Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Didn’t have your MAC Hello Kitty satisfaction yesterday? Here’s a full picture round-up of the Color Collection!  Accessories pictures are forthcoming :)


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73 thoughts on “MAC Hello Kitty Color Collection Product Photos & Pictures

  1. kayla

    much better than the accessories.

  2. Anitacska

    I don’t think I’m gonna bother with this collection at all.

  3. KaylaK

    Hmmmm I *might* get a beauty powder, maybe a lipgloss too, but I actually will be picking up a lip conditioner lol. Other than that nothing really screams must have for me, I think I like the Kitty Kouture line a little more.

  4. Manda

    i have no idea why i love this collection so much when most don’t haha but i want 2 pigments, the keychain mirror, both eye quads, a glitter liner, a lip conditioner and a makeup bag!! ugh im in trouble :(

  5. yari

    I really like this collection!!!!

  6. Nicole

    I want it all. Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!

  7. Purple lippie HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Zhen

    I might get a beauty powder and an eyeshadow palette. Does anyone know if the beauty powder compacts have a mirror in them? I really dont feel like forking out $90 for the kouture compact even though I really want it!

  9. GretaluvsMAC

    LOVES IT!!!!!! The nail polish is FAB!!! The e/s quad with the brown is kinda ugly! I guess they might look better in person. Gonna have to get myself all of the lippies!!

  10. Dr

    omg … I want it all!

  11. Do you think the Beauty Powder Blushes or the Beauty Powders will have any kind of shimmer in them? Like the ones from CoC maybe? If so, I HAVE to have them…along with the new pigments, and maybe a few lippies, but that’s it. I’ll be waiting for the Kouture collection 😛

    • msviolet

      I’m pretty sure both the blushes and powders will have a bit of shimmer to them. I was curious about that too until I went to the website and read the descriptions of some existing beauty powder/powder blushes.

    • Most likely they all will have shimmer. The beauty powders have very low, low shimmer–more sheen than lots of shimmer. The BPBs will likely be similar, but they may have more shimmer. The BPBs should be similar to the blushes from CoC, as well as the BPB launch in early 2008.

  12. April M.

    Since Milk Pigment is a pinkish-silvery color do you think it’s going to be like Helium Pigment? Color & texture wise? As much as I love the color of Helium, I hate using it.

    • It’s really hard to say, because the last few new pigments MAC has put out have had a very different finish than previous pigments (smoother, finer). But at the same time, Helium’s texture is an oddball amongst the majority of textures, you know? I wish I knew! I’d like to say since it’s new, it’ll be like the newer pigments!

  13. Stacey

    Oh holy hell!!!! Christine, today is like Christmas at Temptalia! Those lashes are AWESOME!

  14. Stacey

    And wtf is up with the Reflects Very Pink repros?! Are they just trying to get rid of them??

  15. Dawn

    the lipsticks and glosses look like something i might check out. Thx for sharing

  16. Darkest lipstick plus Too Dolly palette, and some blush / bp stuff, that is all.

  17. cloudburst

    I like that dark purple lipgloss, the e/s palettes I need to see in person or swatches of before I can say either way.

  18. Darianne

    I like that they are doing tinted lip conditioners, I don’t think they get enough credit normally!

  19. I like the Kouture collection much better, but I’ll probably get a couple things from this. Can’t resist!

  20. Macaddict

    I want:
    – both blushes
    – the lashes
    – all the eye glitters
    – the blue reflects (I have the other one already)
    – both pigments (maybe not the pink; I’ll have to swatch it first)
    – the lavender l/s
    – the orange and purple l/g
    – the brush holder
    – the bigger mu bag
    – the e/s quad that has Paradisco (although I already have the single e/s: I like the color combo on this one)
    – I originally wanted the bracelet (it’s fun) but for allmost $40 for plastic…I don’t think so anymore

  21. The packaging doesn’t appeal to me, but the purple lipstick and the dark purple gloss look good. I’m sort of glad they didn’t make the packaging more cutesy-traditional HK, because then I would want it all! :)

  22. natasha

    hey christine. do you think the glitter eye liners are/ and perform like the liquidlast liners?

    • Mel

      Nah, if they’re like the other glitter liners, they’ll b easy to remove, and they’re MUCH easier to apply and don’t get stuck in your lashes like the liquidlasts!

    • Nope! MAC has put out glitter eye liners before, and they’re clear with colored glitter. Not at all like liquidlast liners :/

  23. Ruth

    There are a few choice items that catch my fancy but I’m sticking to my no buy until July, sorry MAC !

  24. Cody

    I absolutely can’t stand the packaging but love the look of some of those lipsticks and lipglasses… damn!

  25. Mel

    Does anyone know if that white nailpolish is a matte? and Are the tahitian sand and pretty baby beauty powders both re-promotes? And is the Deep Blue Green pig the same one thats pro or d/c? Sorry for all the questions!!!!

