Friday, July 17th, 2009

Eyeshadows: Humid, Flourishing, Greensmoke, Sumptuous Olive

MAC Eyeshadow Swatches – Greens & Teals

This post contains swatches of some of MAC’s permanent green and teal eyeshadows :)

Eyeshadows: Greensmoke, Sumptuous Olive, Aquadisiac, Shimmermoss

Eyeshadows: Greensmoke, Sumptuous Olive, Aquadisiac, Shimmermoss, Newly Minted

Eyeshadows: Sumptuous Olive, Aquadisiac, Shimmermoss, Newly Minted

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39 thoughts on “MAC Eyeshadow Swatches – Greens & Teals

  1. Katey

    i want Shimmermoss and Newly Minted

  2. Leigh

    Wow, Sumptuous Olive is gorgeous! Thanks for the swatches, Christine!

  3. Sumptuous Olive, Humid and Aquadisiac are so pretty!

  4. Brenda

    ugh…now i need Flourishing and Greensmoke!!! I have humid and sumputous olive, which this swatch shows pretty true, i must say :)

  5. SarahT

    Humid and Shimmermoss are GORGEOUS!!!

  6. Jenny

    I have sumputous olive and never use it. It looks so pretty that I’m definitely going to use it this weekend!

  7. Newly Minted is a newly dc’ed shade unfortunately

  8. I`m in love with Humid and Flourishing. These shadows are gorgeous dark green.

  9. mlou

    ah, one of my fav groups! Looks great!

  10. I have Greensmoke and Shimmermoss. I think Shimmermoss is just so gorgeous.

  11. hi

    Why does Sumptuous Olive look so golden? I can hardly see the olive in it. For more of a true olive, I like overlaying Greensmoke with the light teal-blue from L’Oreal’s Out of the Blue quad (Shimmermoss is very similar).

    WHY THE HELL are they DCing Newly Minted?!?! It’s so pretty!

  12. MC

    I need:

    Sumptuous Olive

  13. jenny

    ahh you made me fall in love with my humid eyeshadow again…that is definitely one of mac’s best eyeshadows to date, in my opinion.

  14. cmferrets

    i have newly minted too , i got it b.xc it is being discontinued, same with clarity e/s. but man that newly minted e/s is just so fragile. i depotted mine and it cracked and every time i swipe it for color, alot comes off.

  15. Hi Christine!

    Between Aquadisiac and Shimmermoss, which is more of a must have? They look similar except one’s flashier. More multitasky? Ahahah..

    And I might be totally wrong. But are newly minted and gulf stream similar except gulf stream is a frost?

    Thanks :)

  16. caddy

    since you don’t have steamy on here, is shimmermoss very much similar to steamy?

  17. Shannyn

    Would you say that greensmoke is more true to colour in the first picture of it (with humid etc) or the second (with shimmermoss)?

  18. Mariella

    So distressing that the Matte2 shadows are being phased out entirely. This is one of the BEST finishes that MAC has come out with (certainly better than the regular Matte finish, which is usually very difficult to blend – just compare Carbon (Matte) with Typographic (Matte 2). Honestly, my favourite finishes in MAC shadows have been Starflash and Matte2 and both are history! BAH, BOO!