Monday, August 8th, 2011

MAC MAC Me Over Swatches – Sneak Peek

I should have full reviews up for most items by tomorrow, but for now, here are sneak peek swatches. This is everything I have, so if you do not see it here, I do not have it at this time. As always, I will purchase any missing items as soon as I am able to do so. Please hold all questions until I have had a chance to write and post the full review.

See swatches!

MAC Take Root CCB

MAC Equilibrium Blush

MAC Lady Grey Eyeshadow Quad: All Races, Tendersmoke, Lady Grey, Hazy Day

MAC Avenue Fluidline

MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline

MAC Dark Envy Fluidline

MAC Moleskin Eyeshadow

MAC Mythical Eyeshadow

MAC Outre Eyeshadow

MAC Satin Taupe Eyeshadow

MAC Good Times Lipglass

MAC Illicit Lipglass

MAC Social Light Lipglass

MAC The Wee Coquette Lipglass

MAC Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick

MAC Peachstock Lipstick

MAC Rebel Lipstick

MAC Runaway Red Lipstick

MAC Secret Lover Lipstick

MAC Smoked Purple Lipstick

MAC Butternutty Shadestick

MAC Cakeshop Shadestick

MAC Heirloom Shadestick

MAC Street Cool Shadestick

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106 thoughts on “MAC MAC Me Over Swatches – Sneak Peek

  1. Noir

    This collection is to die for, I have to have all of it!

  2. Lauren

    thanks for the swatches! i can’t wait for your full review :)

  3. alyssa

    i am really loving the lady grey quad!! is there going to be a part 2??

  4. Lulee

    avenue and dark envy are sending inappropriate advances my way.

  5. Sarah

    I can already hear my wallet protesting…

  6. Elizabeth

    Loving the quad and the Oh, Oh, Oh lipstick. I must have that.

  7. Hannah

    So glad The Wee Coquette lipglass is in this collection! The Runway Red lipstick looks gorgeous too!

  8. Courtney

    WOW!! Look at Smoked Purple and Dark Envy! I might also have to snag Runaway Red, these colors are GORGEOUS. I knew from your descriptions a while ago that I would need some of these products but I even like ones I wasn’t expecting to!

    Out of everything MAC has coming out this Fall, this was the collcetion I was anticipating the most! I can’t wait to see Prince Noir also!

  9. Anna

    more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos! more photos!

  10. Adrianna

    I want so much of the collection! Rebel and Runway Red are definetly must haves! <3

  11. Carrie

    Tempted by the quad, wish I could pull off Rebel or Runaway red!

  12. oooh! oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy, can’t wait for your review! XD

  13. renee

    the quad, lipglass and lipstick (especially Good Times and Rebel) look stunning, i need those in my life! can’t wait for the full review

  14. Christa

    OMG, I was just thinking about this collection to day and looking forward to its launch! Thank you so much for these–you have perfect timing!

  15. Elise

    Lady Grey looks gorgeous – really looking forward to seeing the full review.

  16. Cakeshop. Is. BACK.
    I’m trying my hardest to ascertain whether Secret Lover is magically the same color as your arm or transparent. *checks release info* Transparent, I guess, since it’s supposed to be “pale pink….”

  17. Jaime

    This collection along with the Cindy Sherman collection is going to make me broke…

  18. Avril

    Oh my gosh, these are gorgeous. Why am I going to college when i could spend money on this

  19. Oh I’m so excited to see more. Runaway Red Lipstick, Satin Taupe shadow, and Dark Envy liner are coming home with me for sure!

  20. Grace

    I have been so eager to see some swatches from this collection! Thanks Christine.. can’t wait to hear more about this!

  21. Catherine

    Wow! I totally didn’t want the Lady Grey quad, but your swatches are really tempting me. I thought Avenue would have more of a goldish hint or gold shimmer, but I don’t really see it. At least I can take that off my list.

  22. Ryan

    I wounder If llicit is anything like MAC Sock hop from forever ago… I always wanted that shade but I didn’t get into MAC until way after its release. But overall there is nothing non-permanent that screams to me except outre eyeshadow. I love that kind of color for fall and I have nothing like it (=

    • laurz

      I wear Sock Hop all the time, I bought 2…and It is much pinker than Illicit, and not as shimmery.

  23. Fiaspice

    Oooh sound interesting can’t wait for the review.

  24. keira

    that quad <3

  25. I love, love, love the Runaway Red.

  26. Jill

    Oh, Oh, Oh and Rebel really catch my eye! I’m fair-skinned and on a bright lip kick at the moment! MUST HAVE! Runway Red looks a lil Coral-y for my taste.

  27. joelle

    Heirloom is the satiny shade of pink pointe shoes that makes me a sucker every time I see it! Want!

