Monday, March 25th, 2013

MAC Fashion Sets Collection (2013)
MAC Fashion Sets Collection (2013)

M•A•C Fashion Sets flash forward with bold and beautiful brights – shades that pop with a vivid edge and modern vibe. Four distinctive sets feature five impactful ways to wear Lipstick, Lipglass, Lip Pencil, Eye Shadow and Nail Lacquer. Brilliant colour ways set the tone for a season of sophisticated looks that stand out in their allure. From the bright orange apricot of Ablaze to the fuchsia flash of Embrace Me – the overall effect is stunning in its deep, rich infusion of powerful pigments.

Eyeshadow ($15.00 U.S. /$18.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Heroine Bright cobalt blue (Matte)
  • Ablaze Mid-tone coral (Matte)
  • Silly Clean blue pink (Frost)
  • Embrace Me Soft pink (Satin)

Lipstick ($15.00 U.S. /$18.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Heroine Bright violet/purple (Matte)
  • Ablaze Bright apricot cream (Matte)
  • Silly Bright pink cream (Matte)
  • Embrace Me Bright fuchsia cream (Matte)

Lipglass ($15.00 U.S. /$18.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Heroine Bright purple
  • Ablaze Bright orange
  • Silly Bright pink
  • Embrace Me Bright fuchsia

Nail Lacquer ($16.00 U.S. /$19.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Heroine Bright violet (Cream)
  • Ablaze Bright orange (Cream)
  • Silly Bright pink (Cream)
  • Embrace Me Bright fuchsia (Cream)

Lip Pencil ($15.00 U.S. /$18.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Heroine Bright purple
  • Ablaze Bright apricot
  • Silly Bright pink
  • Embrace Me Vivid pinkish fuchsia

Availability: Online March 28th, 2013; in-stores on April 4th, 2013 (North America). May 2013 (International).

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MAC Fashion Sets Collection (2013)
MAC Fashion Sets Collection (2013)

MAC Fashion Sets Collection (2013)
MAC Fashion Sets Collection (2013)

MAC Fashion Sets Collection (2013)
MAC Fashion Sets Collection (2013)

MAC Fashion Sets Collection (2013)
MAC Fashion Sets Collection (2013)

MAC Fashion Sets Collection (2013)
MAC Fashion Sets Collection (2013)

MAC Fashion Sets Collection (2013)
MAC Fashion Sets Collection (2013)

MAC Fashion Sets Collection (2013)
MAC Fashion Sets Collection (2013)

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53 thoughts on “MAC Fashion Sets Collection (2013) for Spring/Summer 2013

  1. I love both bold colors and matte lipsticks! yay this is the perfect collection for me!

  2. I tried the lipsticks yesterday from the Pro store. I am considering Embrace Me (but it’s very similar to Daddy’s Little Girl) & Ablaze, but I’m definitely getting Heroine! :)

  3. Jessica

    Oh, so excited to see Heroine repromoted! Hopefully I can get the matching lip pencil and lipglass before it sales out! :)

  4. Herione and Ablaze are calling my name!and whispering sweet nothings in my ear!!!

  5. I am all over Ablaze.

  6. Melissa

    Ooo! Excited!!

  7. Eva

    For those who love purple, definitely get Heroine! It resembles a matte and non glittery version of Violetta; it is potentially one the my all time favourite colours from MAC. I am really looking forward to this collection :)

  8. Mary

    I can’t wait to see the eyeshadow reviews

  9. Liz

    that purple colored nail polish <3

  10. SarahKita

    Yeah I need Heroine. 😀

  11. Mary

    This one is dangerous for me, I love bright pinks and fuchsias, I’m excited about the lipsticks, glosses and pencils.

  12. Rachel

    Why is the Heroine eyeshadow (or at least described as) blue when the rest of the pieces are purple…?

  13. Stacey

    Is this Heroine….lipstick everyone’s favorite lipstick color?

  14. Veronica

    I think more than a few people are going to be excited about Heroine making a return. :) Shame the lip pencils are only limited edition, though.

  15. k

    omg im so so glad heroine is back, my tube acidentally went thru the wash!!

  16. kEG

    I know a lot of people are tired of all of the MAC LE collections, but personally I love them.

  17. Vanessa

    Is it going to be available at nordstrom

  18. I love all these bright colors, but I think I might be a little old to get away with them. But they will be perfect for my daughter.

