Friday, November 4th, 2011

A tantalizing twist of art, color and fantasy comes to life as the world’s leading professional make up brand, M.A.C Cosmetics prepares to launch a cosmetics collaboration with China’s foremost fashion photographer, Chen Man. Inspired by Chen Man’s vision, the upcoming collaboration with M.A.C features an extraordinary campaign visual shot by Chen Man. The M.A.C for Chen Man collection will feature limited edition mineralize eye shadows emblazoned with a yin/yang design and will be available globally at M.A.C outlets from March 2012. — PR Newswire

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51 thoughts on “MAC for Chen Man Collection for Spring 2012

  1. Emily

    Sounds amazing!

  2. Cindy

    I’m curious!

  3. Ani_BEE

    I just can’t get excite when all I here is mineralize eye shadows. lol

  4. Iantru

    I am SICK of Mac releasing lipsticks and mineralize eyeshadows. They have become the dullest, most boring and most unoriginal brand out there. To think that once upon a time they were considered avant-garde… So dissappointed.

    • Natsume

      I’m just sick of MAC releasing subpar collections. I just wonder if they even realize the quality they are allowing to be put out, or if they even care anymore for that matter. I used to be so excited for them to release something new. Now I just roll my eyes and say ‘Next!’. :{

    • Mattie

      You sound ignorant, MAC covered over 250 runway shows this past a/w NY fashion week. They set the trend, the looks, and the tone for what other brands are going to emulate for the next season. If you don’t like mineral shadows…then don’t buy them. Lucky for you MAC produces an array of lines per quarter , so just look out for the next one, maybe youll be creative enough to utilize what else they put out :)

      • Emily

        You all make really good points. MAC isn’t boring to me (yet! Here’s to hoping that they never become boring…) but there’s been some poor-quality items released that does make me wonder a bit. lol

      • duane

        I totally agree with you there!! thankgod someone has a brain! as an Artist for M.a.c a passionate one at that im so sick of people complaining about stuff just cauz its ” not their thing” . MAC IS AN ALL AGES ALL RACES ALL SEXES!! your not going to like everything so just bloody wait for something u do! ha ha. or like you said ” be a bit more creative”

        • Amanda

          In every single release I’ve been able to find at least SOMETHING that I’ve wanted. I am not big on mineral shadows either, but a few have made my makeup box. I’ve used them all with non-mineral shadows and they’ve worked out just fine. They work much better when wet. Amazingly enough they work quite well with the Big Bounce shadows that everyone hates. I’ve found 8 worthy eyeshadow bases with those Big Bounce shadows. So there are many ways to utilize what they’ve put out.

  5. Alice

    As someone of Chinese descent, I’m okay if there won’t be any monolidded Asian stereotypes involved.

  6. Liee

    Is this their answer to the Wong Kar Wai-Shu Uemura collab? Curious as to how this collection will be.

  7. Wilcoa

    I’m so sick of mineralized eyeshadows. I’m allergic to them and it seems like that is half of the stuff – if not more – coming out nowadays. Ah well, at least the wallet doesn’t have to worry about crying anytime soon. Sounds like an interesting collection though *crosses fingers that it won’t disappoint*

    • Lark

      I’m sick of mineralized anything! These have never worked so well for me and now they smash up a bunch of colors in one pot so it’s all color roulette! The original halfsies colors made sense- two colors that were stable.
      They do way too many collections so of course it’s gone mediocre Pret a Papier? Pret a Pathetic is more like! Anything truly interesting seems to wind up at the old lady Estee Lauder counter. Maybe Queens Sin is there under a different name. Maybe MAC can’t release it again?
      I still shop there for constants like wipes and there are eye colors I still want. But the Daphne Guiness collection will be an acid test as far as I’m concerned.

      Lauder is riding its cash cow into the ground. A lot of MAC MUAs here, management, have been jumping ship for newer lines.

  8. I’m SO excited for this! Chen Man is an amazing photographer, I can’t wait to see what they’ve cooked up for this.

  9. Mindy

    I think this could be good but I’m sooooo tired of mineralize eyeshadows from MAC

  10. crazedstargazer

    ***reads ”mineralise eyeshadows’ and clicks next***

  11. Grace

    Sounds like the products will be very pretty to look at, but I am just dying for one OUTSTANDING collection that everyone is dying to get their hands on…the past few (ok more than just a few) have just been duds to me. I’ve been extremely excited and then completely disappointed when I see the swatches. I know it’s hard to not repeat things after being a company for so long and releasing collection after collection, but something that dazzles me for once would be nice.

