Thursday, October 1st, 2009

MAC Mischief Makers

MAC Cosmetics Magic, Mirth, and Mischief Collection: Lip/Eye Bags

U.S. Launch Date: October 15th, 2009

Put a Spell On You/Pink Lip ($36.50 U.S. / $43.50 CDN)

  • Dream Mid-tone pink with intense pearlized pigments (Glaze) (Lipstick) (Limited Edition)
  • Baby Sparks Pale pink with violet pearlized pigments (Dazzleglass) (Permanent)
  • Dervish Low-key mauve (Lip Pencil) (Promo Size) (Permanent)

House of Mirth/Deep Lip ($36.50 U.S. / $43.50 CDN)

  • Fantasia Deep rose (Lustre) (Lipstick) (Limited Edition)
  • Get Rich Quick Warm yellow brown (Dazzleglass) (Permanent)
  • Cedar Rich, rose-flushed brown (Lip Pencil) (Promo Size) (Permanent)

Naughty Noir/Eye ($36.50 U.S. / $43.50 CDN)

  • Blacktrack Solid flat black (Fluidline) (Permanent)
  • Shimmertime Soft baby pink (Pigment) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Zoomblack Mascara (Promo Size)
  • 209SE Brush

Alakazam! Chocolate/Eye ($36.50 U.S. / $43.50 CDN)

  • Rich Ground Reddened coco with frost (Fluidline) (Permanent)
  • Melon Soft bright golden peach (Pigment) (Permanent) (Repromote)
  • Zoomblack Mascara (Promo Size)
  • 209SE Brush

Edited:  Now with product photos!

See brush sets

Do-the-Trick Buff and Line Brush Set ($49.50 U.S. / $58.00 CDN)

  • 168SE
  • 187SE
  • 209SE
  • 219SE
  • 252SE

Wave of a Wand Sweep and Define Brush Set ($49.50 U.S. / $58.00 CDN)

  • 129SE
  • 190SE
  • 212SE
  • 227SE
  • 275SE

Morning, Noon, & Knight Everything Eye Brush Set ($49.50 U.S. / $58.00 CDN)

  • 194SE
  • 204SE
  • 224SE
  • 266SE
  • 275SE

MAC Mischief Makers

MAC Mischief Makers

MAC Mischief Makers

MAC Mischief Makers

MAC Mischief Makers

MAC Mischief Makers

MAC Mischief Makers

MAC Mischief Makers

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96 thoughts on “MAC Magic, Mirth, and Mischief Collection: Lip/Eye Bags for Holiday 2009

  1. electrik love

    cant wait for the pics

  2. Paige

    I already know I want the naughty noir eye kit. If I get a brush kit, it will be the Do the Trick set. Has more brushes that I want than the others.

    I’m really looking forward to a collection for once!

  3. alana

    any idea of when it is out internationally?

  4. I think I’ll get pink lips and the naughty noir kit. My list is getting very very long with the update. I’m not going to have much $ for presents this year. Oh well, everyone will just get cookies from me. 😉

  5. Lorna

    put a spell on you pink lip sounds right up my alley. man, this stuff racks up fast.

  6. Becca

    Ugh, I’m in love with almost everything in their recent collections and there are so many of them. I need one of these sets for the little bag!

  7. margot

    the pink lips kit :) it seems so pretty !!!

  8. amy

    pretty but i think I will skip this set because i have a little bit of everything from each set already and I don’t really want dupes of permanent items.

  9. I love it and the photos are great and so detailed:)

  10. scarlettholly

    oh no I want most of everything. argh!

  11. WOW! The Holiday collection promo pics are gorgeous! I cannot wait to get the both the lip bags and Naughty Noir Eye Bag.

  12. Very excited for the brushes! I’ve been wanting to get these for gifts, for a couple of friends.

  13. Michelle

    I want the pink lip kit — perfect for me since I don’t own Baby Sparks or Dervish yet — and the LE l/s looks gorg. So cute!

  14. Cody

    I’m definitely getting one of the brush sets… but I wish I could just buy the bags themselves! So cute!

  15. Tiffany

    YAY! this collection comes out the week of my birthday, so more than likely I will get something from this one! (: are the pigments full size?

  16. Oh my so cute. I want the 1st brush set.

  17. Sass

    The bags are super cute. I don’t have any SE brushes, but I am in need of them so I’ll buy from this collection cuz the bags are cute.

  18. Brenda

    Bags are cute, but otherwise it’s not very interesting.

  19. Aww, those bags are so cute! I think I’ll get the pink lip kit and the smoky eye kit.

  20. I was all excited that the brushes were a colour other than black, but… *sigh*.

  21. poo I only want the pinky pigment :0(

  22. Lorna

    i am eyeing the pink lip bag. i am not too keen on the bags; they look rather plain.

