Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

MAC Tour de Fabulous Collection

U.S. Launch Date:  December 26th, 2011
International Launch Date: January 2012

Glamglass has been renamed to Tour de Fabulous and all shades of Glamglass are now Lipglass.

Sshhh…Lips speak louder than words. You’re invited to experience glamour that’s strictly word-of-mouth. Newly formulated, this super-silky gloss delivers the perfect amount of Knockout colour with its innovative new brush applicator. Encounter a Lasting Sensation of hypnotically intense, pure colour with a vividly alluring shine that leaves lips looking lush for hours. Mesmerizingly minimal, non-sticky texture feels comfortable… featherlight. Eight tantalizing Lip Pencil shade extensions round out a collection that positively whispers Embrace Me.

Lipglass ($14.50 U.S. / $17.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Casual Air Frosted pale pink
  • It’s a Wow Mid-tone blue-pink (“rose pink”)
  • Check This Out Coral with transforming yellow-pink pearl
  • Rich & Witty Neutral dirty pinked beige
  • Comfort & Joy Mid-tone frosted dirty mauve
  • Famously Fab! Purple-lavender, slightly pearled
  • Tour de Fabulous Clean/bright yellow pink with pearl
  • Knockout Red with pearl
  • Style-Packed Bright, vivid fuchsia
  • Rich Bounty Deep red-brown with pearl
  • Real Posh Deep berry, slightly pearled

Lip Pencil ($13.00 U.S. / $15.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • What Comes Naturally Pale peachy beige
  • Hip ‘n’ Happy Dirty blue pink
  • Have to Have It Soft warm beige
  • Just Wonderful Dirty mauve
  • Entertain Me Clearly orange
  • Lasting Sensation Bright coral
  • Embrace Me Vivid pinkish fuchsia
  • Just My Type Intense warm brown

See more photos!

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115 thoughts on “MAC Tour de Fabulous Collection for Fall 2011 (Official)

  1. Debi

    Hmm! Very shiny! Not exactly sure where I would wear such shiny lips, but tempted to check out the pinks, of course. The pencils look nice!

  2. Vvn

    The visuals are so nice!

  3. KaylaK

    Yay news!!! lol I like the looks of this one already! 😀

  4. rachelle

    Oooh intriguing!

  5. Traci

    Im curious about the “innovative new brush applicator”. The colors look pretty.

  6. These colors sound awesome! I’m also super excited that they’re $14.50 like regular lipglass instead of the $18.00 all the other new formulas have been!

  7. Roo

    I’m a fan of brush applicators for glosses and one of those liners looks like it might match my lips so this is a good collection for me.

  8. Alyssa

    accourding to some sources, these will be like the kissable lip colors from peacocky. a “liquid lipstick” so to speak. very excited

    • Carrie

      Oh good! I thought that that was what the collection was looking like. I’ve got one of the kissable lip colors and like it!

  9. Keyonna


  10. alyssa

    is this collection limited edition or here to stay???

  11. I’m excited about these, I just wish they weren’t LE! I guess I should save up now… hahaha.

  12. Sarah M

    I love the look of this collection. I know the glosses are the main feature but I’m more excited about the lip pencils. Can’t wait to see them.

  13. Nastassia

    is this limited edition? or going to be added to the permanent line?

  14. Rebecca

    Looks like the colors that they already have. Pass.

    MAC is killing me here with these collections….sigh.

  15. Ooh, these seem promising! Even though I normally prefer doe-foot applicators I will put up with a brush if these turn out as nice as I’m hoping.

  16. verybecca

    I’ve been waiting for actually pigmented lipglasses to come out – cremesheen glasses were a huge flop in my book and these might be what I’ve been wanting except I hate shimmer in my gloss. Will I ever get Sock Hop in more shades?

  17. Judy

    Famously Fab!You will be mine!!!

  18. norelie

    I want the pencils!!

  19. Leslie

    Hmmm…these look pretty. Hopefully they’ll be similar to the Kissable Lip Colors, but with a decent wear time (those faded on me in less than an hour). The colors on these are also really boring and predictable. The purple, coral, and bright pink look pretty, but we’ve seen purples, corals, and pinks a million times before.

