Thursday, January 19th, 2012

MAC Lightfully New Collection for Spring 2012

availability: February 23, 2012 in North America, February2012 for international; at select MAC locations

Lightful marine bright: a natural upgrade to the original Lightful, our unique marine-bright formula features three seaweeds harvested from the world’s oceans. Nourish, hydrate, de-oxidize and fortify the skin against key aggressors — excess melanin and free-radicals — while progressively shifting the complexion toward a more evenly pigmented radiance. Adding to this trio’s potency: our own super-duo Charged Water, Lightful Cleanser, Essence, Moisture Creme, and Softening Lotion. Your future is bright!

Includes (Permanent)

  • Lightful Cleanser ($25.00 U.S. / $30.00 CDN)
  • Lightful Softening Lotion ($30.00 U.S. / $36.00 CDN)
  • Lightful Essence ($40.00 U.S. / $48.00 CDN)
  • Lightful Moisture Creme ($40.00 U.S. / $48.00 CDN)

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44 thoughts on “MAC Lightfully New Collection for Spring 2012

  1. Kate

    The packaging is amazing!

  2. Do you know what is in the compact?! There isn’t a description…

    • It seems to be Lightful, MAC’s Asia-only powder foundation, or possibly a new version of it. At least the packaging is a little different. It’s very light, much lighter and softer than Studio Fix, has SPF 25 and I love it! The shades are lighter and more neutral than the Studio Fix shades, though, so be sure to test your shade if you find this in your travels.

      • Danielle

        I agree, this seems like the product range I saw in Japan that is a staple over there in their range. It’s good to see some of this coming over here since I had an easier time buying makeup and facial products there than I do here in the States!

        • That’s great news if it’s coming to the US as well! I actually picked up my first Lightful compact at Vancouver airport (years ago, don’t know if it’s available there anymore) and have been buying refills in Japan. It’s much easier for me to find matching shades in Asia than in Europe.

  3. Vick

    “fortify the skin against key aggressors — excess melanin and free-radicals — while progressively shifting the complexion toward a more evenly pigmented radiance”

    Melanin is an aggressor? Is this supposed to lighten the skin?

    • Lisa

      Yeah, this is supposed to lighten the skin. It prevents you from getting tan when exposed to the sun.

      Products like there are popular in Asia; where darker sin is a beauty sin and a sign of being low class. When I went to China, people couldn’t BELIEVE that people would pay to get tan in America…

      Anti-melanin products itself do not protect the sun. Melanin serves to protect the skin and it only forms after the skin has been damaged. Anti-melanin products only stop the formation of melanin, not skin damage.

      • Vick

        Thanks. I’m AA so this will be a no go for me. Pretty packaging though.

        • Tricia W

          This line is not limited to any ethnicity. This line is meant also to even out your skin tone. Therefor brightening the area that has darker pigmentation on the skin.

    • Nina

      I think the key word in the phrasing is “excess”. So, the point is really to target areas on your skin that have an excessive build-up of melanin, or, more melanin than what is normal for your skin. I had a bad reaction to medication awhile back, and it caused very discrete areas of hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and other random areas. You also get it from skin damage (as Lisa mentioned below) and scarring.

      Now… whether I would trust that the formula and other formulas out there with similar goals of evening out your skin tone can tell the difference where melanin is “excessive” and where it’s normal… I have no idea…

      I’m also wondering if maybe the claim of “protecting against excess melanin” is simply because the formula claims to de-oxidize, which would reduce free radicals damaging your skin, which would reduce the reaction of melanin production in response to the damage… So, maybe it won’t lighten previous scarring/areas of hyperpigmentation as much as reduce chances of getting more damage? And reduce chances of darkened areas getting worse?

      Either way though, it’s a good question! I breezed by that part of the explanation, but after reading your question, I’m a bit fascinated by how exactly that’s supposed to work… =)
      It would be kind of weird if it actually actively lightened your skin overall… I know products like that exist, but I wouldn’t expect MAC to produce them…

      • Lark

        In the advertising business The person that produces this wordiness is called a copywriter and the job is called blowing smoke up the publics….. You must have hears the expression. “Brighteners” are all the rage since thirty year olds started croaking from melanoma. ( My cousin included- Wear Sunscreen and a hat! It was on his scalp and was missed) MAC is the last company out with one. Sunscreen works better in my experience. But what packaging! I’ll be a sucker buying something just to look at it on the bathroom counter!

