Friday, May 29th, 2009

MAC Love That Look Collection

Launch Date: August 2009 (TBA)

Featuring sixteen limited shades with a few repromotes, Love That Look is this year’s follow up from last year’s Starflash Collection. The collection will include four Pearlglide eye liners (most likely a combination of repromotes and maybe one or two new ones) and twelve shades of eyeshadows.

The range of colors looks like we are in for some smoldering greens, plums, and maybe a bright color here and there. A few more preliminary details

Up for debate are repromoted names like Dreammaker, Grand Entrance, and Smoke & Diamonds — but these could always be working names, too, for shades similar. Other working names include Green LD, Green Bronze, Rated R Green, Glaring Blue, Eggplant, Bella, Glam, Sparkle, and Circus. For the Pearlglide Eye Liners, I saw Rave, Fly By Blue, Black Russian, and Molasses on the table. All of these names are subject to change, and they’re only the faintest hint as to what is to come in the collection. As soon as I have more confirmed information, you’ll know be the first to know it!

According to reader Jem (who, literally, just emailed me a minute after I posted) and Debbie of Lushious Beauty, these are the names of the twelve shadows from Love That Look:

  • Dreammaker
  • Ego
  • Fashion
  • Fashion Groupie
  • Glamour Check!
  • Grand Entrance
  • One-Off
  • Rated R
  • Smoke & Diamonds
  • Strike a Pose
  • Style Snob
  • Un-basic White

I knew, together, we could solve the mysteries of the world–err, makeup world! 😉

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112 thoughts on “MAC Love That Look Collection Preliminary Information

  1. wow this looks like a nice collection
    when is is hitting stores??

  2. Hanna

    Åhhhhh Can’t wait!!!!!
    Love all my pearlglides and thank God they are coming back cause I am running out very quickly.
    Thanks for the great update. I am so excited to see that eyeshadows will be coming out.

  3. Nicole N.

    This is exciting! I loved Starflash shadows and pearlglides!

  4. starflash has great finish
    wud not be a fool to miss SnD like last year…:)
    thanks soo much for the info…

    gimme more….some more…pics…info..super excited christine….u are the best!!!

  5. Oh, this sounds *very* interesting!!
    Looking forward to further “leaks” about the collection!

    • I’m hoping that I like this year’s version more than last year’s — I felt like I got some bad batches or something from last year’s Starflash!

      Yes, if only someone would turn on the faucet of MAC news, right? :)

  6. Ang

    Can’t wait for these e/s colors. I missed smoke and diamonds in the last release, so hopefully it’s the same color and I can pick it up this time around.

  7. Christy

    Yea! I missed out on Smoke & Diamonds too. Plus pearlglide liners are wonderful!

  8. AA

    I love the starflash finish! Can’t wait for pictures. Thanks!

  9. Jessica Autumn

    Thanks for the update Christine :) helpful as always 😀

    MAC has so many great collections coming up!

  10. sej

    Yay! I love the smoothness of both the starflash shadows and the pearlglide liners! I too missed out on smoke and diamonds so I hope its the same! I’m glad you get us the news so quickly…I can budget accordingly! =)

  11. Luv J

    I’m glad to here news of “repromotes”.. sometimes when you run out of an awesome LE product, it hurts to pay an arm and a leg to replace it.. darn those auction sites! :)

  12. Leah

    Yay! Christine you totally just made my day!

  13. Kharina

    SMOKE & DIAMONDS ?!?! yippee!!! I’ll be sure to get a back up of that one…hopefully it’s not much different from the original which I’m running out of…unless they make it magically better 😛

  14. Kharina

    oh I’m also wondering if EGO (or whatever it ends up being called) would wind up being the original GO starflash e/s …if so I’m snatching that one up too! haha

  15. Alannah

    YES, I am all over the eyeliners! Hopefully there’ll be a couple of new ones (but I probably would buy back-ups of the old ones too)! I am an eyeliner girl!

  16. DevilishDoll

    With the last Starflash collection, I got Sunset B, Lotusland (2 of my fave eyeshadows ever, gotta get backups someday) Talent Pool, Top Hat, Rave, Fly By Blue, Wolf and Bankroll and just recently got Go and Bold & Brazen. I still want Dreammaker, Glamour Check, Smoke N Diamonds and Molasses. And I’ll most likely want others…Starflash was one of my favorite collections. I really hope they have like orange, green, different pinks and purples, etc.

  17. Candee Sparks

    Mmmm, gotta love the endless on-slaught of re-promotes. Smoke and Diamonds though I’ve been dying to get my hands on. Gotta find a new way to get my hands on stuff now that my MAC is closing. =(

    • Oh no! Your MAC is closing!?!

      • Candee Sparks

        Sadly yes, just found out a few days ago and it’ll be closed before June 10th. They’re not even having a sale on anything, they’re just going to shut it down because our Macy’s is moving to another place in our mall and it’s going to be a mini-Macy’s instead of a full-sized one. Royally sucks because I’m completely broke and it was the only MAC for a long way, the closest 2 are both a couple hundred miles in each direction. -_-‘

        • Wow, that really sucks :(

        • Nic15

          This is such sad news. Thank god for online ordering & it seems lately they’ve been doing tons of free shipping codes w/ no order minimum so to me, that’s like shopping at the store without the hassle of parking & gas. But i know not being able to swatch stuff is the biggest loss. Thank god for Christine & Temptalia when it comes to that right!?! Hopefully they will be smart enough to open a new one in your area soon.

