Sunday, May 31st, 2009

MAC Love That Look Collection for Fall 2009

You saw it here first — a preview of Love That Look! :)

Lots of photos await you!

Here is a breakdown by color, unofficial descriptions, for your reference:

  • Grand Entrance Cool apricot beige
  • Dreammaker Frosty golden yellow
  • Smoke & Diamonds Dirty dark grey
  • Glamour Check! Reddish brown
  • Strike A Pose Dirty deep sea blue
  • Ego Light yellow pink
  • Fashion Groupie Light, blue violet
  • Unbasic White Snow white
  • One-Off Medium green with silver pearl
  • Rated R Light, yellow green
  • Style Snob Dirty pink brown with gold pearl
  • Fashion Light gray-green with gold pearl

Grand Entrance

Strike a Pose



Rated R

Smoke & Diamonds

Unbasic White

Glamour Check

Fashion Groupie


Style Snob


Pearlglide Liners: Fly by Blu, Black Russian, Molasses, Rave

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299 thoughts on “MAC Love That Look Collection Sneak Peek Product Photos

  1. neeshie

    I’m dead!

  2. Jessica Autumn

    Those eyeshadows are gorgeous! Glamour check is my favorite :)

  3. Sherby

    These are so pretty

  4. Aire

    I am loving all of those especially rated r green.

    • It’ll be interesting to see if Rated R = Rated R duo by NARS.

      • Mel

        I was JUST about to comment with that. I have the Rated R duo already but I definitely want to swatch these two by each other. Hmmm, looking a little sketchy there, MAC!

        • Violet

          I totally agree – that’s what I was thinking, too. That green-yellow from NARS’ Rated R is an awesome color and I can understand MAC wanting to dupe it… but to name it the same thing? I second your boo!

  5. Alexandra

    I literally want everything! And the pearlglides too definitely.

  6. Jackie

    i need to stop coming on this website, your making poor Christine!
    lol jk
    wow they are coming out with really great colors!

  7. Mara

    I’m so happy Smoke & Diamonds is coming back!

  8. Oh gosh. Definitely want some of these. And omg, Smoke & Diamonds???? *crossing fingers* I want another. πŸ˜›

  9. Hyzenthlay

    Ditto Neeshie! I’m dead . . . I love ALL of those colors, and since I’ve just gotten into colorful makeup, they’re not like anything I already have. Good thing I’ve got time to save!

  10. Miss_M

    Great shades !! I really like Green Bronze and Grand Entrance.

  11. Heather

    Not my kinda thing.. And doesn’t NARS have a rated r palette with the same green?

  12. a lot of must haves! =D

  13. Rachel

    umm if they use “Rated R Green” as the final name, I would sue them if I were Nars! they took the name AND made it almost the same color?!

    • No clue, but it’s curious indeed.

    • I’m sure they’ll change the name- but the working name may just tell us where the inspiration came from for the color. The Nars green is really hard to wear though- I don’t know that I agree that the MAC shade is more yellow toned; Nars’ is almost a yellow-green gold. We’ll see though!

  14. Lynn

    OMG- need so many of these!!

  15. Ms Trendy

    I don’t usually get excited for e/s releases but this one has me in anticipation!!!

  16. Susanne

    I love five of them! :)

  17. rhian

    Dreammaker!! I missed out on that one last year as it was sold out and got Grand Entrance instead. I wantttttttt

  18. Nic15

    Wow, wow, wow! Rated R Green looks similar to Bitter in the pic. I’m not familiar with it so does anyone know what the difference is? This is incredibly exciting news & the pics just get me more pumped about it. S&D and Glamour Check = LOVE!

    • It does look a bit similar to it, but I don’t know. I haven’t seen it in person, and pictures are still kind of misleading when they’re released by MAC. Hard to say this early on!

  19. Michelle

    That Glaring Blue shade looks amazing! I bet it would be pretty with Smoke and Diamonds . . .

  20. OH THANK YOU GOD!! The return of Smoke & Diamonds!! At first, I thought it was a boring color, but then I saw it in person, and omg. By then it was WAAAAAAY sold out. So sad. But now I can has!!! YAY!

