Friday, July 17th, 2009

Eyeshadows: Gesso, Forgery, Silver Ring, Idol Eyes

MAC Eyeshadow Swatches – Grays, Silvers, & Blacks

My weekend present to all of you are swatches of (most) MAC’s permanent eyeshadows — on skin! If you’ve been reading the blog for awhile, you may have caught when we did posts of these, but on paper (here and here). Due to the amount of requests for skin swatches, here they are! :)

Check out more swatches

Eyeshadows: Silver Ring, Idol Eyes, Electra

Eyeshadows: Silver Ring, Idol Eyes, Electra, Scene, Knight Divine

Eyeshadows: Idol Eyes, Electra, Scene, Knight Divine

Eyeshadows: Nehru, Carbon, Typographic, Black Tied

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37 thoughts on “MAC Eyeshadow Swatches – Grays, Silvers, & Blacks

  1. SarahT

    Thanks Christine :)

  2. Katey

    do you know if there as any product that is like a metal looking silver? something like electra but a little lighter

  3. WOW! I so want Silver Ring, Electra, Forgery, Gesso and Knight Divine!

  4. Kristen

    Which do you like better Christine? Silver ring or Scene. I have been looking for a gray/black (but more on the dark gray side) for a while. I have a gorgeous one from the Maybelline Expert Eyes (while, silver and gray/black) set in which I adore the gray/black but have been looking for a comparable MAC shadow in this colour. What are your thoughts? And between the two, which one is more blendable?

    • Courtney

      I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have an issue with Scene fading. I always use either a paint pot or a shadestick as a base, but it always seems to fade on the lid, making it look like it’s creased (even though it actually hasn’t). Not cute.

      That’s just my two cents. :-)

    • I think they’re both pretty different, particularly since Silver Ring has a lot of shimmer/frost to it! I tend to use Silver Ring, though! Silver Ring is easier to work with, too.

  5. Brandi

    I hate how Forgery goes on, but thinking that Gesso looks worth buying! Once again, thank you, Christine!

  6. I had Idol Eyes and Electra, but hit pan on them. I think I need to pick up Electra again. I’ve never found a better silver. Silver Ring looks pretty. How do you like it vs. Knight Divine?

    I love your swatches btw :)

  7. pia

    What typographic finishing? It’s so black! I love it!

  8. Christy

    O_O This is FABULOUS! I now need more eyeshadows!

  9. aradhana

    silver ring and scene are next on my list…

    i’m surprised to see how nehru and typographic swatched so black! i always thought nehru had a bit more blue to it, and typographic a bit more grey!

    • Nehru is a blue-black, so depending on how heavy you wear it, it can run bluer or blacker. Typographic is pretty black, though, but not quite as black as Carbon, IMO!

  10. hi

    I had no idea that SR is so DARK.. It’s like a gray-black, and I thought it was a silver gunmetal! I’ll probably go for Electra topped with a bit of Carbon for my silver.

    • It’s a pretty dark silver, IMO! It’s not a bright or medium silver to be sure. You can use less to get more of a medium-dark silver, but it’s definitely not light.

  11. MC

    I need Electra!

  12. violet

    this is one section of eyeshadows i simply cannot pull off. silvers look so wrong on my skin

  13. Annie

    Do you prefer carbon or typographic? Thanks for the amazing swatches!

  14. Stephanie

    ok guys, so which do you all prefer, knight divine or silver ring? i can only purchase one…so i have to decide between the two of them

  15. Kennedy

    Electra is beautiful! I’m going to Ulta this weekend and I’m so getting it!

  16. Alli

    EXCELLENT SWATCHES!! thanks so much. I really rely on these to differentiate between the colors that are similar!

  17. Shadow

    Hi Christine!
    WOW, this is extremely helpfull! Thanks you so much!
    I want to buy a palette with 4 eyeshadows, maybe forgery (highlighter), Electra (lid colour), silver ring or scene and black tied (crease colour)! I´m not quite sure about silver ring, because it says “silver ring frozen platinum” on MAC´s website (on the German version at least) and it seems to be much lighter than the one you used here…Do you know anything about that? Do you think something like this would work? I don´t have any MAC eyeshadows yet, so I´m just having a hard time figuring out what combination of colours to get…

  18. Hepcat288

    No print or copperplate? :(