Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

MAC Future Face Collection

MAC Future Face Collection for Spring 2011

M∙A∙C forges ahead with a three-in-one force: Powder, Foundation and Tinted Moisturizer altogether. First, Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder blurs the line between skincare and makeup, with a pressed texture that beautifies as it benefits. Gives a sheer to medium, smooth, even coverage for a flawlessly soft and even tone with caring, comforting properties. Studio Fix Fluid and Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 shade extensions fill in all the gaps. A broad, all-inclusive shade range means M∙A∙C Artists can cover everybody, one beautiful conquest at a time. Call your clients most in need of convincing, and watch what happens!

Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation ($26.50 U.S. / $32.00 CDN)

  • New shades added to permanent range: N18, NW18, NW22, NW33, NW44, NW46, NW48, NW58

Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 ($29.50 U.S. / $38.00 CDN)

  • Medium Plus Tan beige
  • Dark Plus Neutral tan beige

Studio Careblend/Pressed ($23.00 U.S. / $27.50 CDN)

  • Light Soft pale beige
  • Light Plus Pale golden beige
  • Medium Soft creamy beige
  • Medium Plus Tan beige
  • Medium Dark Caramel beige
  • Medium Deep Rich golden tan
  • Dark Deep caramel
  • Dark Deep Rich golden bronze


  • 190 Foundation Brush ($32.00 U.S. / $38.50 CDN)
  • 150 Large Powder Brush ($42.00 U.S. / $50.50 CDN)

Availability: February 17th, 2011. All items will join the permanent range.

See more product photos!

Q&A with Nick Gavrelis, Vice President, Global Product Development, Face and PRO, M·A·C Cosmetics

Q: What makes the Studio Care Pressed Powders such a valuable addition to the M•A•C powder lineup?

Studio Careblend Pressed Powder fuses high technology with botanical extracts to give “real women” and make-up artists a unique, creamy feel to the touch. The luxurious powder glides onto skin, yielding an undetectable finish without a dry powdery look – leaving the skin feeling tremendously comfortable.

Q: What is so unique about the coverage and finish the Studio Careblend Pressed Powder provides? Can it be used alone or should it be used layered with other products?

Studio Careblend Pressed Powder provides sheer to medium coverage with perfect skin adhesion that helps to create a more flawless, refined look to skin. Studio Careblend Pressed Powder’s versatility allows users to apply it alone, over moisturized skin, atop foundation to set, or simply to touch up and perfect skin throughout the day.

Q: What are the Skincare benefits of the new Studio Careblend Pressed Powders?

Studio Careblend Pressed Powder has a super comfortable, weightless cream-like feel on skin, thanks to our unique botanical complex that consists of Safflower Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Lecithin. This “Comfort Complex” helps contribute not only to the beautiful skin adhesion and flawless finish look, but it also ensures that the powder will be non-drying, non-powdery and extremely comfortable to wear for all skin types.

Q: What are some of the technologies used to develop this product make it stand out?

This is truly a modern, next generation pressed powder. It is formulated with a combination of micronized treated pigments and luxurious ultra fine Venetian particles and worked in a special Crosspolymer and other ingredients to give the most luxurious glide and application with amazing, undetectable skin adhesion – looks like flawless skin, not pressed powder! Then, with the addition of the botanical “Comfort Complex,” we help the skin to feel its best and look its best, without the dry, chalky look of powders from generations past.

Q: M•A•C is known for testing our new products backstage at Fashion Weeks – what was the reaction from our artists to the Studio Careblend Pressed Powders?

The reaction from our Sr. Artists and M.A.C PRO Team backstage during fashion week in NY, London, Milan and Paris has been amazing! They love the luxurious feel and ultra smooth, non-powdery looking application they get… Finally, a Powder that looks like silky skin!

MAC Future Face Collection

MAC Future Face Collection

MAC Future Face Collection

MAC Future Face Collection

MAC Future Face Collection

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104 thoughts on “MAC Future Face Collection for Spring 2011

  1. I don’t particularly like the basics-type collections, but I’m intrigued by the new powders.

  2. Harleigh

    I thought this was already released?

  3. Noga

    I was just looking for something like the powder. Will be sure to check it out next time I go to the store…

  4. Maggie

    And of course no NC/NW 5 or 10. It’s great that they’re expanding their shade range, but I do wish they’d notice that there are lots of us who are too pale to wear NC/NW 15!

