Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

MAC Cosmetics Hello Kitty for MAC Promo Photos!

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94 thoughts on “MAC Hello Kitty Collection Promo Photos

  1. omg omg omg omg……… omgggggggggggggggggggg.

    Seriously, I’m going to be so broke.

  2. Lil

    Talk about accessories! Wow, this launch is literally going to be huge!

  3. Wow.. I’m really turned on right now.


  4. Shefali

    OMG…I never buy accessories but I might have to buy that tote. And the Swarovski stuff…too cute.

  5. Rebecca

    The colors are a lot like colors I already have, so I’ll probably pass on a lot– but I’ll wait til I see it in person! haha! I’m sure I’ll sell out. I definately want some lipglasses, nail polish, and OMG– the brush set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Carron

      OMG!! Hello kitty heaven! I went to the premier last night!
      I fought with myself over the accessories!!!! I have SO Much hello kitty gear! I settled on Kitty glitter eyeliner and mmmm kitty lip glaze. Realistically, the colors are not new, i have alot of them in my palette. Kitchmas and teal and greyblack. Sadly no kitty logo on the eyeliner!

      The Brushset it WAY worth it if you dont have any brushes. 50 bucks gets you a HOT kitty container with 3 brushes.

      GO KITTY GO MAC…gasp…

      • I wonder if the glitter liners were too thin/small for a logo or what!

        • Carron


          I think by looking at the photos they are using a standard lid. So they would have to do two different runs for the liners.

          Now does anyone remember the fafi line?
          Did it have a logo for the liners? You know even a cute little charm on the cap would have been darling! I would even pay an extra buck or two for that! You know how they dangle kitty on pens and purfume bottles?

          Ok..enough of my kitty lust..lol

          • They are standard, but these colors were new/exclusive to HK, so they weren’t run before (like often they’ve repromoted, etc.). I mean, doesn’t really matter to me, LOL, but it’s interesting!!

            They will have cute little charms on the caps of the dazzleglasses from Kitty Kouture.

          • Carron

            (Insert screaming here as well – grin)

  6. My daughter and I are SO going to fight over those accessories.

    • Deidre

      Hi, have you seen them in person yet….. Your daughter will win!!!

      I too have a daughter and I thought we would share until I got to the preview party…I said to myself just these Hello Kitty accessories are mine no sharing with the daughter..So, I bought her the bracelet, key charm, tinted lip conditioners, small petite bag, mirror, stuffed animal & nice kitty & fast friends lip glass oh & my favorite the brushes…. All for Valentines/B Day gifts…


  7. Sharonda

    That lavender lippie, I wonder if it be similar to the one coming out with the CreamTeam..

  8. I am totally loving the brush holder..
    but that one shadow palette is super ugly!

  9. Joli

    Uhhh, that first photo looks like a porno ad. Chick in vinyl pouring cream on herself…. How did that get past marketing?

    • Jen

      it’s milk. cats drink milk. it does not look like a porno ad. what are youu saying?

      • Joli

        Actually cats shouldn’t drink milk, it’s potentially deadly.

        And I’ve seen plenty of porn ads with a chick either pouring or about to pour white liquid on themselves. I just think it’s a little risque for an makeup line based off a cartoon character.

        • megan

          I agree with you. It does look like a porn add. These younger girls (well, im only 20!), I don’t think they’re really aware of porn or that people really look at it! Its very suggestive, and Hello Kitty is supposed to be innocent! Also, you’re right, most cats are lactoseintalerant (spelling?)! I know mine are!

    • You’re reading way too much into it… you’ve amused me though.

  10. jessica

    I hate to say it but I don’t see a lot I like here…the first eye shadow quad is gross and too warm, the second one looks like the heatherette palettes put together. I like the pink lipglosses. The lipsticks are gross colors for me. I love the little cosmetic bag, thats cute. I love the blushes, but only need one of those, maybe the peach for something different. I’m not as excited as I was before :(
    I guess thats a good thing for my wallet! I guess I actually like the BBR collection better personally.

  11. And you really can’t sell a kidney on eBay? 😀

    Ugh I think I need a loan then! 😀

  12. Mmm I noticed that Strayin’ lipsticks description is a Frosty Midtone Mint but I see no lipstick that fits that description…

  13. Hannah

    I think I will get the lashes but that is that for me. I totally agree with Jessica. The colors are not me, so I will be skipping the rest.

    Btw, is this collection going international or not?

  14. Sreyne

    wow a didnt think l would end up getting anything from this ..but now l will have to second guess and cut down on the list me wantttttttt.

  15. Michelle

    how and when can i pre-order these?!!!

  16. pa-l-fe


  17. Manda

    anybody know the deal with the waiting list? was that just a rumor? i waited up until midnight to see if they’d post something about it on the website.. i wasn’t sure if mac would really have a list, i’ve never heard of it before…

  18. classic

    I keep my eye on the accessoires

  19. Crystal

    MAC as a company cannot make every single girl in the world happy with every collection. I dont think they have the time to line up everyone and look them straight in the eye and ask “ARE YOU HAPPY WITH THIS COLLECTION?” and check your name off a list. Seriously.

  20. Tanya

    I wonder what kinda fun party this will have with this release :) The Fafi party was super fun and assume they will do something similar. Christine??????? info please!!