  23. Anyone know if the quality of the SH brushes is the same as the regular brushes? I have the 129SH and am curious if it’s the EXACT same brush in the set? I’d definately get the Wave of a Wand set if so… Good deal for some of my all-time favorite brushes.


      i gothe 2 brush sets from graphic garden and they quality is really good in my opinion just as good as normally some have said that these brushes are machine made not hand made like the full size but i feel the quality is very good!

    • Haley

      I don’t think they are the same quality. I went to my mac store last night, and they had all the sets on display. The brushes did NOT look like they were top quality. which is good in my case! Don’t need to waste my money! …but i did pre order a lip set and the noir set! yay!

    • kaLabaLa


      the SE editions brushes don’t even compare to the quality of the regular full-sized brushes. The SE brushes are produced in mass quantity whereas the regular brushes are handmade.. I’ve noticed that the application is about the same BUT the SE facial brushes shed.. A LOT. When I used the SE powder brush from the 2008 holiday collection to apply Studio Fix, I would have to spend 5-10 minutes just picking the brush hairs off my face, neck, and chest! The eye brushes don’t shed, at least for me, but I definitely would NOT recommend the SE facial brushes.

      • glitter princess

        i would disagree with you kalabala i got the gift set from the recent graphic garden brush sets and the brush qualiy were good. No shedding and the brushes are quiter soft bar 1 brush whcih was the 252SE which i found scratchy!

        • Anna

          I just got the Do the Trick brush set yesterday from this collection. The quality is great. One of the MAC girls said it was handmade, but I didn’t believe her because it’s like buying them for 10 bucks each, so I don’t know. But, I do wash my brushes before I use them to keep them from shedding. I think buying the SE brushes is good if you wanna save money. They perform the same as the regular ones.

          • cupcake

            she lied to you they are not handmade and they are horrible they do not compare to the ones you buy individually i would not waste my money on the brush sets its like buying a ten dollar brush set from target even a few mac girls have told me they are not worth it.

            • pixel

              I will agree with cupcake. The girl lied to you. The lady at the MAC counter I went to told me that the SE brushes are mass produce and are machine assembled whereas the full sizes are handmade. Despite that information given, I caved and bought 2 brush sets, and I must admit, I am very very disappointed. The quality cannot compare, and the bristles are very stiff, especially the blush brush and the 168. I will be returning both sets asap. I hope you will reconsider before you purchase, because unless you are looking for very affordable brushes or a newbie set, try to avoid these, they’ll hurt your skin.

            • DonnaN

              WOW, I wish I had read these brush set reviews BEFORE, I bought the Do-the-Trick set today…..I will be taking it back and getting the ONE brush I really want……



  24. Valerie

    This is all so pretty!

  25. Christine are the pigments full size??

  26. Is it me or are these sets rather boring? I really dislike when MAC releases holiday sets where half the products are part of the permanent line. *sigh*

    Ill be passing on it all.

  27. Dee

    Its cute, but I dont think I want any of this…Im going to a launch at Pentagon City(anybody in the DMV area?) so Ill definitely have to play around and see if my mind can be changed.

  28. Alexis

    ooh Naughty Noir – I WANT you!

  29. Susie

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! Everything looks amazing, is it bad that i want it all
    Naughty Noir
    Put a Spell On You

    Top 3 on my list everything else would be bonus

  30. Susie

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! Everything looks amazing, is it bad that i want it all
    Naughty Noir
    Put a Spell On You

    Top 3 on my list everything else would be bonus

  31. Roslynd

    wow. guess I am going against the grain here but i think it all looks terrible.

    the bags are hideous IMO

  32. Becca

    I want one of the sets just for the little bag…I love them!!!

  33. Melody

    OMG!! I want the pink lip set and the eye set with blacktrack fluid line!

  34. kpenn

    This collection has me so torn (particularly since all of the collections surrounding it are so tempting).

    I managed to talk myself out of the eye brush set, in that I have everything but the 204 and the 275, and I can easily buy those separately.

    I’m really debating about which (if any) of the other two I should get. For the Buff/Line, I already have the 168 and the 187, plus I’ll get the 209 if I buy one of the eye kits. Also, with the Sweep/Define, I already have the 129 (plus one on reserve) and the 190. Since it seems like I already have the most expensive brushes in the sets, I’m wondering if it’s worth it for me to pick any of these up. I think I’m being wooed by the packaging! Hmmm…thoughts, anyone?

    Also, I was wondering how people generally feel about Fluidline. I’ve never tried it, and I’d be interested to hear people’s thoughts on it.

    I think I’ll for sure pick up one of the lip sets (maybe both, depending on how they swatch). I’ll pass on Alakazam, since I already have Melon, but I might be interested in Naughty Noir.

    • sammy

      if you’v got some of the brushes, its not worth buying the full set.the fluidlines such as black trak that have a flat fnish are fab. the frosty ones are’nt as good and tend to crumble.

