Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty Collection — Accessories! :) Here are a few pictures of the accessories you can expect to be available for purchase come February 12th.


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56 thoughts on “MAC Hello Kitty Collection Accessories Pictures & Photos

  1. kayla

    ugly. i could buy this crap at Clair’s and save some cash, but then again i woulsn’t be caught dead with this trash.

  2. I think it’s cute!!

  3. LocaLoli

    Thank you Christine for showing us these pictures. I dont know why people feel they have to post ugliness on your beautiful site. Tisk tisk mac how dare you not please everybody 100% of them time. I guess some people are just too good. Yea thats it.

  4. I just wish everything was more pink rather than black, but I’ll probably still buy some Hello Kitty!

  5. Lesley

    Actually, the store is Claire’s. If you’re going to post ugliness, you might want to us proper spelling when you do so :) It all looks pretty cute to me. Although the only accessory that I’m really curious about is the brush set!

    • Candice

      I’d like to know more about the brush set as well. That container is too cute.

      • Kat

        There’s a mini 187 and 239…and I THINK the 129 but I’m not sure. They have Hello Kitty written in pink on the back and come with a Hello Kitty brush holder.

  6. Lesley

    LOL, “use”! That’s what I get for being a smartbutt!

  7. Wow, I like how everybody is getting so defensive over one negative comment. You should all relax, because Kayla was just stating her own opinion. And HONESTLY would any of you buy this if it wasn’t from MAC?

    • Cath

      It’s not just about stating opinions… It’s really about the tone and attitude. Calling the products crap and trash is just plain rude.
      But I’m glad you asked if (I) would purchase these if they were not from MAC. I guess I will not! ^_^

    • Kemmy

      HONESTLY YES! Why does it matter where it is from? As long as you’re a Hello Kitty fan it doesn’t matter if any of this stuff came from a dollar store. I would get it anyways.

  8. Stacey

    Ugh. It looks like an emo from the 70s threw up all over Hello Kitty. Not cool.

  9. Tanya B

    I really, really dislike this collection. The only things I’ll be getting are a pigment, a glitter and there is a slight possibility I’d get a fun little lipgloss or something for my little sister who is in first grade.

  10. Jennifer

    If the products had an obvious MAC logo in addition to the Hello Kitty one that emphasized the importance of the collaboration, then I’d consider buying it. Honestly, I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t do that. (Or make it more obvious, since I guess the MAC aspect is conveyed through the black?) From a collector’s pov, it’s not quite special enough.

  11. msviolet

    HelloKitty has gone dominatrix! :) I probably won’t be buying any of the accessories, but if people think they’re cute, what’s the harm?

  12. kayla

    unless you created this collection, simmer down. lol. I didn’t cuss, and really if you can’t talk about the collection then why do you read the comments? This is a forum for talking about products. Stop being robots and thinking that everything MAC creates is gold, b/c it isn’t. I’m sure not even Christine could disagree with me on this.
    Jamie got it right. Most of you will only waste your paychecks on this b/c, “OMG! new MAC Hello Kitty collection?! i HAVE to have it!!” Now instead go think about why you have so much credit card debt and stop buying into what other people and advertising tells you that you need to be cool or pretty or less fat.

    • Thank you! So many people get wrapped up in the name that they forget about the quality of the product. I can’t stand Hello Kitty, but if a color stands out to me, I’ll get it and then depot ASAP. Hehe.

      Good thing for me that the Brunette, Blonde, Redhead collection really caught my eye.

      MAC hasn’t been dazzling me with their recent collections. Oh well.

    • Shanel

      Thanks for your opinion, everyone has a different view on this collection. but Im with lovers of hellokitty for MAC, everythings great & worth it.

  13. Darianne

    Personally I don’t like the black, I much prefer the classic Hello Kitty white. But I can see why MAC did it, to get their signature colour up there and have their own take on Hello Kitty.

  14. Lexi

    I’m glad people don’t like it. More for me!

