Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

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Jealousy Wakes is back online and available for purchase!

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81 thoughts on “MAC Jealousy Wakes Online!

  1. It’s good that they replenished their stock. And hopefully now more people won’t have to resort to paying crazy eBay prices.

  2. Phylena

    I ordered mine as soon as I got my email from MAC. I wasn’t going to miss it a second time…I’d beat myself up for that.

  3. Lauren

    I finally got my order in! Only took a month!! yay

  4. Chelle

    Finally got it! SO DAMN EXCITED.

    Here’s hoping the Canadian site doesn’t run of stock as quickly as last time!

  5. Brie

    You have NO idea how quickly I got my e-butt over to MAC’s site and ordered that just now!

  6. Lisa

    Got it!!!! Thanks for the heads up Christine. I just missed it last time and arrived home three minutes before you posted it was back. Must be fate :)

  7. Snagged one! Thanks, can’t wait to get it! :)

  8. katelyn

    GOT IT! Thank you :)

  9. Jenn

    Just bought Jealousy Wakes!! If anyone needs a ship code, TXT worked for me. :-) Thank you Christine for making such a gorgeous color, I adore greens!

  10. Anahit

    *Use shipping code BLOGS for free shipping on any amount.
    Bought Jealousy Wakes and Hocus Pocus. I think they are both beautiful though I know I will not use JW on a weekly basis. I would like to support Christine in her endeavors and that is one of the reasons I purchased it. Don’t get the wrong idea however, it is a beautiful, unique color and looks like it has good color payoff and I love its shimmer qualities. I must say though it is hard to decide what to purchase with Christine’s ever so helpful comments and rating system.

    • Lauren

      I feel the same! I know I probably won’t use Jealousy Wakes a whole lot, but I love the colour. Quite frankly, Christine deserves our support after everything she does. Seriously, MAC needs to hire her ASAP.

    • Anahit


  11. Lianne

    Yay! I got it before it sold out this time! And I got a backup of EvRev. Can’t wait to see JW in person!

  12. Laura N.

    Yay!! I purchased all 4 eyeshadows!! Its only 4 right??

  13. Offer code BLOGS is working on MAC’s Canadian site (and most likely US site) for free shipping. I was given the code CS109LIVECHAT, because I did a live chat, but it did not work for me.

    Happy shopping everyone!

    • Janet

      Thanks for the code! I was searching everywhere for a free shipping code and this worked. :)

    • Thank for the code! I got just Jealousy Wakes. I wanted Sonoran Rain but I’m trying to stick to my no-buy and this is what I really wanted before it sold out and starting that. ^__^

  14. Lindsey

    My heart skipped a beat when I got the e-mail and I immdiately went to MAC’s website to order it. I am now frustrated beacause I guess the website is having a glitch! Every time I click add to cart and then check out it says I have nothing in my cart! I need Jealousy Wakes there is no color out there like it!!!

  15. rebekah

    Thanks so much for all your hard work. Your so amazing. I cant wait for my new jealousy wakes!!! Im glad I got it this time around.

  16. Olivia A.

    Ohhh so excited!!! Put my order in a couple of hours ago 😀 It’s such a beautiful color, and I can’t wait to try it. Thanks Christine!

  17. Nancy

    Yay!!!! Just ordered mine. So excited since I missed it the first time around.

  18. tia

    i ordered mine today at 7 pm and i am so excited, i signed up but i never got an email unless the email came after i ordered. oh wells

  19. Lils

    Website wouldn’t let me check out =( So I called the number on the website and was able to order it over the phone. Can’t wait to get it =D!!!!!!!!!

  20. Josiane

    I was so afraid of missing it a second time! I got everything I want, thank god!
    I wonder how long will the supplies last this time.

  21. Erika

    Got it!!!

  22. Nichole

    I had been stalking MAC’s site daily. The crazy part is I ordered my products 3 HOURS before I got the email from MAC.

    • Josiane

      I was stalking Mac’s website too, afraid I would miss it a second time!

    • kira

      im so happy i got one, i like green and i know that im going to love this eyeshadow! thanks for your blog and the work that you put into it Christine!!