    • CHRIS

      GM, I am 45 and still love rockin a bold lip although I don’t always use a pencil. I have added some softer colors like the Revlon butters.

  19. Makayla

    I can not wait to get my hands on Heroine!!!!!

  20. Jane

    I wish the purple lipstick, lipglass, and lip pencil were more blue-toned like the corresponding eyeshadow. :(

  21. These products are definitely HOT! My head is swirling with some great ideas!

  22. Scherolyn Leggett

    I cannot wait to get my hands on Heroine!

  23. I’m sooooo glad they’re bringing Heroine back!!!! I missed it last year and have been so sad ever since. I’ll have to see swatches first but I might also have to get the matching pencil and maybe even the lipglass….

  24. Amanda Manzo

    Does anyone know what time it’s going to launch online Thursday?? I missed my chance on heroine last time don’t want to miss this chance!!

  25. venus v.

    I am soooo stoked for this to launch! I purchased heroine on ebay for $42! I get so many compliments! Glad ill be getting my hands on all the colors!

  26. zg


  27. These are gorgeous. I’m after the Embrace Me & Heroin sets!

  28. Jem

    Just bought all 4 lipsticks! Cant wait to try them on!

  29. Vee

    I can’t wait to pick up Heroine lipstick and Silly lipglass.

  30. Isabell

    Ablaze is a bjoootiful colour! But I have a feeling the shadows will disappoint :/

  31. kim

    It is up on the regular site now. The time here central is 03:50.

  32. Stacey

    It’s 6am PST and Heroine is sold out outline. I checked shortly after midnight and it didnt even launch. I really dont see why Heroine is so popular…but it really isnt fair to those who want it and cannot get it.

    • Kiki

      I know!!! I literally got up in the middle of the night and refreshed the site every half hour to see when the items were online… ALL of the Heroine lip products were sold out, probably within a half an hour! I was so pissed! Now I have to try and deal with a MAC counter to get it.

      • You have to manually search the specific products they usually won’t show until hours later. That’s how I missed out on the Marilyn collection.

    • I am sure MAC knows popular some of these repromotes are. MAC should at least had more Heroine in stock than the others to anticipate this. It really is unfair to the consumers to play this EASTER HUNTING lipstick game. It is always the lipsticks that sell out first. Sure we can go stalk it at the stores…but that also is the hunting game. We do to work to pay for these lipsticks. Try calling the MAC at Great Mall of America in Minnesota…the SA told me that they get quite a bit of stuff there. It might now launch today there but at least you can try.

    • Jen

      if you go to mac counter you can pre-sale the lipsticks i will do that today

  33. Ryn

    This color scheme seems to reflect previously released collections to me. Mac is loosing there edge repeating the same colors but with even the variactions are starting to look the same. MAC just make innocence beware a permanent color!! lol just thought I would throw that out there!

  34. Melissa

    As soon as I got the email, I went to the site & heroine was sold out, I’m so mad. I don’t see how anyone even got it! I don’t have a MAC counter within 2 hours from me so I’m hoping I can have someone set one aside for me when it launches on the 4th so I can drive to go get it but I doubt it… I was able to get the polish, I’ve heard theirs aren’t great but I wanted SOMETHING…

    • It’s usually released hours before the email. It released around 5am est I staid up all night. Within and hour stuff was sold out. If you see a set or a product you like and it’s limited edition you kind f have to watch the site and keep searching the products.

  35. Isela

    Hello Christine, do u know if this line will also be available at Nordstroms & Macys?

  36. Maurissa

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Heroine ! It is already sold out online but I will be in the stores BRIGHT and EARLY on the 4th!

  37. Dom

    will this collection be at MAC counters? I live in MS where there are no pro stores, but I would love to get my hands on this collection.

  38. adorea


  39. stacey

    The sets are now at Macys’ but Heroine is sold out of the lipstick, pencil and gloss.

  40. Ashley

    Everyone go on You can order Heroine once again but it won’t ship out until the 20th.

  41. Tiffany

    How do you know ahead of time when a fashion set is going to be released. I signed up for the email alerts, however I’ve only gotten a ahead of time email for RiRi Woo -_-… Please help tired of waiting for colors to become permanent and watching all the other girls wear the colors im dying to get my hands on incorrectly.