  15. Macaddict

    Me too Lexi! :-)
    Everyone has a different idea on what’s cute/beautiful or not! The thing about sharing one’s personnal opinions is that it’s all about mutual respect. Surely people can express themselves without being hurtful to others… I, for one, love HK (and kitties in general) and MAC is my fave MU line for many reasons. That doesn’t mean that I like everything MAC makes and that I buy from every collection. I too have been dissappointed by the MAC collections as of late. The only exciting one so far to me is HK.
    On a different note, I was wondering why the HK brush holder is not mentioned as part of the accessories list? Does it come with the brushes? Also, there is no price attached to it…Christine, do you know what’s up with that? Thanks in advance

    • Shanel

      Yeah, I would also like to know if the brushes come with the holder? & price? thanks christineeee! <3

      • Yes, it comes with three brushes I believe, and is about $50.

      • As far as I can tell, they come together, so it would be $49.50. Pretty much every set of brushes has come with some sort of holder (generally a bag), so I think it’s safe to say it’s likely that the brush holder comes with the brushes!

  16. KatoAto

    Ugliest. Collection. Ever.

    But thank you, Christine, for at least posting. You are always on top of it.

  17. Elle

    I think this collection is really cute. I definitely prefer the black HK over the white, I just think it looks more sophisticated or something. While I think everything is gorgeous, I’ll probably just get the makeupbag and compact, and maybe the keyring from the accessories. I dont think I’d really use anything else. I can’t wait for this one to come out because I seriously want the brush holder.

  18. I think they could’ve done a better job on this- the whole collection has an odd 70’s “Mod” feel to me, and the color scheme is so far from traditional Hello Kitty… it doesn’t appeal to me at all.

    • evangelia

      I agree. I really like Hello Kitty, but the whole point to HK is the pink, uber-girly, super femme and youthful appeal. A streamlined black HK takes out all of the charm and whimsy. There is no Hello Kitty feel to this collection at all. It’s disappointing, because I actually was looking forward to this collection. I guess I’ll wait for swatches.

      • I think you really summed this up well, because I agree! I was hoping for the white, red, pink, gingham, whatever, that Hello Kitty is known for… cutesy, and as you put it, whimsy! The black is a little depressing and more like Hot Topic Hello Kitty or a Badtz-Maru (love!) or Chococat collection. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I was hoping for more “classic” HK.

        I too want to check things out, though, so I’ll probably still hop on over on release day to see if there’s anything I really want product-wise. I’m also a little disappointed by the trios :( … It’ll be fun to check out nonetheless. :)

  19. Elouise

    I would definitely purchase a bag or something if it didn’t seem SO similar to the other cosmetic bags from the Sanrio line at their stores already…and I do agree that they should’ve made a MAC logo more prominent on the accessories so it would be worth the prices ($45 for Plushie!?!) And the Luxe products are seriously over priced too. If you’re looking for Hello Kitty stuff, try the Sanrio website. The keychains may be the only thing I buy (if it has MAC on it).

  20. Jennifer

    I, personally, kinda like it in black, not to diss the original Hello Kitty. I’m 35 yrs old (but look younger thanks to MAC;) and I’d rather the stuff be a bit more edgy and sophisticated than the original. I’m not a huge fan of Hello Kitty but I do love cats! Most of the accessories are too little girlie for me but I do like the tote and the makeup bags. I probably won’t bother, though, b/c they will be way overpriced. Thanks Christine for all the posts. This is how I narrow done my selections in each launch. You rock!

    • Nikita

      I agree i love how its more edgy.
      I was a huge fan a of HK when I was little and now its kinda nice that Hello Kitty has “grown up” with me!
      Much more sophisticated.

  21. I want it all!!

    And I have to agree with the above posters on the edgier look–it’s definitely more appealing to me vs. the original look of Hello Kitty. It even has a bit of a retro feel to it too…so adorable :)

  22. Tierra

    Id definitely get one of the cosmetic bags only because i need one and i think its cute the other accesories not so much.

  23. Briana

    Lord, how could anyone possibly be interested in any of these childish accessories? These look like my 10 year old niece would use them! I’m actually quite offended that MAC would even consider releasing products like these. How old do they think we are? If i wanted to buy childish crap, i would go to the Hello Kitty myself. What a waste of cash, i’ll save my money for the lipsticks and lipglasses thank you very much.