  35. Anna

    Naughty Noir/Eye Kit and the pink lip one are what I’m asking for/saving up for for christmas . so gorgoues

  36. sweetmama

    Does anyone know if you get the pro discount on any of the holiday lines?

  37. Luisafer

    bags are cute… and hope we get a great discount lol

  38. nicole

    pink lip kit i want you o.o but its too expensive and sadly im trying to save up pooie ^.^

  39. the 1st brush bag is on my xmas list!

  40. i want:
    put a spell on you
    wave of a wand

  41. mac is killing me with there collections and mostly there holiday collection better save up

  42. rosie

    i will definately get the pink lip put a spell on you and i really like the naughty eye but i’m not sure if i should buy it i like the fluidline and brush but never used pigment before is it worth it for me to get?

  43. Susan

    WOW!!! what is a girl to do ? I want it all. must start making my list and see what i need and what people are going to get me for xmas lol
    MAC is making a gitl go crazy over here !!!

  44. amani

    will this be available at mac counters ?? cuz i heard sum counters are not getting it

  45. Hanna Choi

    will these be available at the mac counters everywhere?
    thanks, :)

  46. omg im in love with those product they look fantastic

  47. jasmine(delaware)

    I want put a spell on you
    naughty noir eye
    and all the brush bags so i don’t have to carry my large size brushes when I travel I’m gonna be so broke…. but happy lol

  48. Lisa(Ft.Lauderdale)

    Last nightI was at a private showing of the new MAC holiday collection and the colors are fabulous!!!! I purchase the Alakazam collection and the new Lucky Number nail polish. My daughter purchase some other items from their new collection. Ladies you will love this collection.

  49. anna

    when will the mac website sell these. will it be on the same day or a little bit earlier?

  50. Becca

    For these brush sets; does anyone know about how long they last in the stores/counters?? I only ask b/c I’ll be out of town and won’t be able to purchase until November 5. Seeing as they come out Oct 15 (or sooner knowing MACs reputation haha) that’s a little over 2 weeks….nearly 3. Anyone??

  51. Becca

    actually I guess more all of the sets in bags….I want one but I hate to miss them since I wont be able to get them until Nov 5…..thanks

  52. sammy

    wow! luv the pigments! where are the pics of the eyeshadow sets?

  53. the zipper pulls on those bags are adorable!

  54. nicole

    hmm.. are the handles of the brushes purple? or just all black?

  55. Erika

    omg the lip/eye bags are sooo cute! I definitely want the Put a Spell On You/Pink Lip and Naughty Noir/Eye
    i cant wait!!!

  56. sukii

    OMG! im so getting everything.

  57. Brie

    I’m going to see if my mom can’t take me down to the MAC counter about a half hour away from where I am. I’m looking at the Alakazam and Put a Spell on You kits.


  59. Lexi

    I will probably get the pink lip bag but i dont know if i should get the Alakazam! Chocolate/Eye bag or the naughty noir eye bag,christine which one do you recommend?or anyone here ,which one do you think i should get??

  60. siobhan

    are the brushes in the sets purple??

  61. stephanie

    tooooo many releases to keep up with. was this always the case??? or maybe i am just noticing it now that i am getting back into makeup again.

    i am thinking i am going to pass on some of it and concentrate on building my brush collection.

  62. kerrielovemac

    Are the fluidlines full sized?

  63. love

    I have most of the M.A.C makeup brushes, and have a travel case for it, but I’m tempted to get the travel size brush sets, I feel like its such a waste of money as I already have most of the brushes I need.
    I would only get the travel cases for the reason that its compact and nice for traveling.

  64. kim

    hey christine, i was just looking at your post from a year ago that said that the mac holiday kits and sets were 25% off after the holidays, and i was wondering if they do this every year, because if they are, i’m definitely going to wait

  65. KM

    Anyone help? Im planning to purchase the set of brushes.. Which of the two will you recommend? Do-the-Trick Buff and Line Brush Set or the Wave of a Wand Sweep and Define Brush Set?!

  66. classyclio

    Any ideas on the RRP for the eye & face palettes in the UK?

  67. Kerry

    hey christine :) i was just wondering.. are the products in the bags full size or a baby version of the product? thanks xx

  68. hi.. have you compare the 219SE in this kit with the original 219.. cause i have this 219SE and it’s not stiff or even pointy but i don’t have the real 219 to compare… is it just me or are they both way different? the 187SE seems fine not too much different than the original.. thanks for your help!

  69. Karina

    Are the brush bags still available anywhere?

    • Tiffany

      I wish that I read the comments before I bought my brush set :(
      anyways I just bought the Do-The-Trick brush set for $35 at the cosmetic company outlet when I went to US last week, the brush is very stiff and scratchy especially the 168SE! even my drugstore brand blush brush is softer than this one!