Thursday, July 1st, 2010

MAC Haute & Naughty Lash

U.S. Launch Date: June 28th, 2010 @ Nordstrom & MAC (online), August 19th (Nordstrom Stores), September 16th (all locations)
International Launch Date: October 2010

Leading the kind of double life that doesn’t land you in the tabloids is easy with Haute & Naughty Lash.  So smart with its two-in-one dual wiper system, you choose if you want defined lashes for day, or instantly combed volume for evening.  Use the small orifice for a natural end look. the large orifice for major drama, all-in-one!

First at MAC, this innovative, unique, double-duty development is the clever new way to customize lashes… select and shimmy brush from root to tip for desired effect.

State-of-the-art conditiong and hydrating formula prevents parching, flake-outs.  A one-for-all winner!

Haute & Naughty Lash ($18.00 U.S. / $21.50 CDN)

  • Haute & Naughty Black

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95 thoughts on “MAC Haute & Naughty Lash Collection

  1. I’m loving the packaging! it’s very pretty

  2. JEN

    another mascara from mac? hmmm opulash failed and so did studio fix lash. plushlash is ok. what now?

    • Nikki

      Studio fix lash is awesome! Hands down, the best mascara I’ve tired from MAC.

      • Gasp! I love Opulash! I didn’t think that it failed (Open question to anyone: How do you know if a mascara fails? Aren’t most of them kind of a matter of personal opinion – For example, I HATE Maybelline’s Great Lash but it’s been popular for years). Opulash applied with the wand it comes with is good, applied with MAC’s mascara fan brush (205 I think?) and it’s DEE-VINE!

        Incidently my top three are Plushlash, Pro Longlash and Studio Fix Lash 😛 LOL!

        • Totally agree, Dusty!

          I LOVE Plushlash. Before Plushlash, I LOVED Zoomlash. I don’t love Opulash, but it’s not because it’s a bad formula but not the right one for me (I need thickening AND lengthening). I like it, though.

          • I

            this mascara is already available at nordstrom. have you tried it? what is it supposed to do?

          • I agree with Dusty as well. Opulash is DA BOMB, and before that, I was addicted to Studio Fix Lash. They are my two fave MAC mascaras. All the others that I’ve tried did not impress me.

        • Aubrey

          FYI i love what opulash did, but it dried out on me so fast and it flakes like crazy… i take good care of my things and i dont like in a dry area…

        • JEN

          i have stick straight lashes…which don’t really work well with big wands. studio fix lash is alright and plushlash’s formula dries up quickly for me. i’ve tried giorgio armani’s eyes to kill mascara and it’s awesome!

    • katie

      Studio Fix Lash is da bomb! All of the MAC girls LOVE it! It sells itself with the nylon brush.

  3. Wait, what? Am I the only one bending their brain trying to figure out how this thing works? Is it that “haute” is when the brush gets pulled through extra tubing, pulling off excess mascara, leading to a more natural look, but if you use the “naughty” part it has more product on it, leading to more plush lashes? CONFUSED!

    • Yep Mariah! U r exactly right! I tested this during the consumer testing and it was fabulous!

    • Halo

      Also so confused need some eyedrops too much staring at the pic trying to wor the concept out. Im sure once she gets more info she’ll post about how its supposed to work

  4. oh I think I figured it out. there are two brushes in one mascara! see how the the thin one doesn’t have the glitter cap on the handle? and the other thicker one does.

    THe thin one stays inside the other wand and pops out the end,but not all of it, giving you a smaller brush. That is also why the other wand is fatter –it’s holding the thinner wand.

    I totally sucked at describing that, but look and try to see what I’m saying.

    • rozeta

      i totallly got what you said! :) that seems pretty cool. never seen that one before!

    • Ashley Tatton

      That’s what a girl on Specktra said, pretty much. That undoing just the pink wand gets less product on the wand and creates a more separated and lengthening look, and if you untwist at the sparkly cap it pulls out with the same amount of mascara as a regular tube. She said she was in market research for it.

  5. I love when MAC launches new products! 😀 The brush looks cool.
    Do you know anything about the mascara??

  6. Tanya

    wow loving the packaging….wonder what its all about ???? cant wait to read more as info is released

  7. nicole

    curious to see how this 2 in 1 wand will work!

  8. this confuses me and seems almost as gimicky as vibrating mascara. lol!

