Monday, January 24th, 2011

MAC Lightfully Bright Collection

U.S./Canada Launch Date: February 2011 (possibly online only)

Lipglass ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • Outer Space White with pink pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Astro Cool Light lavender with pink pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Atmospheric Pink with blue pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Ethereal Pale blue with pink pearl (Limited Edition)

Lightful Deep Ultramoisture Creme ($38.00 U.S. / $46.50 CDN)

Lightweight, gel-like cream. Provides a moisture-locking barrier for long-lasting protection. Instantly hydrates the skin for a smoother skin surface, and helps it look more luminous over time.

Lightful Active Softening Lotion ($30.00 U.S. / $36.00 CDN)

Hydrating, water-based lotion. Absorbed quickly into skin. Immediately infuses depleted skin with moisture. Leaves it feeling refreshed, soothed and soft with a more even-toned look.

Lightful Foaming Creme Cleanser ($24.00 U.S. / $29.00 CDN)

Soothing whipped creamy mousse cleanses and rebalances skin. Rinses quickly. Leaving skin feeling clean and comfortable…never stripped or dehydrated.

Lightful Charged Essence ($40.00 U.S. / $48.00 CDN)

Concentrated, lightweight, gel-like essence. Absorbed quickly into the skin. Helps it look and feel smoother, softer, brighter and more resilient.

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76 thoughts on “MAC Lightfully Bright Collection for Spring 2011

  1. Ani_BEE

    More skin care… I’m happy it’s not another colour story. lol

    I think I’m MAC’d out for this year after 3 years of buying from them. >_<

    • tehteh

      I think a lot of people are MAC-ing out, me included…it just gets old at some point…

      • Ani_BEE

        Every year you get a similar pattern of LE products by the season.

        Not that’s a bad thing but I’ve got plenty of MAC products i need to get through before trying something new. lol

      • Maggie

        Agreed. I’m almost totally MAC-ed out, and I’ve only been buying from them since last May! Too many collections (and way too many Pamela-Anderson-pink lipsticks!) with too much unremarkable stuff. I’ve gone from wanting almost everything in a MAC collection to wanting one or two things, if any. It’d be nice if they’d scale back to five or six collections in a year (or fewer!) and take the time to make them really interesting.

        • Christina

          100% agree with all of you. I’m really getting MAC’ed out! I’ve still been going to the store but I’m buying essentials/permanent items when I go in now (like foundation, concealer, fix +, those types of things!)

          • anonymous

            well, hey if you’re tired of em and your readers too, great time to switch em up a little and just do a few swatches & pay more attention to stuff like wild violet lipstick :-)

  2. anonymous

    I’d like to see Ethereal… and Astro Cool.

  3. jenn

    I used to use the Lightful daily moisturizer & wish they didn’t discontinue it. I was hoping it would have been available with this collection, but I guess not :(

  4. Judy

    I thought I had read somewhere that this specific collection was only going to be released in Asia. Is that wrong information?
    Not too interested in this collection. I’m now anxiously waiting for information on the new sheen supreme lipsticks, the big bounce eyeshadow & zoom coloured mascaras, the Quite Cute & Daisy collections as well the Viva Glam VII collection.

  5. kathy

    christine, i heard this collection was an Asia Exclusive….do you know if this is true? I see that you wrote that USA/CANADA might be online only in Feb 2011. Hopefully we get it! i am excited about the glosses especially since they have space names :)

  6. Vanessa S

    Dear MAC:

    Please stop with all the collections your causing my brokeness! UGH

  7. Chloe

    i thought this would be a bigger collection so my wallet is happy thoug i feel let down

  8. sasha

    is that really all there is from this collection?

  9. Carrie Ann

    The Lipglasses sound pretty, but they also sound fairly unoriginal. Oh, MAC. You need to stop with all these new limited edition collections. They’re difficult to keep up with and even more difficult to afford.

  10. Lauren

    Just went on the MAC site and ordered 2 of the Lipglasses, Astro Cool and Atmospheric

  11. Kat

    For the sake of my poor wallet, I’m glad I’m not the least bit interested int his collection. I’ve heard very little good about MAC skincare and I don’t like lipgloss nearly enough to pay $17.50 CAD for it. Nor would I pay close to $50 for skincare, to be honest.

