Friday, September 19th, 2008

MAC COSMETICS | “Little Darlings” for Holiday 2008
November 2008

Get details and see some photos…

Little Darlings: 5 Coral Lipglass/Lustreglass

  • Lipglass: Underage, Ola Mango!, Pink Grapefruit
  • Lustreglass: Wonderstruck, Budding

Little Darlings: 5 Pink

  • Lipglass: Fleur Delight, Song And Dance, Magnetique
  • Lustreglass: Flashmode, Little VI

Little Darlings: 5 Neutral Lipglass/Lustreglass

  • Lipglass: C-Thru, Mouthwatering, Languish
  • Lustreglass: Love Nectar, Beaux

5 Warm Pigments/Glitter

  • Pigments: Gold Dusk, Gold Mode, Melon, Gold Stroke
  • Glitters: Reflects Antique Gold

Little Darlings: 5 Cool Pigments/Glitter

  • Pigments: Frost, Quietly, Pinked Mauve, Teal
  • Glitters: Reflects Blackened Red

Little Darlings: 5 Softsparkle/Eye Pencils

  • Black Funk, Fab Orchid; Peacocked, Mint & Olive, Chocolight


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90 thoughts on “MAC Little Darlings Holiday 2008 Sets Info & Pictures

  1. danielle

    my wallet is gonna be so broke this christmas! i love these!

  2. Shefali

    Love it! I’m excited about the small sized pigments…why didn’t they think of this before!? I’m buying both…great way to have pigments and not feel bad about not using all of it!

  3. evangelia

    o…m…g….i need BOTH the pink and the coral lipglass/lustreglass sets…and i am so glad to see that pink grapefruit is being repromoted!

  4. aliara

    does any one have ideas of how much each set is?

  5. Jennifer

    Omg the neutral set looks amazing. Actually, all of them do. But I’ll probably only buy the neutral set, or so my wallet hopes.

  6. Aitana

    No words for that…
    I think I need it all!!!!

  7. I don’t know if this is a dumbass question or not lol but is it called little darlings cause the things are small sizes? I can see that the pigments are but I can’t tell about the lip stuff. :)

    • HeavenLeiBlu

      yeah, typically the holiday sets are smaller. this is the first time I’ve noticed the name reflecting that though.

  8. dee

    Fab Orchid…isn’t that the name of one of the heatherette duos? The purple one? If so that group of eyepencils might have to be mine…i was so sad when i lost my duo.

  9. gio

    They all look gorgeous!!

  10. Shayla

    okay, so until i saw this i thought i was going to be able to pass on the holiday collection.

    not any more.

  11. ok…so how m i gonna gft people in christmas, if i spend on all this!!!!!

  12. Lexi

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes!

  13. Ashlee

    Ohh how I love my birthday being in Nov! 😀

    I have to have the pink and neutral lip sets and both pigment sets.(I just spilled the last of my melon piggy)

  14. lisa

    I just love love love holiday sets!

  15. aj

    ahh!! these look AHMAZING!!! i need at least one lip set and definetly the eye pencil set, CHRISTMAS HERE I COME!

  16. Robin

    Bummer, I don’t love it… better for my wallet I guess.

  17. lina

    i’m really excited for the mini lip gloss and pigments!!!

  18. Absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to get a set of the mini lipglasses.

  19. classic

    Omg can’t resist

  20. viv

    aww i doubt i’ll be able to buy these gorgeous things!!!
    got too many other collections i want! mac wants to kill us O__O

  21. Sana

    Does anyone know how much these will cost in the UK?

  22. Brenda

    AHH I’m so excited!!!!

  23. Alma

    I love these! I really want to get a Coral Lipglass or a Lustreglass. And the Pigments sound great too. Teal is the number one on my wishlist..

  24. kat

    ooh I want one of the lipglass sets, the pencils, AND the warm pigments. :( I am a greedy greedy girl. But usually I wimp out and get only a thing or two per launch, like last year I just got one set of the lipglass….

  25. oh wow… the mini lipglasses look amazing.. oh no! >_<

  26. lala

    I think this time around I will get the pigments <333333

  27. caramel

    Wait, what about the brush sets?

  28. kellie

    Loves it!!!! Will probably get the pigments. Hey Christine, do you use the teal pigment with a lot of your looks?

    • I definitely did when I did more brighter looks. I don’t do as many looks, period, as I did back in my “hay day”, but Teal is one of my favorite pigments!

  29. Well these aren’t all that great IMO. So many repromotes!! They could’ve made the pigment sets MUCH better and not released ones that came out last year.. and Pink Grapefruit again? I’ll get the pencils though! I am a sucker for liners… the packaging is so gorgeous

  30. DevilishDoll

    I have to get the pink lips, neutral lips, cool pigments and the liners.

  31. Theresa

    I’m so loving the Pink and Coral lip and lustreglass sets!!

  32. TT

    I wish MAC would have made little “mini” dazzleglasses, those would have sold fast….

  33. carriespooner

    Underage is soo milky pink. Odd that it’s in the coral set. They really should just make Pink Grapefruit permanent. <3 that one!

    I want Ola Mango!!

    I’m probably going to get the liner pencils.

    This one is very pretty though!

  34. jami

    do you know about the holiday brush sets yet? i need to get a short concealer and foundation brush. i hope that it has a red handle and a nice canister like he gold one last year!

    • You’ll definitely be able to get the short concealer/foundation brush! I don’t know what the packaging is like yet, though, other than red handles and red bags for the most part.

  35. Mackenzie

    do you know any of the prices ?

  36. i can’t wait !! i think i’ll be asking for the nude & pink lips for christmas :]
    i might even get the eyeliner set and/or pigment vial sets and split them up as gifts for friends :]

  37. cynthiaa :)

    are the glosses smaller than regular?

  38. tricia

    are they coming out with eye shadow compacts like the past?

  39. farah

    hi, do you know whether they feature some brush sets as well?

  40. Hillary

    According to purse puzz the brush sets are $49.50!

    im prob only going to get one brush set and thats it.

    i dont really care much for the colors. not bright enough for my taste. whiiiich i guess is kinda goood.

  41. Kattie :)

    omgg! :) I luvv ittt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Amy

    I got the lip-gloss sets in Coral and Pink just to have them because they are the talks of make-up town. Haven’t tried them, yet, since my dresser is full of other glosses and unused make-up. They do make a nice decoration piece though… Get them if you haven’t!