  26. Shanel

    Sorry but I absolutely LOVE this collection & I plan on getting,
    one lip bullet, 2 lip glosses, 1 quad, 2 blush, 1 beauty powder, Brushes w/holder & my souvenior doll (: this is such a great collection!

  27. i am digging this collection. unfortunately, i don’t have a job to justify me spending the money. quick, i need a job!

  28. Daisyv316

    Hey do you know if we can get any of this stuff with Back2MAC?

  29. I think i might end up getting 6 items. the lip conditioner, the blushes and BPs.

  30. Escada

    I thought I was going to skip this collection but after seeing the picture of the products the colors are really calling me. What to do? Ugh, I hate MAC. Why o why do I even crave it? I don’t even like Hello Kitty. Not since I was very little.

  31. noor

    Does anyone know what the prices will be in the UK…i Looove this collection and want to know how much i’m going to have to save!!

    • Most of the prices for items here are similar to existing products (like the lipsticks, lipglasses, etc.) so they will be whatever the price is currently in the UK!

  32. IZzySA

    MAC is starting to make me wonder how well they are doing financially.. so many collections, and sales right before launches.. hmm. Hello Kitty? Gotta see the prices first.. and how many dupes are available in the MAC lines already. Some of the colors look similar enough to me to keep my money in my wallet.

  33. Susanne

    Awesome!! I can’ wait! :) I will get a lot 😉

  34. teagan

    I can’t stand the packaging – I wished they stuck with the Koture theme throughout the whole collection [but of course, without the real crystals lol otherwise I wouldn’t be able to afford it] – it’s much cuter.
    I think im getting both the pigments… and that will be all xD

  35. Katie

    I am definitely getting Pretty Baby, Reflects Blue, and Nice To Be Nice. I really want the brushes, however I am tempted to instead get the Advanced set from Colour Forms at the CCO since I can get more brushes that way. Nice Kitty, Sweet Strawberry, Tippy, Most Popular, and Big Bow are maybes for me. If I manage to get a new job by the time HK comes out I will get those, and possibly the quad with Romping in it.

    And of course both couture Dazzleglasses and the Sheer Mystery compact-even though I don’t wear that powder, I will try and depan my Belightful into there (since I’m sick of it in its Fafi clamshell, ha).

  36. Stephanie

    I definately had my doubts about this collection…but I kinda like the colors. They are a lot more mature than I expected. I will definately pick up the lashes, pigments, glitters, and the purple lipstick and lipglass. That’s probably about it…hopefully. But, once I go into the store, I’ll change my mind. I’m dumb.

  37. EELLA

    OMG!! I love it! i cant wait.

    thank you Mac!

  38. Mackenzie

    hey christine or anybody else i heard somthing about signing up for the collection?what is that hahahah thanks!

  39. merrily

    which are the pigments and which are the glitters?

  40. Wendy

    Hi Christine,

    This will be the first time I will be ordering something from a MAC collection and I was just wondering if would be best to order it online or buy it in store & also if I decide to order it online how early should I order it on the day of release?(Just cause I have the feeling it will sell out pretty quick)

    Thanks in Advance :]

  41. Um, it may be weird for me to notice this but…why is there that sudden elevation on the lids of the beauty powders and blushes? Is that apart of the hello kitty packaging design because I was looking at older collections and they don’t have that.

  42. I am loving this collection – Dame Edna for MAC has just hit Aussie shores and I have purchased a gorgeous hot pink gloss and the pink dusting powder in Spectacle! Love them! :)

  43. does anybody know how much the beauty powders are going to be sold for?? incase any of you guys knows please feel free to send me an email letting me the price so that way i could know how much money im gonna need. thanx so much

  44. lupe

    i don’t really was not interested in anything in this collection. all i really wanted was a lipstick and lip gloss but their seems to be no neutral lipstick dose anyone know if some of the l/s go on sheer?

  45. Kary

    omg i want it!
    i want it!:D

  46. Elisa

    I love the collection. The lipsticks are so cute. I want the tote, keychain and I think both of the makeup bags. Cute things to give for little Valentine’s gifts for my daughter.

  47. Kayella

    This collection isn’t really calling to me, though I will probably end up picking up the blushes, and maybe the grey nail polish.

  48. daisyv316


  49. Natasha


  50. Mandy

    nothing really sparks my interest in this collecton =\

  51. i really2 like hello kitty product…but when i want it to buy,sold out already…im so tensionsss..

  52. ac

    i am only a grade 6
    but my favorite dress,cellphone,loptop,computer,mouse,speacker.
    is hello kitty

    • jaime forsyth

      cool i love her to

      good on you

      she rocks ahhhhhh?

      i dont care if you are in 6 grade the main thing is you like her

      u rock to for likeing her

      love from jaime xxx

  53. ac

    so i want to have a many hello kitty just like everyone

  54. jaime forsyth

    hello kitty rocks

    i love her sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    and she is sooo cute
    she is the bomb. I now i am in p5 but i still love her.