  20. Sam

    Slightly disappointed that there isn’t a vibrant neon orange like they showed in the promo picture!!

  21. Jennifer

    They are killing my wallet!

  22. Erica

    I absolutely LOVE the lace eyeglass accessories in the promo pictures!! Really want them….. 😉

  23. Kelly

    I will probably buy almost all of these!!! I’m so excited!

  24. Melissa

    Christine, I hope you swatch them ALL! Especially the lip pencils!!!!

  25. Natalie

    Lipliners!!!! Yesss. Finally something to go perfectly under impassioned lipstick.

  26. Amanda Dubs

    I might want a couple of these. I like having really shiny lips sometimes :)

  27. Anastasia

    Should I read the post before I ask you a question? haha Seriously, I love your site. It’s the next best thing to being in the store. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into :)

  28. Joanna

    Looking forward to the mauve shades — especially the lip pencil! Purple-friendly lip liners can be hard to find!

  29. Maureen

    Wait, are they all opaque?

  30. Jazz

    OOH I like !

  31. Love the promo images 😀 They look like they would be fun to try.

  32. Can’t MAC repromote Chromeglass and 3D Glass (well, whatever the In 3D glosses were called)? Le sigh. I’m a tiny bit tired of MAC releasing new lip products in different formulas but essentially the same colors. I’ll keep my eyes on these, still.

  33. Kourtney

    I already know for sure I want style-packed, and entertain me. Also a few rlly great fun lip liner colours. I am a huge fan of crazy colour. Literally not scared of a single makeup colour.

  34. Really looking forward to this collection! The new applicator sounds very intriguing. Thanks for the updates! 😀

  35. Rebecca

    I’ll have to see them in person. Ad’s always have more than one product used. :) It looks like they filled in with the Lasting Sensation pencil for a more opaque base, used the coral Glamglass and possibly clear Lip Glass over it all.

  36. Jasmine

    i only want 5 Glamglasses & 5 Lip Pencils Not Bad

  37. Val

    Do you know if this is going to be like liquid lipstick or just very shiny lip gloss? I hope MAC would come out with her own liquid lipstick because I love those and I love MAC….

  38. Cody

    I am definitely getting four of the lip pencils, and against my better financial judgment, likely four of the glosses as well. Only if they truly are non-sticky though!

  39. Stephanie

    I ALREADY WANT THEM !!!!!! :))))))

  40. Rita

    Finally some good liner colours!

  41. Dari

    Gourgeous colors! Hope you make a review and swatches soon :)

  42. Dari

    I want them ALL!!

  43. Julia

    Hey christine! Do you happen to know what colors are the models in the promo pic wearing? :)

  44. Scientific Housewife

    I am loving some of the mauve/rose colors. I can’t wait to see swatches!

  45. Kim-Mary

    Oooooh me likey!!! Finally something new & innovated by MAC. I am loving all the colors of the glamlass. I want at least three or four of them and maybe two or three of the lip liners. I love when MAC comes out with new lip colors. Now, we need more lipsticks, blushes, shadows, liners and powder colors. The Fall/Winter collections are starting to creep up on us and those are my favorite collections besides the Spring ones.

  46. Looking forward to this! I’m interested in what the new formulas will be like.

  47. They look amazing on the models but I’m worried about transfer and are shiny lips a good idea for every day? Might grab one or two. Thanks again Christine!

  48. Moni

    I hate how mac launches stuff that is “limited edition” for no reason at all, only as a marketing move so we all hurry and purchase those things. As cute as the glosses may look, I don´t think they will be unique in any way

  49. Paige

    What are they replacing? Or are they non-permentant?

  50. Mel

    I’ve got my eye on Check This Out.

  51. Madison

    looks interesting!

  52. Gina

    these look interesting.

    and not to be rude – but to the people who keep asking “will these will be around?” is it so hard to read the post? instead of just looking at the pictures. and how can you miss it?! I don’t understand. It says LIMITED EDITION right next to the color/shades. Wow.

