Thursday, December 11th, 2008

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Lipsticks Swatched on Lips
Lipglasses Swatched on Lips
Lavender Whip vs. Fun Fun vs. Fashion Mews
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Eyeshadow Palettes, Glitter Liners, Pigments Product Photos
Lipsticks & Lipglasses Product Photos
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Here’s your chance to get a larger glimpse of the MAC & Hello Kitty collaboration that hits stores next February. Β I think the engraved Hello Kitty into the lipsticks is a nice touch. Β The colors themselves don’t quite excite me… we’ll have to see how everything swatches. Β Am I the only one who preferred the regular quads with the clear lids over the new trio/quartet packaging (as seen in Heatherette and the upcoming Dame Edna, and now HK)?

Check out some product photos of Hello Kitty products from Kiss & Makeup!

Source: Kiss & Makeup

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93 thoughts on “MAC Hello Kitty Pictures and Photos

  1. BabyyCham

    Super cute packaging but none of these really.. do it for me! None scream MUST HAVE

    • Andrea

      same with me! oh well, maybe there will be something I want later on… I wanna see the dazzleglasses!

    • miss showbiz

      i agree the packaging is super cute but the colours are average which is :(

      • Meownsho

        Has anyone heard any news on the MAC Hello Kitty line? I did hear that something was going to happen on Jan. 12, about being able to order and hold products in your local store that sells MAC, but I was wondering … has anybody had anymore info on this concept or any news yet? “pant”

  2. SnickerDoodle

    it’s kinda really awesome how they have the kitty imprint ON the lippies! Love that…and that’s about it :)

  3. champagne86

    ..this is such a disappointment…
    It kind of looks like children’s play makeup you get at an accessories store or something
    not classy at all…

    • Lina

      I totally agree. Just scrolled down through all the pictures and first reaction was yuck. Even if it was designed for a younger crowd, they could have at least made the colors or packaging cute.

  4. Danielle Sharkey

    Thanks for the pics! The packaging is interesting but I too am not overly excited. I feel the same about the quads – I have like 66 of them now filled with MAC Urban Decay and other e/s that I pressed into them and I love how all of my e/s are packaged the same and with these e/s sets – they are cute but they would throw off my collection lol I’d prob end up depotting them and throwing them into a reg empty quad lol I’ve actually been tempted to do that with the holiday e/s palettes but I’m conviced they are too cute with the jewel on top to depot.

  5. Tami

    Love the design on the lipglass vials but I’m not that excited about the shadows, they look like colors I might not use that often. :-(

  6. Rachel

    I think it’s all really cute! I’m always a sucker for Limited Editions though. Is the thing to the left of the powder blush some sort of lip balm or its it a creme blush?

  7. Melia

    I am really looking forward to this collection, even though I know that I won’t see it in person till March… I do tend to pass most MAC collections, as I have tons of similar colours from other brands, but the packaging is really cute and I think I will cave. I’m really liking the quads.

  8. KyaLyn

    The packaging is really cute, but I hope they came up with more interesting colors then what they’re showing now. I really want to see the Kitty Kouture stuff. The sheer mystery powder compacts sound divine!

  9. I see a few really cute, flattering colors, but overall I was expecting a more “luxe” palette. In other words — many of the eye shades, for example remind me of some drugstore brands for some reason.

    I still really love the packaging however! Long Live Hello Kitty :)

  10. Crystal

    Well…. I’m sure in person they are great colors, once I try some on I’m bound to fall in love with something!

  11. Boring… The e/s colours all look like they could be dupes for perm or recently released colours. Everything just looks really blah. And the packaging… not so flash. I’m more excited for Dame Edna and BBR than this.

  12. cute packing…but e/s palattes???? i hope they dont have poor color pay off like fafi….

  13. hippo

    no lemmings from this one for me.

  14. Shanel

    The colors of this collection did’nt quite “WOWed” me, But Im just gonna have to wait to see the rest of it, so I still can’t wait -I absolutely LOVE the packaging though (:

  15. Charlotte

    i wish there was a better pic of the pigment, that’s the only thing I’m excited about.

    • Stephanie

      I agree, that’s probably the ONLY thing I’ll buy from this collection. You can’t go wrong with a pigment!

  16. Clara

    1 word. DISGUSTING.

    • gretaluvsMAC

      I second that reply. They could have made sooo much money off of me and other HK lovers if they would have made the packaging at least decent looking. Totally pissed here because Iwas so excited about this collection. Iam not going to buy anything and that says a lot for me because I am a sucker for packaging.

    • Kathleen

      Absolutely agreeing!

  17. DevilishDoll

    I like the palette with the purple and blue shadows, however I probably already have dupes for them. The imprints on the lipsticks are adorable, but the lipstick colors look hideous. So I’ll probably end up with some pigments and glitter liner. Maybe a Dazzleglass, but I don’t know if I can justify paying so much money for one.