  4. Okay, the packaging is amazing but I really want her mascara!

  5. Liseth

    I’m soooooo loving this

  6. Vivian

    Love the packaging for sure!!

  7. Danii

    Such sparkly packaging!!! I know my local MAC store is going to be blinding me!

  8. Dana

    I think the packaging is a little juvenile for high end skin care. I don’t expect a $25 cleanser to look like a disco ball.

  9. divinem (Melissa)

    Pretty packaging does not compel me to purchase skin care. My highly sensitive skin calls the shots.

  10. Kathryn

    excess melanin- hyperpigmentation. Yes, it is supposed to lighten the skin gradually for a more even skin tone.

  11. Yeeeah, I’m gonna start a skincare routine. SO PRETTY AND SHINY.
    The weird thing is that there are four product shots, and four products listed, but there’s also a compact in the collective photo…

  12. Heather

    LOVING the packaging! I ADORE lightful moisture cream as well…. unfortunately the cleanser/ toner are to right for my skin but I still think they are great products! Lightful also smells AMAZING!

  13. Becca

    I’m not interested in the products but the packaging literally made me GASP OUT LOUD!!! <3 <3 <3

  14. berries

    powder compact! DO WANT :3

  15. naomi

    i loveeeee the packaging!!!!

  16. lolli

    the packaging is adorable! to bad i wont be needing anything from this collection

  17. Caroline

    Nice bright packaging :)

  18. Marie

    What is that in the compact?

    • Maddie

      I’ve heard that it’s an Asia exclusive powder foundation that’s being brought to the States for this collection. This is just a guess, but I’ve been told that the compact will be sold with foundation. I’m not positive though, so I’d ask MAC or someone who works there just to make sure.

  19. The packaging is so bright! Very interesting.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  20. Maddie

    The packaging is adorable, but unless the compact is being sold with a powder too I don’t think I’ll be purchasing anything.

  21. Ava

    Hi everyone!
    So just wanted to let you know, I think this collection is just at MAC stores only. I talked to the lady at my MAC at Nordstrom and she said they won’t be carrying it. She did admit that she loved the packaging. She went to the MAC store last week (the only one we have in this state) and previewed it. So this collection will just be at MAC stores only :/ Time to pre-order! :)

  22. Lark

    OMG! What bogus products in I-must-own-it!! packaging!! Oh they have me pegged.

  23. Sarah

    The ingredients are posted on each box, “charged water” is a MAC patent so they only use it, the term refers to the water being spun around during production causing electric currents to pick up the ions in the water, depending on which substance is being charged-in this case diamond powder. You don’t have to believe in the name or if MAC “made it up” or not, try it for your self, read the ingredients, and research the function of each ingredient in that product. Quit the MAC bashing! It gets old. MAC is #1 prestige makeup brand in the nation for a reason, and they do no advertising-except Viva Glam which 100% of the selling price goes directly to the MAC Aids Fund- obviously word of mouth works and the products speak for themselves.

  24. Jenny

    Any idea if the compact in the pictures is making its way to North America? Also, the description mentions a new charged water but there’s no price and it’s not in any of the pictures…any idea about those two :S?

  25. Brittany

    I dont even care for the product, just give me the packaging! im Sucker for shine rainbow stuff..O.O

  26. Page

    Can’t wait

  27. Sophie

    Hi Christine. I was wondering if you would possibly know what the difference between this line and the MAC Lightful collection in pro stores right now? I know it kind of explains, but still unsure what the difference might be. Hope to hear from you. Take care. -sophie

  28. Anita

    I don’t even know if I want the products… but the packaging is gorgeous my gosh.

  29. Camille

    wait, this is going to be permanent??

  30. Manal

    Review please!!!!!!!!