  28. Natalie

    I was eyeing off that beautiful brown e/s at the top in the picture and then I saw that it was Satin Taupe, my fav. colour. No wonder!

  29. avenue fluidline and outre shadow! yes! love! thank you :)

  30. amamnda

    i like the CCB but i have no idea what i would use it for.. its really dark for cheeks..

    • amamnda

      also, i am very grateful right now that i already have peachstock, smoked purple, wee coquette [mini] and rebel.. because i know i would have bought them and they are the biggies of the collection that i can tell are going to be the first gone, especially where the store isnt near a pro store.. i think avenue and the ccb are the only things i like.. surprisingly, ive never given illicit a shot before.. but i might!

      • amamnda

        and maybe the red l/s if i like the comparison swatches.. i like the shadestick but have never used them before and have no idea how!!

        • I have a ton of Shadesticks that I REALLY like but I never use… They sit in a container all by themselves… So ignored :/

  31. Avenue fluidline… so gorgeous!

  32. Judy

    OMG!!!!!!!! I just wanted a bunch of lipsticks from this collection, but that Lady Grey quad has me ooohing over it. I’m definitely getting Oh Oh Oh, Runaway Red, Smoked Purple lipsticks. Waiting for Prince Noir and Offshoot lipstick swatches. Thank you Christine!! You just cheered me up so much. <3

  33. Nlinton

    I need more shadesticks in my life…I think I need these shadesticks in my life…

  34. Lacey J.

    Makes a list of things I want.
    this will be the first time I plan on ordering anything from limited edition this year for sure.

  35. Natsume

    Wow.. I feel like I’m the only one not impressed.

    • Kelly Marie

      you’re not!! I’m skipping the whole thing.

    • Heather

      Nope… I wasn’t really either.

    • Devi

      Haha, I was scrolling through the comments, and I was almost reaching the end and I thought “Wait, I can’t be the only one who isn’t really into this!?” Seems the less impressed waited a while before posting their sentiments.

      But yeah, nothing here really got my attention. :/

    • JenJ

      I’m not either. Nice stuff but not wowed and a 51 piece collection seems like overkill when you have a new collection almost every other month. Also a lot of it looks like stuff they already have with slight changes to the colors. *shrugs*

    • Tina

      Don’t worry, totally underwhelmed by this collection, myself.

  36. Sarah

    dark envy looks like jealousy wakes!

  37. Carrie Ann

    I’m glad so many of these shades are repromotes. My wallet can’t take all of these new MAC collections. Can’t wait to see more of your swatches. Thanks, Christine!

  38. Kimberly

    The lipsticks are amazing…I can’t wait to get Peachstock, Rebel, and Runaway Red…and probably a few more things like the eyeshadow quad since I love the greys…thanks so much for sharing with us…I am beyond excited!!!!

  39. Cleopatra Supertramp

    oH gOd….i’M So sCrEwEdddddddD.

  40. KC

    MAC Take root CCB and Equilibrium blush would make great eyeshadows! Hey, that’s what I use my Style blush for. Rebel lipstick needs to be mine. Butternut shadestick looks awesome, so does Oh, Oh, Oh and Social Light. Damn, I gine be broke.

  41. zoe77

    mac said street cool was violet! LIARS! DAMMIT!!

  42. Mary

    This collection actually makes me want to buy some MAC products. All of it is so pretty :)

  43. Ester

    FUN!!! I’m excited. Looks like a good collection so far.

  44. Mel

    Hmm…I like Social Light Lipglass, Runaway Red looks like a possibility if it leans warm enough, and Smoked Purple but I’m going to need to see a swatch of Prince Noir before I’m sure I want it.

  45. lauwills

    ohhhh! thanks so much for the swatches. I will be needing good times lipglass, wee coquette lipglass, and the secret lover lipstick. (and stunner blush of course!)

  46. Mariella

    Oh Oh Lipstick and the Street Cool Shadestick….I am making room for the 2 of you!!!!

  47. Stephanie

    I think I could pass on everything shown here *happy wallet*.

  48. Msharma

    Why does oh oh oh look so familiar? Is it “same” as the sheen supreme 1 just about to release? Glad I m not crazy about all this stuff.

  49. Haley Flowers


  50. OHHH how exciting this is for once! Thank you MAC & Temptalia for the swatches!

  51. Melissa

    Dark Envy, Buttemutty, and Illicit, oh my!

  52. I’m loving Envy fluidline! Looks like a great shade!

  53. Maureen

    Lady Grey palette is gorgeous. I also like those shadesticks, but they seem to be very similar to the Nyx Jumbo Eye pencils. I know there’d be a gap in quality, but I’m sure it wouldn’t make a difference to me.

  54. Cait

    not sure if i am as excited now for this collection …

  55. xKiKix

    Ooh! I can’t wait to see the rest of the collection! Thanks for sharing so far!