  53. Emily

    Cool picture. Feels elegant and understated but powerful (random artsy breakdown sorry)

  54. Didn’t quite get it, what are glamglass really? Ho much is in the packaging? They look shorter and stubbier than the lipglass packaging, or is it just me?

  55. Naheeda

    Love the colours!!
    Wanted to buy!!

  56. sonjiya

    ooh my! these could be so nice, especially the coral one (after the success of hibiscus), i can’t wait to see just how shiny and glam they are!

  57. Dana

    Looks like it will give off a patent leather shine! very interesting

  58. oooo…weeee LOVE IT

  59. K.A

    another pass collection

  60. Taylor

    thank goodness they’re coming out with a brush applicator and not a sponge!

  61. Corliss

    I hope it’s very pigmented and non sticky.

  62. Brittany

    wow very small collection, normally mac goes all out with there collections but its nice to have a small one once in a while. I dont think this collection will bust my bank so im happy bout that. lol

  63. emily

    what was the last thing mac introduced and made permanent? other than the sheen supreme lippies… is it just me or is this ridiculous?

    • FAF_mua

      Since Sheen Supreme, there have been many permanent additions: Pro Longwear eyeshadows, lip pencils and new lipcreme colors; Matchmaster foundation; Feline kohl power… MAC Fall 2011 had a ton of new permanent products! More permanent stuff is coming January 5 :)

  64. NessaMBaby

    Can’t wait! I wonder what the formula will be like? Will you be doing swatches of these before they come out? Xoxo

  65. The promo pic is hot!

  66. Sarah

    Ohhhhh, can’t wait to get my hands/lips on a couple of these!! I’m intrigued on the new applicators too. As long as they’re not like the BB gloss brushes I’ll take em;)

  67. Carla

    At the very least, the red Glamglass and the fuchsia pencil will be mine!
    Though not to wear together …
    I wish MAC would come out with a violet liner pencil; maybe the color of Violetta lipstick, in pencil form. It’s so hard to find that color in a pencil.

  68. Luciana

    swatch glamglass??????

  69. Jenni

    looking back for swatches…sigh

  70. Anne

    Too many collections, too many beautiful colours, too little money!!!

  71. Alyssa

    Christine, I just wanted to let you know i just got back from MAC and asked them bout this. They said that while that was the intended release date there was a production error or something like that so know the release date is pushed back to and they don’t know when it will be out.

  72. Jo

    I got to check these out at our MAC Update. This is a ‘to die for’ product. The texture of it feels similar to Cremesheen glass but with much more color payoff. It’s very smooth and not sticky. The brush applicator is very nice also. It’s like it has a mini #219 brush attached to it.

  73. Brittany

    i really want to get 7 of the glam glasses out of 11 of them, Casual Air to Tore De Fab. are the ones i want. Im not much of a lip liner girl, my lips are kind of big soo i just don’t think it looks right on me. But yeah i cant wait for this, i really wasn’t into mac’s lipsticks or glasses until now so im kind starting up a collection.

  74. Amanda

    will you have swatches of these before the are online?

  75. Glenda :)

    OMG!!!!!! I want alot of these! I am definately getting Comfort & Joy and Famously Fab. So gorgeous!!!

  76. Leash

    Is tis collection still coming out on Thursday? All of the websites I’ve been to don;t have swatches up of any of the colours and the MAC website isn’t advertising it like they usually advertise collections, when it’s suppose to be released in two days.

    • rachel

      I have been checking with increasing obsessiveness the last couple weeks. it’s really strange. everything i know about MAC collections says that the youtubers and bloggers would have the products by now and they would be the website today. i’m about to freak out.

      • Gillian (AKA Munchy)

        right? and doesn’t the website start selling two days before the launch? so they should have shown up yesterday but its as if we saw this announcement of the launch and then….nothing.

        • rachel

          i wonder if they told everyone they couldn’t mention the collection after announcing it? because if you google ” MAC glamglass ” pretty much no one has done an updated post since around june 15th.i feel like the other beauty people should be crawling out of their skin with us.

