Monday, August 23rd, 2010

MAC Fabulous Felines Look:  Leopard Luxe

I really don’t like the Leopard Luxe eyeshadow quad.  I just find the colors to be so… unappealing when paired together.  It’s like this peachy brown getting mixed with a dirty brown and gray.  Perhaps the usage of green, blue, or gunmetal could have made this palette work better.   The colors seemed awkward to me–not inherently bad–but not very complementary.   I will also reiterate that using the Superslick Liquid Eyeliner on the lower lash line went about as well as the time before–it just dries awkwardly around the roots of the lower lashes and seems to crumble a bit.

I normally find myself liking products more when I use them, rather than simply swatching them, but I’m even less keen on it after using it in a look.  If you want a great, slightly smoky quad, try (all MAC) Gleam, Goldmine, Soft Brown, and Bronze.  If you want something a little “unusual,” try switching out Bronze for something like Coppering, Cranberry, or Sumptuous Olive.

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Apply Lithe pigment all over the lid with the 239 and mixing medium. Using the 239, apply Wild By Nature eyeshadow on the lower lid. Lightly blend Notoriety eyeshadow in the crease with the 239. Blend Furiously Fabulous eyeshadow above the crease.   Highlight the brow bone with Prized eyeshadow with the 239 and blend with Furiously Fabulous eyeshadow to soften.  Bring everything together by applying Smoky Heir liner on the lower lash line layered with Crash liner. Finish by sweeping lashes with Inimitable Intense mascara.

For cheeks, apply Bite of an Apple blush on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.  Highlight cheekbones with Amber Diamond skin shimmer with the 165.

For lips, apply Out Minxed lipstick as a base color, then layer Viva Glam Cyndi lipglass on top for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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112 thoughts on “MAC Fabulous Felines Look: Leopard Luxe

  1. Ooooh, I like these colors. I gotta say, I think the shape or pattern you’re using for the color placement might be a little off. Try using the 244 (?) brush for blending out the crease higher into the highlight and slightly more into the inner socket. It’ll make the eye look rounder and higher. Then maybe on the outer lash line too with the residue. Creates a little more “smoke”.

  2. Christine shen

    I love the lips!! I realized that Out Minxed doesn’t have much color, does it just adds sparkles to the Cyndi gloss?

  3. I absolutely love this eyeliner!!! I must get my hands on some :)

  4. Anum

    I don’t know but in pics it Doesn’t look soo bad it’s I guess different…

  5. daphne

    NICE lashes! I got samples of Inimitable recently…not sure if it was Inimitable Intense or not, I’ll have to check. It didn’t make mine look quite this feathery though.

    The lips are great – I’ll have to pick up Cyndi – and I can’t wait for Bite of an Apple blush. You’re right about the quad colors though. I get what they’re going for with the leopard theme but it doesn’t go. Nicely applied, as always, but the colors don’t do it for me either.

    • It’s an interesting mascara. I’m still playing with it!

      You would think they would even do more… sheen or metallic colors, like that glossy sheen of a very trimmed, healthy coat. The quad could be warmer, too.

  6. This is beautiful! Absolutely looooove the colors on the eyes and the lips. I’d add liner on the top lid but that’s just because I’m addicted to it :)

  7. puffnstuff

    i love this look! it looks so nice on u!

  8. shontay

    Christine, I actually love this look and you’ve now sold me on the LL quad. Notoriety looks so blah when swatched, but it turned out great on you. You are right about the liner though, it settles at the root of the lashes on the lower lashline. Thankfully, it’s not noticeable from a distance.

    • LOL! That is hilarious (to me), since I didn’t like it SO much (the quad, the look came out OK), haha.

      But I am glad you like it :) Hey, would rather you love something I hate than hate something I love!

  9. Erin

    Thank you so much for your hard work, Christine. I fully agree with you about the eyeshadows for this collection and VV. MAC seems to have better permanent shades in almost all cases! Before your reviews I was saving up for the quads. After I saw pictures I was turned off, so I went to MAC yesterday and picked up 9 permanent eyeshadows instead :)! Haha I must say I’m quite pleased!!