    Also, how do they get away with calling it “Rated R Green” when it looks JUST like Nars’ green in the Rated R duo? It doesn’t really matter, because Mac is cheaper than Nars, and now I can finally buy it! LOL!

  21. adelina

    hmmm belle ma and circus look similar. Only circus is a tad darker…
    I would choose belle ma e/s.

  22. Oh, wow! Smoke and Diamonds is coming back out!! Yesss! I wanna get it, but I have Stila’s Lil Diamond…I wonder which is better.

    But anyways, I like Eggplant, Rated R Green and Green Bronze. Glaring Blue looks interesting as well.

  23. aradhana

    green bronze looks grey on my monitor…

    these look interesting though! is her lipstick going to be released as well as part of this collection?

  24. Stefanie

    Yay! I’m so excited for this collection. These look awesome. I love the green and yellow.

  25. Evelyn

    oh wow, i cant wait, i think i’m going to end up getting them all! i missed all these when they were 1st released..

  26. thanks xtine!! <33

  27. Kristine

    Ooh, I’ll definitely get some of the eyeshadows, that teal one looks pretty!

  28. WOW!!! Those images are amazing!!! All of the eyeshadows including an extra Smoke and Diamonds are going to be mine as well as Black Russian and Rave pearlglides!

  29. Fashion Groupie, One-Off, Strike a Pose, and Rated R look awesome.

  30. nikki

    rated r looks similar to the green in the nars rated r eye shadow duo. i hope it’s more pigmented!! I WANT EVERY COLOR IN THIS COLLECTION FYI <3

  31. Faheema

    The colourful eyeshadows are what attracted me to MAC in the first place hehe.
    I think I will be buying a few of these :)

  32. Kushani

    Any ideas when this will be coming out cuz i’m in loveeeeee πŸ˜€

  33. Dana

    Pssst…you have Fly By Blu and Black Russian switched in the Pearlglide pic descrip πŸ˜‰

    I’m so happy they’re bringing RAVE back for a little bit — I LOVE THAT LINER. πŸ˜€

  34. Bona

    YAY! they are brining pearlglide eyeliner!!! i am getting backups!

  35. Misakoi

    Wow, I want all of them… this is bad. :(

  36. Sana

    I love pearlglide eyelinerβ™‘ It’s so gorgeous ; – ;
    I have ply-by-blu and rave, but I can’t wait!!!!!!!

  37. OMG….i can see “sold out” in front of all new shades…:)

  38. loki

    im getting at least one of everything and backups for the awseom colors(green fashion groupie,ego dreammaker!!)

  39. Lucie

    Oh noes. I want everything!!!

  40. Alannah

    Oh no, those liners are so disappointing! I guess I’ll be skipping this whole collection.

  41. kathylulu

    I want them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Michelle

    YAY!!! Rave repromote!!!

  43. Ann

    do these have fancy packages? i hope nott. cause i’m planning to get them in a pan form
    but i’m a sucker for packagingg
    i hate wht the style warrior collection did to me :(. haha

    • No, it doesn’t, since these photos show them in typical MAC packaging and these are the official images. They don’t come in pan form as far as I know, though, unless they’re making these shades permanent (which I don’t know either way). The promo photo may just be for visuals.

  44. Honey

    Not to excited but will swatch at the store and maybe ill buy!

  45. niknik

    I have a feeling I’m going to end up buying everything when this comes out…

  46. Summer

    Um… OMG!!! i want everything!!! lol

  47. Bettina

    Oh geez some amazing new colors…I will find money for this stuff somewhere!! I want that one-of green color..mmmm

  48. Amy

    I really hate to say it, but most of these new eyeshadows look like some older eyeshadows… Except with really tiny modifications. For example::

    Strike A Pose strongly reminds me of Tilt; or a lighter version of Deep Truth. Grand Entrance is looking like a pinker version of Shroom; maybe even Jest? Rated R reminds me so much of Bitter it’s not even funny; or maybe even a yellow-er version of Sharp. Unbasic White is reminding me of Gesso except with what appears to be glitter? Glamour Check looks like a darker version of Cranberry to me. Finally, Ego reminds me of a slightly pinker version of Paradisco.