  18. Aramis

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! im totally gonna go broke…imma swatch everything wen it comes out in the store and im pretty sure that imma love all the eyeshadows. damn mac for making me go broke lol

  19. Sher

    Yay! I hope Smoke & Diamonds gets re-promoted for sure. I passed on it last time. :)

  20. Miss_M

    I’m really looking forward to this collection. I missed Starflash last year due to illness and I really want to try some new MAC eyeshadows :)

  21. Nicole15

    12 eyeshadows to be released and/or re-promoted all at one time. That in and of itself is exciting. Thanks Christine for the news!

  22. cmferrets

    i got all the starflash e.s frm last year, i even got smoke and diamonds on ebay and paid 35 dollars for it – damn it, i wish id know they were repromiting it!
    i want all the 8 LE new colors: Ego ,Fashion ,Fashion Groupie ,One-Off
    ,Rated R ,Strike a Pose ,Style Snob ,Un-basic White .
    though i think they couldve come up with some better names on some of them!

  23. Haley

    YES!! I will be able to have smoke and diamonds again! I am totally kicking myself for selling it when I had it, so glad it’s a re-promote!

  24. Virginia

    I love Starflash eyeshadows…can’t wait for colour descriptions on the new shades!

  25. MsEclectic

    Thanks so much christine. You never let us down when it comes to getting info out to us first :)

    I was this close to getting some starflash shadows from a website selling older mac products. Im SO glad i waited xx

  26. Dawn

    Oh Yay! Starflash was probably my fave collection last year. I missed out on Smoke and Diamonds so I’m super excited. and more pearlglides! WOOHOO!

  27. ali

    thanks so much for the info! i cant wait, im really hoping they come out with an emerald green e/s.. like Humid, except less forest-y and more teal – like mystery kohl in e/s form!

  28. Great to see that everyone is happy with this news!! I’m kind of proud that I could be a part of this scoop! 😀

  29. kathylulu

    You have no idea how excited I am about this collection, oh my god!!

    I hope those 3 eyeshadows are real repromotes, not just working names with similar colors, please…

  30. Andrea

    Can’t wait for smoke and diamonds to return!!!

  31. ooo I can’t wait for this!

  32. Elle

    I’ll be getting another S&D for sure…and I love Dreammaker. Glamour Check is really pretty too. Looks like they brought back the more neutral-ish Starflash ones. Thanks for the info Christine!

  33. Michelle

    I’m sad Top Hat isn’t coming back — it looked great with Smoke and Diamonds! I’m anxious to see the new releases!

  34. Rose

    are there going to be any pictures up of the eye shadows?

  35. deb

    Starflash=Best. Shadow finish. Ever.

    I already have Smoke & Diamonds, but I wouldn’t mind a backup. I use it all the time.

  36. Katie

    Thank you MAC, for saving me money. I am a matte hater…and I have to say, Starflash ranks WAY below as far as textures. I tried most of them, and hated them all. Looks like this fall I’ll be able to get some Glossimers.

  37. DIES!
    I need more Smoke and Diamonds…i hit pan on my backup.

    HOPEFULLY it’s the same=D

  38. Leila

    I got the last talent pool shadow they had today =D and im really loving the finish on it .. I cant wait to try out smoke and diamonds !

  39. addicted to MAC and FASHION

    Are there any pictures of what this collection might look like or similar to? I am dying to know what some of these colors look like.

  40. nico

    I’m so glad that Rave will be released :) I couldn’t buy it because it was sold out

  41. sweets4uk

    Dreamaker, grand entrance, and smoke& diamond are some of my fav Les! I searched high and low to find mine before. I recommend everyone get all 3 repromtes! GE as highlighter S&D with astin taupe or with print. This collection looks promising as I am an eyeshadowaddict!! Xox Liz

  42. aradhana

    i’m intrigued by the un-basic white…

    i’m pretty happy with the go! shadow from last years collection, but for some reason i’ve barely worn the mink & sable…

    i’m never sure what to pair it with….

  43. Rita

    Finally some greens!!! There has not been a single green so far this year.

  44. Kate M.

    Wow thanks for the information, this site is always so helpful!! I’ll be done with my second Molasses by then and I wasn’t sure what I would do! And I never tried Starflash so I’m excited!!

  45. cmferrets

    i sure hope they make the starflash e/s permenent in the mac line, just b.c of their amazing finesh! u know like what they did with the matte 2.

  46. I ordered two of the Starflash e/s today in Bold & Brazen and Go since I want to try them out before this collection comes out. I cannot believe that I didn’t buy any Starflash eyeshadows last year and waited until that last minute. I’m so excited that I’m going to get all 12 of the eyeshadows! Also, there is supposed to be 3 eyeshadow quads, 4 lipsticks and 4 lipglasses in this collection.

  47. Iliana

    What exactly is Starflash finish? I never tried it out and I only started buying/using eyeshadows this year. :)

    • It’s a separate finish from the others (it really is its own finish!). It’s kind of like a mix of frost and veluxe pearl, I guess. I still much prefer veluxe pearls myself!

  48. 4 liners doesn’t seem much for a collection! I will be crossing my fingers in anticipation of new pearlglide colours! 😀

    • I’m thinking they go alongside Starflash, so they’re not the stars of the collection, and that would explain why there aren’t a ton.

  49. Bridget

    Perrrrfect! I’m getting low on Grand Entrance … I <3 that one!

  50. Mikki

    Yay for Debbie hihi!

  51. kass

    im going to get another grand entrance!
    and im DYING to get smoke and diamonds just like every1 else :)

  52. anyone who missed out on smoke and diamonds from this collection can get Urban Decays Shakedown e/s which is a good dupe for this! Shakedown e/s was in the book of shadows:)