  23. L

    Now the MAC website says the collection products are “Coming Soon”? Weird… I got Jealousy Wakes the first time around but now I want Hocus Pocus…

  24. Natalie

    Just ordered mine (:
    I’m so excited to get it <3

  25. Pamela

    Yeah! I already bought two the first time around but yeah for those that missed out!

  26. Tiffy

    Finally! (: Thanks so much for making a such a beautiful color, Christine! I can’t wait!! I was freaking out when it sold out last month and I’m soo glad I’m finally getting my hands on it. I was trying to madly purchase it in my car while on the freeway traffic (naughty, I know) and finally managed to wait until I got home. Yay!

  27. Dani T

    Yay! Thank you for the heads up! I ordered Jealousy wakes, Evolution Revolution and Parisian Skies! Can’t wait to get them :)

  28. Janet

    Woo hoo!!! I was able to snag J W and Hocus Pocus the first time around so I just picked up Parisian Skies and Caqui Lipglass. I am now content. Ahhhh……

  29. jen

    Dang! I don’t get paid until Friday… hopefully it doesn’t seel out asap again

  30. Meg

    Ugh the website keeps glitching every time I try to order. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Victoria

      I’m having that problem too! :( AHHHHH

    • Meg

      Nevermind got it figured out. The website was having a hissy fit because I didn’t have an account yet. Made one and my order finally went through. I managed to snag Jealousy Wakes and Sonoran Rain. So excited!

  31. Annie

    OMG i’m so surprised i didn’t miss it this time, especially since i saw this post so late! i just placed my order! :)

  32. Carlyn

    Christine, I have a question. I had ordered JW before but then it was quite sheer and not even when applied. I had read some reviews about it and it’s a mixed bunch. I’ve read somewhere that there was a different batch w/ better texture and payoff. Do you think I should reorder?

    • If it didn’t work for you the first time, I wouldn’t say to buy it again. I would have recommended you return it, honestly – I would never want people wasting their money on it :( I’m really sorry!

      • Carlyn

        Can you give me any description on your copy of JW? What’s the texture supposed to be like? Is it very pigmented or designed to be built up? It’s also been leaning more teal to me, any suggestions on making it more green? I’m NC40 btw.

  33. breeoxd

    oh lord please let it hold out til payday!! (yeah right!)

  34. mumtaza

    Wooot!!!!! Okay! I just got it! I was so bummed about paying shipping and then I checked this site and ‘blogs’ worked for me. I may go back for all of my purple life but I am so broke right now. I have wanted jealousy wakes sooo bad. I have green eyes and I love green shadow and veluxe pearl finishes and I just know this is going to be the one for me. I even got MAC sea me shadow stick at my CCO thinking it might be a good base for this. I also played with shimmermoss and humid while I was there but I really wanted jealousy wakes. I may go back for those two though, ha ha. Yay, got it and didn’t get scaled on ebay!!!

  35. mumtaza

    Oops! I mean scalped not ” scaled”. Damn smart phone. This has been a makeup miracle week for me. I also got both wonderwoman blushes finally, also. Alhamdullilah! That is my favorite makeup collection of all time.

  36. I guess my India’s CC worked coz i got the mail from MAC about the order….. keeping my fingers crossed 😀 😀
    and you also Christine please keep your fingers crossed that i get my order …
    I wanted it soooooooooooooooooooooo badly and you knowwwwwww how much i love you and Temptalia so this was the one big chance i could never miss
    but Christine you buy me one coz when you visit me in India I want you to gift me this

    pls … Oh so you said you are gifting me this when you come here right ????

  37. Marie

    An FYI…for those of you saying the website is acting up…just call Mac and place your order, at their toll-free number. It’s on the bottom left on the site’s main page.

  38. S.A.

    I’m really hoping I didn’t miss out this time despite seeing it so late in the game. *crosses fingers*

  39. Hannah

    I ordered mine yesterday when I saw Christine’s twit about it :) I was going to get two Jealousy Wakes, but I figured one would last me a long time. I also got Hocus Pocus, which also sold out really quick at the first launch. I’m very happy I was able to snag Christine’s shadow. Great job of MAC to bring these back.