    It’s kind of making me go all *sad face,* because I love when M.A.C. comes out with new eyeshadows, and I certainly understand that M.A.C. needs to alter some older colours in order to put out new-ish colours… But these just look so similar to the colours I mentioned earlier [Bitter, Cranberry, etc.], it really makes me question if I should go buy them if I already have something extremely similar bordering on almost exactly the same as the “new” eyeshadows.

    I hate to be a Debbie Downer, especially when it comes to a new makeup collection. I’ll try to reserve as much judgment as possible until I/your readers [hopefully!] see your colour swatches, how well the pay-off is, etc. Keep up the wonderful work!

    • I never judge based off of MAC promo photos, because they’re never 100% accurate, and even if it looks good (or bad), it can be so very different in person, because it may swatch terribly (or beautifully), it could have subtle reflects/shimmer that’s not captured in the image, etc. I can definitely see similarities, and no doubt last year’s Starflash held some extremely similar shades, too, so I’m expecting a few close ones this year, too!

    • alex

      I have Shroom and Grand Entrance. They are NOTHING alike. The Starflash formula is completely different– its like butter and the color payoff if insane. GE has a peachier/frostier finish than shroom. I often use shroom as an all over base color (I’m a NC15) and I don’t think I could ever do that with GE. I’d look like a shimmer ball. I use it to highlight the inner corners of my eyes and my brow bone.

    • SolΓ©

      Before I bought Glamour Check last year I thought it reminded me of Cranberry, Sketch, Hepcat, and Twinks. After I swatched it, it only looked like Twinks. I think they could be interchangeable (although they are different finishes) but they both have a place in my e/s collection.

  49. Kathleen

    I definitely want all of the eyeshadows. πŸ˜€

  50. smoke & diamonds….. drool… :)
    I’ve been waiting for it to be re-promoted. I missed it last time around. *cries*
    I seriously needs molasses liner as well! Thanks cristine

  51. Susie

    are they all starflash finishes?

    Im a goner. Love this

  52. anne


  53. Nathalie

    How is the Starflash finish? I’ve always wonder. The time they got released (last year?) I wasn’t into Mac yet. They’re all still available on the French Mac website (with the exception of smoke and diamonds) and I have never felt like rushing in case I’d be disappointed. Does it feel creamy or something?

    • It’s hit or miss. A lot of people LOVED the Starflash finish, but I was just so-so on it. I wasn’t sold. I found some were nice, some weren’t. I find them kind like a frost and a veluxe pearl when they’re good :)

  54. JO

    Omg some of these colours look amazing….There r so many collections i want think i am going 2 list everything i want from all the up and coming collections. Then see how much there is if possible narrow it down to the minimum lol. May have 2 never buy makeup from other brands again lol….Mac all the way from now on i think lol

  55. Chiara

    Hmm, i’m less enthusiast for this collection than i thought i’d be. All the colors look a little boring to me. However, that liner in ‘Rave’ certainly caught my eye!

  56. darkwicca

    OMG Love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Anitacska

    I’m not interested in this at all (don’t normally buy single eyeshadows).

  58. catmeow

    Can’t wait to swatch these! Rate R looks like a gorgeous mustardy yellow to me.

  59. Lesley

    I’m really surprised that they’re not bringing back Wolf! It’s such a great, versatile shade of the pearlglide liners!

  60. Ashlee

    I can’t wait for those. I haven’t updated my MAC stash in a long time. It’s been too long, but those colors would be a nice additon!

  61. DevilishDoll

    I want
    Smoke & Diamonds
    Glamour Check (maybe)
    Fashion Groupie
    Unbasic White
    Rated R
    Style Snob (maybe)

  62. AA

    I can’t believe we have to wait until Aug!

  63. Starflash here I come! Finally I will get my S&DΒ΄s.

  64. Faye

    Hi Christine!
    The first four eye shadows really “familiar” : Grand Entrance, Dreammaker, Smoke & Diamonds, and Glamour Check!

