Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

MAC Cosmetics Hello Kitty Kouture Collection

The ultra-luxe way to be pampered and playful, Hello Kitty Kouture has arrived! Announcing our limited-edition, glittering Swarovski crystal compacts, the collection privé of Kitty Kouture world! Two new Dazzleglass with Swarovski crystal charms and three Sheer Mystery Powders manage to be both darling, dramatic – and a little bit dangerous – all at the same time. The ultimate in exclusivity, with MAC Hello Kitty Kouture, a sophisticated client’s social status is all but assured!

Dazzleglass ($28.00)

  • Kitty Kouture Sheer pale pink with red and gold pearl
  • Dazzlepuss Sheer bright pink with red and blue pearl

Sheer Mystery Powder ($90.00)

  • Light Medium Pale ivory
  • Medium Plus Tan beige
  • Dark Secret Deep caramel

Available in North America March 5th, 2009 at all MAC Retail Stores, Nordstrom, 1.800.588.0070 and www.maccosmetics.com.  (As far as I know, just Kitty Kouture is March 5th, while Hello Kitty is still February 12th.  MAC dates are notorious for being bumped earlier, so you never know!)

See a close-up of the compact…

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122 thoughts on “MAC Hello Kitty Kouture Collection Information & Photos

  1. OMG! I’m buying both dazzleglasses. That seemed to be the only thing I was excited about in the collection everything else is ehhh.

  2. Sheila

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! So beautiful!! Of course, they make the more expensive Kouture line soo cute and the cheaper Color line tacky. =(

  3. Lil

    Thank God for this! That’s what I’m talking about…YAY! And the good news is that I have both a MAC store and a Nordstrom’s to turn to…How exciting for the dazzleglasses!!! But it’s kinda weird that it’s so far behind from the original Hello Kitty, I would think they would be launched at the same time. Oh well, more time to save $$$!

  4. Manda

    hmm so is the collection avail in feb or on march 5 :( ill die if i wait to even longer haha

  5. vicki

    oh good that gives me almost a month to get over the shock of spending $1 bajillion on the regular line!

  6. Shefali

    I’m buying those d/g’s FOR SURE. Too cute – and D/g’s are awesome!

  7. It’s so expensive I wouldn’t even want to use it!

  8. kat

    Ohhh I think I may actually get a dazzleglass! Normally I wouldn’t but my birthday is on the 6th so it seems good timing 😀

  9. Lexi

    I just want the compact for the sake of having it and all it’s shiny glory!

  10. A $90 Mac item, now I’ve seen bloody everything.

  11. Rebecca

    Oh. My. God.


  12. Manda

    good point, vicki haha i guess having it spaced out, gives my wallet time to recuperate hahaha

  13. emma

    $90!!! that is ridiculous, although it is gorgeous, i would never pay $90 for a powder

  14. victoria

    the compacts is so cute but $90??? ouch.

  15. Anything with the word “mistery” that goes on the FACE should not be $90.00. I’m stick to the regular collection.

  16. baybee

    owww look at those sparkles on the compacts.. thats why it cost $90 cuz they are reaL?

    • They’re Swarovski crystals, which I guess aren’t cheap (not that I really understand why), but yeah, that’s what the sparkles are :)

      • Jennifer

        My mom collects Swarovski crystal cats and she’s paid $200CAN or more for some of them, so thats where the cost comes from, if they are om the compact.

  17. Ruth

    Christine, you’re killing me !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m on a strict no buy until July, I will slowly slip into madness !!!!!!!!

  18. DevilishDoll

    I wouldn’t care if those things were diamonds, they wouldn’t be getting $90 out of me for 1 item. Their prices are already ridiculous.

  19. Andrea

    Ok, so I am definately buying both dazzleglasses!!

  20. Sharonda

    I like the packaging this time around.About time MAC!