    • Martha

      I’m going to be strong and not fall again and like you say, until we see the “ONE OUTSTANDING COLLECTION”, Period. So much love for MAC, so many years together!!! We deserve better and MAC can do better! :(

    • Leandra

      I feel the same way. I wasnt into MAC when the hello kitty collection came out. If i was, I would of been one of the first in line lol. The disney collection….i thought was amazing and then after that, it just went dead to me. so for now, im just collecting some of the permanent products. but i’m still waiting for that ONE special collection. the one that just threw me off was that weird collection with the clown lady…. :/

      • Amanda

        I didn’t personally care for the Cindy Sherman collection as well. I only purchased the Shock-a-holic, which was the purple eyeshadow. It’s not a bad color. It’s far from being my favorite color. I have a lot better purples. Matting Call from the Peacocky collection is my favorite. Even after this long.

  12. Olivia

    I seem to be in the minority, I like mineralize eyeshadows being released. Can’t wait.

  13. Jenni

    Sounds interesting but I definitely need to see pic.s and swatches when they’re available next year.

  14. Jessie

    Can’t wait to see this!

  15. dawnkok

    sounds cool!!

  16. Amy

    I’m surprised people still get excited for MAC collections. Haven’t learned from the past, like, 15? They always sound cool and usually suck.

    • Diana

      I’ve actually found some real gems lately. OutrĂ©, Moleskin, Short Shorts are shades that are becoming staples for me ( too bad they are LE) Semi Precious MSFs and about 8 of the most recent paintpots have really amped up my looks. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  17. she is really famous in China!

  18. Oh, man–the minute I saw the model, I thought she was in one of those “this is not my culture, this is not okay” awareness campaign posters that went around for Halloween, basically just trying to discourage people from dressing up as cheap stereotypes. She has such a”WTF?” expression on her face! Hahaha!

  19. Nadia

    LOL. Yeah I’ll save any ‘excitement’ for swatch time!

  20. Emily O.

    Oh MAC- never ever did I think you could just plain bore me. A yin yang symbol- really?

    • Kaitlin

      Boring, yes. But maybe, just MAYBE, it might indicate a return to Mineralize duos, instead of those ridiculous “melanges” of color? Cross your fingers! :)

  21. Uh-oh – I’m anticipating that I’m probably gonna need this…

  22. Chloe

    cool ! :) sounds fun

  23. Leenie

    I hope I like some thing from this collection, I haven’t been buying from any of their collections lately, It’s been a little disappointing because I want to like It and then I find myself passing on a lot of their stuff that they put out :(

  24. Kim Brown

    I am not a fan of mineralize eye shadows. I wish that Mac would come out with more unique colors that you just can’t seem to dupe. Thanks for releasing horrible collections lately because you have saved me so much money.

  25. Judy

    This collection sounds amazing. I’m not a big fan of mineralized shadows, but if the color & color payoff is great I will buy them. Here is hoping for some great colors. I’m also hoping MAC will start to release some new regular shadows soon in palettes and/or quads. Some velux pearls would be amazing.

  26. Duniya

    Ugh. Again with the mineralized eyeshadows….. you just never know if they’re gonna be pigmented or not.

  27. Jemma

    Hi Christine, i have just read on Specktra that MAC are doing a poll of which LE items will be in next years collections. Do you know or have you heard anything about this? Thanks :)

  28. Ada

    I have hope for the colours in this collection as the model has similar colouring to me. If there are brights I’d love to see how it translates on her skin!

  29. duane

    I totally agree with you there!! thankgod someone has a brain! as an Artist for M.a.c a passionate one at that im so sick of people complaining about stuff just cauz its ” not their thing” . MAC IS AN ALL AGES ALL RACES ALL SEXES!! your not going to like everything so just bloody wait for something u do! ha ha.

  30. veronica

    omg 4 collections back to back that are so sooooo awesome my pocket book is going to suffer but boy will mac collection grow! i m loving everything, yikes!

  31. Lisa Geller

    Mac used to be for adults and very wearable. These collections are too theatrical, not very sophisticated and not wearable in “real life” for many people. Too bad. There are plenty of designer brands out there that are getting better with the pigmentation so I look elsewhere.

  32. Ginger

    Mac has slightly went down hill. But they are still awesome and the best. But i will wait for them to pick back up. Because they will. Their mac! Hellooo.

  33. Aryn

    I personally adore Mineralized Products (MOSTLY BLUSH) but nevertheless … I’m Hype for ANYTHING *Mac throws at ME !. I kind of feel like I MISSED out when I didn’t get any Eyeshadows from the Naturally Collection so this is exciting

  34. elizabeth

    I was just wondering will i be able to purchase the chen man collection at my mac store or inline in the us??!