Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Emanuel Ungaro Collection is now available online! Are you getting anything? We’ve heard some confusing launch dates for in-stores, but perhaps with the website getting it up today, then Thursday will then be the launch day.

Also, here’s a hint: type in “RED” in the search box. You’ll see a lot of the holiday sets, palettes, etc. show up :) Those darling Adoring Carmine lip sets are $34.50, unfortunately for me. Maybe I can convince myself one is enough. (Likely story.) Halloween Face Charts are up, too — WITH photos of the face chart on real models.

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35 thoughts on “MAC Emanuel Ungaro Collection Available Online!

  1. KULA

    I preordered mine from the Nordstrom at the San Francisco Center, free shipping!!!! I got soft flower, phloof! (I dont have this one), Morning Mist, Lip Stain, and Pastel Emotion, I think it’s such a versatile collection, good for winter and spring! Will all these Christmas parties coming up it’s such a fresh look to all those dark colors.

    • Ohh, VERY nice!! There are only a few items that I’m interested in (mostly the CCBs), but we’ll see.

      • KULA

        I love the fuscia colored CCB, but I have absolutely no use for it. I think it will look good as a cheek color, but Im partial to NARS and my Smashbox cream stick. I heard you cant use this particular color for your eyes.

  2. cloudburst

    The e/s look really nice. It will be nice to have some soft colours to mix things up. I love the Halloween face charts – that tribal one, it looks like they bput paint pot all over his face – can you imagine trying to get that off!

  3. SnickerDoodle

    I’m thinking just the beauty powder and CCBs (i have a weird CCB obsession, i love them)

  4. grace

    yay im excited for your swatches. hopefully the beauty powder will show up on my skin im nw30. and i maybe want the lighter CCB. So wierd that Phloof is in this collection because I had been wanting it and now I will get it in the LE packaging.

  5. KyaLyn

    Not so interested in the Emanuel Ungaro collection, but the holiday sets are going to be my undoing!

  6. Tanya from Oz

    wow!! thanks for the tip, christine!! I typed in RED and all these amazing sets popped up! I know this is off topic, but I noticed that the ‘warm eyes’ palette has the Grand Entrance eyeshadow included (isnt that from starflash…omg!!) I am very excited for christmas yay!!

  7. ehhhh nothing from the ungaro collection stands out to me. the only thing i was debating buying was the beauty powder, but i have some that look like it already, so i know i wouldn’t use it.

    the pallets, on the other hand……..I WANT THEM NOW!!!

  8. I love the Crushed Bougainvillea cream color base! Will have to try that one.

  9. I like the eyeshadows, especially mineral.. cool browns are always a hit with me. I’m also curious about the see thru lip colour and the CCB.

    There is serious too much going on with MAC right now, LOL.. my head is spinning trying to keep up.

    • I have Not So Shy from before, and it doesn’t really do anything for me :( Stains never seem to, at least not when they’re liquid-based.

      I want the CCBs!

  10. Ashley

    I ordered the beauty powder, Pastel Emotion lipglass and Pure Rose lipstick this morning!

  11. Kella

    omg I would buy everything if I lived in the US… the Adoring Carmine lip sets are $42.00 here! (as opposed to $34) I wish we could order the holiday stuff already.

  12. Tanya

    Gah I hate the idea of ordering online without being able to see the products first….BUT I have moved to a town without a PRO counter so I guess I am just SOL :( I would like to see the shadows and the lippies…nice colors.

  13. Ariele

    This morning, I ordered:
    Soft Flower e/s
    Mineral e/s
    Crushed Bougainvillea ccb
    Flower Mist Dew bp
    Not So Shy stlc
    Pastel Emotion l/g

    And I got 2 day shipping so hopefully I’ll have this beauties in my hands by Thursday! :) I also grabbed two of the liners from Suite Array.

    I love the Halloween face charts! And its awesome to finally see them on REAL models.

  14. pquanda

    Wow, no one seems interested in lilac touch. Christine, I got a bit crazy with the search box and put it adoring carmine as well as holiday. When you search these two, you see the neutral, rose, and red lips, as well as the brush sets. hth!

    • I think I saw those come up when I typed in just red, too, actually! But thanks for sharing that tip 😀 Brush sets look cute, but how many of those do I really need?!

  15. Is Phloof! limited? I didn’t think it was. Website has the little triangle by it.

    Really want Mineral and Lilac touch plus the Crushed Bougainvillea CCB! I’ve never used CCB’s before – how long do they last on lips?

    • It’s just Phloof! with the Emanuel Ungaro packaging that’s limited :)

      CCBs last about as long as lipsticks? They feel and act more like a stain, though.

  16. I got the lip stain at the counter because the guy told me you can use it on your cheeks as well. Does anyone know how I’d go about doing that?? So far I’m not impressed with it on my lips.

  17. mel

    What is the name of the model ?