          • No, there is no embargo. I don’t have any product, thus there is nothing to update :)

            • Rachel

              Sorry Christine if my last post sounded a little crazy. I have a shopping cart full of stuff online including my semi precious items but I have wanted to wait until the glamglasses were released on the site so I dont have to put in two orders so close together. Gem of roses is now sold out online so I am just getting worried about my other items and I’m a bit impatient to begin with. Thank you for all the time you dedicate to you site :) it’s fabulous.

            • I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks now to hear back from MAC on the status, and I haven’t heard anything, sorry!

            • Marie

              I’m in the Toronto area. Today I called a Pro store and 2 department stores. They all told me that there is a launch delay. They don’t know why, and they don’t know when the new release date will be…. :(

            • It took 20 minutes for mine to tell me, “I don’t know what Glamglass is, we have nothing called that coming out” and then “Oh, Glamglass, 7/28, that is tomorrow, no we don’t even have product.” LOL.

            • Nubia136

              I called customer service @ 1800-866-6464, the rep said that it was suppose to launch online on 7/26. He checked for an update after I said that it did not launch yet. He said the latest will be Aug 2nd.Then I called NY Pro. The MA said that it is now an “unofficial launch” which means there is no date (I guess because of some unspoke delay). However, Colourizations has been launched at their store.

            • Celi

              Hi, I just also wanted to say that I just got of the phone with a MAC store and they said that the launch was pushed back. They don’t know why or when they will be released. Bummer…

  77. Gwen

    I went to MAC live Chat and asked about it there and was told that they have indeed delayed the launch of this collection and have no clue yet when it will launch.. That sucks Im so excited about this one.

  78. Taylor

    Soooo, on here it says that the launch date is July 28th….it’s July 28th today and when I checked online for the products, there were nowhere to be found.

    • Yvonneb27

      my car i paid off today died on the way to mac so i got a ride and went to mac to be told it wasnt there!!!!!!!!! I called yesterday to see if it was out early and they said no. that it would be out today!! and after all that drama it isnt out????????? they said a manufacturing error. fml.

  79. Yvonneb27

    i am tired of waiting!!! i want them now.

  80. Denise

    Hi Christine,

    Any updates on the new release date of Glamglass?

  81. Laura

    Will you PLEASE let us know on your main page when they do plan to release this collection? I am looking forward to your review and swatches of these when it finally launches!

  82. Sophie W.

    i’ve been told january.. for germany at least :(

  83. JBaby

    Does anyone have a pic of the new brush design…. I am getting them all, over time of course…lol

  84. Glenda :)

    So pissed about the new launch date >: /

  85. Karen G

    tooooooo much retouched picture the shine could be real but I don’t think that this lipglass performes that “spectacular” intensity of color I mean it’s just a lipglass!!!!
    Promo pics are supposed to be catchy for the costumers but some realism must be taken into consideration :/

  86. nayeli

    Christine, so they are coming out on stores on the 26 of decomber, but its a Monday, so when will they b online? Is it going to come out sooner online or at the same time as the stores?

  87. grace

    i heard from the MAC MUA that this is not coming out anymore..

  88. I picked up a Glamglass from the warehouse sale in ‘Check This Out’. Does that mean it’s really not coming out?

  89. Lilinah

    Yesterday i pre-ordered a couple things from the GlamGlass collection at my local MAC.

    It is still being released on Dec. 26, but the SA said it has been renamed “Tour de Fabulous” Collection and the lip gloss is now just called lip glass, not glamglas. She had all 8 lip pencils, but only 8 lip glosses. I recall seeing Comfort & Joy, Real Posh, Rich & Witty, Rich Bounty, and Style-Packed; I can’t recall which were missing other than Famously Fab!, which i had wanted to order. The SA wasn’t sure if the missing lipglasses were still going to be shipped or had been deleted from the collection.

    I ended up ordering Just Wonderful lip pencil (which is not as blue as it looks in the photo above, which disappointed me, but still medium-deep mauve-y) and Comfort & Joy lip glass.

  90. Liz B

    Just got back from the MAC counter and the SA said some things in the collection are permanent. I tried chatting with someone on the MAC site but they said they had no idea if they were or not. =(

  91. Kirsten

    Hey :) do you know what actual lipglass is used in the promo image? Thanks x