely rock this look!

  15. Rita

    Love! Also I thought that I could live without this collection, but then I saw Gesina. And it’s even prettier with the gloss.

  16. That combo looks amazing! I am loving the gold shimmer.

  17. Dawn

    Very pretty! I’m not buying anything from the collection, though – too expensive

  18. Tawny

    Dang it…there goes my ” I don’t need anymore lip stuff” plan. This is gorgeous, Christine

  19. Tiffany S.

    It’s really pretty, full fushia with radiant jewels on top looks similar.

  20. Janet

    Love it! Would definitely wear this.

  21. t_zwiggy

    Amazing combo!

  22. Ula

    Beautiful combination!! :)

  23. Tre

    Dang it! I wasn’t going to get anything from this collection.



  24. Bernice

    That is GORGEOUS!

  25. Rae

    Okay, huge YES. I didn’t care for either product on its own, but they look absolutely fabulous now that you’ve layered them!


  26. Melanie

    Gorgeous color!

  27. Lesley

    Damn it.
    I thought I didn’t want anything from this collection, but that combination is so pretty!

  28. Maeve

    I freakin’ love Mary lip gloss!!! I want it!

  29. VeroJo

    SO PRETTY!!! I didn’t think I was going to buy anything. But now, I have to have this : D

  30. AnGeLwInGz

    Very lovely and festive!

  31. Adriana

    Wooooow really nice colour

  32. wow, luscious! :) could one request martha with a gloss of your choice on top? i really loved martha… :)

  33. Jackie

    So0o0o pretty!

  34. Hannah

    would it be possible for you to do a video tutorial sometime in the future demonstrating how you put lipgloss on over a lipstick? it sounds so basic, but no matter what I do, I end up moving around the lipstick, which leaves a streaky result! I’m sure other followers would like to see as well, since you always have flawless lip combos!

  35. that looks pretty awesomeee
    i love vibrant pink!

  36. Yvette

    I didn’t want …. until now. Thx Christine… this combo will be the first thing I buy!

  37. Ricci

    Beautiful Color on you!

  38. Marie

    This is so pretty!

  39. angela

    Thats so pretty!

  40. saku

    That’s such a pretty lip combo. Even though I’m a little shy of wearing brights on the lips. It looks great on you.

  41. Tiffany

    holy cow…so stunning. the gold shimmer really kicks it up!

  42. Ashley D.

    Perfect combo!

  43. this is soo pretty u r really creative

  44. Leigh

    Wow!! I’m not one for lip combos, but this is amazing!! Any possible dupes, Christine?

  45. Ines

    wow this looks stunning

  46. so so pretty. all the glosses from this collection are amazing.

  47. Angie

    Love this combo!!! :)

  48. Carrie Ann

    That looks really pretty. You’re really making me want that lipstick. I certainly don’t have anything like it. My birthday is next week, so maybe it’ll be a b-day present to myself. We’ll see. :)

  49. Regina Reed

    That is so stinking pretty!

  50. Kate M.

    wow this is insanely gorgeous!  and here i thought i didn’t want anything from the collection…

  51. The color is so pretty, but I don’t want to buy both to receive this result… I think I’ll skip. The products are so expencive here :-/

  52. Tara

    GORGEOUS… i just drastically switched from colored eye/nude lip to natural eye/dramatic lip and i am SO going to get this combo!!!

  53. cmferrets

    that combo looks awesome. christine, can u please fdo more lip combos from this collection w. the like colors. thanx!

    • I probably won’t be doing many more – just because I have a ton of other great content I’d like to get out :) I am constantly trying to balance all of the other brands against the nonstop MAC collections!

  54. Emily

    I really really love this lip combo! I hope you make this a regular feature!

  55. This is totally what I do with my MAC VV Toxic Tale lipstick with Smashbox gold lipgloss on top to make it more wearable!

  56. Dollymix8

    Looks stunning!

  57. Kathrina

    Looks great on you, Christine! I would like to try it out but I’ve decided on not buying anything from this collection as I want to save money for other products that caught my attention recently (e.g. NARS Bougainville).

  58. Lisa G

    Love, love, love this lip combo. It’s just beautiful!

  59. Roslyn

    Is there a lipstick and lipgloss from the permanent line that could recreate this?

    I wasn’t gonna buy anything from this collection (except maybe the brush) because everything’s so expensive. But this is so gorgeous, that now I’m reconsidering, which is bad for my wallet!

  60. lisa

    Wow this is the most beautiful ive seen your lips look! So amazing!

  61. Bobbie C.

    Thats a beautiful lip combo.

  62. Taquana

    OMG! This is so hot! I love it!

  63. Linnea

    Love this combo! Bright, but wearable.

  64. nana

    WOW, so perfect, so beautiful!

  65. mda

    is this lipstick still available? i mean the gesina lipstick.. :)

  66. Hannah

    I still die over this combo every time I see it. I looooveee it.

  67. Tasha

    Love! Love! Love! It totally tops Barbie ;p

  68. Debbie

    What would be a good duplicate/substitute for Gesina? I cannot find it anywhere.

  69. You have the most beautiful lips I have ever seen. And this color looks awesome on your lips. I wish I had lips like yours :)))