  12. kfm

    It’s ridiculous, because I have plenty of light-coloured lipglasses (like Best of Breed, Nico and Icescape, which seem like they must be dupes for the colours here), but these ones look so appealing to me. I don’t know if I can bring myself to take the chance of ordering them on line, though… Well, maybe the white one.

    Christine, do you think you’ll be getting any of these for review/ swatching?

    • I will try if I can :) I will probably not test out the skincare, just because I already have skincare lined up for the next 6 months!

      • anonymous

        LOL maybe you should post your schedule so people can see what’s coming up, where you’re booking, whether you might be able to test something and just sort of follow along like a release date schedule/beauty diary. :-)

        • Ahh, I don’t keep that detailed of a schedule! I wish!

          • anonymous

            ah well, a girl can dream. still trying to figure how you squeeze 36 hrs into every 24 lol

            • anonymous

              LMAO I know that feeling. I did college single mommy 2 small kids, no help, no money, no car, no sleep & no sanity! (the weird part is when you’ve finished and have enough time to think because it’s almost paralyzing abruptly not to have 3000 things you HAVE to do to accomplish a clearly defined goal– that’s the scary part– at 500 mph you don’t have time to think long enough)

            • Wow! :) Kudos!!

              I feel like time goes by so quickly – like it’s almost the end of January, and I don’t know where all the days went!

            • anonymous

              I remember the feeling! best advice I can think of is set aside a week to regain your balance & recover but set yourself a goal & a few specific plans for the first month after you finish. otherwise it gets really weird because you’re already off-kilter when you start to plan. good to get something while still in a framework. of course you do have Temptalia so that I’m sure will be a big help. it’s when it’s totally open-ended without a deadline suddenly. like umm oops, what happened…

  13. Trish

    I want all the liplasses! Scary…

  14. Vijaya

    Does anyone else think it’s hilarious that the only color cosmetics are lipglasses, but the promo shot doesn’t show her lips at all?

    It’s a shame that this isn’t going to be a color collection, the promo image is lovely.

  15. Just wanted to say this will not be online only, it does have an actual displayer in the MAC stores and will be out on the counters! :)

  16. Katie

    Meh. I got excited when I saw the picture and I thought this would be info about the Spring launch.

  17. ak

    Hey the Mickey Contractor line renewed my faith in MAC and has me goin strong! That’s the first line that ever had me going back and forth and making sure I have enough of whatever it is, mostly the lipsticks! I might even go back to get yet another lipstick and another Saffron shadow which I use as a blush! LOL

    But regarding this, those lipglasses sound pretty to me, pretty enough to at least look at! And yet I’m not even a gloss kind of person! Astro Cool, Atmospheric, and Ethereal souund like they MAYBE just maybe worth one quick look, but I probably still won’t get em.

  18. Ahhh I’m looking forward to seeing the lipglasses!!
    I really wanted Chillin’ but didn’t get it so I also like seeing another light plue lip gloss :3

  19. Macy

    This collection is already up on the Mac Pro site…so over the collections

  20. Heather

    I didn’t care for their skincare. I guess we will see.

  21. Erika

    If your a MAC Pro member this collection/items are already online to purchase

  22. Maggie

    nope…not appealing. at ALL. :L

  23. Angel

    GASP LIGHTFUL SKINCARE :D. this specific line is really only available in Asia(except for a few items) so i’m hoping to see that essence when it comes out. the glosses do sound kinda interesting :/

  24. JennJam

    Maybe I’m just being cynical, but doesn’t it seem counter-productive to launch or buy a LIMITED EDITION skin care line??

    • anonymous


      it is kinda funny. I mean I understand ltd ed sets to get people to try a new line but… apparently MAC thinks there are people who want a lighter and brighter complexion– but only for 30 days.

  25. Why does MAC like blue lips so much recently? Two blue lipglasses in 2010, Peacocky, now this? I say they bring back the few blue lipsticks they launched back in the day!

