Thursday, December 12th, 2013

MAC Heroine Lipstick Returns!
MAC Heroine Lipstick Returns!

HEROINE (bright purple, matte) will be added to the PERMANENT range beginning with December 16th, 2013 pre-launch at It will be available in-stores January 2nd, 2014, online January 16th, 2014 for international locations, March 6th, 2014 for international in-store locations.

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79 thoughts on “MAC Heroine Lipstick Will Be Permanent!

  1. Liz W

    The second I saw this, I don’t really know what to say or feel. My MAC Heroine Lipstick will now be permanent =|

    • Sarah

      That is exactly my thoughts I always felt special I got mine with the fashion sets :-/

    • Loomba

      That’s a really silly way to see the world… Feel happy that others that didn’t have the opportunity to have it back then will finally get to experience it now. I

      • Tamara

        Maybe some liked the idea of having an ace in the sleeve, good leverage for blog sales or MUA swaps 😛 Or maybe they just loved to brag how they snatched it up and others didn’t, nya nya! LOL

  2. AlyRose

    Well, I guess the hoarders will have a hard time selling them for $50 a pop now LOL

  3. Barbie

    Woohoo! Great timing! my sister was asking me if i knew a drugstore dupe of it but i’m glad it’s permanent

  4. I have backups of this but i’m still happy about it. :)

  5. I have a feeling this would happen sometime soon.., I missed out on Heroine when it launched… BIGGEST mistake of my LIFE! good thing I didn’t give in to my inner compulsiveness… bout buying them on amazon for 90 bucks! ridiculous!!!! 😀

  6. Nicole

    dream come true

  7. JJ

    Great news! I’ve missed out on getting my hands on one in the past! This is exciting.

  8. shelley

    I guess our roar was loud enough for MAC to hear because they finally got around to making this shade permanent. I will most definitely be picking this up!!!

  9. evo

    i need the heroine lipliner to come back….i lost it :(

  10. Lizzi

    Yay!!! I wish MAC would listen to us more often. When they did this with Candy Yum Yum I was so excited. It’s be nice of MAC to pay attention to what their customers want to be made permanent. Or just make larger quanities of the LE shades in the first place…

  11. maria

    UGH this is so unfair!! Not saying i do not like this but UNFAIR to the people who thought that it was limited edition and bought this lipstick for the price of 50 USD or more!!! I already have it and i LOVE it but i feel sorry for those who spend their money before they should wait!

    • breyerchic04

      I think when you buy something LE for way more than the original price, you need to know that you run the risk of it becoming permanent down the road (and if you pay $150 for Naked 3 because you missed the first launch and sephora launches it that night, you deserve it!).

      Heroine isn’t a color I would find myself wearing often, so I didn’t try to get it, but it’s a good fun shade and I’m excited to see it permanent. I’d LOVE to see my current favorite Sweet Succulence permanent.

    • I have bought stuff for more than the MAC price and if they became permanent I’d be happy. I know I lost money in my purchase, but now I’d have access to the product. It is the persons own problem for buying it for more.

    • Neshie

      And THAT is why I would never pay those eBay hoarders those kind of prices UNLESS it was LE packaging, especially with MAC. If a color is really popular it almost always comes back around.

  12. Al

    I can’t for the life of me remember what collection this was originally released with…

  13. aha! I’m quite happy about this as MAC Heroine is one of my most favorite shades <3
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  14. A. Mar

    YES! I love mine but I’ve been wearing it so sparingly to keep it around in the hopes of a repromote again. It’s nice to see this color finally be permanent!

  15. Great timing! love it so much just talking to my friend…

  16. I can’t say I’m particularly excited about this 😉

  17. fabiola

    Thank you for this good news Christine. I am so happy, I missed it the last time, now I don’t have to worry about finding it at the CCO.

  18. Mercedes Vargas

    Please let me know when the plum lipstick comes out..permenant. .Thank You

  19. That’s awesome! I regretted missing out on that one.
    Judith Recently Posted: MAC Face and body foundation review and comparaison with MUFE face & body

  20. Shayna

    Woohoo!!! So happy! Now I can wear mine as much as I want because I won’t be afraid of what will happen when it runs out =D

  21. I bought the Maybelline Lavender Voltage dupe. but I’m glad it’ll be permanent for those who really wanted it.

  22. I was in the car after picking up my Holiday Riris when I saw this. I kind of did a happy dance and my Hubs rolled his eyes. 😀

  23. A

    This is the best early Christmas present I could have ever imagined… I’ve definitely asked my local MAC store about if/when this would ever come back, I think they were getting a bit sick of me :)

  24. Corliss

    I’m sooo happy now I can start using mine. I was afraid of it running out.

  25. Christine

    Woo hoo!!! I’ve been wanting this shade and now it will be mine

  26. dany

    So glad to hear this! I bought 2 the last time and was already sad thinking about when I would use all of it. It’s an amazing shade!
    now if they make the #222 brush again I would be quite happy.

  27. Brie Cooper

    I have waited for this news since April!!!!

  28. Vanessa



  29. zainab

    Not a colour I’D wear, but good on MAC for permanent-izing a fan fave.

  30. Annie

    I hate purple lipstick, so I’m not so hot about it being permanent

  31. I’m soo excited!! I still regret skipping it earlier this year. I’m going to try to order it during the pre-launch but if it’s too crazy I’ll just wait a few weeks. I literally just received 6 lipsticks in the mail this week. I need a break lol
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  32. Lucy

    Wow! Everyone will be on a purple lip roll for a while! And to think I bought two still haven’t gone through one yet! ;,) I guess I’m happy about this! But why now MAC??

