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Not since the 1950s when television and movies switched from black and white to colour has there been such a profound makeup revolution. M·A·C Cosmetics is already prepared for the digital transition with a ,series of Master Classes taught by Emmy® Award winning makeup artist, Marie DelPrete, aimed at teaching the pros how to work in this new medium. These classes will be followed by a fall collection called M·A·C In High Def, a compilation of the greatest HD-friendly formulas and shades for faces and lips that will help regular consumers get the flawless HD look. As the premiere makeup authority since 1984, with a background deeply rooted in providing professional quality cosmetics that are innovative, original and inventive, who better than M·A·C to cultivate a collection of products that prepares skin for the ultimate close-up?

Learn more about the inspiration behind the In High Def Collection
For makeup pros and everyday people seeking the HDTV-professional look, precise well-blended makeup is essential, as is concentrating on the quality of the finish. It’s all about application and a well-edited makeup arsenal stocked with the right tools, textures and colours. Think lightweight, skin-mimicking foundations that practically melt into skin; it should look like your skin, but better. Steer clear of anything overly glossy or overly matte. Choose warm, neutral colours that enhance the natural skin tone. Blend everything thoroughly with professional tools to achieve a soft finish. “The High Def lens is an artificial eye that sees with almost hyper-clarity. All your makeup techniques are exposed. For pros and consumers alike, the goal is the same: to create the illusion of natural, flawless skin without showing the steps it took to get there,” said DelPrete.


With more pixels per square inch than standard TV, HDTV brings everything into crystal clear focus, giving pores, pimples and imperfections nowhere to hide. The precise quality and detail of HDTV magnifies flaws and discolourations that were previously disguised by piling on pancake makeup. The visual conversion known as HDTV puts the pressure on makeup artists to train in new techniques and learn new textures to ensure their clients look polished and perfect. Attention to fine detail is essential, as the smallest application mistake is amplified. Artists will need to retrain their mind – and their hands – to abide by HDTV’s new rules. M·A·C Cosmetics has partnered with HD makeup artist Marie DelPrete to help prepare professional artists for the transition, but she also has tips and tricks for women to create a perfect, yet natural makeup look:

  • “Less is more – Think lightweight, sheer-textured foundations. I like liquids because they tend to simulate the look of skin. Powder delicately; you want neither matte nor shine. Think satin. Start light and build as needed.”
  • “Cover Your Bases – pay special attention to coverage. Use a foundation as close as possible to your skin tone, and make sure you’ve remembered the neck, ears, chest, hands—wherever skin is exposed. With its heightened sensitivity to colour, HD will call you out if you’ve been careless.”
  • “Use your colours wisely – Colours intensify on HDTV. For a less made-up look, choose neutrals that naturally occur in your skin. You can use bold hues, but use them delicately in thin washes. Avoid blocks of opaque colour on eyes, lips, cheeks—anywhere.”
  • “Think sheen, not shine – HDTV exaggerates frosts, shimmers and glosses. Be very careful with any product that shines; it can accentuate wrinkles or appear as wetness. You want a subtle sheen, whether in eyeshadow, lipgloss or blush.”
  • “Blend, blend, blend – HDTV loves sharp lines; Nature abhors them. No hard edges. Use the right brushes and sponges to blend, and keep all lines soft and diffused.”


The M·A·C In High Def collection is everything an artist or makeup aficionado needs to make a picture perfect face. The cornerstone of the collection is M·A·C Face and Body Foundation. Revered by makeup artists in the photography, film and fashion worlds, Face and Body Foundation has kept skin hydrated, smooth and satiny since it launched over 20 years ago – it’s truly the industry’s foundation of choice for a flawless face. Apply this foundation staple with 187 Duo Fibre and 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brushes. Top off with Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural, this tag team foundation and baked powder works wonders by imitating skin’s natural texture and tone, a must for HDTV. Rounding out the collection are four smooth and subtle shades of Lipstick, ensuring lips are coated in creamy neutrality, perfect for a close-up.


The digital wave means more than watching your favourite show or celebrity in sharp focus. The HD revolution marks a momentous change in makeup not only on the small screens and large screens but also on the streets! For 25 years, professional artists have relied on M·A·C to take care of their every makeup need. The M·A·C Artist Relations department, who liaises with these makeup masters on a daily basis, knows first-hand what works and what doesn’t in the professional arena. Here is what a few professional artists had to say about M·A·C…

“I use M·A·C Blot Powders and Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural because they don’t leave a heavy powder residue, and with HD, less is always better!”– Debbie Zoller, makeup department head for “Mad Men” and “Castle”

“On ‘Dancing with the Stars’, we always use Prime + Prep Skin, it creates a perfect poreless palette to begin the makeup and we love the Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural! It leaves skin matte and not too powdery looking. The Studio Sculpt Concealer is also fantastic. We love the colour range and it works right into the skin, making it look fresh and flawless.” – Melanie Mills, makeup department head for “Dancing with the Stars”

