Saturday, August 20th, 2011

MAC for Mariza Collection

For Fall, something new to flaunt: Limited Edition makeup bags by M•A•C Mariza! Lightweight, simple, sensuous. Two softly tailored styles: three colour choices. The surprise element -a mock leather fob with a hidden mirror!

Mariza 1 ($40.00) (Limited Edition)

Designed by Mariza Scotch, this simple deep zippered pouch features a surprise element – a mock leather fob that holds a small mirror. Lightweight nylon-blend Italian fabric. Brilliantly lipstick red. 8×5 in.

Mariza 2 ($50.00) (Limited Edition)

Designed by Mariza Scotch, this soft envelope-style bag has two zippered pockets, a divided inner compartment & features a mock leather fob that holds a small mirror. Lightweight nylon-blend Italian fabric. Cool grey. 11 x 6 in.

Mariza 3 ($50.00) (Limited Edition)

Designed by Mariza Scotch, this soft envelope-style bag has two zippered pockets, a divided inner compartment & features a mock leather fob that holds a small mirror. Lightweight nylon-blend Italian fabric. Dark grey. 11 x 6 in.

availability: August 25th @ MAC Stores

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31 thoughts on “MAC for Mariza Collection

  1. Julie

    These look really nice and sleek. I’d love to have that black one replace my old makeup bag.

  2. I think I’d rather stick with the cute makeup bag I bought from Target for $3. These are cute, but I can’t justify the price. You can get three lipsticks or eyeshadows from MAC with $50.

  3. Maggie

    there should be some form of cosmetics or skincare included in this collection :/

  4. Amy P

    Beautiful, but for the price I’ll have to pass.

  5. Steph

    They look very nice, but like many others have said already, the price point is not for me.

  6. Liz Mc

    Sorry MAC, these are just not $50 worth of cute.

  7. LH

    pretty but I would rather have $50 in new makeup than on a bag

  8. Lacy

    Too much for a make up bag. I agree they should had include cosmetics inside.

  9. The makeup bags don’t look cute or unique enough for me to justify paying $50 for it. Also, I can spend $50 on like 4 Mac eyeshadows in the pan form. =/

  10. You dissapoint me MAC!
    I think they’re kinda ugly.
    I’ll pass on this one.

  11. Allison

    Seriously?! $50!!? Really? Doesn’t MAC know there’s a recession….?

  12. Joanna

    I think I will get the dark grey one. I would get the smaller one too, but I’m not a fan of red.

  13. Olivia

    YIKES – what’s up with the price?! MAC has collaborated to create bags at this price that are far more creative…and some even have brushes in them LOL.

  14. likely these bags are made in another country….for just a little more, I have a real leather bag made in New York City Soho….need to support the country where I live, not outsource jobs elsewhere.

  15. Liz

    I’m kinda glad those don’t come with the cheap brush sets, I do sincerely think people are better off with 5$ drugstore brushes. As for the bags: I think they’re very stylish and luxurious and quite up my ally. Cute = SO not my thing. I’m just not really a fan of mac and it’s business policy so I’m a bit hesitant to support them. I’ll think about it though, 50$ for a designer make up pouch isn’t that bad really.

    lol@ the “nylon-blend Italian fabric” though – what’s “italian fabric” supposed to be?!

  16. Val

    Cheap material and made in PRC and I am not talking about Puerto Rico.

  17. Carie

    If I was going to splurge on a makeup bag I’d much rather go with Marc Jacobs… sorry MAC.

  18. Sara

    yup. I want!

  19. Annie

    I don’t find anything special in these bags.

  20. Jesica

    These are nice but a little steep…..Pass!

  21. Really nice bags but I think I am gonna have to pass. Makeup is expensive enough and I think I am going to save up for other collections and other makeup. I really can’t justify $40-$50 for a pouch that can be purchased from an office supply store on sale.

  22. Nikelle

    YES! MAC listened when I asked them to release a collection from which I ABSOLUTELY will NOT want to buy a single item! I just heard my pocketbook squeek in delight!

  23. Corliss

    What kind of junk is this?

  24. Karina

    Will there be a special MAC collab collection this September like the Disney’s Venomous Villains of last September?

  25. Brittany

    wow i really dont know whats going on with mac now a days, half of their collections are tanking cause either the same stuff over and over or its just not that interesting. Kind of like this one, I mean this has to be pure desperation right here- 40 to 50 bucks for a makeup bag? Please i could find a bag just as good as these at walmart. I dont think this will sale that much at all, the price is to much and its just make up bags..big whoop. O well better luck next time mac.

  26. be

    No no no…these are not cute in my opinion. They actually look cheap, I wouldn’t even be tempted to buy one if the price was $1. I just do not like any of them. Sorry MAC but I am disappointed once again.

  27. Lisa

    I have purchased the dark grey bag today, over here in the UK it was £33 but with my pro discount it was near £21 which is a bit steep but I have been waiting FOREVER for someone to come out with linings like this! I use a LOT of eyeliners, I like to do looks that sometimes involve 2 or 3 colours at any one time, so I like having them all to hand and in one place. Only problem with this is, the lids come off, the inside of my makeup bag gets dirty, give it a whizz inside out in the washing machine doesn’t solve the problem. This one is easily wiped down, is washing machine friendly (so I’ve been told) and it stores a HELL of a load of makeup. I mean a lot. I could probably fill this with makeup and brushes for a whole week, maybe more away and i’d still have room! And the little mirror is a nice touch but I’m not particularly a fan of mirrors on things, but I guess it’s handy. And actually now I’m looking at it, I can’t help but think what an awesome clutch bag it could make, colour not too strong so it can literally go with any outfit, can fit your keys/lipgloss/phone in easily with oodles of room, I could even fit in a pair of those fold up ballet pumps that places sell when their heels get too much for them. So I personally think it’s been a good purchase for me, I love it, and I just might use it for my night out tomorrow night. :)