  33. I’m having great luck with these, actually. I missed out on Candy Yum Yum, then it became permanent, so I got it. I missed out on this one (twice) and now I’ll be able to get it too. Good things come to those who can’t be bothered rushing out to grab something before it sells out? Laziness pays?
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    • Haha! Yeah I feel the same way. I just couldn’t put in the effort. I’m glad MAC is coming to their senses. If the demand is there then why not make it permanent?

  34. Cynthia

    Anybody know about what time it will be online on the 16th

    • Ruca

      I don’t know for sure Cynthia, but MAC sites tend to have some slightly predictable patterns. You may find it online under the Site Map the evening of the 15th around midnight EST, or maybe the next morning up to 5 minutes before noon EST. Most MAC releases go live a bit early, but how early varies. I’d start checking the day before through the main lipstick section.

  35. Maggie

    Here just in time for the new Pantone color trend. Coincidence?

  36. MAC finally dd something right! YES! I’m too exited!

  37. Ceej

    I am so happy, I could almost cry Ive missed out on this twice!!!!

  38. Ruca

    I think this is awesome! I’ve known about this for several weeks, & just got the official date last week. I bought this with the Reel Sexy line in early 2012, & it is likely my most requested swatch/dupe hunt color in my collection. It’s gorgeous, & won’t be any less gorgeous or special permanent than it was as LE, but at least now no one will feel compelled to pay $120 for it in eBay! I knew they would do this after they turned CYY perm; I suspect the LE colors in black bullets that draw that sort of 3rd party market value gets the attention of MAC, & that’s how it should be, because I’d love to wear this more often without worrying about wasting it, not worry about being able to replace it, & never have to feel bad that my friends can’t have it. It loses no value to those who love it for the sake of the beautiful color alone. I reserve my “I’m special” feelings for special packaging, like the Marilyn Monroe bullets, but maybe that’s just me. I have entirely too many LE colors from MAC to worry about other people being able to buy my favorite color easily. Merry Christmas from MAC! :)

  39. liz

    I’m so excited that I might cry ohhhhh man oh man. I KNEW this would happen somehow.

  40. nacilia morrison

    wow this is so informative yesssss im so excited

  41. It’s about time. I love wearing my Heroine lipstick and lip gloss. I’m glad others who want it will have an opportunity to wear it too. MAC should reinstate other very popular limited edition products and make them permanent. We’re talking makeup, not silver coins or a Picasso painting. Customers shouldn’t have to hoard and buy back ups of lipstick.

  42. afroditi

    Ι knew it, sooner or later i was sure this would be permanent! Purples are really in fashion and Mac had only Up the Amp and Violetta (Pro) as an option! Heroine is an amazing color and i can finally use mine without having to think twice!

  43. nubian_queen15

    I’m glad MAC listened to their customers, and finally made this permanent. I bought mine with the Reel Sexy collection, and I’m glad others now have the chance to own this, if they missed out on it. Now if only MAC could make their extra-dimension skin finishes permanent !!!

  44. Christinaryder

    I am happy folks will be able to wear this, who missed out before. It is a beautiful color and I am in love with it. I bought Candy Yum Yum when I missed out on it for 40 bucks online, now I am glad people don’t have to spend so much on other sites to get it.

  45. MeliO

    *I agree with some of the comments above* Find something else to make you feel special..
    I just ordered my Heroine today, and I’m sooo excited! I love me some purple lips!
    You’re the best Christine!

  46. Tiara

    I order two of them yesterday i know i will be wearing this lipstick a lot for my night’s out on the town

  47. Parinas

    After the candy yumyum lipstick..I KNEW this wohld happen 😀
    Happy cause I love both!

  48. Melio

    I received my Heroine today!! It’s closer to my Up the Amp than I thought it would be, but a little bit darker, brighter, and the finish is obviously matte instead of amplified creme. I absolutely LOVE purple lips, so it fits into my collection perfectly. It’s really creamy for a matte finish, much like Red Russian, but maybe creamier..?? I think Heroine is my new favorite purple!!

  49. Rojda

    Hi I was wondering when it will be online in the uk ? It’s the 16th today and its past noon but no sign of it! I called mac and they said they don’t know when it’s out online.. (As usual playing dumb)! And being secretive.. Thanks for the heads up though! Let me know if you find any information out! :)

    • Would contact MAC as they would know!

      • Rojda

        Hi Christine thanks for your reply, I don’t know if I misread it and if it was meant to be march for the UK release I just read it as the 16th of January and so did the girl down below this comment. It’s now almost February and its still not out. I called mac again but they said they don’t know.. How useless.. They must know! :( thanks doll x

        • MAC’s press release stated January 16th online internationally, March 2014 for international stores. That’s all the info I have.

          • Rojda

            Oh okay thanks ill just have to keep calling them and asking! Thanks again doll, your so helpful! <3 :)

          • Rojda

            That’s a good idea but I got a free one from my ebay girl Jen! She is sending me it tomorrow! Yayyyy! I’m starting a blog soon (2 actually) about beauty products (you inspired me to!!) :) and she is sponsoring me and my first post will be a review on this lipstick! Then it’s onto the fake vs real mac etc! Thank you again for inspiring me Christine! <3 and thanks for helping me with this! Much love! Rojda Xox

  50. Linda

    It’s the 16th and it’s still not online in the UK…

    • Rojda

      I know wth.. :( a girl from London on my instagram got it today but ordered it on Tuesday by mail order with her Mac Pro card.. So what does that mean? We don’t get any? :'( so sad and my bf was gonna buy me it, the sweetheart that he is ❤

  51. Brooke

    I just looked on their website, and I still haven’t seen it. I wonder what is going on.