  21. Manda

    where do they have these parties? i keep hearing of them.. is it a vip event or can you buy your way in somehow?!?! id die haha

  22. Okay this is scary but I can literally feel the addiction growing in my heart, it’s so bad! I think I shall get quite a bit from this collection. I’m willing to spend a pretty penny on these gorgeous products!

  23. Michelle

    how can i preorder this on the mac website? one of ur posts said it was available for preorder January 7 but i dont see onything on their website…. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  24. J

    i wanna buy them all!!! my hubby is really going to freak out! i already have tons of MAC make up, but this is Hello Kitty + MAC!!! I gotta have them!

  25. pinkstiletto7

    CUTE packaging! But, the colors are not my fav… None of them really caught my attention, maybe just the blush and lip gloss or liquid eyeliners that seems to be wearable. The lipstick are awful colors. Overall, it doesn’t match with Hello Kitty vibe. Should be somewhere more springy, girly, pink/peach, pastels, cute colors. The new Shu Uemura spring 09 collection should fit in this Hello Kitty theme. That’s great, so I don’t have to waste my money for nothing :)

  26. Brianne

    Well, I have to admit I’m a bit relieved at this! I’ve been stashing my pennies away since I first heard about this collection, fearful about the damage it was going to do on my wallet. But looking at it now… I’m not tempted by nearly as many items as I thought. I was most afraid of the two palettes but now I see that I don’t like the first one at all and the second one has colors that would be all wrong on me! WHEW! 😀 Definitely getting those pigments though and also the pink glitter liner for sure 😀

  27. linda


  28. NENA


  29. lalala

    OMGG this is sooo nicee
    i love it i soo need to ge something
    😀 im sure lots of people will be broke wow!
    its crazy. thats is like the best idea everr
    hellokitty is too adorable :)

  30. domi


  31. Okay, so I’m not bitching, don’t get me wrong… it is a blessing from above that we are going to live to see the day that hello kitty and MAC have a lovechild… but seriously?!?!? Heathette got pink compacts…. is hello kitty chopped liver? I know that MAC wants to make it more of an adult line, but it’s still hello kitty.

    I was dreaming of ballet pink compacts and white glitter writing…

    Silly me.

    • Nadia

      THANKYOU!! Everyone is freaking out over this line. And I love hello kitty but I didn’t know hello kitty was a goth!

      I too was dreaming of pink compacts and brushes :/

  32. Vivian

    O NOOOO. After this, sugar sweet, well-defined, and grand duos I’m gonna be soo BROKE. EVERYTHING looks amazing…plus I’m doing a huge Coastal Scents haul soon…darn you makeup! Why do you have to be so addicting?!!?

  33. Kat

    hey guys, does anyone know how long the collection will be available in stores?

  34. Ateya

    Today I will be getting the Hello Kitty Line. Houston Galleria is having a UNVEILING Party and I cant wait…and yes….I am gonna be BROKE!!!
    But look at it….BEAUTIFUL!

  35. Nicky

    -.- my check won’t be enough to cover all the stuff I want. I’m soooo stealing my bf’s paycheck too. lol

  36. Nancy

    OMG!!!!!!! I want it …couldnt be perfect ..black and pink together …theres no better colors than that!

  37. Stephanie

    This is the most AMAZING THING IV EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!!!!
    my two favorite things in the world come together!
    i cant believe this is real!!!!!!!!!!!
    Im gona buy EVERYTHING

  38. Cecilia

    How much is this gunna cost all together?

  39. OMG!! this stuff is amazing.. wer can i get it from ?

  40. Lauren

    does anyone know where i could get the pictures from that event??

  41. IM INLOVEEEEE !!! =D =D =D

  42. gaby

    this is fabulous!!!! I must have one!!!

  43. fantastic.i can’t wait to see HELLO KITTY in the shopping complex again but actually some girls must be crazy of it especially japanese girls.BEAUTIFUL……..!

  44. Anon

    I love Mac. I love HK. But let’s not hope all the idiotic `scene` kids jizz their pants. Seriously.

  45. amanda kassin

    ilove you hello kitty

  46. christina

    I think I’m in heaven!

  47. Richelle

    OMG its so cute!!! My friend just bought me the bracellet as a bday present… I really love it

  48. purplespider

    HAAA!! Hello Kitty anything is awesome! Hello Kitty MAC is like a little slice of heaven..i still get excited when i see it in a store!

    Cheers everyone!

  49. Teena

    I splurged and bought a lot from this line of cosmetics, I thought the colorus and packaging were absolutely amazing, I have found they are great talking pieces and people seem geuninely happy to see them.I am as they say broke right now, but I really did need to treat myself and well they are so beautiful why not.The only thing I didn’t opt for was the lipstick, I decided to buy flowerplay instead.

  50. purplespider

    Apparently…we need a new MAC blog setup..as this line did launch last year and i DID buy it last year..and ohmygosh..i forgot to update my address with MAC!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe

  51. i love hello kitty m.a.c

  52. izabela

    all i could think about was the models hair.
    that must have been a pain to brush out :O

  53. Emma

    omg! i have like misseed it because i was trying to save my money and then ugh this haas annoyed me now!

  54. Jaclyn

    MAC relied on the fact that it is Hello Kitty and it will sell out even if it’s a sticker over baby powder and they call it a mystery finishing powder…
    And wth is wrong with both of the girls looking like they were electrocuted I mean their hair is FRIED.
    But that’s okay because more money for a actual collection.
    Not just a 50% done tacky collection.

  55. Crystal

    some people are just ignorant