  24. Kathy

    Hi, can someone please tell me if the brushes are full sized or the special edition size?

    • makeupmor

      They are probably special edition/short handle ones as from the holiday collection. I will suggest you to get full sized ones, since the special edition ones are mass produced and not comparable to the regular ones when it comes to quality.

  25. LocaLoli

    Honestly the last collection I have bought anything from was manish arora. What can I say I like bright colors. I’ve been away for so long. I never buy anything based on a name. I always swatch and try before I buy especially because I don’t want to have to return make up(feels wasteful) I’m not a hello kitty collector but I love cute animals and bright colors(especially bright pink!) and anything glittery and sparkly. Another reason why I like this collection is because one of my favorite things as a child was playing with make up so its nostalgic for me. It reminds me of the fun I had with make up as a child but with grown up make up color payoff of course. I cant wait for the event. Christine are you going to a HK event?

  26. mary

    i like this collection…. so what!! im 28 and i have a 11 y/o daughter and as soon as it comes out im gonna definitely buy some things for me and her!!! MAC is actually pretty SMART for putting out a collection like this contrary to what others think. its something for all age groups….hello kitty and makeup!! come on brilliant idea….well thats my opinion…….

  27. Fafinette

    I cannot wait. That bracelet is mine! Lol I like the fact that its black. It’s different and Hello Kitty herself isn’t always pink. I think MAC may just be trying to put their spin on HK plus they’ve been having a lot of pink stuff out lately. So I think everything is really lovely and I can’t wait. My MAC dreams have come true=)

  28. Kemmy

    Hello Kitty is badass. She is very cultural and diverse. If you walk in a Sanrio store, you see all kinds of Hello Kitty. Yeah, I was a little disappointed the eyeshadows weren’t the typical Hello Kitty colors, but everything else like the lipglasses and pigments are nice. It is cute and different. There are a lot of Hello Kitty items out there and most of them are the same color theme. So this is MAC’s way of making her an exclusive MAC collection. You know theres already some Hello Kitty make-up out there like lip gloss and nail polishes that aren’t even MAC. It is not the same quality though. I’ve been a Hello Kitty fan for the past 15 years, so yes, I am excited.

  29. hello kitty is the best every one


  30. Cynthia

    I went to an exclusive unveiling of the MAC Hello Kitty collection lst night in a local San Jose mall and it was PACKED! The store was packed with people but no one was rude and the staff were very helpful, which was nice. The line just to get inside the store went outside of the mall to the parking lot (seriously). They served cocktails and finger foods and you could only get in the store with a special VIP invitation. The event was from 7pm to 9pm and I was in line at 7:45pm and did not leave the store until 10pm because the checkout lines were just as long.

    They also had two good looking guys that were shirtless and wearing tight black wanna be leather pants and a big balloon like Hello Kitty full head mask (kind of hard to describe). They checked ID before you got into the store if you wanted a light alcoholic drink. Don’t worry, they were not trying to get customers tipsy. The drinks were not strong at all. They also offered water (it was rather hot in there with all those people).

    I bought the brush set and there are 3 brushes (109SE, 187SE and 239SE). The brushes have black handles and have “Hello Kitty” written in pink on one side and MAC on the other. The brush holder is actually a nice size and can hold a lot of brushes.

    I had fun!

  31. Amber

    Theres seriously alot of people talkin trash about this new line.. and what could be better than Hello Kitty AND MAC!!! im SOOOO gettin most of this stuff!!

  32. I bought a few things but I went to try them out on me first. I wanted to pre-order but then I relaxed about all the hype and just went for things that looked good on me. I also ordered the mirror and keychain because I think that they are cute. I am a HK collector of sorts so I could not pass up something that was so original compared to other HK things in the Sanrio store. A bit pricey but some of the TOKIDOKI for Hello Kitty ranges from $50-$100! So I thought this was a cute collection and worth the price. :)

  33. rchlle

    this stafe is so amazing realy i meen that bath cant you buy this stafe in netherland?(dutch) send a message to me if you now yes/no !! great rchlle

  34. karina cantu

    i lovee