    That lip combo is so pretty though!! I love it! Can’t wait for Sept. 2nd!

    • Yeah, nothing really did it for me, but I’m comforted knowing I’m not the only one, lol!

      Which 9 did you get? MAC actually has a really awesome permanent line that’s SO easy to overlook (I did for years).

  10. LU

    Your lips and cheeks look pretty! I’m not so sure about the color combo for the eyes though.

  11. Jazmine

    I really like these colors and this look. I think the colors do compliment each other without being too out there- I love a shimmery yet neutral eye.

    You seem very disappointed but I’m not sure what you’re not happy with. Is there something I’m missing?

  12. Jazmine

    Sorry didn’t mean to sound catty.

    After using all the eyeshadow quads, which quads would you recommend/ were fond of?

  13. mary007

    Hi Christine! I think you did a nice job with the colors provided! They look great on you!!

  14. You look wonderful Christine! The cheek and lip combo are stunning on you and makes you look extra glowy!

  15. Suzanne

    I love this look! It’s perfect for school or something.

  16. Lora

    Wow, you look awesome in this look… I really like it!

  17. Jessica

    Even though you don’t like the quad, it looks great on you! :)

  18. Adrine

    Christine, this lip combo is absolutely gorgeous on you! i love it!

  19. AngieM.

    I don’t care for the MAC shadows in this collection…But I have to say that your lip combo in this look is the most gorgeous thing I’ve seen in a long, long time. <3 <3 <3

  20. Margot

    Beautiful as always ! And I especially like the lip combo !! It’s fresh and young :)
    Every time you do a look, you ALWAYS make me want to buy at least one product since it all looks so good on you !!

  21. I love the lip color and the cheeks are pretty.

  22. Hilary♥

    Aww that’s a tight eyelook, I love it! Can you also do a tutorial with Burmese Beauty quad? Thank you and keep up with the amazing job! ♥

  23. tiptoe shortbread

    Christine, the suggestions for an alternative quad are great…could you do this more often???? Like the quad building you used to do….

  24. vanelle

    wow interesting that you dont like them. i wasnt going to get anything from this collection cos nothing excited me much but i went to the mac pro store today for some other items and this was the only item (from the collections) that drew me right in. at first i didnt think i’d like any of the colors until after i left the store with the eyeshadow on my lid in natural light, i saw how pretty they were. i actually like the combo on you although you feel different. i might not use all the colors together myself, i tend to use one(maybe two) shawdows at a time.

    • There’s just something about the shades that is very… blah and seem rather unflattering (at least on me), which I find surprising since it’s supposed to be a warmer, more flattering quad for my warmer skin tone! But I’m glad you liked it – always better you like something than not! :)

  25. Diana B

    I know you’re not crazy about the colors in the quad and neither am I but this whole look is amazing on you. I love it.

  26. Carolanne

    i really like this!! =]

  27. Michelle

    The lip products from this collection are gorgeous. I love that they are still appropriate for fall without all being plum or red.

  28. stephanie

    This looks nice! Maybe it has to grow on you a bit. It looks nice with the lip too.

  29. Janette

    Wow, i think the colors go really well with your eye color! I do agree the combo looks a lil off but once i saw it as a whole it all came together.

    You described Viva Glam Cyndi as and “icy pink” i dont know if you meant that or if my screen it comes out coral. I looks more coral then the lipstick thats forsure. I love Viva Glam Cyndi l/s its my first red lipstick 😀

  30. Etaoin

    i get a leopard vibe off this! pretty! i’m doing leopard print nails at the mo! its so hard on my right hand!

  31. emma

    it’s funny how you say you don’t like these colors – I think it’s one of the most beautiful looks you’ve done in a while!!

  32. Lulee

    you have a real talent for coming up with amazing lip combos. i wouldve never thought that pairing the super sheer outminxed with the ultra cool pink gaga would give you this amazing coral peach color. it would be cool if you could do a post on how you think of your lip combos, they are very unique and innovative!