    • Ani_BEE

      Concur! I’m in the NC 10 to 5 range myself. The only carry 2 white correctors in the Face + Body and Full Coverage collection which are PRO items.

      That being said MSF Natural in Light work for both the NC/NW fair then 15 families since it’s neutral and super pale. I would expect the Studio Careblend/Pressed Light would work in a similar fashion but we won’t know till they are tested.

    • Christine

      I completely agree! I’d love to see something like an NW10 or NW13. I’m still hopeful that this new powder in Light will work for me. Guess I’ll have to check it out!

      • Steph

        I agree with everyone else! I am very fair and cannot use MAC foundation. Their advertisements are also very misleading (such as the one above at the bottom), because if their product actually matched that skin tone I would purchase MAC foundation.

    • Giulia

      Here, here!

    • emily

      I’m in the same boat as you! I’ve noticed that a lot of their promo pics have WHITE-skinned girls… and yet NC 15 is way too dark on me? Weird. I’m using NARS Sheerglow in Siberia (perfect match and coverage IMO) but it breaks me out if I wear it longer than ~7 hours.

    • Tracie in NC

      I totally agree.

    • Katie Ladyee


    • ak

      Email them at their website a lot. I know that they listen to customer complaints at MAC. Trust me. I know!

    • Elly86

      Try the white Studio Fix + that you can find at MAC Pro stores. You just dab that on top of the lightest shade you have of foundations to lighten it more.

      • emily

        I’ve contemplated buying the lightest Face & Body + the white Face & Body. But that’s $60 for one shade. They’ll expire/separate before it’s actually used a decent amount. Wouldn’t it be cool if they had a Prescriptives-like station where you blend foundations into a custom shade with their various formulas? No one would ever complain again. lol

  5. Is this collection LE?!

  6. Kat

    I’m interested in the new powders! On a side note, I was in the MAC store the other day, and I am not impressed by the 150 brush – my Ecotools powder brush is softer.

  7. Nina

    ooooh i’m curious about the N18!

  8. Sara

    Looking forward to trying the NW18. NW15 is too light and NW20 too dark.

  9. Shayla P.

    Is the new powder similiar to studio fix powder foundation?

  10. Kira

    What’s your best guess for the lip color/product used in the ad? That’s what’s REALLY got me interested!

  11. Kim-Mary

    Not for us pale girls now is it? I’m saving my money for the Quite Cute collection anyhow. Like someone mentioned in another comment area. That’s the one for us “white” girls. lol

  12. katrina

    i’m excited with this collection. recently i’ve been spending more time trying to create a nice canvas before putting on blush, e/s, contour.

  13. Joanne

    Interesting. I love powder foundation. Perhaps I will give this a try. The price point seems to be reasonable. I’d thought they’d increase it due to its “unique botanical complex” properties…

  14. Tiffany

    Ooooh… I am quite interested in the studio careblend. Good thing I’ve only really started to make a dip in my MSFN, so I can wait for the reviews to pour in whilst I finish it up.

  15. I’m happy they decided to make some in-between shades for Studio Fix. I stopped using Studio fix because I felt like NW30 was not even close my my match and it made my skin look quite orange.

  16. Tasmin

    This was launched in the UK two weeks ago. Very impressive!

  17. This sounds interesting 😀 I wonder if any of this will match me….

  18. Sarah

    This is out in the UK already, careblend powder is amazing even on my dry dry skin.

    I agree, and NC/NW10 would have been lovely, I’m way lighter than 15 so a 10 would be nice!

  19. Nina

    Those lips! Those lips! Any ideas which products were used for those lips?

    • I asked MAC, but they said they didn’t know! Sorry :(

      • Sanda

        thanks Christine…I saw the photo last night but was too tired to post the question and now when I scrolled back to previous posts I can see that I’m not the only one blown away by this lip color. Too bad we can’t find out what it is :(

      • Rima

        I called Mac to find out and they said she was wearing the lip conditioner tube, redd lipliner, russian red lipstick and clear lipglass on top.

    • Becky

      HI! I emailed one of Mac’s main makeup artists and although he didn’t have the exact breakdown, he suspected it was either Russian Red lipstick, with Russian red lipglass, or Red Lipmixx!

      I bought Russian red recently and I LOVE it!!

      Hope this helps!