    Do you know if these are the same exact colors from previous launches?

    Holla at yo girl :)


  65. Indah Lim

    Super Excited for this!!!!

  66. HELLO one off and rated r! you all will be in my pallette! I pray they don’t change th packaging because i need some more to depot! I’m gonna try to not purchase anything else MAC until August!

  67. Vness_12

    I want everything.

  68. Sarah

    Is this dreamaker the same from the starflash collection?

  69. Patti

    hmmm,,seems like some of the liners are re-promotion…

  70. kathylulu

    yayyy!! I want everything, especially smoke and diamond! :)

  71. cloudburst

    Yep, buying a backup of Smoke & Diamonds! Also loving Fashion & strike a Pose.

  72. cloudburst

    Christine, do you know if these will be LE again?

  73. kat

    Sooo no pan form? Just for promo imaging or…? I think I am only buying pan-form MAC until I use up more colours (as they are cheaper) waah!

  74. Oh-oh…
    I can hear my wallet crying now! xD

  75. ReenyLu

    are these going to be perm??? ahh, I got Smoke & Diamonds…that’s LOVE lol…snatched up a feew others at a CCO (ahh another love lol). and PEARLGLIDES…..just want molasses lol…i’ll be so broke from, buying the msf’s in july <3 teehee…can’t wait to see swatches

  76. oooo :) These look great! cAn’t wait for them to hit stores!

  77. Saira

    Wow, these eyeshadows look so cool!! I really like the look of Strike a Pose and Fashion Groupie. Fashion looks quite unusual too. Looking forward to seeing them when they come out!

  78. Kim

    like this collection of all summer collections so far πŸ˜€

  79. GucciGirl1229

    I hope the lipstick that the model is wearing will be in the collection….I love that color.

  80. Megan

    Oh my gosh! I’m so looking forward to this! My b-day is in October, so maybe I’ll get some cash to go spend πŸ˜‰ I kind of wat everything =I LOOL

  81. lyn

    thanks for the pics! great chance to pick up smoke and diamonds again!

    i think though, judging from the pictures that the 2nd pearlglide is wolf and not black russian.

  82. Julia

    Sooo gorgeous!
    I want at least a half of the collection :-)
    Just wondering, will they be avaliable as refills as well? As shown at the secont picture?

  83. kitanablade3

    Stop it MAC you know I’m a sucker for green & blue eyeshadows!!!

  84. Mikki

    Fashion looks like a nice color! :)

  85. Rose


    Rated-R eyeshadow looks like something that Nars already has, i think

  86. Tattoo Girl

    I’m gonna be soooo broke. I’m just now building back up my makeup fund from Hello Kitty!! But e/s is my favorite.

  87. NuNu

    Fly by Blu pearlglide, where have you been all my life?

  88. Whitney

    except the repromotes – I want them all -unless the texture is not what I like….

  89. ummm so why can’t my money STAY in my bank account? oh yeah, because of MAC!!! everytime I think I’m done done done with makeup they come out with a new stinkin’ awesome collection! blast you mac!!!!!

  90. Anna

    is strike a pose like the deep blue green pigment?

  91. nicole

    I want strike a pose (: that is one kind of blue i will wear!

  92. catmeow

    I LOVE eyeshadows so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh πŸ˜›

  93. Bettina

    Does this come out after the naked honey promo??

  94. Ms Trendy

    gotta wonder if these will be available in the palette refills or pots only based on the promo photos… hmm i prefer the pans and they are a cheaper and greener alternative with less packaging (despite back2mac).

  95. Amani

    i deff want Rated R eyeshadow its screaming my name

  96. Amber

    Strike a Pose and Rated-R are STUNNING!! Strike a Pose looks similar to my eye color. Maybe I’ll purchase it to give my eyes a little *POP*. Rated-R only caught my eye because it’s bright and, typically, I could never pull it off!!

  97. jestmeXo

    i want them ALL!!!!
    omgosh finally new eyeshadows!

  98. Christina

    i feel like Rated R might be MAC’s apology for Bitter

  99. Bettina

    they will be mine..oh yes they will be mine…mua ha ha