  56. What the chuck is secret lover, though?! LOL

  57. Rebel is one of my favorite MAC lipsticks!

  58. Pamela

    Well, the two shadows that I was most anticipating look like dupes of shadows I already have: Mythical seems like Bold & Brazen and Outre seems like Ochre Style. Say it isn’t so!

  59. I’m actually so excited for this collection…

  60. Tracey

    I’m loving dark purple lipstick lately so I can’t wait to see what Prince Noir looks like and Love how Smokey Purple looks ^_^

  61. Kaylabella

    SHADESTICKS! Some of my favorite things! Yes!

  62. Heather

    Wow, for the first time in years I am actually tempted to buy MAC!

  63. Sophie

    is it possible that i want everything from this collection? i may have to start saving now..haha!

  64. Chloe

    Thank you can’t wait for more swatches and reviews very excited about this collection

  65. artemis

    i like the runaway red l/s and good times l/g 😛

  66. Sexy Sadie

    Runaway Red and Rebel are going to be mine.

  67. Kris

    Why hello, Smoked Purple, Dark Rebel and Runaway Red. And hello to you too, Avenue!

  68. Marina

    SO EXCITED! Though MAC totally should have sent over more stuff! This doesn’t include some of the stuff I was most looking forward to – :(! Lovin’ Social Light lipglass, and Heirloom and Butternutty shadesticks though! Think I’ll pass on Moleskin though, it looks super close to Soba ,which I already own.

  69. Kathrina

    I’m quite excited about this collection. More classy shades for a change.

  70. Precious

    Aloha! My question is or more like a thought. Would you ever consider doing a page of showing what MAC eyeshadows go good with? Sometimes I have a difficult time with that, but maybe if you had a section for that, it would help us newbies out in learning what eyesahdows go good together even if it is just 2-3 colors like the lid and crease n highlight. Thank you! and I like this swatch page as well!

  71. Kim K

    I really like the Rebel lipstick and Mythical eyeshadow. Am I the only one who thinks the Wee Coquete looks like jizz though?

  72. AlexisV.

    I always think it’s dumb when they include a regular permanent shade in a collection, but for me it makes sense to include Satin Taupe, cuz it looks good on everyone, IMO. Plus, it’s my fav shadow of all time, so I’m biased i guess. I can’t wait to get these fluidlines – they are calling me!!! So is Smoked Purple lipstick, and I usually hate purple lipsticks. Interesting collection definitely.

  73. Amy

    Oh, I have to have smoked purple, Rebel and runway red. Those are gorgeous. Thanks for the swatches.

  74. Hi Christin! Are you going to do a video review on this collection?
    I LOVE your video reviews!!

  75. helen

    Outre looks similar to the mustardy brown shade in Double Feature #4

  76. Laura

    Haha, two of the swatches that made me go “ooh – want!” were Satin Taupe and Rebel, both of which I already own (I’m wearing Rebel today actually)!

    Definitely going to get Smoked Purple, Runaway Red, both new Fluidlines (I have Dark Diversion), at least 2 x Social Light lipglass, and maybe the quad and Oh Oh Oh lippy. Oh well, at least I’m on a no-buy for clothes at the moment so I can justify splurging a little on make up!

    The shadesticks look lovely but I HATE the ones I’ve owned previously as they’re so dry and hard to use. I will just wait for the new Paint Pots instead I think.

  77. Rosie

    I said this collection didn’t look that great when you 1st annouced the next collection. So I lyed I totally want every color though a few aren’t my favorite but I quite like several in all products!!!! Cake shop looks awesome but I read a few comments that say otherwise?! I’m def. going to have to go to a counter once this collection releases! Thanks for Christine for adding more items to my wish list…. it’s never ending lol 😉

  78. Shauna

    I really like this collection. I definatly want all the fluidlines, the two eye brushes and possible a shoadow and blush…. lol

  79. Nahida

    Runway red and mythical eyeshadow <3

  80. divinem (Melissa)

    Love the Runaway Red but will have to see it on myself. I REALLY need to take my de-potted shadows in. It’s ridiculous to spend $$ on lipstick when I have so many empties on hand for freebies.

    As always, thanks so much, Christine, for your service to the beauty community!

  81. divinem (Melissa)

    I’m really bummed to read about the shadesticks. I like the cakeshop (light green). Oh well. I wonder if I applied it with a brush if that would help with its application? Still, if I have WORK to make a product work for me, I’m unlikely to use it, so I think I’ll pass on it.

  82. Emily

    Christine why no review of seaside ccb???

  83. Sarah

    Oh my goodness, I saved money up every since I found out about this collection! Soo many beautiful colors! I love love love fall because of the darker makeup shades! Thanks for the swatches!