  20. Ivy

    Can anyone decipher this for me:

    “It is formulated with a combination of micronized treated pigments and luxurious ultra fine Venetian particles and worked in a special Crosspolymer and…”

  21. Samantha

    I was so excited about the powders.. until I saw that it’s filled with oils. :(

  22. Stylishpop

    I agree with maggie its sooo annoying :(

  23. Nora

    You wouldn’t happen to know the ingredients to the Careblend powder, would you? ::crosses fingers::

  24. Megan

    Hello :) do you have any idea what that model is wearing on her lips? It’s so pretty! Thanks!!

  25. Jenny

    This has been out in the UK for a couple of months now.
    I thought America always got stuff first!?
    Lucky us.. Shame I wasn’t interested in the collection.
    They need to get their bums in gear over here since I NEED Mighty Aphrodite!! 😛

  26. Aisha

    Hi Christine! Do you know what lipgloss this is? I love it!!!

  27. leslie

    Is the powder a touch up powder? I wear studio fix powder.So can you put that over that later in the day?

  28. Cally

    Couldn’t help but notice the GORGEOUS red lip colour- what Mac product is on her lips? Thanks

    • I asked MAC, but they said they didn’t know. Sorry :(

      • Cally

        Thanks for the quick reply!
        OOOhhh…suspicious…perhaps they are using a competitor’s lipgloss!

        • Highly possible- if you recall, MAC got “busted” for using Ben Nye products in the promo images for it’s Color Craft collection, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if this wasn’t a MAC shade. Seems a bit like false advertising to me, but as many pointed out in the comments to this post, the bottom skin tone in the promo pics is most definitely either digitally lightened or was done with another brand of foundation- MAC simply doesn’t make anything this fair. Sad but true.

    • KT

      It seems similar to the red in the promo for the unreleased lipstick collection… (Sheen Supreme?)

      Seems a bit silly to not know the products in your promo pics…it definitely looks digitally altered though.

  29. I tell you what, I sure would like to know what that lip concoction is on the model in that picture – I’m finding it to be quite interesting!

  30. Kristen

    My life would be complete if they made a Studio Fix Fluid in NC/NW 10… =(

  31. Melissa

    Check Macys. I believe they are already selling this online.

  32. ms.mad

    How is the Studio careblend/pressed for oily skin? I’m suprised they didn’t mention it in there question w/ answers. It seems like there is alot of oils in it, maybe its not suggested for oily skin. Thank You

    • ak

      In London, they told me that they wouldn’t recommend the powder for oily skin at all.

    • nina

      Except natural oils are really good for your skin. I do the Oil Cleansing Method, and it’s actually lessened how much oil my face produces and makes it healthier.

  33. Leah

    Woo! NW18 would probably be perfect for me ^_^

  34. Becca

    I odon’t like basic type collections like these. I’ll pass :)

  35. Becca

    the model’s eyes are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Meh. Too dark for my skin tone. But I have enough foundation to last for a while anyway.

  37. Ann

    I’ve been wanting that studio moisture tint for a long time, but there was not a match for me so I’m pleased with the additional shades.

  38. Crystal C.

    I am super excited for the pressed powder, and mostly, the tinted moisturizer, I have been waiting for MAC to have something like it!

  39. Lauren

    Why no NC’s? Not fair.

  40. Altea

    This collection came out early here in Italy (feb 1st, I’ve heard it was released on the same day in UK too, maybe all Europe?).
    I went to my counter and asked about the careblend pressed powder but the MA didn’t seem to know much about it (she was confused between this and the foundation, she said the powder as well was just new shades of some existing product).
    In the end she gave me studio fix to use as a pressed powder for touch-ups. She said it had a finer consistency than this. Honestly I don’t know..I would have liked something sheerer, and this thing of “makeup+skin care” kinda thrilled me.

    Christine, I don’t know if you’re planning to get your hands on this and/or review it, but I’d love to read your opinion.

  41. francesca

    This collection was released in Italy about 10 days ago, FYI!

    • Altea

      Well…I just went there on monday feb 7th and it was on display. I knew peacocky was released on the 1st so I just assumed they had been released together 😉

  42. Caroline

    New powders seem good but of course with my luck it has olive oil which I’m allergic to. oh well.

  43. Svetlana

    In Denmark this collection was released on February 8th together with Peacocky collection. I’m keen on trying the powder, right now I use Prep And Prime Translucent powder to set my foundation, it’s a great powder but makes my skin look a bit dry.