    • Haley

      Excusez-moi, I have Lancome’s Oscillation mascara and it works like a dream to separate my lashes and evenly coat them with no clumping! Great vibrating mascara.

  9. I could buy it only by looking at the packaging! hahahah LOVE IT!

  10. I wonder what the two slightly different packaging styles denote…or is this just one mascara tube with two different style brushes that somehow (magic?) come out of the same tube? mysterious…

  11. Kat

    I’ve never heard much good about MAC mascaras, so I’ll wait for reviews first. The idea seems cool though.

  12. Catherine

    it looks insane… but all the more exciting!

  13. chibu74

    packaging is reallyyyyy cool

  14. Jessi

    I, for one, am really happy with Opulash – it’s really black and dramatic without looking clumpy or unnatural, easy to apply, it doesn’t smudge on me (which is miraculous compared to everything else I try) and it doesn’t need a surgical strike to remove at night.

    MAC doesn’t normally release this many mascaras, does it?

  15. i want this just for the packaging! i’m such a sucker for pretty outsides hahaha

  16. Ashley

    This is completely unrelated, but I really wanted to share the goodies I found this weekend in Pigeon Forge, Tennesse at the cosmetics company. MAC:) I think they were all le’S. I got femme fi (most exciting), dear cupcake, expensive pink, and infatuating rose: 6 cool eyes. Also, dazzleglass rue d’rouge and jingle jangle (one of my dog’s many nick names!). Wish I could have gotten more! Shadows were $10.25, e/s sets(6)$26.75, dazzleglass $12.25. The outlet mall was one of the tanger malls:)

  17. Christine

    This looks pretty cool but I’ve always been disappointed by MAC mascaras…not sure if I will try this or not. I gave up on their mascaras a long time ago. I will be interested to see some reviews of this.

  18. This looks interesting. I wonder how it will perform. I like Opulash so far. I’m glad it isn’t flaking and gives me plenty of length. :)

  19. Helena

    Color me confused, but intrigued. (What colors would that be??)

  20. Ashley

    Is this another 2 mascaras in one thing? They really think that works? I tried the one from Rimmel and it was no good for me!

  21. melissa

    I think how this works is when you unscrew just the pink lid it pulls the brush through a thin tube, so less product on the brush. You can see that the stick is thicker when unscrewed at the purple level. There is no other way for this to work, it just boggles my mind.

  22. Yaël from France

    I love Studio Fix mascara but I’m pretty curious about this one !

  23. Jen

    I got to test this product a few weeks ago – it is the BEST mascara EVER!! The product needed to be returned after 4 weeks and I have been missing it every day since!! You will not be disappointed with this one!

  24. tina

    lol this looks like the biggest ripoff ever. the “extra tube” is such a gimmick. just brush your mascara wand off on a tissue.

  25. Halo

    If you want, you can put money on the fact that I’ll buy this just for packaging.

  26. Alex

    It could possibly be part of the Venomous Villains collection…I mean the name and the packaging look a bit related

    • KATT

      Make-up companies develop new mascaras due to gaps in their lines (customer needs). Opulash and Studio Fix Lash are both fantastic mascaras- for the right people. Opulash does nothing for me but Studio Fix Lash is amazing.

  27. Kiele

    This is up on the mac website now. I’m still waiting for the in the groove collection to pop up.

  28. Whoa. The packaging is very nice looking. It will be interesting to see how this performs in real life. Will it be a gimmick that doesn’t really do much or will it be the new HG of mascaras?

  29. Victoria

    Does anyone else notice that the models are wearing fake lashes in the promo pics? LOL Or am I just crazy?

  30. Jennifer

    that second picture of the purple e/s is freaking me out. idk why, but it’s giving me the heebie jeebies really bad :/

    • Carrie

      I agree. Neither picture makes me crave the mascara, really! I just stare at the weird falsies…

    • Colette

      It kind of freaks me out because of how extremely white her eyeball is.

    • Brenda

      I just commented on how that picture is CREE-PY!! Then I read up to the previous comments…glad I”m not the only one freaked out by it!

  31. Ali

    seems like just a gimmick..

  32. cmferret

    i love how they put 2 orfice in the description. sounds dirty! =) lol
    i cant wait to try it . i loved the opulash mascara they came out with . im still confused on how it wrks though

  33. I love my zoomlash,so I really want to try out this new baby:D

  34. missy

    $18?no thanks.