  33. Alexis

    So pretty. If anything, I am really excited over the liquid liners. I got a chance to swatch them in person yesterday at Nordstrom. The tough part is deciding which colors I have to have NOW!

  34. Shelley

    I really like these colors together, Christine. Makes me want that quad, even.

  35. Rae

    I’m echoing what you said about the shadows — for some reason, I’m really not loving these shades either. I mean, yah, they’re pretty leopard-y… but they just make me think of Halloween!

    LOVE the lips, though. They look so great on you! :)

  36. the colours are very neutral and can be worn during the day, which is what I like about them! thnx for the swatch!

  37. kathy

    you describe out minxed as peachy melon, but in the link it’s whitish/sheer…that must be a mistake? i really love the lip combo and really want the two lippies you used!

    • Check the swatch – you’ll see how it’s a peachy melon!

      • kathy

        am i the only person not seeing out minxed lipstick correctly? in your link to out minxed lipstick, you describe it as whitish, and the swatch is whitish, but in this swatch, you describe it as peachy melon, i understand when you mix out minxed with cyndi that it looks peachy melon, but out minxed by itself is NOT peachy melon…maybe your link is wrong?

        • In the swatch it looks peach to me…. Even on lips, I still see the yellowness of the color. It has a lot of white glitter/shimmer, so on its own, it’s not going to offer much color, because the reflective sheen is going to go white, not peach/yellow. However, if you layer it, that can change :)

          Did you look at the skin swatch? I don’t see white at all.

  38. Ashley

    Wow Christine! I don’t know if it’s the color combo or your amazing skills- or both, but I totally get the cat feel of the look! I know you’re not too keen on the e/s color combo or liners texture, but I think something about it really brings out your eyes:D Also, do you prefer dior amber diamond for highlighting over any of mac’s skin finishes?

  39. Stephanie

    Christine, if you have to choose, Hipness or Bite of an Apple blush? and why? TIA!

  40. Jen

    Even though you had a tough time with the palette and the colors, I must say, you look stunning in the photos wearing these colors!

  41. Cindy

    I actually love the look on you! Love love love the lip color on you! Having second thoughts if I should she get Out Minxed instead. I pre-ordered the Superior lipstick. Any recommendations which lipgloss I should pair this with or do you think the Cyndi Viva Glam Lipgloss will work well? TIA! :)

  42. Lisa

    the whole look is so elegant and complementary to your top.
    and the cyndi lipgloss looks really nice.

  43. Ooooooooh… TOO Gorgeous!
    Beautiful look, Christine!

  44. Very pretty—you made a palette you didn’t like work :)

  45. vero

    I see what you mean about the eye colors but I think they lok nice on your complexion and the colors definitely look cat-like. Question: Is Cyndi a pass if I have Lychee Luxe lipglass? I like the Cyndi lipglass but I’m starting to see similarities with Lychee Luxe bc I happen to be wearing it today. What do you think? It looks a little more melon in this pic, kind of what I wished Lychee Luxe to be but that could be bc of the lipstick.

  46. Michelle A.

    I understand why you’re not crazy about the quads but, I have to say the look you did came out beautiful! The lip color compliments the shadow so well :)

  47. Dea

    This look is sooo pretty on you!!! Natural but still special!

  48. Isa

    Wow, amazing look Christine! Those colors go perfectly together!! the lip combo is also really pretty

  49. Mya

    I actually like the shades – it looks good on you :-) ! I dont think I would have taken the crease in so far in though with that darker shade….

  50. Mya

    Your welcome! I like how the camera gives your eye a “leopard-ish” look too thats hot!

  51. nikki c.

    I actually love this quad
    I’ve used it twice already to create a
    semismokey eye
    and it turned out pretty good:)

  52. Niharika

    love your lip color!!

  53. Amanda Dubs

    Wow his looks great and its totally a different look than I’ve seen for this palette. Thanks! I actually love this palette because its the first quad that I ever bought from MAC lol, im still experimenting with it :)