  44. Jazz

    I want to try the powder, as its cheaper than what I currently use to set my concealer ie MSFN in Dark

  45. ak

    To the people who are are lighter than NW15 or NC15 keep on, and keep on emailing MAC each of until they get tired of you. I feel it does work. MAC does listen to its customers I feel. Back in 2001 and 2002, MAC drastically changed their lipstick formulation without changing it’s lovely feel. I know because some other ladies and I were online complaining about our reaction to theiir lipsticks, and within a year of me discovering that I was allergic to some of MAC’s lipstick finishes, BOOM they changed them all. It was around the time when Lustre lipsticks were brand new and I realized that I could wear them with no problem, and I slowly tried out their other finishes and hey presto! I wasn’t allergic to their lipsticks anymore!

    MAC can’t afford to have people allergic to their lipsticks if they want to use them to raise money for HIV/AIDS. I have complained to MAC once before and received two free leg bronzing Skinsheens products. And that’s why the lighter than NC15 people should email MAC and bug them everyday! LOL

  46. stephanie

    I can’t wait to try the powder tomorrow! Happy for the new NWs as Nw45 and Nw47 run to red on me and ultimately dont match.
    As far as the red lip, it’s cute, but I feel like no matter what colors were used, photography will alter the actual color. I say this photo inspires people to rock a hot red lip

  47. When i next get paid in a week im gonna purchase some needed mac, liek wonder woman collection etc and this! I want to try the powder as i am a fan of studio fix but its NOT A POWDER TO USE FOR TOUCH UPS, TRUST ME! im a pro makeup artist and it goes cakey but this seems better, the MSF NATURALS are too sheer for me, i have about 3 and i hardly use them.
    So i cant wait to try this out =D
    And anythin with natural extracts and sources is great for me =]
    Safflower oil is a brilliant alternative to talc as it smoothes out the skin and it comes as a powdery form isntead of an oil b ut its extracted from the oil if you get me so just to help you all out i know alot about ingrediewnts and its great for your skin, its similar to sunflower seed oil extract but that can have a certain colour and texture to it, safflower is nice and smooth like flawless.
    Shea Butter we all know is brilliant as a moisturiser and resmoother so i think having a powder with it in is great.

  48. Oh will check it out when it launches it the Netherlands

  49. Rayanna

    Now I’m not sure if I should get this new Studio Careblend powder or MSF Natural. Any suggestions?

  50. Deb

    NW15 is already too dark for me…but it’s nice to see more permanent products!

  51. Rita

    The colour of this lipstick/lipgloss in the image for this collection is the colour of the lipstick i have been desperately searching for. Could you suggest a lipstick that would be the same or similar? It’s a sort of red brown similar to MAC Dare you but lighter and more creamy and brown?

  52. Christine

    It was released in germany about 3weeks ago and I´ve heard only good things about the moisture tint. but I didn´t by anything yet

  53. KellyK.

    im anxious! i fall into the “in between shades” category!

  54. Angel

    for real? i totally just got the fix powder… >.>

  55. Rayanna

    If this is being released tomorrow shouldn’t it be online already? I checked and it’s not.

    • Rita

      The face powders are out but not the new foundation shades. Look under face, then powders, it’s near the bottom.

  56. I’m going to jump on the “wow, love the lips” band wagon. It looks a bit more orange to me than Russian Red. But whatever it is, I need it!

  57. Marcela

    It states that powder is suitable for all skin types, so that would include oily skin too. I’m surprised this will be cheaper than the Mineralize Skinfinish.

  58. Sanda

    I am totally in love with the lip color used on the model in this ad – any idea what this is?….gotta have it :)

    • fauxfur

      the lip is Redd Lip Pencil, Russian Red Lipstick and Clear Lipglass

      • Sanda

        Red Russian happens to be my favourite lipstick but the color is intense blazing red, this tone looks more coppery brown – that’s why I liked it so much, it would be perfect for red hair…true colors look different in photographs and under certain lighting, but I have a hard time believing that this is Russian Red :( thank you though…:)

  59. Annie

    hey christine…..i don’t know whether this has anything to do with the collection but do you have any idea to what the difference is between nc and nw in mac??

  60. Cherokee

    I am a powder girl. Liquid foundation is just a little heavy on my skin. I will definitely check this out. Since I have combo skin, I don’t get the powdery effect that others experience. This is definitely worth checking out. Thanks Christine as always.

  61. Jeanie

    Does anyone know the weight of the powder?

  62. Kristy

    I was wondering when they were going to do this. I have always fallen between NW20 and NW25.

  63. Kristie

    Hi Christine!!
    Will you be reviewing the new powders?