M·A·C Artist Relations polled top HDTV makeup artists for their favourite products and below is what they chose. The change is coming, so get your makeup bag HD-ready with these M·A·C must-haves:

  • Prep + Prime – Create the look of flawless canvas on which makeup is applied. These products were developed specifically to be used with makeup while also offering skincare benefits.
  • Face and Body Foundation – Water-based, water-resistant foundation that provides long-lasting, sheer, natural coverage for face and/or body (included in the M·A·C In High Def Collection).
  • Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural – A luxurious baked face powder with over 77 minerals, provides a dimensional yet natural-matte finish (included in the M·A·C In High Def Collection).
  • Blot Powder – A unique pressed powder designed primarily to provide shine control without creating a noticeable change in colour or texture. Sets foundation and finishes faces.
  • Powder Blush in Pinch O’ Peach – This warm peach shade is an instant way to get your glow on.
  • Mascara X – Clumps become incredibly visible on HDTV. This mascara builds dramatically longer, thicker and glossier looking lashes without smudging or clumping.
  • Lipstick in Hug Me – A universally flattering flesh-toned pink.
  • 187 Duo Fibre Brush and 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush – Circular brushes for lightweight application and blending of face powder or pigments that create soft layers or add textures.

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15 thoughts on “MAC In High Def Collection: Behind the Collection

  1. Very interesting to see what products are must haves for HDTV. Glad to see Hug Me on the list…just got it a few months ago and love it!

  2. rowan

    why is the model advertising hd makeup wearing a haze of turquoise eyeshadow, when they went on about how hd makeup only be in muted tones? and she has dry looking skin with bumps. and terribly applied eyeliner
    mac annoy me these days!

    • Andrea

      That’s is how the skin really looks like. I’m actually glad that MAC is portraying the skin as it is with ‘flaws’ and hasn’t been heavy handed with the Photoshop. Isn’t that what HD technology seeks to do in the first place, to actually show every detail in photos and television.

      • Diabla

        Girls have been so used to photoshopped perfect skins on beauty advertising and promo shoots that any “normal” looking skin looks ugly to them. How crazy.

      • mooyerc

        Blah, blah, blah! Make up for HD format isn’t necessarily meant to portray ‘skin as it actually is’…..it’s meant to make the skin look completely natural, but ALSO flawless (despite the amount of detail conveyed in the image!) If every one was made up to still show their skin imperfections….what kind of ratings would the shows recieve? Would you want to see Celebrities with large pores and blemishes? Kind of ruins the fantasy of it all doesn’t it???

        And for the record….M.A.C. is not ‘breaking new ground’ with their HD focus. Many other lines….most notably, Make Up For Ever have created specially formulated and unique make up for the HD image! Make Up For Ever’s HD formulas have been used by major television networks, and renowned make up artists in Film for two years now!

        Not to say that ALL M.A.C. products are bad (I personally do like their brushes and their tools as well as their brow pencils)…..but it seems that the company is making alot of business and hype out of poorly copying products from other lines. Case in Point…..M.A.C.’s Black collection is just a copy of Make Up For Ever’s star products. Make Up Ever has had black lipstick for something like 10 years already. MUFE’s Aqua black waterproof cream eyeshadow and smokey Lash mascara are sure to surpass formulas of similar products launched by M.A.C.

  3. Faye

    Am I horrible for saying that model has the worst skin ever? Is that supposed to be a demonstration of how MAC Hi-Def products work, or why they’re needed?

    • claudia

      I thought the same thing … The pic looks like the very amateurish photos I take from myself and feel bad because of my skin !!

    • Diabla

      I don’t think she has the worst skin ever. Just a normal skin. If you have never seen a worst skin that hers around you or on someone’s face in the streets, you might live in a bubble of perfection, ah ah! 😉

  4. mac kitty

    I thought the same however, everyone has flaws on the skin whether its blemishes,scars, extra fat,bla bla bla. Give the chick a break! She derserves for her face to be there as well as it could be me or you! Remember makeup is an art and the interpretation is the artist. Keep in mind everybody has bad days and breakouts r a result sometimes! lets keep an open mind ladies and gents! I love the boldness that these models have to be scrutinized by the world for their flaws!They r normal people like u and me. And yes im a model in my own realm. Smoochez!!!

  5. Kristen

    I think the photo shows how high definition shows imperfections even more. The girl isnt heavily photoshopped and they want to show the girl with natural skin. Give her a break she is stil gorgeous. People should be happy that the promo card has a natural face on it for once!

  6. Chase

    It’s not that I have a problem with the model having skin that looks like that, but it just seems like the opposite of what HD makeup should make you look like.
    And I don’t think it looks like her naturally bad skin. It looks like cakey, powdery MAC studio fix powder+foundation.

  7. Cole

    The model is a demo of what they said you shouldnt do, heavy bright color, very matte skin with lots of powder.

    There is some photo work done, the hazing on the outer edges of the photo with the middle of the photo looking as though they sharpened the detail. I think the desired effect was to magnify the imperfections including the texture of the skin in order to promote the need for HD products.