  35. Amanda

    I’m really loving the purple glittery eyeshadow look. Wish I could create that.

  36. Jennifer

    Well I just ordered this on mac online, since they emailed a free shipping code : Naughty (works today only!)

    I caved. It seems interesting, even if in the promos they girl is wearing false lashes.

    I hope this mascara means one way it just defines and lengthens and the other way it thickens and gives volume, because then it would be perfect.

  37. Michou

    Neither of those lashes look…. attractive to me. The second set (model) looks like her lashes are clumpy and FALLING OFF.

    Definitely a pass for me.

  38. androgynes

    you see the fake lashes to good, bad point for gordon

  39. vicky

    i wonder if its limited edition i hope not because i really want to try it

  40. lauraaaaa

    im getting this jsut for the packagin

  41. JD

    Christine, I think you should teach us how to do the pink look! Oh and re: your post on waxing, I went for mine today, sans alcohol and it was great!

  42. Being the purple fanatic I am, I am LOVING that purple eye look. So intense and dramatic and most of all pretty!! all though I think the thick black eyebrows might be a bit much 😡

    The packaging is super cute, but I’m definitely not a fan of MAC mascaras.

  43. sofia

    i loved the second look at the video! but i think i will go for opulash… which one do u recomend?

  44. Cassie

    That purple look is ridiculously awesome. I wish there were face charts for this….

  45. Kaylabella

    I’ll be waiting for a review on this, MAC mascaras usually leave me underwhelmed.

  46. Proximity

    I always wish they wouldn’t use false lashes in promo shots for mascara :S

  47. Shannon

    soooooooooo…what are the promo pics supposed to be showing…? because they’re obviously wearing falsies. O___o MAC, if you’re trying to entice us into buying your mascara, it’s not very nice to show us badly photoshoped (or just badly photoed?) pictures of false eyeslashes…

  48. Kathy

    This is very interesting. I need to check this out.

  49. Katharine

    I’m cringing at the use of the word ‘orifice’ in this. Surely there is a better way to describe it??!!

  50. Elysia

    I just bought new mascara today, so i’ll skip, but I muuuust know what they used on the second look for the purple eyes!!!!

  51. i’m actually kind of loving the promo pics! absolutely stunning colors. mac’s mascaras have always been a hit or a miss, so i’m interested on how these will perform!

  52. Evelyn

    Orifice is just not the right word to use to describe each end of the mascara…so bad! Now, in terms of seeing what the mascara does on real lashes, it’s really hard to tell considering both of those pictured eyes are wearing false lashes. If they are supposed to represent what you would look like in this mascara, I’d have to pass, I think clumpy or spiky aren’t good choices for me.

  53. Brenda

    the second picture looks SOOOOOOOO creepy!!!!!!

  54. mariana

    woooooooooooooow i love both of them mmm whats the difference christinee? oooh an by the way what does it meann cdn :S jej =)

  55. hey

    the purple look has false eyelashes. lol. not exactly false advertising but close.

  56. Ms. Jimmi

    Like most mascaras, the make all sorts of elaborate promises and some live up to the hype and some fail. Am I alone when i think they must be wearing false eyelashes for the mascara ads? I thought Opulash was a fail.

    The pink level has a thinner tube part at the top, so mascara is scraped off the brush, giving a more defined lash look. The purple tube part is a lot wider than the pink, so more mascara stays on the brush, meaning there is more thickness, etc. It’s the exact same brush, I don’t think there are two brushes in one? That’d be very strange.

  58. Hilana

    A friend just called me and told me she brought me Plushlash back from The States!! Whoohoooo!!!

    I have never had a MAC mascara, so I am totally stoked to try it out! I’m feeling like a kid before Christmas right now….. :)

  59. Shal

    I really like the packaging, might have to purchase it just for that!

  60. brittany

    fake eyelashes always make mascara look awesome then you spend your money and find it was a waste :/

  61. Chloe

    I didn’t really like rimmel’s mascara that works on the same idea.However, i did really like MAC’s opulash and if this has the same brush and a similar formula then this could be a real winner as opulash is quite extreme and i do like the natural look.

  62. Christy

    The second eye is like a scary clown, the packaging looks cheap.