  21. This definately is a collector stuff…nothing to do wth makeup…lol!!! insanely expensive…amazingly sexy!!!

  22. Jessica

    A 90$ powder?! not worth it.

    • Anitacska

      I agree. I also think the dazzleglasses are overpriced as well (probably will cost as many

      • Art

        doesn’t it suck having such a price different between the UK and the US? Sighh.. i feel so bummed out sometimes, we never get an Friends and Family sales! :(

  23. claudine

    i will get both dazzleglasses and the mystery powder for sure
    then i would love to get one eyeshadow palette + the lip conditioner

  24. GretaluvsMAC

    Holy Moley!!! I HAVE to get a mystery powder for the sake of collecting and a dazzleglass!!!! MAC why do you do this to me???!!!! I am trying to save up to go 5* to at LEAST 2 NKOTB concerts this summer!!

  25. Consumidora de Bh

    Gostaria tanto que Bh acompanhasses as novidades …
    Poxa nunca encontro nada da do P

  26. April M.

    <3 I’m hoping I get my tax return ASAP so I can spend,spend,spend!!

    • GretaluvsMAC

      HA!HA! I was just thinking that myself!! Hopefuly I will be getting a HUGE tax return!!!! Loves me some Hello Kitty!!WEEEEEEEE!!!

  27. classic

    I luv the packaging of the dazzleglass but my concern more about the colour

  28. Jessie

    i think I just died and went to heaven. Hello Kitty is one of my favourite things and having it paired with MAC is just so amazing. I like this line because it’s more ‘true’ Hello Kitty than the other line which has like evil black Hello Kitty :(

  29. Omg! Really CHIC and LUXE. I want the dazzleglass!

  30. Tanya

    gaahhhhh sooooo cute!! I wonder if the PRO discount will apply! The last two collections it didnt :( (Dame Edna and the brushes from Monogram)

    I am really curious about the mystery powder. What is the powder actually like? I know its a previously done LE item but I havent tried it before.

    I think I will skip the Dazzleglasses mostly because I dont like the idea of a dangling thingy when I am applying a gloss. My Monogram brush has a dangling thingy on it and it drives me nuts…..sooooo annoying.

  31. I am super excited and planning on getting both Dazzleglasses. For collection purposes, plus a use here or there. It’s not overpriced at all, it has swavorski crystals come on! They are only a 4 dollar difference from NARS L/G which everyone love.


  32. Julia

    Hahahaha, $90 for a powder compact. Good one, MAC.

  33. KaylaK

    Yeah I’ll be getting my dazzleglass on! Powder it’s a little ummmm, unsure about right now! The compact looks gorg but still $90?! I don’t know I’ll have to wait and see about that!

  34. Sandy

    I’m extremely tempted by the dazzleglasses. And I had vowed not to buy anymore of them :/

  35. Lena

    This must be a joke. They want $90 for a compact. Ah, I suppose they don’t know millions are being affected by layoffs and the economy. MAC is testing out it’s feelers for being the Grand Dame of Cosmetics by just putting this “Hello, Give Me Your Money”. I mean Hello Kitty idol on it. Forget about it.

  36. LocaLoli


  37. HoTPiNk2

    The only thing I really like is the powder compact. I’ve been a fan of Hello Kitty since I was 9 years old, but $90??? I don’t know how I’m going to convince my husband to justify such that amount of money in just one makeup item :(

  38. Art

    Is there any way that the mystery powder compact is refillable? if yes, man that’d kick ass…

  39. Stacey

    Sheesh, I wonder how much that compact will be here… probably around $200. So not worth it!

  40. Lix

    I’m actually more of a HK collector than M.A.C….. I’m definitely willing to blow $90 on this compact. Most compacts are refillable… right? I can just replace the pan?

  41. saira

    oh my god i am going to spent alot of money in this collection. but the compact toooo much money i think it should be like 50 dollars not 90dollar

  42. carriespooner

    I’m sure they made the compact for Mariah C. lol

    I’ll bet she’s getting together her B2M’s right now!