    • anonymous

      well it’s pretty 80s/trendy I think. blue, purple, I’ve seen black in a few different places. MU is getting more expressive/funky. it’s us old people panicking about hitting 40 and our second (or 3rd or 16th) childhood :-)

  26. The Astro Cool and Atmospheric sound like they’d be fun to play with… but I’m still not sure if I understand the Lightfully Bright concept with the advertising imagery. It reminds me of Avatar – but with pink instead of blue. Somebody needs to sit me down and give me a MAC education, because I’m still baffled by 90% of their advertising gimmicks/trends, and I’m a MUA AND a makeup addict…

  27. Banan

    I ordered Astro cool and Atmospheric! I wanted the other two but I dont think I could work them so I decided to pick a shade from the permenant line that I dont own anythink like, no more reds, corals and nudes for me! I went with a plum shade! very excited for my new lipglasses!

  28. sarah

    I’m only just getting into MAC and I think my finances are glad I haven’t been too impressed by any of the recent or up-coming collections. If I was into MAC back when hello kitty, fafi, heatherette or even style warriors was out thaaaaat would be another story.

  29. Nunuiviet

    Not interested at all in this collection, in Asia the lightful skincare is permanent.

    • Nunuiviet

      But still for people who haven’t tried the lightful skincare and have fair skin with brown spots or dull skin, I definitely recommend this stuff to you coz this really moisturize your face without making it oily( I have combination- oily skin) and make your skin luminous and some of my brown spots have kind of faded. I’ ll definitly rebuy! I was skeptical about Mac skincare, I finally tried and I was not disappointed!

  30. Kenneth Alan

    I’ve been really disappointed with all the MAC collections that have been coming out. But I guess it’s a good thing I haven’t been liking anything so that way I can save some money.

    From the name of the collection and the promo picture I got excited this was going to be a collection full of bright and bold lipsticks and eyeshadows… but it isn’t at all.

  31. Erin

    Yay! I thought this was Asia-only! I’m glad it’s coming out, even ifnit’s online only!

  32. KC

    Cant wait for the pics.

  33. Lily

    This Picture preview is freaking me out .

    Looks like a mind trip from doing to many drugs ……

  34. Morena123

    No lipsticks, eyeshadows and pigments??? :/

  35. Lizzy

    MAC’d out also. Too many collections too fast! And the prices have skyrocketed and they don’t even advertise! I think MAC has been Estee Lauder’s cash cow that’s about to run dry. Time to go get me some NARS blush. No, not Orgasm. But not MAC, either.

  36. Cheyenne

    Mac is just a yawn fest for me. Thank goodness for other WAY better brands.

  37. Boompsie

    Yeah I second that on all the brokeness talk – they need to slow down a lil bit so we can even try to keep up – hubbatron is gettin’ on me about all my spending =p I plan to hopefully get the lipglasses from this collection and would like some of the wonderwoman stuff. But skincare I’m really never interested in – until they come up with something that’s totally amazing on the news clinically scientific blah blah, then I’m not paying a bunch of money when I get good results from plain ol’ african shea butter and crisco – yes you read correctly – I tried it after reading about it on makeupalley and yep it’s actually quite good, very suprisingly!

  38. StellarStace

    I don’t how “limited” the skincare is- my mac store has had this line in-store for the past 2 years. Not the lip glasses, but the all of the above listed skincare products. I would think that other actual stores have it too, because it isn’t a pro store.

  39. Melinda

    I wish they would do more colored paint pots with some of the collections that comes out. Or at least make more paint pots and make them permanent.

  40. Fiona

    Christine, I know you’re busy with Wonder Woman at the moment but will you be getting or swatching the lipglasses? They’re on the normal MAC site now with the permanent lipglasses and look quite pretty :)

  41. Leslie-Marie

    The lipglasses are available online. I just ordered 2 of Atmospheric! The only thing I don’t see is the Lightful lotion for the face (new packaging?).

  42. I’m bored with MAC as well…I’ve been wanting to try other brands, like Chanel, Guerlain, Bobbi Brown, and Illamasqua.

  43. Erin

    Is Atmospheric the same lipglass from the Blue Storm collection? I thought I had heard the name before and sure enough, I found it in a past collection, not that that’s a surprise but if it’s the same one, I definitely want to get it.

  44. sugarBear

    i’m not MAC’d out yet and i hope they bring back some lipsticks I missed out on past collections, i truly love nudes and want to see A Brave New Bronze come back in another collection