  18. Faye

    Really cute, but the packaging looks like it’s toy makeup. I’m more interested in the Hello Kitty plush than the makeup line.

  19. Amanda

    Not too excited about this one. I’d rather wait for the blonde/brunette/redhead collection.

  20. am i the only one who is dying over here! lol I love it. I’m so excited over this collection

    thanks for the update

  21. Sexy Sadie

    I liked this collection, and I have not looked at a MAc collection in months.

  22. I feel like I’m the only one interested… I like the colours for the first palette, though I’ll probably get both (No you’re not the only one Christine, I prefer the old quad style too). The lipsticks are so far disappointing but I’m hoping that in real life all of them will be drop dead gorgeous as I do love lipsticks. Lipglasses, meh, I’m hoping the rest will be decent and the blush is well a blush so I’ll probably buy it.

  23. Macaddict

    I guess I’m 1 of the only few who is still really excited by both the packaging AND the makeup!…
    I don’t care so much for the e/s colors cuz,like everyone mentioned, they are so common and I already have lots of similar ones but, if I didn’t have them, I’d def buy the quads. Also,the lippies and l/g, and the powders? Gotta have!
    That’s the one MAC collection that I will go broke on in a long time.

  24. I’m pretty sure I’m all over this.

  25. Ashley

    This will be my first real mac purchase. so I’m looking forward to it as a huge hk and mac fan, I love the colors.

  26. cloudburst

    That top eye palette looks alot like the Heatherette ones. The lip balm is really cute.

  27. The packaging is cute but the actual colors in products don’t appeal to me. Looks too repetitive

  28. maddie

    im not impressed the only thing i see i like is the orchid color lipstick maybe the orangy gloss and one eye palette
    it will fly off the shelf tho!

  29. I’m really disappointed with the colors although I love the packaging so I might just get one thing and it’ll be for the packaging alone!

  30. LUC1


  31. Liz

    Oh boy. Time to buy my daughter makeup for the first time. Once she sees these. *sigh*

  32. Lauren

    I think Ill just buy the blush. I dont own any in that color and I really want one! The packaging is a plus! Common Girls/Guys! Dont be upset that the collection is not what you thought! MAC has to cater to every taste and style! Just think of it as money for more AWESOME collections πŸ˜‰

  33. emma

    the lipsticks are sooooo cute, if i got them i wouldn’t want to use them cuz then the cute little face would go away. :(. i also want the lipglasses, blush, and the lip conditioner and an eyeshadow pallette

  34. Meta

    The HK stamp on the lippies look cute but that’s not enough for me to get them. I quite like the look of the lipglasses, so I’d probably get those and I collect e/s palettes so I’ll be definitely getting those!

    Will this collection be available in Australia?

  35. SND

    I love it!I will get it for the packaging.

  36. Super cute and lovely packaging! I’ll probably get the glosses and blush, the eyeshadows and lipsticks are so-so.

    Thanks for posting these Christine!

  37. Lynn

    i’m going to get the blush when it launches! what’s that beside the blush? lip conditioner?

  38. viv

    same here. the packaging is adorable but nothing really interests me… it depends! if i have cash i might tempt myself to get a gloss. though… yeah! wait till swatches πŸ˜›

  39. pia

    ooooo…i love the lippies and the blushes. want want want. broke broke broke. I certainly hope that MAC will help by launching less new items.

  40. victoria

    i think the packaging is really cute but it doesn’t make me want to buy it. the colors would have to convince me. as for the palette, the only packaging that really got me what from antiquitease, this ones a bit too cute for me. i do like the packaging for the lip products though. if the colors suit me, i’d defintely get some.

  41. HeavenLeiBlu

    I think the engraving on the lipsticks is cute, but the lipsticks themselves don’t do it for me. I might get the orange-y lipglass, and the quad that appears to be at the top in the picture. I’m not crazy about HK to start with, so this really isn’t exciting to me. If it sells out, I won’t be sad about missing anything like I was with the Manish Arora collection.

  42. Natalia

    They all look amazing but from what I see so far, I would get the top palette, blush(although i wasnt planing on getting it in the first place but its a nice color that i dont have yet), and the pigment(gorgeous color nd im a sucker for pigments =D), nd possibly the liner. Im really interested in the Dazzleglass though, YEEEE! Cant wait to see the swatches and the rest of the collection =)

  43. Sara

    Meh…can’t say that I’m wowed by the colours either, and to be honest I guess I don’t get the whole ‘cult status’ of the brand either…shrug. Think I’ll be saving my dollars for another collection.

  44. Color me unimpressed. The colors aren’t terribly exciting, and since I’m not into Hello Kitty, the packaging doesn’t really do it for me either. My wallet is grateful.