  43. Aww they shoulda made the cheaper Hello Kitty line like this!! But with cheapo rhinestones so it was cheaper!! haha then i would be in loveeee

  44. michelle

    Oh my goodness! How adorable is this line?! Just in time for my bday!!!

    I def. want one of the lipglosses. And I just don’t know if I want to shell out $90 for a compact but..damnit Limited Edition!!

  45. nikki

    90$ for mystery beauty powder? seriously mac, seriously? i wonder how long till those crystals start popping out of the compact. so not worth it, good luck to everyone that buys it. hope it’s worth it for ya’ll.

  46. Valerie

    90$!? In American Dollars??? wtf MAC what’s its going to be in CANADIAN DOLLARS!!!??

    A concerned MAC Addict

    • Nikita

      I know!! its so unfair, i want it so badly but i don’t think i’ll pay over 90 for it.

      stupid exchange rate :(

  47. Susanne

    Awesome!! I love this packaging!

  48. Brianne

    pfft $28 for a lip gloss? I don’t care how cute the packaging is, the package is just trash after I’m done using the product as far as I’m concerned lol. No thanks on this portion of the line :/

  49. The reason why this compact is so damn expensive is cuz swarovski crystals are the best crystals in the world and i know this because i work at swarovski crystals and nothing is less than 25 dollars and even that is SOOO tiny!

  50. Farrah

    Please tell me that $90 compact is refillable!!!!!!!!!! It would suck to buy it and then leave it hanging around with no product! That is something I’d like to carry in my purse all the time!

  51. Kalyn

    Oh my….my poor husband, literally :) I’m falling in love!!

  52. Adriana

    It’s LOVE at first sight. It’s my new obsession. I can’t wait to get my hot little hand on this collection, February 12th seems so far.

  53. LocaLoli

    Christine im curious about the mystery powder. Have you ever used it or swatched it? what is your opinion of it? I use MSF natural I don’t use foundation so im always interested in powders. The compact is beautiful and I know that swarovski crystals are expensive so it almost makes it worth it because from what I gather the mystery powder compacts are usually refillable. But if the powder is bad then i wouldn’t pay that much for the compact at all no matter how cute. Do they come with an extra refill other that what’s in the compact? can you buy just a refill? because ive never seen any compact refills for sale. Sorry for all the questions and long post but I don’t know who else to ask. Thanks for your time.

    • I’ve used it — I don’t love it. To be honest, the shades suck if you aren’t a match, since there are only three shades available. The powder itself doesn’t do anything special for me, and I’d recommend MSFN over it any day of the weke. All of the previous ones have come with a refill, but I have not a clue if you can buy them separately.

      • LocaLoli

        Thank you. It is hard to top MSFN isnt it? I wont buy the compact if im not going to use the powder but I will be getting the dazzleglasses. Im ny eyes dazzleglass can do no wrong and if I can love comet blue I can love anycolor. 😀

  54. Kary

    oh emm gee if i worked i would so totally buy that! 😀

  55. mrs.tinkz

    the collection is actually being launched valentines day not no march and i have an appointment go get your appointments right away to your nearest m.a.c. store!

  56. jennifer

    omg!!! I can’t wait.. I am so excited about both collections the kitty and the kouture.. I am so getting both… love!!!!! it.
    thank you mac..

  57. Reen

    I want a dazzleglass because they look pretty, but I don’t want to pay $28 just for the Hello Kitty crap. I hope it comes off.

  58. Lish

    I just left the launch party in Soho…sooo fun..but soooooo crowded. I purchased three things retailing at $45 (total)

    I purchased: Fast Friends Lipglass
    Fashion Mews Lipstick
    Big Bow Lipstick

    If I had $250

    I would get the HC doll, all the make up cases, the compact mirror, and the brush set

  59. Carron

    Just saw this link, just had a heart attack! OMFG!!!