  40. Hi Christine,
    I just received the MAC email letting me know your shadow is available againg. This time I won’t miss it.

    Loved your video, too!

  41. Rachel Lauren

    I need another eyeshadow like I need a hole in the head but I just bought it in support of you Christine. It really is a beautiful shade. Thanks for all you do Christine and thank you to everyone who provided the free shipping codes. Can’t wait to recieve it!

  42. Cinthya

    Can the eyeshadows from this group be de-potted and put into one of the palettes? thanks!

  43. Elaine

    I got JW :) I missed it the first time around and was refusing to buy it on EBay (I will NOT support those vultures). I wish there was some way that your international readers could get this without resorting to EBay!

  44. fiaspice

    I only saw the ebail today and thank god there was still some and got my order!

  45. Cupcake888

    I’m a sucker for anything limited edition, so I’m so happy to finally get my fingers on these. Was going to bring home the entire collection, but left out a couple that are just gently calling my name (instead of screaming). Might have to go back again just make the collection whole!

  46. Traci

    I ordered it today! SO excited 😀

  47. I just wanted to say Congratulations again! I’m so happy for you!

  48. Traci

    Just ordered mine!! can’t wait!!

  49. Rhiana

    I got IT and All My Purple Life! Can’t wait to get it! I might even order anoth JW if it’s still there on Friday!

  50. PoetrysTruth

    I ordered before 8 am this morning EST. I knew then I needed a 12 step program for my make up addiction. Got the ones I missed out on the first time and back ups for the ones I already have. So happy I’m an early to rise type of gal!

  51. Laura

    Mine’s on it’s way! Congrats on it’s success, Christine!

  52. ambersmile

    I keep changing my MAC account to yes for the newsletters and it keeps changing back to no. I continue to change it like twice a week. I asked customer service about it and all they said was to make sure MAC was on my safe list. It was and always has been. Thanks for no help MAC cs.

    Thank you Christine for let us know or I would never find out.

  53. I. JUST. ORDERED IT. OMG I am sooooo happy!! I missed it last time!!!
    Not big fan of greens but I must support my favorite blogger!! Keep up the good work Christine :)

  54. Stefanie

    I ordered mine yesterday as soon as I got the e-mail! :)

  55. Ginnia

    I ordered!

  56. might get sonoran rain or nitro. or evolution/ revolution those lipglosses look amazing.

  57. claire

    Yay!! I think it’s freaking awesome MAC restocked this collection. It’s nice that they’re meeting our demands and amazing that the collection did so well! Y’all deserved it :-)

  58. hie Christine
    I know its too late and you might not be able to recall also.. but please tell me
    which lipgloss/lipstick and blush and eyeshadow you were wearing in this pic ??

    i have seen the pic so closely but ??
    pls tell na if its possible
    and you are looking so cute in the video and GOD .. it reminded me whole lot of things 😀 😀

  59. I’m actually gutted that this isn’t released in the UK. I can never find the perfect green and this looks stunning!

  60. Christine …. i guess i missed this one
    coz my india’s credit card was not accepted …. when i logged on today i saw my order is cancelled and i am not able to tell you how i felt ..
    i have mailed my friend and lets see if its still there
    i sware am feeling so helpless right now …
    I wish MAC makes it available in India ..
    pls pray with me honey

  61. Amy

    is this in the stores? :(

  62. cassie

    picked this up, along with Caqui and Parisian Skies. Glad to see they’re back in stock. I wonder how long til sell-out?

  63. Cupcake888

    Hey Christine, I just got my Jealousy Wakes and happen to have China Glaze Four Leaf Clover on, and I notice that they match perfectly! :) Both are true greens. Thanks for the great color!

  64. KrisBliss

    I just bought my Jealousy Wakes along with Hocus Pocus and Sonoran Rain. I am so excited to get them in the mail! I am going to an event and am wearing an eggplant colored dress and wanted to try the whole color wheel thing since I usually go matchy-matchy. I think Jealousy wakes paired with MAFE #22 as a base would be lovely. I’m just not sure what to use as my crease color. Any suggestions?? Thanks for creating a beautiful product :)