  45. suheda

    I am very dissapointed:(

  46. Victoriamm

    WOW – I think they look gorogeus and cant wait to buy them – im gonna be so poor lol!!!!

  47. Kathleen

    I don’t know…..the packaging makes the products look very…tacky and cheap….I am very disappointed. They look like something that would be sold in some dollar stores…

  48. Edith

    love hello kitty got to say more colors

  49. L1onqueen

    I like the packaging! I am an HK fan though. I plan to get several pieces of this collection, unfortunately the colors aren’t super exciting. I hate how the quads have repromotes. The top one has 3!

  50. riss77

    i thought that they would have all vibrant colors like hot pinks, purple, yellow, red, etc..but it seem so simple and dark such a hk fan and will still buy all of the collection but i thought i would get double of somethin..i guess not….since they made a pallette, they shouldve just added one more of 5 since they made the pallette longer…more for our money but i hope they come out with more outrageous colors

  51. christina

    I actually don’t mind the pallets, I might pick up one of them.

  52. Taj

    I prefer those makeup packaged by Sanrio !

  53. Hmmm, well I will probably buy the lip conditioner for my younger sister who adores Hello Kitty but it does look as though I will be able to save my money on this collection. Nothing must have, the packaging is cute, but could have been better!


  55. Idk I just don’t like this collection.

  56. Sylvia A

    Not really excited for any of the colours either :< a bit disappointed, because the packaging is really cute.

  57. Shanel

    is it really true that mac has samples of this collection?!
    I gotta go check it out this weekend (:

  58. taylorr


  59. mandaboo

    colors almost….tiny bit remind me of the fafi collection…

  60. Sara

    I know that this collection is very gimmicky… but I’ve been begging for a Hello Kitty MAC Collection ever since I fell in love with MAC. It’s like they red my mind and created my dream collection.

    I wish the packaging were white and cute, rather than black and edgy…. but it’s STILL Hello Kitty!

    I’ve saved up couple hundred dollars to spend on this collection, this is the one I’m going all out for.


  61. Cassie

    Does anyone know if we can use our MAC discount with this collection?!! I hope so or I will be broke!

  62. kRaZeE kAiTeE

    omg i love the eyeshadows and that really bright pink lipglass i give this collection like four stars-or maybe three and a half

  63. dreamaboutmac

    it sort of looks like a more childish version of the edna dame collection

    the only thing im drawn to is the pigment and the pink dazzleglass

  64. RashiedaFashionista

    Aw! i am a bit let down with the colours chosen for this line…i love hello kitty, i was a bigger fan of macs fafi line than this! i was hoping for a cute pink lipstick…

    Can ANYONE identify this mac lipcolor? its kind of a matte light/nude pink…ive been searching like CRAZY for it!!! im 99 percent sure its a mac product…i just need the name of it, or something close to it:

  65. Nope… not for me. BlondeBrunetteRedhead is more my speed I think.

  66. MsEclectic


  67. nice

    cute packaging but sucky COLORS!!

  68. Michelle

    The packaging looks really cheap to be honest, as someone said above it looks like children’s play makeup. It’s kind of gross actually. Definitely a pass.

  69. Kathleen

    Honestly…the packaging look like something from a 99c store. The colors are awful. See, when I think of Hello Kitty from when I was younger, I think of baby pink, baby blue, and all those soft colors. What are these dirty rose colors doing here? Honestly ugly. I am more than just disappointed. O well, less spending for me. πŸ˜€

  70. Libi

    As a young lover of MAC
    14 years old to be precise. :)
    and a lover of hello kitty.
    i am in love with this collection although others are more disapointed, but its not the colours that do it for me im a packaging whore :s and i love the packaging.
    so i want to pick up a quad, a gloss, a blush, maybe a brush im not shore because the holder is soo cute πŸ˜€
    maybe a couple of accessories. and i was wondering is that a tendertone/lipbalm?
    plus MAC in the uk is sooo expensive especially when your young and have no job haha but when this comes out i’ll be in singapore(where it is alot cheaper) with holiday money so im shore to pick up some things πŸ˜‰

  71. Shaheed

    I’m in London, and I want to get the entire collection for my girlfriend for Valentines day. Apparently these are dropping in North America on the 12th. So put 2 + 2 together and I’m abit pooped.

    Anyone know any shops/online stores to have any samples before the release date in Europe which is rumored to be in March?

  72. Shaheed

    Thanks in advance btw. x

    • Shar

      You could probably buy on ebay but the collection won’t be available til March in the UK and we do not operate a pre-ordering/reservation system in this country…Sorry!

  73. RaNdOmEr

    I love the packaging it’s rlli cute. But the colours are not the sort i would wear personally but I imagine they would be quite overpriced aswell. If they were not hello kitty i would not be interesed at all :/