    OK, breathe..i want it!!!! (wails to anyone that will listen)

    Dazzleglass, not a huge fan! but a charmed lipstick?? I am THERE!

    ps. please excuse the screaming…i am a MAC junkie, the first step is understanding my addiction……

  60. Linda

    Aaaah!I’m so excited! I hope my tax refund comes in on time so I can get this before they’re sold out!

  61. Sandy

    Yay! Kitty and M.A.C. two worlds collide and make something cute and fun. The color black keeps it from being overtly cutesy, or childish. I am an avid HK fan since I could remember. The only thing that could top this is a Strawberry Shortcake (the original one) LOVES M.A.C. collection, that would be out of this world. ^_^

  62. Eee

    Its finally launched! 😀

  63. Honey

    You girls better hurry up and place your order for the Hello Kitty Kouture, because i did! I’m sooo excited!

  64. silvia

    damn 90 bucks for a mystery powder! thats crazzzzyyy!28 bucks for the dazzlegloss!no thanks.ill go with the ysl gloss like christine said.

  65. Shanel

    so is this only in store or at the counter as well?!

  66. lala

    omg its so cute im going to buy that to… a cant belive im going to spend 500 dollars on makeup
    but oh well its cute lol

  67. Miko

    I can’t wait for this to come out! I LOVE HK!! I’m def getting the compact & a dazzleglass.. But I really hope the compact is reuseable with other powder refills.. If you know if it is refillable, please let me know! :)

    • Kay~d

      nope…they aren’t!! and that sucks…seeing as your paying so much!!! and its not like the other compacts like hello kitty and Scfi…where as you can swap the two…(fafinettex3 and RicoLuvsMac..Via Youtube)…they show a wonderful way in doing so!!! but this is metal!! so once its in is in!!

  68. Shanel

    can you depot the compact?! :)

  69. roxy

    Sadness that most of the makeup bags & the mirror are sold out. I was at a MAC store on Tuesday & was told other than the Kouture launch in 2 weeks, no more shipments of HK are being sent to any store or counter. So grab what you can now!
    Am totally getting my compact & Dazzleglass – woo!

  70. Eva

    Hi I’m a little bit confused about the release dates i live in ireland and the normal hello kitty launch date is the 4/5 of march soo would this be coming out in april so here?

  71. Liana

    I will be so dissapointed if the dazzleglass has the same amount of gloss as the cremesheen Glass did. I hope they dont rip us off becuase of the fancy packaging.

  72. Kay~d

    cute…but is it a must have??? I mean only the ladies in the rest room will see it …lol…when ur touching up ur make up!!! i think i might skip this one!!!

  73. dedra(maclove1)(dedralovesmac)

    hey,its online now march 3rd 😮 ……i only got a compact.a ma told me the gloss is a small amount in it :/ shoot i like it but 28.00 plus tax no thanks ,xD but i did just spend 96.00 on a compact lol o well.

  74. jan

    it’s already out

  75. kimberly

    I’ve been in the store. There is a pre-sale going on now. I saw the compact and the dazzleglasses. The crystals were already falling out of the store samples after only two days of display. I am positive that carrying one in your purse will cause the crystals to dislodge and otherwise ruin an already overpriced MAC item. Unless you plan to keep this as a collectible then I would advise to not buy this.

  76. anna jane posequit

    piolina pascual of the philippines is going to buy . be cause he is the prettiest gay guy .

  77. Silly Gee

    Does anyone know how much is it for like the whole set?

  78. Karla

    I’m glad the is a make up outlet store by me. I waited until they got the Hello Kitty Line because all of it was 30-50%. I got the compact and lip conditioner for 50 bucks.

  79. jakie

    its amazing ii tried it
    ii have bought up to 500.00
    in hello kitty stuff its just
    azom and ii love it and ii just
    orderes 500.00 more

  80. Ashley May

    OMG! i soooooooooooo want that!!!!